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Estrus Chaurus Spider Addon /╲/\( •̀ ω •́ )/\╱\ v4.342-5

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About This File

GitHub:EC V4.xx, ES V3.94, ES V4.xx


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Required Mods
Estrus Chaurus+ v4.xx and everything Estrus Chaurus requires

You must put this mod after Estrus Chaurus


If you use Devious Devices, install:

  • Devious Devices - Integration
  • ES DDI Patch


You must put this mod after Estrus Chaurus+ in your load order




Estrus Chaurus but with Spiders, because everyone loves spiders! /╲/\╭(ರರ⌓ರರ)╮/\╱\
This mod is an addon, so it is compatible with EC+ v4.31 and, maybe, future versions.


There are four methods by which the ES effect can be applied to the player or a follower:

  • Spider spit attacks can trigger tentacle attacks - the chance of attack is configurable via the ES MCM(disabled by default as its unimmersive)
  • Spider spit attacks can trigger paralyze attacks - the chance of attack is configurable via the ES MCM
  • Sexlab scenes involving a Spider triggered by another mod
  • Sexlab scenes involving a Spider Penis from SexLab Parasites - Kyne's Blessing
  • ES+ scenes triggered by other mods through mod events

Updating from version less than 4.21r1 to version 4.xx requires a clean save or new game.


For Modders





ES+ uses pretty much same interfacing as Estrus Chaurus, but EC replaced with ES




Known Issues


Mod is partially not compatible with Arachnophobia, since both mods edit spider poison spit spell, you'll need to place ES after Arachnophobia or remove spider poison spit edit from Arachnophobia if you want ES tentacle/paralyze effects to work, impregnation through sex will still work.

There seems a problem with sexlab 1.6x spider animations, ES tries to fix it, by resetting spiders after SL scene.




Ed86 =D
Bane Master


What's New in Version v4.342-5


  • v4.342-5

  • disabled paralyze effect


  • v4.342-4

  • added non english mcm translation files


  • v4.342-3
  • fix for SSE Nio
  • v4.342-2
  • reverted feeding package
  • v4.342-1
  • Requires cleansave
  • changed all scripts names, so they are organized now
  • fixed? hatchling feeding
  • v4.342
  • patch for slif_butt node
  • added 60s cooldown spell for animations, so 2+ paralyze/tentacle animations wont trigger on same actor
  • added detection for hentaipregnancy, if actor is pregnant Oviposition wont happen
  • v4.34-7
  • removed spider egg model, so mod should work in SSE w/o any porting
  • v4.34-6
  • readded spider faction detection from v4.2x, so it should detect even moded spiders
  • changed pregnancy block from esp to script based
  • v4.34-5
  • changed keywords(for pregnancy detection):
  • zzEstrusParasite2 -> zzEstrusSpiderParasiteKWD
  • zzSpiderPoison -> zzEstrusSpiderPoison
  • v4.34-4
  • removed "ES+ "+ mcm.GetStringVer() + " Registered..." notification
  • removed unused scripts zzEstrusSpiderDwemerTrap, zzestrusSpider_dwemerexhaustionspell
  • v4.34-3
  • replaced XPMSELib dependencies/skeleton checks with netimmerse
  • removed few unused properties
  • fixed incorrect birth modevent ECBirthCompleted =>ESBirthCompleted
  • v4.34-2
  • support for multispider animations
  • v4.34-1
  • spiders now should stop attacking paralyzed target
  • v4.34
  • see EC 4.34 changes(Impregnation now requires vaginal penetration)
  • removed HasSpell from breeder effect of EstrusChaurus.esp, could bug EC pregnancy if already pregnant with spiders
  • if you have stuck invisible chaurus pregnancy use player.removespell xx019121 to remove Chaurus Breeder spell, or even better do clean save with EC/ES
  • v4.33-4
  • fixed missing masterfile
  • v4.33-3
  • fixed spider agression during tentacles
  • removed useless faction forms
  • moved DDI checks to separate script
  • v4.33-2
  • fixed esp and who knows what
  • v4.33-1
  • added paralyze spit effect
  • v4.33
  • see EC changelog
  • v4.32
  • see EC changelog
  • v4.31-2
  • fix for sexlab spider(creature) anim stuck for version 4.31 .... again
  • v4.31-1
  • fix for sexlab spider(creature) anim stuck for version 4.31
  • v4.31
  • see EC changelog
  • v4.30
  • see EC changelog
  • v4.23r4
  • fix for npc pregnancy(make sure noone is EC/ES pregnant when updating)
  • v4.23r3
  • fix for spider anim stuck
  • Support for SL Separate Orgasms
  • v4.23r2
  • fixed boobs scaling
  • v4.23r1
  • clean save is REQUIRED, for even better effect start new game but thats optional
  • updated script with ec 4.23 fix, no idea what it does
  • cleaned scripts of most junk they had acumulated over years, could use more cleaning
  • native slif support
  • added mod event to cause pregnancy(for alt starts etc)
  • having spider penis from SexLab Parasites - Kyne's Blessing you will spread spider happiness

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