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Defeat, imprisonment, abuse, trauma, and addiction. The Dragonborn no longer a paragon of virtue or an undefeatable hero.


This mod is now being continued as two separate mods. Peril covers the defeat aspects of the mod. Corruption covers the addiction aspects of the mod.


This mod is intended to be a light-weight defeat, slavery, and addiction mod, integrated seamlessly into normal Skyrim gameplay, completely voiced by vanilla voice lines, and supports several other mods that can add to the experience, without requiring them. It's core is a gameplay cycle of trauma and addiction. If you are defeated and abused, you will become traumatized. To recover, you will either have to wait several in-game days, or find some substance, device, or activity that can distract you. The catch, is that all of these actions and items are addictive. If you go too long without them, your mind or body will deteriorate, leading the Dragonborn into a downward cycle.


!Important Compatibility Issue!If you have two mods that are both soft dependents of the same mod, but don't have that dependency installed, one or both of the mods may break. Dragonborn in Distress is particularly susceptible to this, with the number of soft dependencies it has. The most common culprit is another mod that is soft dependent on Devious Devices or SexLab Aroused. This bug can be fixed by simply installing the soft dependency. If you don't want to have the mod fully installed, just make sure the scripts are installed, and disable the plugin.


Defeat and Capture


It is now possible for the Dragonborn to lose a battle or surrender. If you press the surrender hotkey, set in the MCM, you can surrender to any and all enemies you come across in Skyrim. Surrendering via the hotkey immediately captures you and any companions with you. Alternatively, you can enable automatic surrender and bleedout surrender. With automatic surrender, when your character falls belows a certain health threshold, and either a magicka or stamina threshold, your character will have reached their limit. You will recover your health, but if it falls below the threshold again you will surrender and will be captured. With bleedout surrender, if you start bleeding out in combat you will get a second wind, recovering your health. If you bleed out a second time you will surrender and will be captured. With both cases, the only way to avoid capture would be to kill all potential captors before you surrender, or run away. You only get one second wind while adventuring on her own, so act wisely.


If you surrender, and if you have allies with you, or another band of adventurers or soldiers happen across your potential captors, you may have a chance to escape. For as long as your potential captors are in combat, there is a periodic dice roll that your character may rally and pick herself up. If you fall in combat again, you may also rally again if your captors are still in combat.


If the Dragonborn is captured, a variety of things can hapen to her. If your captors belong to a crime faction, then you will be passed off to the guards and sent to jail. Otherwise, your captors will rape you and any allies you have with you. The number of abusers that will go at you at once is dependent on your level, the same goes for your allies. SexLab is searched for appropriate animations, and if there are none available, the sex scene is cancelled. If you don't want a specific animal or creature raping you or your allies, simply disable their sex animations.


Once your captors are satisfied, they will steal all weapons, arrows and bolts, potions and food, and gold and lockpicks, if Theft is enabled in the MCM. Your allies will be searched as well. If your captor's hideout has one or more jail cells or cages, you will be thrown in with the door locked, and any allies will be locked up in any other empty cells that are available. If you have a cell, but there aren't enough for all of your allies, they'll be taken somewhere else, and will meet up with you if you manage to escape.


After being locked up, you will be left in shock, with your stamina and magicka drained, and you left unable to run. This will last from a few hours to a day or two, depending on how traumatized you are. The duration until you recover from shock is shown in the MCM. Shock can be disabled in the MCM.


At this state, a number of things can happen, depending on how you act. If you carried enough lockpicks and shivs with you, you may have managed to conceal one of each from your captors. Alternatively, you can try looking around any furniture nearby to try to fashion a lockpick or shiv. Keep in mind, your captors will be watching you. If they spot you searching for something, or trying to take something from them, they will rape you, take whatever valuable items you have on you, and may bind your hands and blindfold you. If they spot you with a weapon equipped, they will rape you, disarm you, and may bind your hands. If they spot you trying to run away, they'll take any lockpicks you managed to find, and may blindfold you and lock leg cuffs and bondage boots on you. If you manage to escape your cage, you will be attacked on sight. If you start combat with them, and fall in combat again, you will be raped, disarmed, and your hands may be bound. Additionally, every day or less, your captors will pull you out of your cage...and I'm sure you can figure out what will happen.


Your punishments are partly dependent on how your captors view you, how threatening and how weak-willed you are. Your threat starts dependant on your level, increases anytime you initiate combat or are seen with a weapon, and decreases over time and everytime you are bound. Your weakness start dependent on your addictions, increases over time and whenever you are bound, and decreases everytime you initiate combat. Higher percieved threat makes it more likely you will be bound when punished, and makes your punishments more severe. Higher weakness causes your captors to use you more frequently. You can view percieved threat and percieved weakness in the MCM.


There are three ways to escape capture: kill all of your captors, run away from your captors, or wait for rescue. The first two are self explanatory. For rescue: while you are captured, you can simply wait until your captors decide to throw you out, where someone will find you and bring you somewhere safe. By default, at zero percieved threat and zero percieved weakness, your captors will use you for a day before throwing you out. This can be modified in the MCM. If you are seen as threatening, your captors will likely throw you out sooner. If you are seen as weak-willed, your captors will keep you around for longer. When a rescue attempt occurs, you may choose to wake up in the house of a friend, or at an inn, or at the Temple of Kynareth. You can also choose to remain captured. Rescue attempts can be disabled in the MCM.




If theft is enabled in the MCM, when you are captured you will likely have some things stolen. While you are captured, these items will be kept with your captors. You can retrieve them by pickpocketing or killing the person or creature that defeated you. Or, if their hideout has a prison section, you may find your stuff in a nearby knapsack.


If you escape without retrieving your items, your former captors will start selling off your gear. These items are not irretrievable though. You may stumble across your stolen items by searching those knapsacks in prison wards.


In a future update, I'll add a Black-Market location, where you can buy any gear that your captors sold off. For the meantime, you can also disable item loss in the MCM.




Being captured and abused takes its toll on everyone, including the Dragonborn. Everytime you are raped, abused, or otherwise gang-banged, your trauma will increase. The number of people going at you at once determines how severe the trauma increase is. Trauma will decrease overtime, but only at a rate of 1 point per day. This rate is increased if you have high addiction in something, but will decrease if you are withdrawn in something. The duration until you completely recover from your trauma is available in the MCM.


At high trauma levels it will become difficult for you to focus, lowering the rate at which you gain experience in skills. This can be overcome through some form of addictive relief like alcohol, skooma, or sex. If your addiction to something is higher than your trauma, and your withdrawal in that same action is lower than your trauma, then you will be able to focus again. The trauma experience penalty can be disabled in the MCM, but it will still affect addiction, as described below.


Trying to find relief this way initiates a vicious cycle. At high levels of trauma your addiction to substances and actions increases much faster, which can start uncontrollable behaviour, which may lead to more trauma.


Addiction and Withdrawal


There are a number of addictive substances and actions that can help you overcome your trauma. All of them follow the same basic rules. Performing some addictive action increases your addiction and lowers your withdrawal in that action. Over time your addiction decreases and withdrawal increases. At higher withdrawal your addiction decreases slower. At higher trauma your addiction increases faster. If you spend time near a shrine your addiction decay won't be impeded by high withdrawal. The Tribunal Shrines and Shrine of Auri-El added by the DLCs can help your addictions if you install the DLC patch. A whole range of sliders exist in the MCM to adjust how fast withdrawal and addiction changes for each kind of addiction. Each addiction can be enabled or disabled at any time in the MCM. They start as disabled by default.


At high levels of addiction and withdrawal your character may start to do things spontaneously to get their fix. If your character's last spontaneous urge was more than 12 hours ago, your character's thoughts will be put up on the screen as a warning. If they get the urge again within 12 hours they will go through with it with no other warning.



You become addicted to alcohol through drinking mead, wine, and any other alcoholic drinks you may find. At high levels of withdrawal and addiction, you may spontaneously pick up and drink any bottles of alcohol you spot or carry in your inventory. You may also demand innkeepers to serve you a drink, even if you can't afford it. Arm and wrist binds will prevent you from stealing and drinking alcohol spontaneously, and a gag will prevent you from demanding innkeepers for alcohol. Alcohol added by official DLCs can affect your alcoholism if you install the DLC patch.


Narcotic Abuse

You become addicted to narcotics by consuming skooma, moon sugar, and related drugs. At high levels of withdrawal and addiction, you may spontaneously pick up and drink any narcotics you come across or carry with you. You may also demand the caravans or other road-side dealers you find to hand over their goods. Arm and wrist binds will prevent you from stealing and consuming drugs spontaneously, and a gag will prevent you from demanding dealers for their goods. Redwater Skooma can affect your narcotics abuse if you install the DLC patch.



You become a kleptomaniac by stealing and pickpocketing items. At high levels of withdrawal and addiction, you may spontaneously steal any valuable item left out in the open, without thinking to check if anyone is watching you. Arm and wrist binds prevent you from stealing spontaneously.



You become addicted to lactation by becoming a Milk Maid through Milk Mod Economy, and using milking pumps and harnesses. At high levels of withdrawal and addiction, you may spontaneously jump into a milk pump at any farm or mill you come across. You may also demand farmers and general merchants milk you dry on the spot. Wrist binds and chastity bras will prevent you from jumping into milk pumps, and a gag will prevent you from demanding others to milk you.


Sex Crazed

Sex addiction is handled externally through SexLab Aroused. Your 'Withdrawal' is read from your SLA Arousal and your 'Addiction' is read from your SLA Time Rate. At high levels of withdrawal and addiction, you may masturbate on the spot out in the open. You may also demand any man or woman you come across to fuck you in the street, though only lowlives or moralless scum would accept the invitation in broad daylight. Wearing a chastity belt or a gag will stop you from demanding others for sex.



You become addicted to exotic sex with tentacle creatures after being assaulted by chaurus tentacles added by Estrus Chaurus. Tentacle attacks can occur through spit attacks, or through harvesting chaurus eggs. At high levels of withdrawal and addiction, tentacle attacks may occur without provacation underground and near certain items like falmer totems and chaurus egg sacks. Wearing a chastity belt will prevent tentacle attacks.


Bondage Reliance

If you wear wrist binds while being addicted to alcohol, drugs, or theft, then you may become reliant on bondage. When you are reliant on bondage, and you're not wearing wrist restraints, you will become paranoid and may spontaneously bind your hands with whatever devices you carry on you, or demand a guard or blacksmith bind them for you. Wearing a gag can prevent you from making these demands.


Chasity Reliance

If you wear a chastity belt or bra while addicted to lactation, sex, or tentacles, then you may become reliant on chastity devices. When you are reliant on chastity, and you're not wearing chastity devices, you will become paranoid and may spontaneously equip a chastity belt or bra if you are carrying one, or you may demand a blacksmith to lock one on you. Wearing a gag can prevent you from making these demands.


Gag Reliance

If you wear a gag while you are addicted or reliant to something that can cause you to make demands, then you may become reliant on your gag. When you are reliant on gags, and you're not wearing one, you will become paranoid and may spontaneously equip any gag you're carrying, or you may demand a blacksmith or guard to lock one on you. Wearing a gag prevents you from demanding guards and blacksmiths to put a gag on you.


Troubleshooting and Uninstallation


Theft and Capture have Safe-Word buttons in the MCM. Press these if something starts going wrong.


All addictions can be disabled in the MCM. You should disable all addictions and press the Safe-Word buttons before uninstalling the mod.



The following mods can be added to improve the features this mod has:

SexLab Aroused Redux - Dragonborn in Distress uses this mods values for sex addiction.

Devious Devices Integration 4.x - You may be bound in devices when defeated, and can use devices to quell your addictions.

Milk Mod Economy 26-01-2019 or higher - Enables using Milk Pumps as a form of relief, and enables milk pump addiction.

Estrus Chaurus+ 4.x - Enables tentacle attacks through chaurus eggs, enables using tentacles as a form of relief, and enables tentacle addiction.


Description for 1.x Versions



Defeat & Surrender

You now have the option to surrender in combat. You can do this either via hotkey set in the MCM, or your character will surrender automatically if they are exhausted and wounded enough, again configurable and toggle-able in the MCM. The humanoids, creatures, or animals, you surrender too will either capture and abuse you and your followers, or send you off to prison.


If you are captured, the group that defeated you will spend several rounds, raping your character and followers, traumatizing them. Your weapons and much of the rest of your gear will be stolen, and you will then be left in the dungeon, watched by one of your captors. Your followers will be moved elsewhere, and they won't reach you until you escape on your own. Your character will be left in shock, with you completely drained of Magicka, Stamina, and unable to run. You will be able to recover from your shock after a few hours. The time remaining before you recover from your shock is displayed in the MCM. Your character will also be traumatized, increasing the costs of spell casting and power attacks. Trauma will take several days to recover, depending on how roughly your character was used. Though, waiting around near your captors won't do you any good, as they will likely use you again and again, every few hours.


While you are captured, your captors will keep a close eye on you; one will start to follow you around if they see you moving. They will punish you if they see you trying to escape, ie running (not sprinting or walking), attacking captors, equipping weapons, trying to open doors, or approaching the exit if it is not a door. Additionally, they will keep an eye on you to make sure you don't loot items, chests, and bodies. If one of your captors sees you while you are trying to loot something, they will stop you, abuse you, and add more devices onto you, if you have Devious Devices installed. However, if you Pickpocket skill is high enough, you can get away with it even in plain sight.


If you try sprinting away from your captors, wield weapons or spells, or attack one of your captors with near-lethal force, they will start attacking you again.


The following factions and creatures can capture and abuse you:

  • Bandits
  • Warlocks
  • Necromancers
  • Vampires
  • The Imperial Legion
  • The Stormcloak Rebellion
  • The Forsworn
  • The Afflicted
  • Hired Thugs
  • Any Amoral Person


  • Draugr
  • Falmer
  • Giants
  • Spriggans
  • Werewolves


  • Chaurus
  • Spiders
  • Trolls
  • Generic Predators


If you are imprisoned, your followers will be dismissed, and you will be brought to the jail, where you will have to wait until your crimes are considered cleared. The rate is configurable in the MCM. If your bounty is high enough, one of the guards may decide to teach you a lesson and abuse you, which will traumatizing you. You will get a warning when they are approaching, and you might be able to use that time to escape if you need to. Beyond that, prison is rather boring, which might be a good thing for someone struggling with addiction. You can disable this part of the mod through the MCM, and use the vanilla system, or a different prison mod.


The following holds are supported:

  • Eastmarch (Windhelm)
  • Falkreath
  • Haafingar (Solitude)
  • Hjaalmarch (Morthal)
  • The Pale (Dawnstar)
  • The Rift (Riften)
  • Whiterun


The Chill in Winterhold, and Cidhna Mine in Markarth are left untouched.



Once you are captured, much of your gear will be stolen. All of your gear can be recovered, apart from a portion of your stolen gold. Every time you have gear stolen any and all of your weapons, a portion of your spare armor (armor you don't have equipped), and a portion of your remaining supplies will be stolen. Your gear will be stored in a sack carried by your main captor, the one that follows you around. If you manage to kill them quietly and quickly, you will be able to recover most of it. If you are punished, more of your gear will be stolen, including any weapons you managed to pick up from the dungeon. However, you will always be able to hide away a shiv as an emergency weapon.


If you don't manage to recover your gear quickly enough, then it will be dispersed across one of three sets of 'Stashes' hidden across Skyrim, depending on what defeated you. If you are defeated by humanoids, then your gear will be stored in the 'Black Market Drop Offs', these are found around road intersections that are near hold borders. If you are defeated by creatures, other adventurers will happen across your gear, and your gear will be left in 'Adventurer Stashes', these are found near Nordic or Dwemer ruins next to the major roads. If you are defeated by animals, your gear will be found by hunters, and stored in 'Hunter Stashes' found near camps along major roads.



Every time you are captured, you will be given an option on how you plan to escape. You can either try to escape on your own, or hope to be rescued.


If you choose the latter, you may eventually be rescued. The chance of being rescued is dependent on your trauma severity, your vanilla level, and how many times you've been punished and abused. The higher your trauma, and the more times you've been punished, the more likely you'll be rescued. The lower your level, the more likely you'll be rescued, this is to make this mod slightly easier on low-level players.


So, if you act defiantly, and try to escape or steal every chance you get, you'll be rescued sooner, but will likely be more traumatized, and have more of your gear stolen. Or, you can try to act submissively, and wait in the corner, and you might get rescued eventually with your mind and inventory intact.


Once you've been rescued, you will black out, and will be given an option on where you will wake up:

  • The last inn you visited
  • An inn in the same hold as you
  • The house of the last friend or ally you spoke with that wasn't a follower
  • The house of a friend or ally in the same hold as you
  • The Temple of Kynareth in Whiterun


You will find that your hand/arm/wrist restraints have been removed from you, but any other restraints you have will still be locked on. Also, you will be able to sleep in the bed you woke up in until you leave the area, in which case your rescuers will consider you healed enough to go out on your own.


Trauma & Relief

If you manage to escape your captors, lawful or not, your trauma will persist for several in-game days. You will either have to suffer through it, or try to find some relief.


Minor levels of trauma (0 < Severity < 11) will leave you Hazy, and you will only need a stiff drink of mead or ale to settle your nerves for a time.


Medium levels of trauma (10 < Severity < 21) will leave you Distraught. Only hard drugs like skooma and moon sugar will be able to distract you.


Major levels of trauma (20 < Severity < 31) will leave you Hysterical. The rush and satisfaction of thievery, or the security of chastity devices, will give you some sense of normality.


Extreme levels of trauma (Severity > 30) will leave you Broken. You will need to find someone or something else to take control. At the moment, only the extreme milking pumps from Milk Mod Economy, or the tentacle monsters from Estrus Chaurus will be able to give you that. Milk pumps can now be enabled at most vanilla farms and mills by talking to the farm's owner. Tentacle attacks can now be triggered by harvesting chaurus eggs, similar to my Estrus Trapped Eggs mod.


The severity and days remaining to recover from your trauma are shown in the MCM.


Addiction & Withdrawal

The drawback to overcoming your trauma this way, is that these forms of relief are all addictive. If you use them too frequently, you will become addicted. If you stop using a form of relief while addicted to it, you will become withdrawn. The only way to recover from addiction and withdrawal is to wait it out. If you are withdrawn, you will unable to properly train your skills, and will suffer from distracting thoughts and uncontrollable actions, hampering your recovery. The types of addiction are listed below:


Alcoholic: If you are addicted to alcohol, you may get the Alcoholic effect. You will be unable to talk to innkeepers before asking a drink from them first, no matter how little gold you have, which might result in a bounty. You are also likely to steal and drink any alcohol you find lying around.


Narcotic: If you become addicted to skooma, moon sugar, or sleeping tree sap, you may get the Narcotic effect. You will be unable to talk to the Khajiit caravaneers before demanding a bottle of skooma, which might result in a fight. You are also likely to steal and drink any skooma or other narcotics you find.


Kleptomaniac: If you become addicted to thievery, you may get the Kleptomaniac effect. In towns and cities, you will be unable to resist taking any trinkets you find, no matter who they belong too or who's watching. If you talk to guards or blacksmiths while incredibly withdrawn, you might beg them to tie your hands, to prevent further theft.


Whore: If you become addicted to sex, you may get the Whore effect. You will often masturbate in public, and will be unable to talk to most people without un-subtly asking them to fuck you first. If you talk to blacksmith, you might beg them to lock a chastity belt on you, to stop your outbursts.


Milk Maid: If you become addicted to having your breasts milked regularly, you may get the Milk Maid effect. If you approach farms or mills, you might end up using their local milking pump. You will also be unable to talk to farmers or shopkeepers, before asking them to milk you dry first.


Unearthly Lover: If you become addicted to being hentai-ed by tentacles, you may get the Unearthly Lover effect. If you venture into caves and dungeons, the monsters housed there may detect your yearningl; approaching chaurus egg sacks, falmer totems, or glowing mushrooms may trigger tentacle attacks.


Wearing Devious Devices will stop most of these effects from happening. Chastity Belts will stop the Whore and Unearthly Lover effects from triggering, and Chastity Bras will stop the Milk Maid effect. Wearing a Gag will stop you from blurting out demands for drugs or sex, and will also stop you from automatically drinking the booze and drugs you find. Wearing hand restraints will stop all forms of theft. Of course, once you start relying on these devices, you might become paranoid when not wearing them:


Undisciplined: If you wear wrist restraints too often while addicted or traumatized, you might get the Undisciplined effect. You will be paranoid that you will start stealing again, and get in trouble with the law. You might immediately put on any wrist restraints you're carrying with you, and before talking to guards or blacksmiths, you may beg them to bind your hands.


Vulnerable: If you wear chastity devices too often while addicted or traumatized, you might get the Vulnerable effect. You will become paranoid that anyone and everyone is about to pull you into a dark alleyway and use you. You might immediately put on any chastity devices you have on you, and before talking to blacksmiths you may beg them to lock you in a chastity belt.


Volatile: If you wear a gag too often while addicted or traumatized, you might get the Volatile effect. You will become paranoid that you are about to blurt something horrid and perverted, starting a fight or putting a bounty on your head. You might immediately force a gag into your mouth if you're carrying one, and before talking to blacksmiths and guards you may beg them to gag you.


You will only have one of these effects at any given time, and these effects will not trigger if you are currently captured, imprisoned, or if you are near a shrine. Also, staying near a shrine will decrease your withdrawal and addiction significantly. Staying near a shrine for 4 in-game days will completely cure any and all addictions.


Your current addiction and withdrawal values are listed in the MCM.


What's New in Version 2.05



-Added uninstall button in MCM.



-Withdrawal now cannot increase past your addiction level. I might revert this change, depending on feedback.



-Your speech skill can overcome addiction dialogue, if your skill is above your withdrawal.

-Added "Female Can Use Male Anims" option: Allows female captors to use male rape animations.

-Added "Bound if no Cage Available" option: Captors will lock wrist restraints on you on initial capture if they don't have a cage to lock you in.

-Changed addiction thoughts slightly: Every hour you will have a chance to have an addictive thought, independent on the ability to perform an addictive action.

-Fixed lactation addictive actions: Addictive thoughts will occur when your character wants to milk themselves, and they will now actually milk themselves afterwards.

-Fixed farmers and merchants being able to milk the player if the player is sufficiently addicted.



-Fixed unassigned properties in some addiction-related dialogue

-Added a "Second Wind" option in the MCM

-Added a new MCM logo, thanks to HexBolt8



-Fixed a Player Control bug when running away from dead enemies.

-Added sliders for trauma gained from rape and tentacle attacks



-Almost complete rewrite of the mod. Consult the description.



-Added "Addiction Requires Trauma", if true, then Addiction will not increase if your Trauma Severity is 0.

-Changed Addiction decay. Addiction will decay slower if your Withdrawal is high. At 100 Withdrawal, addiction will not decay at all. Remember, you can 'pray' by spending time near vanilla shrines, and this will lower your Withdrawal and Addiction.

-Withdrawal behaviors like Whore and Milk Maid will no longer trigger if your Addiction is below 25.

-Changed Milking addiction. Now, every time you are milked there is a base Addiction increase of 10, which is increased by how many bottles of milk you produced and how many orgasms you had, and it is decreased if you have low trauma.



-Added Toggles to all Addictions in the MCM, these can be disabled to completely disable the negative effects of an Addiction.

-Gag Reliance and Binds Reliance are no longer dependent on Trauma, and are now only dependent on other addictions

-Increases in Addictions are no longer completely dependent on Trauma, instead, the strength of addictive events is now randomized. At 0 Trauma an event can have no effect on you, or will affect you with its full strength, or anywhere in between. At higher Trauma, addictive events will be guaranteed to have some effect, and stronger effects are more likely. At Trauma greater than 30, which is the threshold for becoming 'Broken', addictive events will always affect you at greater than normal strength.



-Fixed captor AI for the umpteenth time

-Fixed Bondage Addiction so it won't increase while captured

-Added a message at the beginning of a capture, that lets you choose if you want to be potentially rescued or not

-You won't be rescued until you recover from shock

-Changed how rescue chances are calculated

-Captors will now punish you if they see you with a weapon equipped

-Captors will aggro if they see you with a weapon or spell out

-Captors will now punish you if you attack them, but don't knock their health below 50%

-Captors will still aggro if you damage them to below 50% health, but don't kill them

-You can now kill captors stealthily if you kill them in one shot

-You can hide bodies after you kill them, to prevent your other captors seeing it and aggro-ing

-If you kill your main captor (the one that watches you and follows you around), they will be replaced after a few hours

-Changed how added devices work. You won't have any devices added after being initially captured, but will have additional devices added every time you are punished

-If you are defeated by 'Non-Persistent' enemies, like random encounters on the road, you will be bound in as many devices as possible

-Added Theft system: Each time you are captured or punished, some of your items are stolen. This includes all of your weapons, possibly any armor you don't have equipped, and possibly any other gear. This includes quest items. Any items stolen can be recoverable, apart from gold.

-Added 12 'Stashes'. Stolen gear that you don't immediately recover from your captors will end up here where you can find them.



-Fixed whore dialogue not always triggering

-Changed Trauma: Trauma now degrades at about 1 level per day independent of the 'recovery date', but does not reset afterwards. This affects addiction primarily, as even past your recovery date, your trauma will still increase your addiction rates.

-Added Rescue System: Every 1-6 hours while captured, there is a chance to be rescued. This is dependent on your level, trauma, and how many times you've been punished. The higher your trauma, and how many times you've been punished, the more likely you'll be rescued. The higher level you are, the less likely you'll be rescued. You'll be given the choice to be moved to either an inn, an ally's house, or the Temple of Kynareth.



-Changed captor ai: They will now start following you closely if you start moving

-Captors will punish you if they see you trying to leave the area (activate doors or approach auto-load exits)

-Captors will attack you if they see you sprinting

-It's now again possible to have addiction events while captured, except for bondage-related events



-Hotfix: Fixed animals not being properly selected for rape



-A lot of back-end changes

-Non-Persistent enemies (like ones you find on the road) should now leave you after abusing you

-Looting is now possible while captured

-If someone sees you looting while you are captured, they will immediately abuse you again, and possibly add more devices

-Defeat Quests will check if your captures are all dead, and will release you if they are

-Changed how captors are detected, now captors will abuse you properly if you move cells

-Hitting a captor or shouting at them will cause them to aggro properly

-Milk Addiction dialogue now has a cool down implemented

-Fixed a bug in automatic surrender, where the Magicka/Stamina thresholds were swapped with eachother

-Creatures are not guaranteed to not rape you if you wear a chastity belt



-Pressing the movement keys should now cause your character to get up from wounded idles

-Masturbation no longer counts as rape



-Killing all nearby enemies will now release player

-If a captor sees the corpse of one of their allies, they will become hostile

-Post capture rape is now more common

-Fixed the Whore effect, playing horny and masturbation animations correctly

-Horny animations won't interrupt sex scenes

-Captors watching you being raped should now view at a more appropriate distance

-Movement is now disabled during rape



-Added bleedout option, marking the player as essential, and causing them to automatically surrender on bleedout

-Hopefully fixed defeat quests stopping prematurely when captors are still in combat with the player immediately after they surrender

-Up to three captors will stay with the player if they are brought to a cell or prison

-Changed how SexLab animations are called, so that animations will now fit gender and victim roles better



-Addiction will now only increase when sufficiently traumatized

-Added toggles for extreme withdrawal effects

-Extreme withdrawal effects will now only activate if Withdrawal is over 25

-Added a second set of thresholds for automatic surrender that guarantee surrender

-Added another scenario for generic creatures. Now any creatures or animals can be surrendered to. Except dragons.

-Masturbation caused by the Whore effect will use proper gendered animations



-Fixed captors attacking you after being moved to a different cell

-Fixed your main captor not following you if you try to escape or are moved to a different cell

-Fixed captors that aren't in the current cell try to abuse you

-Device addiction will now only increase if you are traumatized or are addicted something relevant

-Now only chastity devices will give Major Relief

-Staying near shrines will prevent you from getting any addiction effects

-Captors will now take all device keys you are carrying when you are defeated

-Your main captor will carry an additional restraint key that you can pickpocket

-You can now pickpocket after recovering from shock

-Fixed some MCM display issues

Other Files from Code Serpent

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