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  1. hi wanted to know how to install teraelin 2 don't  know how to install it properly if you could inform me on how to install it properly that would be great 

  2. Hey everyone, long time no see. How is everyone doing? Anything new I missed out lately? It's been, I'm guessing, over a year so I guess I have some catching up to do. Anyway, just stopping by to say 'Hello'.
  3. I haven't done anything for the last 2-3 months. Been busy paying the bills and falling short on many occasions, was without internet service for a month so that kind of paints a clear picture of my situation. As soon as I can get back on my feet I'll be able to spend time on the fixes and updates so please be patient. The blocky artifacts on the skin is due to low-res textures. Try swapping the original textures with a higher-res version especially the normal map. There will still be a mismatch with the head textures but, the blocky artifacts should go away.
  4. Painted Lady 2.0 is for Skyrim LE ("oldrim"). I did not update PL for SSE. Version 2.0 requires a clean install meaning it is best to remove previous versions first. You can still use version 1.1 as the main purpose of v2.0 is to allow followers and NPCs to use different pubes if they are using different bodies.
  5. I use Mod Organizer 2. Have not used Vortex. Stopped using NMM years ago when I got tired of it's tendency to poorly deinstall mods completely and properly. My experience with mod bugs is quite few and far between because I use MO2 and run a modest mod list. The advise I gave you to fix the stretching breasts and ass was from my own experience. I don't use sexlab or sex mods in general. I can say that if you are getting CTD when starting a game after installing a mod that implements HDT physics, the problem is either HDT and/or issues with memory. The Elin 2 HDT ha
  6. I now noticed you do not have XPMSE installed, try that along with the other mods Groovtama requires when using XPMSE with Enhanced Character Edit. If the problem is not the skeleton then it is very likely HDT-PE because the default configuration (XML) needs to be tweaked to address the stretching bodyparts. You can try some of the custom HDT-PE configurations uploaded here or Nexus. One example: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/54417-naturalistic-hdt-and-beast-hdt/ Also check that some other mod (whether it installs it's own HDT files or not) or
  7. Try reinstalling the Elin 2 main mod, sometimes the stretching breasts is related to the skeleton (missing or different) causing HDT to go wonky. Elin 2 uses it's own modified XPMSE skeleton. Also, if using a bodyslide built body, make sure the UNP/UUNP preset is the HDT type then transfer the built bs meshes to the Elin 2 folder to overwrite the default body meshes.
  8. Well, I can cross this off my list because I was considering doing the same. Will you be doing other XPS conversions like the hats and accessories? If you are, it will lighten my workload as I can concentrate only on making them compatible with the Elins.
  9. Is Dance Synchronizer still viable? I guess it's still an option for Skyrim LE. I'm looking forward to Nemesis' development and hope it lives up to it's name-sake. Those Elin mages need new clothes. I'll have to give them something more appealing.
  10. Good, mystery solved. You were told correctly, in order for the Elins to use their own version of the armors used by other races, they two versions need to separated. Here is a tutorial. You will need SSEEdit (TES5edit if playing Skyrim LE). SeparatingElinArmorsFromOtherRaces.txt
  11. The next step is to do a thorough search of your harddrive for the 'femalebody' files. You can use Windows native search feature or use a third-party app. I use UltraSearch. It's faster than Windows own search feature and it also comes as a portable app. https://www.jam-software.com/ultrasearch/ Download link is near the bottom of the page. For the portable version, select the ZIP option from the drop-down list. Run the app and do a search for "Femalebody", "Femalebody_1", or "Femalebody_0" in the drive the mods and Skyrim is installed. If you get a
  12. @Icarus- Now I'm curious. If you are able to fix your problem(s) with the body replacer, I would like to know if the mismatched head tint/shading happens to also get fixed. Do the different problems share some common problem?
  13. Ok, with the info you provided I can only conclude it's the mod manager you are using. If you are using MO or MO2 then check the OVERWRITE folder, the body replacer files might be in there and MO/MO2 is still adding them to your game. If you are using NMM or Vortex, maybe its loading a backup not entirely sure because I don't use those managers.
  14. What body replacer is she still using? Does it look like this? If it does, that is the default body which is installed with the main race files. If it's another body, CBBE or UNP, then you are having issues with another mod because uninstalling the CBBE/UNP Elin body replacer mod will NOT make them continue using those bodies. I would say you
  15. "Non-UV texture in mesh 'Cube', material 'Material'. Either delete all non-UV textures or create a UV map for every texture associated with selected object and run the script again" - Leave out anything that is not a diffuse, normal, or specular texture (these use the UV map; textures like cube maps do not). After exporting the mesh (NIF), open with nifskope and add any textures you could not add in Blender. "Texture is set to use UV but no UV Map is Selected for Mapping > Map" - Since you are editing a mesh that (should) already have a UV map created,
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