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  1. That actually exists in the Defeat mod, but you'd have alot of other features. You can mark your follower with SHIFT-G, talk to any npc with "K". And ask "Hey do you want to fuck my follower over there?", then say "But it'll cost you xxx gold..." or "But it'll cost you xxx gold and I'm in too." There is a chance of failure, based on arousal I believe. It also does work on followers as I want, but I don't feel right asking my followers to pay me to have sex with eachother
  2. Thanks for taking the time to help - but no that's not quite what I'm looking for. The description notes: "The sexual followers will follow you and satisfy sexual requests, but they will not engage in combats or have the normal followers actions." I want this for regular followers and it does far more than what I'd like. In a perfect world, what I'd like is something like an addon to SLEN, so when I select dialog choice "(SLEN) Let's relax for awhile...", and am presented with options such as: "I want to make love to you" ... "Let's pick someone to join us f
  3. I did a search for keywords follower and dialog against the list on the SSE compatibility page - and nothing there appears to do what I'd like. I've downloaded matchmaker - and as long as it does what it says on the tin, it may suffice. I was a little standoffish at first cause I use ABMM and thought they may conflict, but they are quite different, and I like the simplicity of matchmaker. I may eventually take a stab at making a simple dialog mod for followers of my own since one doesn't seem to exist, but that's gonna take learning and time. And I'm really not in a hurry for it - just a
  4. Thank you - that's an option then. I'll check it out. I would have thought that a simple dialog mod would exist, but I can't find anything that does what I want. Still open to additional suggestions.
  5. Does anyone know if there's a mod that simply allows the player to tell follower A to have sex with follower B? Something similar to Eager NPCs when you can say "Go have fun with the others, I'll watch". I prefer it in dialog, but if there is something with spells, that'll be okay too. Thanks in advance if anyone has info. Edit: I should have added I meant for or compatible with SSE.
  6. I can confirm that this happens in my game also - so yes it is "normal". I cannot say if it's correct or not.
  7. No problem - I downloaded the new version and the paths are correct - installed with no issues. Don't feel obligated to do those machines - but you did well, so I feel like I should stoke the fire of a new creator
  8. It is working sorry for the delay - I just rolled a new mage and was going to wait till I got myself into some falmer dens, but it's gonna be a little while yet. So I forced the issue. I gave myself the estrus tentacles spell and cast it on an npc. I REALLY like yours compared to the original - they look much more fitting to a chaurus than the original pink. I'm not an artist, and can't give you feedback in that regard, but it sure looks good to me. One small suggestion, if you could repack the archive to include subdirectories for easier installation/removal for those of us th
  9. It was introduced 5 hours ago - 3 when you posted - I don't think there is a changelog since it was an initial release. Einheit501, downloaded and I'll check it out this weekend - looks great!
  10. Awhile back I had the problem of it not working - moving it to the bottom of my load order helped. Another time it didn't work and I was completely stumped - took me way too long to realize I had installed the LE version on SSE. So be sure you have the correct version installed for your game, and try adjusting your load order, loading DW last to give it priority. Hope you get it working.
  11. If anyone cares - or maybe I can help someone - I finally figured it out by enabling debug mode in Milk Mod. My milkmaids were all set to have "Increase per milk" and "Increase per level" set to -1 by default - which disables morphs. When I set both of those to 1.0, things finally started working as I thought they should. Haven't tested with Pregnancy yet. I do feel that should be a global setting in the settings menu - I might have seen it sooner. Plus it has to be done for each maid, rather than just one setting that applies to each. Maybe there's a good reason for it, I dunno
  12. I'm very confused by all this - I have 3BBB, SLIF, the Tullius json files, fertility 3.0. Milk mod works, but I don't generally see any morphs. When I think I see it, it turns out my maid is pregnant from fertility. I believe these mods should work together and increase breast size based on both. What do I need to make these mods work together?
  13. Never, but being reasonable and being overwhelmed are two different things. They're doing all they can. Help by clicking the link in the lower right.
  14. okay my rude post was removed apparently. No, your M2 ssd doesn't help the LL site. That's your hardware, LL is hosted elsewhere on someone elses hardware.
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