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  1. Thanks I will test again,, at current I do not try creature animation.. so maybe I can find it.. at same time,, so how I can confirm I save changes = made new animation then register? actually I still not clear,,, how registered animation data will be saved... (or when saved it as permanent data) I clear see,, my custom made test animation registered i n sexlab, so I can choose the animation in game,,, just to confirm I usually when I add or remove my custom made animaiton (made by sexlab tools),, I export sexlab animation configure,, then save.. (though I do not know I really need this step..) or tose new json will be generated, when I simply click "register animation" from sexlab tool MCM menu? I think it is most easy understand,, how I generate new animation json... (if I can) I can not find any new json, which seems related with the new animation..in MO2... the 2 animation file in pic, one is tempalte,, (Arrok remvese cowgirl) and I do not know the other troll when I generate.. (it seems not my custom made one..) so I suppose I still not export my custom-made animation..
  2. Then after I register new animation as "SLTBDSM1"(sexlab tool animation editor) for sexlab, I can see the new animation name as registered, then I can toggle on and off etc as same as other anmation.. , but when I use Animation editor, in sexlab mcm menu, (to adjust actor position ) and select the animation name with open small list window,,, I can find the new animation name,, and can select it, untill I close the animation list window. but after all when I confirm it,, animation name change as next page first animation. (eg MIssionary) Though I still not try to adjust position of actor, when I start the new animation then target Actor (or swap target actor to adjust).. as usuall way. I hope if you may make new patch for some issue of sexlab tools... so I can report things about sexlab tools + your patch ^^; (I really think,, "sexlab tools" can be imporved more,, and work with SUP better. to easy manage any sexlab animation...
  3. So I now test your patch script for sexlab tools.. (I simply un-pack LE version Sexlab tools. and have used it) then download your patch, and overwrite the script... It working, but I can not find the way to export it as new json... so you add new MCM menu in Sexlab tool MCM menu? I serched in sexlab tool MCM menu, to export my new animation which registered in sexlab as json, but I can not find the menu. . so you means you add the function in SUP which can export specific sexlab animaiton (which I hand made with sexlab tool)? Can you teach me how to generate "Custom" animation (which I registered from sexlab tools) as JSON? I know sexlab (and SUP) can export some json,, but I do not know, which one you means... I expect,, I can export one animaton or some animation which tag as "Custom" as json to use for SLAL ..
  4. Yeeeees, thanks , I really hoped to find way to export these sexlab tool mixing custom made animaiton as json. Though I could register new animaiton for sexlab, but I really do not know way to see as file to check how they composed,, not just embed in saved data^^; I now up-date some mfg relation mod, and need to generate some json for poser hot key plus,, to test new sup expression system, but I really hope to test your patch for sexlab tools, and check how it work as soon as I can.... 😁
  5. I think it is best you include this in top page download section^^; at least I still use Sexlab Tools, to test physics etc, with making custom animation. Then this fix is for creature animation? (I sitll not try to mkae custom animation with sexlab tools for creature,, so this fix related with making creature animation with sexlab tools? (mix each creature animation stage then generate as one animation)
  6. And it is request (I supposed I requested same thing before ^^;) I clear remember we can use Animobject A or B node, as collider, so I can use them as collider node of male / female.. but the problem is even though there is no Animobject,, CBPC still try to use them as collider, then some strange things happen..when PC close to NPC Request 1 On and off mode, when only load animobjects, (something attached it),, CBPC activate animobject A B node. Request 2 So I really hope to add Collider node, for any anime objects which not attached human skelton, but only used in specific animaiton.. like this triangle horse. (Estrus etc animation animobject) At current I think I can not use these nodes as collidar... I actually test to add collider node and set spheres (8) for some nodes, but no success. though I do not remember reason,, but I think at current there is no way to attach new collider node for these Anime objects which only loaded when animation start, and seems not attached to human skeltons. Can I expect,, CBPC will offer way to add collider for static mesh nodes (not weighted) or these anim object nodes. like your offered PDF to decide collision pos and size,, with nif scope. (I know it is only used to get transform values, and radius,, but hope if we can add any nodes,, in nif scpole, and set it as collider,,, for CBPC,,, so we can really easy add new collider for those mesh which may collide with NPC or PC body parts ^^;; (I may hope to manually add new child node ,then I can set name more specific,, == I suppose we can avoid, un-expected collision effect, when bone happend to have same name like Bone1 etc..
  7. I did more test about condition..then I got new one question. To make things simple,, 1. I made CBPCollisionConfig.txt then describe all possible Collider VS Affected. then it describe female pelivs, vaginas, and breast nodes. as affected nodes. then describe R.L arms, hands and SOS nodes as collider 2. I duplicate it and make CBPCollisionConfig_female.txt then add "Condtions=IsFemale()" I could confirm, about affected nodes, and extra settings (how belly show collision vs sos nodes, and vagina open) female specific collision setting file overwrite default setting. So I can controll which nodes will be affected for female easy.. (and affected nodes sphere size etc) 3. Then I check how condition will work about Collider nodes... this is new question and what I hope you confirm..why there is difference. case A,,, I comment out,, genitals nodes from collider nodes in the CBPCollisionConfig_female (Condtions=IsFemale ()) I still see vagina open clear... I double check I have no other CBPCollisionConfig_XXX... so I only set SOS genitals as collider in CBPCollisionConfigs.txt that means,,, at least about SOS (collider) , and see SOS vs Pelvis>>vagina open,,, female version is ignored... because If CBPC use the femal version, there is no SOS nodes as collider,,, then I suppose CBPC use CBPCollisionConfig.txt collider nods. (there is SOS nodes as collider) case B,,, I remove R and L arms, hands and fingers from collider nodes in CBPCollisionConfig_female (Condtions=IsFemale ()) I clear see,, if I remove those from collider, when female NPC pose,, they do not show collision effect for breast, when self arms hands touch breast.. when I return those as collider node (edit in female version only),, the collision effect return ,then breast deform by arms, hands collider nodes. Is it your intention? (only think I can suspect,, when I edit CBPCollisionConfig_female (Conditions=IsFemale ()) collider nodes,, it only effect the female collider nodes.. so she do not have genitals,, then CBPC read and find genitals nodes collider in default config files. but all female may have arms / hands,, so the collider setting which described in the female setting file is used as collider for breast bones (affected nodes),, I removed hand or finger, so breast bones can not find self collider (female hand or arms), then it stop to show collision effect even though I describe them in CBPCollisionConfig.txt the differece seems somehow complex,, to use condtion correctly I feel... If I remove genitals nodes collider from female setting file,, I may suppose it should stop to work.= vagina should not open, when SOS nodes touch pelvis. . (as you said,, we need to describe all collider which may effeect the affected node, describe in the setting files) or if when I remove SOS genitals node from same file which I set affected node with condition,, CBPC simply use CBPCollisionConfig.txt (no condtion version),, the same thing may be expected about arms or finger bones.. That means, even though I remove arny collider nodes, from CBPCollisionConfig_female (use condtion), I have written it in CBPCollisionConfig.txt so female need to use it as their collider.. I suppose... but if collider node settings described in ColliisonConfig_XXX( with condtion) will overwrite or remove only about nodes for the condtion valid actor,, eg female hand, female arms Collider use the CollisionConfig_femlae.. but male hand or male arms Collider use the CollisionConfig (no condtion), it seems reasonable,, but I do not know actually you made so or not.. I only confirm, how it work,, but can not see clear rule.. about collider usage with conditon..
  8. >>You included main CBPCollisionConfig file alongside male and female ones, that's good Thanks actually It is my main customize point,, to use condtion as I can understand,,, ^^; if I remove the main file, (no condition),, but only remain female and male version,, after all I could not see physics for female vagina open with SOS colliders,,, (though I do not know the reason, , but from thinking all things about your offered character spercific setting files, , and 3BA versions,, anyway I made all one collision config... which include all possible affected and Collider,, then limit nodes with condition (or adjust spheres for valid Actor with condtion) At same time even though CBPC try to move them I feel there still remain issue, when start sexlab animation or when arrousal adjust those nodes... (it seems block CBPC effect I feel) for SOS affected nodes,, anyway, thanks, I could understand correct way.. to use those condtion,, and make CBPColliisonSettings as I need now.. .. so I can detect reason when some nodes not work well.. (But how locate collider and affected node place and set radius is different problem still,,, it need try and error with nif-scope ^^; (I hope If I edit feet or toe sphere size and lcoate more well,, SOS affected node start to work,, with feet animation..but can keep good hard penis when hit with vagina. unfortunatelly I still not sucess about toe, finger/ foot VS genitals lag. when sexlab animation start / sexlab arousal adjust penis rotation .. maybe at current it should work,, when I have no arousal, and no sex start...^^;
  9. Hi Shizof anytime if you can have time, I hope you check these CBPColliison setting files, and teach me the usage of each file and condtions was correct or wrong.. 🤔 Each parameter of CBPConfig_SOS.txt is not matter... and there are already CBPConfig_XXX.txt for all described nodes (which need to move and set as affected nodes) then I did not pack them. But what I planed is,, these .. 1. Male only use SOS lags as Affected nodes. then when any Foot and toe, finger nodes touch SOS lags, it will move genital lag bones with collision physics (I could not confirm it) 2. Female only use SOS genitals as Collider nodes, then SOS genitals touch the female pelvis ,, it will open vagina (I could confirm it) 3. when self SOS genitals (Collider) hit with SOS lags (affected nodes), collision not work.. because Male only use SOS lag as affected nodes,, then female only use SOS genital as Collider. so there seems no problem about self collision (lags vs genital node) Though I use 3 setting files default (no condition) female (IsFemale()) and male (NOT IsFemale()) I understand you may not recommend , but I hope to confirm my way will work..even though you can make it as one or 2 file only... about the case hope how I can merge them as 2 collision setting file (or only one, I think to achive it, at least I need 2 files for collision setting) (if so, I can limit the problem,, maybe feet vs genital lag collision moving conflict with Sexlab anmation or Sexlab arousal rotation..) of course I only ask when you can find time..so not hurry at all.. I am now tweaking CBPConfig with you and Acro all advices. CBPConfigs.7z
  10. Then if you can make SOS (affected) VS female feet / hand setting,, I hope to test it.. it not matter, even though it not work for usuall genital vs vagina. because if actually Feet vs male genital (affected) work, with CBPC (when sexlab aroused may auto set rotation + animation auto set rotation for sos genitals) I think it can be improved ,,by ask shizof... ==== OK I asked Shizof it my collision setting way may work,, it seems correct to set SOS nodes, affected and collider , but not show colliison effect when they hit each other... (by female/ male condtion + default setting (no condtion) Then I do not see issue when I start usuall animation,, usuall move physics (for genital and each lag nodes, set in config map) seems already work . yes your offered option setting is best for me about SOS nodes.. So only problem is,, I still can not see clear,, Feet, toes, fingers VS SOS genital lags... I re-adjust sphere pos,, but it seems not matter,,,, so maybe even though we make it well.. I suppose when start animation, or activate arousal,, it seems prevent SOS moved by collision (CBPC).. I feel.
  11. mmmmm,,,,,, actually I can not confirm,, my way (use 3 setting file Default, male, female with conditons, and separate affected/collider only for spercific gender..) work or not clear.. As I said,, My setting still clear show male <> female without problem.. (in Male setting, I do not describe SOS bones as Collider, but I need to describe them in default CBPCollisionCOnfig and CBPCollisionConfig_female (IsFemale()) .. and after I tune lag CBPConfigSOSlag.txt for each lag nodes (SOS) , (which describe lag affected bones physics), as same as you set it for SOS genital nodes,(NSOS) it can show reasnable physics for me.. (when move and pose,, = it is same you use NSOS <genitals nodes>) but I really do not think,, the feet (collider) VS genital lags actually worked to be frankly said,, .. when start foot animation,, usually animator move hip ,, so SOS lags actually move well.. but when female foot and toe tatch,, I can not clear see effect <> maybe it not worked as collision ^^; (thanks I did not notice those patch,, when I install and select options, I test later I currently not use Floppy SOS, then see how it work,) I really hope to see,,, female toes and finger soft move PC penis well ^^; (but not move around like a snake, when start sex )
  12. Then if it still show collision self male genital vs genital lag. (though if condition work, I think at least about usuall male and female we can avoid it, because about male, we do not need to set collider for genital.) I may hope to request shizof to on and off setting for self collision only... (if we can) only for specific nodes.... we may most care,,SOS genital collider VS SOS genital lag conflict ...so if we can set it OFF,, it may work.. actually you may see, my male version (NOT isFemale()) do not set collider for genitals.. (of course if I need male VS male etc,, male genital not work as collider,) so if it work as I expect, (I think it seems work for me,, but I need really tuen CBPConfig_SOSlag etc) which can keep good stick shape when sex,, + still move with female foot and toe or hand or fingers..at same time SOS collider only work for female. I can clear see, even though my penis move around like a snake,, (without collision) I can still see female vagina open, when PC sos touch the vagina(Pelvis).. so even though I exclude genitals from collider in male version,, it still work because I describe it in female and default version.
  13. Acro I suppose,, (Though I do not think about futanari ^^;) we can limit it with new CPBC NOT IsFemale() and IsFemale() I understand most of case we need not male specific setting, (because after all we can make female version), but you can set Collider (NPC genitals) for female only. So I remove those collider from Male version. at same time I only add affected nodes (Lag) for Male only. At same time, I felt,, why NOT Female() not worked well,, I suppose,, I need to make non Condition version first.. So I describe CBPColliisonConfig.txt for all affected VS collider.. do not care even though I set Collider for Genital but Affected node for Lags,, because we make for male and female version separately. Coud you check my cusom version and tweak correctly? I really hope to see effect, so I tweak too hard for CBPCsosLags.txt ,, but it show too hard effect, then when sex start, it not keep stick^^; but move around like a snake.. but I think I finally see effect actually female foot and toe work as collider for SOS , (male) I may attach the strange movie later.. but I feel. it is collider effect,,(Foot (and toes) VS Genitals Lags >> move genitals node I suppose. this is my custom version which use 3 setting file for collision, (Def and male and female) , (I add toe and foot nodes to confirm it work as collider for genitals) as I mentioned my CBPConfigSoslags.txt is really bad tune (because I need to see clear effect, at first) , then hope if the way is correct,, you might adjust it.. ^^; (I am now trying it) If my usage was wrong, (and you think it not correct usage for condtion), I really hope to learn your guide ^^; I asked same thing to Shizof, and he kindly teach me,, (he may recommend only use 2 setting files without male condtion, but I think if we use 3 files we can clear devide as we need, and can add condtion for each specific dase more easy,, your current way,, is actually devide as male and female without male condtion, I feel. Plugins.7z
  14. Thanks really detail info.. You happend to remain one lag bone config map name,,(but commented out) in CBPConfig. then actually I tried it.. (devide collier and affected by NPC Genitals and GenitalLag) so we can avoid to use same nodes...but when start animation it seems not worked.. The reason seems,, I just add genitalLag01 tpo 06 as affected bones for male version only,, after add them in CBPConfigSOS.txt.,. but not remove NPC genitals from config map... so it did not work I suppose.. I may try your way,, Future, request,, when you up-date setting files. I hope if you can add the setting as FOMOD option,, if you can.. (or simply add the version as option, >> manuall download).. because usually your version released as 3BA work better than my custom version after all ^^;
  15. Hi Acro.. Do you think you can set Genitals. as Affected nodes, when female foot (I tried to use NPC L Toe0 [LToe] NPC R Toe0 [RToe]) or fingers touch it? I remember, (or I miss something), I seems can not use genitals nodes as Affected nodes, for collision,, at least when animation playing... So I supposed, if there is good node which can apply collision sphere as affected nodes then move SOS part.. with collider... or [GenitalsScrotumLag] is only one which we can use Affected nodes for Pure SOS? So I am CBPC main user, then I do not use HDT SOS,, (and do not know if I use HDT SOS, SE, these nodes can use as affected nodes,, maybe it not work too)
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