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  1. If you fixed it for better I think He will love that and most of us will thank you ...TY
  2. where can i find the full video of this gif? 667898_aa.gif.1cdc5f0f58cefe1886c61656ae

    1. Bullfye


      That was made as it is a GIF file its not part of a video !

  3. In SexLab , instead of shorting the FX time get it bigger delay time to use the next one..
  4. Casual Evening (VaM Futa) Fantastic Animated Futanari SEX Casual Evening (VaM Futa) .mp4
  5. Hey ..  was reading some posts on a mod to hide Hud elements during sexlab animations , and saw that you mentioned a Mod called Toggle Options,  Been searching for it but cant find it can you send me the looking to it so that I can try it pout ??




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    2. Bullfye


      Sorry does this works with SSE ??


    3. Nymra


      no idea, I dont use SSE and will not do it for quite some time. 
      I think there is a compatibility thread in this forum where you might ask. 

      many mods can be converted by users quite easy, tho. 


    4. Bullfye
  6. I have this problem with the SL scenes upon starting that the anything you have under the crosshair will stay during the sex scenes ,.... If anyone knows any mod that removes this it would be appreciated .. TY
  7. For me it works everything but this .. still stays the name of the sex partner on the screen..
  8. I use one of those you posted , but none I saw so far has what I want , you see my Avatar those kind of Tattoos in head side that Nords used to have..
  9. Hey people.. Anyone can tell me if there is any good head tattoos Mod out there .. ? TY
  10. You have to files the female voice 2 and 3 pick the Fem voice 3 its far better .. the second one was for optional tastes , some people might like it ..
  11. There is .. check out my Dominant Futa sexlab voice Mod...Its the same voice as this one ! Here
  12. Just updated it .. but yes I have some ideas on Futa character orientated Voice mods ... But that means collecting resources , like voice files to be able to do what I want , in fact I was thinking in making a all Mod with PC head Tracking including facial expressions and Sexlab Voice files and some animated poses to go with the voices I have been uploading ..but that is just a thought at the moment ..
  13. OK guys there you go the Video from the Gif files .. Has you can see its not my skyrim ..lol
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