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  1. Hey , just a suggestion, you might advise people to run DynDolod after installing this Mod , cause if you install it and not run it you might get weird landscape graphic bugs and even CTD due to the location and mod weight ! So far it looks awesome thanks for the update matey !
  2. Hey there , have the same issue in SE , and installing found out that you repeated the mod base folder 4 times so it has the mod in the last one but than MO2 warning about wrong Fomod file structure , in game I was inside home when installed it , but game loaded fine in the minute I go out the door CTD. and the net script Frame work pin pointed the CTD issue here : Unhandled native exception occurred at 0x7FF7EAD8B173 (SkyrimSE.exe+26B173) on thread 15564! FrameworkName: NetScriptFramework FrameworkVersion: 10 FrameworkArchitecture: x64 GameLibrary: SkyrimSE GameLibraryVersion: 14 ApplicationName: SkyrimSE.exe ApplicationVersion: VersionInfo: Successfully loaded Time: 06 Oct 2021 22:18:31.478 Possible relevant objects (9) { [ 1] TESObjectCELL(Name: Wilderness, FormId: FF000A15) [ 1] TESObjectSTAT(FormId: F5013E4D, File: `[Ashtoreth] CastelDimitrescu.esp`) [ 1] TESObjectREFR(FormId: F5013E4E, File: `[Ashtoreth] CastelDimitrescu.esp`, BaseForm: TESObjectSTAT(FormId: F5013E4D, File: `[Ashtoreth] CastelDimitrescu.esp`))
  3. Futa Sonja Character total makeover Spend all play time in SSE today making slight but remarkable changes to her face, Things that when you do the character the first time once in game you detect small little bad details, specially in animations , Removed longer eyelashes Mod cause it was clipping every time the character closed her eyes or during stress moments of pleasure expressions when those expressions were stronger , fixed her face around the cheeks that were sunken a bit to much, changed her hair to one that comes with a COCO Armor cause its just incredible , thought I totally dislike Wigs, hope some day someone can make this a actual racemenu selectable hair . The point here was to make her more human but with a touch of mixed ADN, And a weird Mix , cause if you check her breasts and genitals you'll see that her Mom add some off Marital wild sex in the stables or maybe a Minotaur crossed her home when Dad was absent ... The result of that union made a superb beauty but with some extra variations in her body and soul, she loves outdoors , Forests , camping alone , she has powerful stamina and endurance , she can give a unforgettable fuck but also a hard time cause she can endure hours without reaching orgasm and when she does its a fabulous amount of sperm that can be overwhelming for her lovers, Also the size of her genitals are in fact a problem with her possible relations and sex partners , but somehow in Skyrim she found out that woman are specially promíscuos and even ask her to go over their house when their husbands are out in the Inn or working ... ...This exactly makes her think if it was what happened with her own Mother, She feels that a part of her its more to do with Minotaur's than really horse cross in her blood , in her thoughts its always a thought of sex , her mind can not go away of that every time she crosses a beautiful Female, But not cause she has a weak Mind or personality , no not that , but cause her libido and lust grows faster than normal , and of course her huge sleeping Cock awakes like it has its own mind, in sex her desire can make her come 4 of 5 times and in large quantities of sperm a full ejaculation makes her sex partner belly grow instantly and most of the times when she haves sex she has to stop after her second ejaculation or she can make a lot of damage to her sex partner or if not stopped even kill, but that depends a lot on the size of her sex partner... If its a larger Woman it can handle more , right ??? Well in to the Wilds than lets hope she crosses a lucky Woman somewhere in the road ! She will for sure , or she will have to attack a Bandit camp somewhere to rape one or two ! Ha ha ha ... They know they are bad anyway , she just makes them feel awesome for some hours ... before she kills them ! Later guys Have fun
  4. Hey people , just a simple call out for our Skilled Modders and their creativity. If you read my Blog entrance in this link bellow you'll know what I mean ! Hope someone can pick this and make it happen cause if I add any idea I would do it ! Thanks to all
  5. NYL Cock Model Hey everyone Nyl just released the Cock model he uses in his videos to Public, in addition to the release he also made public the blender file of the Dick I have no idea on how to "translate" this , if possible to Skyrim SE and possibly make it an SOS addon or even an independent new Cock Mod for Females Futanari, but here I leave the Blend file that you can download in his Patreon page for free and some images of the Cock itself that for me its a superb work and addition to the game if someone can make it happen ! Videos Sigrún and Eidunn.mp4 Triss and Yen.mp4 Triss and Yen 2.mp4 Blender File and link to its download nyl on Twitter I finally got around to officially releasing .mp4 File Hotdog Packed.blend Link https://www.patreon.com/posts/dick-model-56777099 Conclusion I have np ideo if its possible for you or anyone to add this amazing new cock to the game, But for sure it would bring lota of new options on sex scenes and even on character build ups ! Maybe with so much talented Modders we could bring a totally new add on into Skyrim SE I hope someone could make this happen ! Thanks for reading and following my Blog guys ... Have Fun people.
  6. Well reached her spot in Dragonreach but somehow she doesn't has physics at all , when dressed yes but The breasts look weird pointed up and no Physics, naked no physics at all... Would like to try adding Another body mesh and see if it works ..
  7. Traveling with Annekke crag jumper Camping for the night ! And what a night it was ! Have fun
  8. Close up face uploaded ...lol
  9. Character built in a new game start and came out very good Have fun
  10. Seline & Gwen 3DXNIXAH Animation Fantastic animation from this top animator Note This animation is not my own work... #007 Seline & Gwen.mp4
  11. Damn it done everything possible and still bugs me with this BS error , and I didn't even installed new mods or The F. anything else , it just got temperamental with me and its doing this Fu.. BS for the last day ! Disabling Real life protection to run FNIS worked perfectly !
  12. Hey people , Since yesterday I am having an issue with FNIS generation for users that gives me this message at the end of the Generation , ERROR(76): Could not find a part of the path 'D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\data\tools\GenerateFNIS_for_Users\temporary_logs\DebugData.txt'. This is weird cause I didn't install anything and used FNISA generation tool but today updated a file and Boom this started to happened ? Can someone explain and tell me if there is a fix for this ??
  13. However that is for Skyrim LE , sorry my bad I was looking for it for SSE, ( Dumb me ) . As for the Biddings with other mods I do not really care about it as long as it gives me either via Dialogue or defeat the Chance to enslave a possible Enemy NPC.. Thanks guys for the help in this, but if you know of any Port of this to SSE please tell me , maybe I make some kind of dialogue enslavement Mod ..
  14. Yeah the thing is this S slavery ++ Is a bit heavy on scripting and asks to many mods to work as intended ! I'll just pass it for now , in fact its a thing a think should be included in defeat the ability to enslave a npc after you Rape ...it would be a simple scripts mostly like forcing an NPC to be your follower but with different restrictions !
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