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SexLab Body Search




Body Search


Guards stop you and require a body search.
If you accept, they take you to hidden place and do a humiliating body search.
Some guards just want to enjoy with you, but others will do a real body search.
If you have stolen goods or skooma or lockpick, bounty is added to you.

Stolen goods are moved to evidence chest.


Hidden Pocket


Lesser power is added to access your hidden pocket.
You can put some tiny items(ring, necklace, gem, key, lockpick) in it.


Hard Requirements



Soft Requirements



If you don't install them, body search animation will be skipped.


For Legendary Edition Users


The mod contains animation files for Special Edition.

You need to overwrite them.

Download "SexLab Body Search Animation LE.7z" and install it.





How to upgrade


  1. Go to cell where guards don't exist.
  2. Open MCM and uncheck "Mod Enabled"
  3. Save game and quit Skyrim
  4. Overwrite files
  5. Run GenerateFNISforUsers.exe if needed.




  • factoryclose made animations that will be played when accessing Hidden Pocket.



What's New in Version 20190814



  • Added: "Lockpicks are Illegal" option in MCM. You can set Lockpicks are illegal or not.
  • Changed: Set SexLab.esm as a master file.
  • Fixed: Now guards don't become hostile while player is in a dialogue with other NPCs.
  • Fixed: Now guards don't forcegreet when player is in a SexLab animation.




  • Added: "Hidden Pocket Animation" option in MCM. If checked, animation will be played when accessing Hidden Pocket. Animation files are made by factoryclose.



  • Added: "Player is Victim" option in MCM. You can set body search is violation or not.



  • Added: Follower Support.
  • Changed: Value of thieves guild radiant quest items changed.



  • Added: Thane Dialogue Option. If you are a thane of the Jarl, some of guards will let you go without a body search.
  • Changed: Guards do body search at jail if player is not a prisoner.
  • Fixed: Now guards do not do forcegreet when player is in a scene(includes SexLab animations)



  • Changed: Forcegreet package is dynamically added to guards when you pass by them.
  • Added: "Self-Conscious About Public Eye" option in MCM. If checked, you can't access the hidden pocket when you are detected by NPCs.
  • Added: "Skip Clothed Search" option in MCM. If checked, body search starts nakedly.
  • Added: "Num Lockpick Threshold" option in MCM. If less than or equal to InputValue, persuation becomes easier.
  • Fixed: Now player is not regarded as victim.
  • Fixed: Now guards don't do body search at Whiterun Jail.



  • Changed: If the number of lockpicks you have is low, persuasion becomes easier.
  • Fixed: Now guards will not do a body search at jail.
  • Fixed: Now coins will not detect as stolen.



  • Initial Release.

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