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  1. sen4mi

    Pathfinder Kingmaker - can it be done?

    Unity crashes a lot so it has a zillion versions. (Crashes mostly mean it has aspects which were never completely finished.) The version of unity you use for modding should match the version used to create the game assets. And, here, "easy" just means "possible if you're willing to spend the time figuring it out and making it work"... (You will note, perhaps, that you have not volunteered to mod the game yourself...)
  2. sen4mi

    Hostage Hotel: bondage survival horror

    It waa difficult, yes. But that was combined with no idea of what I should be doing. But that also was combined with the grim side of the game after an extended bout of grimness. Anyways, I just was not in the mood for repeated trial and error until I figured out how to play that part. If I was in a different mood, I might have played through it.
  3. sen4mi

    Hostage Hotel: bondage survival horror

    The "deer maze" in chapter 2 sort of lost my interest. Was there much of anything after that?
  4. Companies are imaginary things built out of people who mostly do not adequately understand their coworkers work. Plus, most people just put in 8 hour days and then leave. (At least in western countries where that's sort of baked into the law...) So... the muddled predictions and goals implemented by people who don't actually know how anything gets done can be kind of amusing... But the real downfall of all games is that they're just games. And that means some people will like them and some will hate them. "Cities? Can't you do something more *original*?" (Seriously, I was reading someone's writeup on 2077 yesterday which was roughly this - though way longer and wordier and lots of related complaints which I am leaving out. ("Cyberpunk? Can't you do something more *original*?" ...) Anyways... easy to complain, difficult to come up with good ideas for making things better (let alone actually make things - that takes time and the obstacles can be frustrating).
  5. The simplest fallback I can think of might be called "get a room": Teleport the player and the conversation target to a dedicated small room, leave the screen black, wait until the conversation completes (have the end handler check for being in that room). Then teleport them back out. A pain, for sure (you don't know if a room is garbaged by another npc when things are broken, so each such conversation needs its own place). I keep hoping that Elminster will give us something that can serialize a plugin to text and then deserialize it back to mod format, so rebuilding lots of conversations can be tackled... but ...
  6. And that one doesn't have a plugin, so I wouldn't know how to detect its absence (though possibly the script extender could.. but, lots of effort for little gain). But, ... for interrupted scenes ... if you have a timer and when it goes off the expected step hasn't completed, it seems like you could either do something simple (skip that step and move on, pretending it happened), or informative (some descriptive text) or elaborate (teleport actors into position, or some other fallback implementation)? Or ... maybe skyrim breaks those approaches somehow?
  7. Whenever I see debugging instructions like this, I get to wondering if the important stuff can be included in the mod. For example, we could do Game.IsPluginInstalled() for known conflicting mods (ok, none mentioned here... I will get back on topic after completing this thought) and issue a warning or run some code only needed when that mod is present. (A pain to set up, especially if that other mod author has no clue about stable interfaces, but that itself can be an issue worth a gentle mention or maybe a version constraint). Or, for missing plugins, maybe for an init popup before the crash... For example, I should track down whether there's a stable interface to detect / temporarily override sexlab's problematic mechanisms (there should be, but I have not spent enough time studying sexlab and have not worked up the motivation to ask on that forum). But, also, for scenes that stall, it seems like they should be rigged up with a scene timer and a trigger - if the scene timer finishes but the trigger does not, do a fade to black (and/or maybe other effects) and teleport all the actors to the right spots (maybe in a backup copy of the cell, for better control over the scene). Anyways... maybe not the things you do right away (you need a good mod before it's worth polishing it), but maybe eventually worthwhile?
  8. sen4mi

    Borderlands - The Pre Sequal Nude Mods?

    Boobs are soft and squishy, so nipples can be in different positions on one person. Also, they do not have a rigid bone structure, and people have genetic variations, so there's plenty of other reasons for them to be in varying positions.
  9. In fallout 4, vault 75 was a breeding program where they all were killed on their 18th birthday. It's not pornographic, though. Edit: somehow this seems about right for me to include here:
  10. sen4mi

    I get bored of male characters in RPGs

    There are a few hints that Pyro in tf2 is female, and no proof that she isn't.
  11. sen4mi

    cyberpunk 2077

    3rd person would require a lot of qa and testing time on player animations - making sure they synchronized properly from all the moves and reactions the player can do, including with all the mod possibilities which would have any effect on timing, speed, and so on. This, in turn, would push back the release date... though I do not know by how much (partly that would depend on the issues that get found, and on how much research would be needed to fix them without breaking other, related things). NPCs can have their AI tweaked to deal with such things, but it's .... difficult? to modify all the players to avoid animation problems. (And the general problem is that every time someone adds a nifty new thing, everything which was built in ignorance of that thing now has to somehow be coordinated with it. Or, not, but then you get the sort of quirks that get your players submitting bug reports on, and your programmers either saying that that can't happen and/or calling it garbage or maybe tearing their hair out trying to figure out where the unrelated parts are and how to make them work together in a way that's right for the game.)
  12. sen4mi

    cyberpunk 2077

    There are several places in that trailer where you can see her arms and/or legs. And, yes, you are right: those are not her face. But in third person games you rarely see your character's face, either. I imagine this game could have mirrors, camera systems, maybe even wanted posters, body doubles or whatever.... (plus cut scenes and maybe an inventory view or some such). However, I am sorry to disappoint people, but:
  13. sen4mi

    cyberpunk 2077

    Ok, but I was responding to the text you quoted?
  14. sen4mi

    cyberpunk 2077

    The trailer showed the player character in third person. Not always, but enough that I thought I should mention the issue.
  15. sen4mi

    cyberpunk 2077

    No, it is not (except in the sense of games and everything in them being pointless - but you can take that point of view somewhere else). Character customization (or, costumization) is (or: can be) a powerful part of a single player game. If they were talking about this game, they were totally making that up. But, hey, it's much easier to complain and whine than anything else.