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  1. sen4mi

    Do it Dirty: Add an Armor in the GECK

    Shouldn't you go back and update the biped model to let it know which parts of the body your armor covers? I mean, I can imagine cases where it would work to not do that, but ... it depends?
  2. sen4mi

    Lighthearted ENF games?

    The closest I can remember having seen to this kind of game was
  3. sen4mi

    The Last Barbarian

    Ok... I tried this... and the animations really bug me. When you put your weight down on your foot, you typically want a straight line through your center of mass and the supporting joint in your hip. It's your *other* hip which you push out to the side. (Also, if you have relaxed gait, you might drop your hip maybe half an inch or an inch on the side where your foot is in the air...) I think maybe you could walk sort of like the current walking animation in this game, but it just looks ... awkward? painful? ... it's... please, can you fix this?
  4. Just so you know, this is a fake issue. Let's take "Christianity" for example: the Christian Bible has numerous examples [good guy examples] of (and rules for) sexual situations which people who call themselves "Christians" express strong disapproval of (while, at the same time, ignoring non-sexual rules and so on left and right). I can quote verses at you if you want them... lots of verses. Just don't blame me if people who claim to be bible experts haven't bothered to comprehend stuff they supposedly have read (even though supposedly they place higher value the Bible than on than other people's bogus opinions). It was never about the religion, it was about peer pressure and it was about a fascination with certain individuals preferences and certain bad situations. I imagine other western religious works (the Koran, for example) have experienced similar treatment. (And, for that matter, in real life I've read about too many repressive eastern religious groups.) Meanwhile some other issues are that each person's sexuality tends to focus down on preferences which almost invariably will conflict with most other people's preferences in some ways or another. Also, depending on your current hormones and stuff you might like (or dislike) the same things you would dislike (or like) if things were different. So just talking about your own preferences (let alone other peoples' preferences) can become... hard... And, of course, when you need to focus on other things (like maybe getting food or shelter, for example), those other things matter, even in private. And, not only that, but sexual pleasure uses lots of the same basic sensations that go into fear and pain. So light amounts of those can enhance your sexual experiences. But that winds up incredibly difficult to express properly, super easy to mess up, and way, way too easy to misunderstand. And... I could go on... but hopefully you see some of the issues... Anyways, Christian sexuality should really include plural marriages (obviously including multiple people of the same gender), serial marriages, sex for pleasure, and so on. All of that's in there. Just because there was one guy (who was initially trying to outright destroy the church) who prolifically disapproved of everything other than his own forms of sexuality does not cancel out the rest of the bible. (Of course... real life does favor marriages - not only because children, but to minimize disease issues. Games, obviously though, do not have real life limitations.) But the point is, if people were to actually read the Bible, they'd see this stuff. But that's not what people do - instead we mostly rely on other people to tell us stuff, which we tend to believe even (especially) when it's bogus.
  5. sen4mi

    Dark Souls Sexy Mods

    For Dark Souls to have good sexy mods, the visual representation of hollowing should be modified to apply to your armor rather than your skin. And that kind of thing is probably way harder than any dark souls player is capable of tackling.
  6. sen4mi

    Bethesda just announced TES6, Talk about it!

    If they rely on third party frameworks, modding will be difficult because third party frameworks are like that. If they rely on their in-house engine, we get the same crashing problems that have been plaguing the games forever. But they've also got that id tech 6 engine which they've been working on, an at some point that line of development is going to be rounded out enough to use for their TES line. They'll have issues converting assets an new people getting lost finding them, but I could see this next game being that game. Edit: one thing you can count on though: some people will be unhappy, and they will have "louder" voices than the people who would rather spend their time enjoying the game than complaining about it.
  7. sen4mi

    Devious Armors

    The "all" download seems to be missing?
  8. sen4mi

    Warrior Mentality

    W: "Someone is going to die from this and there's a good chance it's going to be me." C: "...." W: "No, really, this is my responsibility." C: "..." W: "Eh... no, really, I would prefer you stay out of the way." C: "..." W: "Listen, idiot, you're going to get yourself killed." C: "..." W: *face palm* C: "..." *splat* W: "fucking insane"
  9. sen4mi

    The Dark Circle - A Halloween Adventure

    If you get to a point where you seem likely to lose (rate of damage taken seems likely to defeat you before you can take down your opponent) you can almost always escape (unless you really got in over your head, or your luck is really bad, or you do not recognize the problem early enough - you might need two or four escape attempts). Or... that was my experience. Maybe I was just lucky?
  10. sen4mi

    Darkest Dungeon Erotic Mods

    I keep seeing this and thinking it's Dungeons and Darkness mods.... oh well...
  11. sen4mi

    [RPG Maker] Thread of Destiny DEMO v0.0.4 [update]

    Similarly, games with male protagonists should mention that in the description, for similar reasons.
  12. Cupboard slaves looks quite promising, but I think it's still too early to tell?
  13. sen4mi

    The Dark Circle - A Halloween Adventure

    I am not sure what you consider "cheating" but I finished the game with two defeats without having to revert to a previous save. I think I could do it again, from scratch without the defeats (but there's a huge random element involved so maybe not on my first try - or maybe I revert to an old save a time or two). Edit: if you want tips on my approach:
  14. sen4mi

    The Dark Circle - A Halloween Adventure

    I really like the design of this game, for the most part. It's not very erotic, perhaps unfortunately?, but I still like it a lot. One thing I think I would change, though, is