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  1. This is based on historical events (and documents - but from memory and read years ago). So the people involved are long dead, and my accuracy may be weak. But maybe one useful game idea might come of this... So, anyways, "Succubi" (and later "Incubbi") was probably originally just a term like "Slut" or "Wench" is today. Language drifts a lot over time, especially about subjects people can have strong feelings about. Nevertheless, it seems that my ancestors were associated with a group who apparently got stuck with that "Succubi" label. What might be surprising was that they were christian scholars (who were also labeled as heretics and excommunicated, so maybe not so surprising). But they had enough people and influence buying into their interpretation of the bible that they managed to strip a several towns naked. Of course... it also turns out that stripping naked and laying down your arms and all the other stuff they did was not all that great of a military move back in feudal europe. They experienced something like 98.5% losses (and in one recorded case the entire population of the town was killed except for two baby girls, who ran away with a priest when they got older). And there's nothing really earth shaking here - you can find a lot of nudity in old christian artwork (including in church buildings). But that's all boring to many people because it's so familiar. Still, it's also perhaps noting that there's a good amount of scripture which conflicts with pompous statements of televangelists on sexual issues. (I will just mention Solomon's 600 wives and 300 concubines, there's other cases of plural marriages, and non-marriage sexuality also. But of course every life ends and people have problems so it's "better" to not care about people. And you can find support for those ideas also. There's an unfortunate tendency for religious [and non-religious] people to become completely useless.) So... all those protestants? This might have been included in the stuff they were protesting (though the puritans, at least, had a somewhat different view on how the bible should have been interpreted). So... probably not a good source of military tactics. Though how the survivors survived might be interesting. Unfortunately, it was mostly by being completely boring and blending in. And to some degree being useful. The descendants of pirates tend to just blend in with normal people. And although these people weren't pirates the same sort of applies. Or maybe it was by retaining some seductive (aka "nice") habits. It's difficult to say how other people perceive you because you never know what they really think. Also, lots of records about people having been killed, so that probably retains some awareness of the issues which got people killed (which mostly seems to have been property confiscation and failure to agree with someone else's religious point of view). Also, mostly people see what they expect to see. So since we're "christian", and boring.... well, some people might notice the pentagrams on some of our buildings (though we do not call them that) and some people might notice the atheists in our communities, but that's all normal. We have our own rules about people making their own decisions for ourselves and for us that's pretty normal. So... anyways, "God is Love", right? But the disciplines our survivors adopted (to survive, I guess) are maybe just a bit wrong. We love you guys a lot, by which we mean we want you to stay as far away from us as you care to. We have a variety of accounts of our people hurting or killing themselves doing stupid stuff, which might or might not be statistically significant. But given our fondness for "back breaking work" and activities, maybe we have a slightly different perception of pain from other people? After a few centuries, we have started to develop genetic diseases from inbreeding, so we are probably doing some stuff wrong (but, hey, we blend in with normal people, mostly). And we know we should not be put in charge... Still... if we look at popular mythology, we can make that boring also? Demons red skin? sunburn Demon horns? Horny / erect tissue. Fires of hell? Could be passion, or could be pain, probably includes every day stuff like shit (that could account for the "brimstone" side of things - no plumbing back in the day..) And on that note: baths and showers are rather nice when dealing with other people. (And cities often stink, real bad, especially in countries like India.) I could probably make this a better story by abandoning some of the historical ties. But that brings me to a perhaps characteristic saying of "my people": "What's the point?"
  2. I am not sure why anyone would think I am smart. That said... hypothetically, the mod has some initialization code in there, and hypothetically speaking that does not need to run until you are in the cell outside the vault. If the mod is not running, then it should not matter how intricately layered it is? I should offer to suggest a patch if I could see that part of the code. Or, ok, ... it could be done brute force (by wrapping every bit of script - except for the part that looks for the cell, and a rudimentary part of the mcm menu implementation) with "is this mod enabled yet" tests. And, I guess before I went to that effort, I should double check that leaving the script uninstalled until exiting vault 101 is sufficient to avoid the problem... (I think it is, but maybe there's other factors and this problem does not happen reliably?) But, ok, if you prefer, you all can wait until I decide to rebuild something nearly exactly like this mod.
  3. It seems sad that RSE has that kind of conflict in it - it seems like it should be relatively easy to have it auto-start after you leave the vault (and with a manual start option in the config menu, for people running unsupported alternate starts). (It also seems like it should be possible to track down the conflicting code, but I am not sure how I would do that.)
  4. "In Real Life" surrender works out different from in games. (Most outfits don't have the discipline to sustain 10% causalities.) Luckily, though, this is a game, not real life. Still... when dealing with groups, you probably want a group morale abstraction for dealing with group surrender. (And, for that Genuine Game Feel, we definitely need knockout mechanics.) And, with that out of the way... maybe mention in first post that "ECSA" stands for "extended CSA" and that CSA stands for "combat sexual assault"? (I see the acronym a lot here but it takes quite some digging to figure that out...)
  5. Would it be a good idea to mention in the first post here that "ECSA" stands for "extended combat sexual assault"?
  6. sen4mi

    Warrior Mentality

    W: "Someone is going to die from this and there's a good chance it's going to be me." C: "...." W: "No, really, this is my responsibility." C: "..." W: "Eh... no, really, I would prefer you stay out of the way." C: "..." W: "Listen, idiot, you're going to get yourself killed." C: "..." W: *face palm* C: "..." *splat* W: "fucking insane"
  7. sen4mi

    The Dark Circle - A Halloween Adventure

    If you get to a point where you seem likely to lose (rate of damage taken seems likely to defeat you before you can take down your opponent) you can almost always escape (unless you really got in over your head, or your luck is really bad, or you do not recognize the problem early enough - you might need two or four escape attempts). Or... that was my experience. Maybe I was just lucky?
  8. sen4mi

    Darkest Dungeon Erotic Mods

    I keep seeing this and thinking it's Dungeons and Darkness mods.... oh well...
  9. sen4mi

    [RPG Maker] Thread of Destiny DEMO v0.0.4 [update]

    Similarly, games with male protagonists should mention that in the description, for similar reasons.
  10. Cupboard slaves looks quite promising, but I think it's still too early to tell?
  11. sen4mi

    The Dark Circle - A Halloween Adventure

    I am not sure what you consider "cheating" but I finished the game with two defeats without having to revert to a previous save. I think I could do it again, from scratch without the defeats (but there's a huge random element involved so maybe not on my first try - or maybe I revert to an old save a time or two). Edit: if you want tips on my approach:
  12. sen4mi

    The Dark Circle - A Halloween Adventure

    I really like the design of this game, for the most part. It's not very erotic, perhaps unfortunately?, but I still like it a lot. One thing I think I would change, though, is
  13. sen4mi

    Is there any player-slave game?

    Given how specific relationships get, that's something of a trick question.
  14. Which version of f4se do you have installed? Which mods do you have installed? (What is your load order?) There might be other important questions to help figure this out, but those two probably matter the most.
  15. sen4mi

    im so lost

    Does TES5Edit have anything interesting to say about your mods?