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  1. iQOL has been replaced by Steam Workshop::Improved Quality of Life 3.3.1 (steamcommunity.com)
  2. The only place I can see ReqHeroGenderIsMale in my copy of this mod is line 90 of TBRandomEventsCompanion_Sexual_Devoted.xml.
  3. I did not see this problem listed on their "known problems" list.
  4. I decided I had reason to want to be able to extract the mod directories for a stellaris playset, and it occurred to me that someone else might want to be able to do this. So: Prerequisite: the sqlite command line tools which you can download from https://sqlite.org/download.html Once you have this, you can write a script which runs sqlite3.exe with a command line argument of "%USERPROFILE%/Documents/Paradox Interactive/Stellaris/launcher-v2.sqlite" and redirects standard input from a script file which looks something like this: .bail on .headers on .mod
  5. I think %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\Configs\LauncherData.xml is basically your mod list. (Or, if you have the right kinds of tools to do the extraction, the Id lines which have IsSelected true.)
  6. It might be this, in CE_captor_female_three_male_hero <RestrictedListOfConsequences>ChangeRelation</RestrictedListOfConsequences> and <RelationTotal>-5</RelationTotal> and maybe or maybe not <ReqCustomCode>true</ReqCustomCode>
  7. Which options have you chosen for game difficulty? And, what level is your character? (This sort of information is important when talking about difficulty.)
  8. I am getting errors in the error log from this mod. Stuff like this: [00:59:57][persistent.cpp:35]: Error: "Unknown modifier: country_resource_energy_mult, near line: 15 " in file: "common/edicts/lv_empire_edicts.txt" near line: 15 [00:59:57][persistent.cpp:35]: Error: "Unknown modifier: country_resource_minerals_mult, near line: 16 " in file: "common/edicts/lv_empire_edicts.txt" near line: 16 [00:59:57][persistent.cpp:35]: Error: "Unknown modifier: shipsize_corvette_build_cost_mult, near line: 17 " in file: "common/edicts/lv_empire_edicts.txt" near line: 17 [00:59:57][p
  9. From my observations, BadListener has tended to support two or three versions of the game with each release, with an interval between releases which is sometimes on the order of a month. (But people have had a habit of expressing Extreme Unhappiness when software developers make specific predictions about the future, so... be careful what you wish for. Because you just might get it.)
  10. Hmm... this sounds promising. But I tried commenting out the hide_window = yes lines in some country_event declarations, and that did not seem to work. Specifically, regardless of whether I added title = "something" and desc = "something" all that seemed to happen was those mods started throwing errors, which removed their content from the game. So, maybe you could give me a few more hints? Do I need to create a localization file for this to work? Do I need to fire off secondary events somehow, to make this work? I'm a novice at this,
  11. Is there some way of generating a message when a stellaris event fires? I am trying to debug a strange problem which might be a mod conflict (where content from an origin which I have not selected is firing, and the origin which I have selected is not activating).
  12. See Bannerlord Mod: Captivity Events - Page 63 - Adult Gaming - LoversLab
  13. I think that that's currently not implemented (not wired up to anything).
  14. I have been trying to debug my own copy of stellaris. I've got some strange things going on. (Like, for example, for a while, every time I would start stellaris, some of the .mod files would be reverted to an older version of those files. Very strange.) Anyways, I noticed that I was getting some errors from my copy of the "Elves of Stellaris Portraits LV Patch" and that that patch is no longer being kept current for this mod. So I hacked together an updated copy. Which (if my copies of these files have not been reverted to an older version since I last examined them), I am attachin
  15. I tried the Diamond Shoals start, but it did not seem to have any effect. It's difficult for me to say whether my mineral deposits were richer than normal, but I've yet to encounter any drones anywhere near my system (and I've surveyed two systems away in all directions. This might mean that I have some other mod which interferes or that there's some version dependency, but I do not understand the structure of this part of the mod well enough to know how to look for that kind of conflict. Does anyone have any good ideas on where I would start looking? (For example, when I look at
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