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  1. That's really strange, I made sure to test it on a separate skyrim install and it didn't ask me to overwrite anything. I'll have a look now. EDIT: Had a further look into this. SkyUI doesn't even package their source files with the mod, so there's so way I could have even accidentally edited the script. But for some reason CK insists that its part of my mod.
  2. I changed the script so that if it detects that the player is in heavy bondage it skips the "wait for player to sit" phase and just starts the travel. That's what I meant by the last item in the 'Fixed' list
  3. NEW UPDATE CHANGES IN 0.2.0 Added: -Every event now has as second set of dialogue options if the player is already gagged before the event starts. -Added Punishing Events: Very punishing events which always equip a full set of restraints on the player. These events can only occur if the player uses a carriage while in heavy bondage (Armbinder or Yoke) - (Customizable in the MCM) -Added Bound Event Chance Modifier: Events are more likely to happen if the player is in heavy bondage. - (Customizable in the MCM) -Added an MCM option which strips the player before equipping devices (ON by default) Fixed: -Fixed bug where player would randomly get attacked by bandits if following the submissive route. -Fixed bug where the player would have to say hello to very bandit before talking to the leader. -Fixed bug where complex events would break if using Hearthfire carriages. (For now I added a workaround that will use the Solitude driver) -Fixed grey face bug -If the player is bound and cannot sit in the carriage, the fast travel will commence automatically
  4. The first bug should be fixed in the update I'm working on right now. The second one is because I don't have Hearthfire as a dependency. I'll fix that properly in a future update, for now I'll just do a quick fix to make sure events don't happen if you're taking a Hearthfire carriage. Also, good suggestions! I'll think about adding them in the future.
  5. Yeah I was more thinking if the player accidentally hits him. I've accidentally stabbed my companions many times :P. Ghost means that your weapons go straight through him which is why I did it that way.
  6. Alright, couple things in here. 1) Oops about the FaceGenData thing I'll get that fixed in the next update, don't know how I didn't notice the grey faces when testing this on my second install. 2) I made the drivers ghost because I didn't want anything to go wrong with them during bandit fights, as they just stand in the middle of everything. Probably a super weird/janky solution to a trivial problem, I'll probably change that later. 3) Others also said the player should be stripped. This never crossed my mind as I always play with that option turned off in Cursed Loot because I don't like the whole player being stripped just to equip a collar. I'll add an option for this in the MCM and have it on by default. 4) Sadly I don't have SSE so I can't make a version for that, but people are welcome to convert it themselves and upload it and I'll link it on this page. (Just message me first)
  7. If you're playing as a male it will still trigger. However, all of the dialogue is very heavily geared towards a female player and it won't make any sense.
  8. If you don't want to have catsuits equipped, set both Catsuit sliders to 0 in the second page of the MCM. However, that won't affect the Slave Disguise complex event, as driver events are hardcoded to always equip the same devices, so you would also have to set that to zero on the first page. But luckily for you, that's the only Driver event that equips a catsuit, so you should be fine with all the other ones.
  9. You're right, it does block it. Tomorrow I'll look into adding something like this. (Unless some big bugs show up and I'll have to fix those instead!) Thanks for the suggestion!
  10. Unfortunately not, as that mod replaces the game's carriage system with its own scripts. I suppose at some point in the future I could make some compatibility versions that work with popular carriage overhaul mods, but seeing as I'd have to keep up with those mods' updates and stuff, I doubt I could really put in the time.
  11. There's a menu letting you choose from the basic DD devices (Gag, blindfold, catsuit, armbinder, boots, gloves, cuffs, collar) but there's no option to choose any specific/custom devices atm.
  12. Ok, I released an update with the renamed scripts. I'll make sure not to let that happen in the future! 😅
  13. I would hold off until I rename the scripts for now (doing it as we speak) because parts of the dialogue won't work since you denied the overwrites. After checking the scripts files I realised that those are actually scripts I made, but they somehow got the same name as DDi scripts. Them being missing means some of the dialogue won't advance the quests. I'll try to upload a fix ASAP
  14. Good idea! I might try adding this after I make sure everything works properly.
  15. Yeah I didn't change anything in those scripts, so I must have done this by accident. Sorry for any problems caused, I'll get this fixed when I can. I'm pretty new to the whole modding scene so mistakes like these could come up.😬 Is it safe to rename all my TIF scripts in the next update as long as I put a disclaimer to use a clean save? EDIT: Just checked the scripts and turns out CK decided to overwrite DDi scripts with my own dialogue fragments. Didn't even realise this could happen, would have thought it would check if the name was already taken. Maybe somehow the DDi scripts were missing from my install?
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