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Test Report 21 - Toys v0.6 / SLaV v8.02 Pre-Playthrough Review



Hi folks, today @VirginMarie released a critical update for Toys that hopefully will solve the Cascade System Failure that eventually halted playthrough #1. Additionally, at the same time she rolled new versions of Shout Like a Virgin and Toy Story to support the framework updates. Because of time constraints, I won't be starting a new playthrough tonight, so this report will focus entirely on checking the files with external tools and confirming that the installation tests both pass. 


I will be continuing to blog the main test playthrough, which (assuming Project Proteus doesn't let me down in a few minutes when I try to import Monilee) will continue the previous story. However, I will also be setting up a control profile that will be using just the bare bones requirements to also test the mod under a low-strain environment. You'll see references to this control profile in the test results but at this point I don't plan on live blogging it, except perhaps for some screen shots here and there. I'm still finalizing the baseline for the control profile, which I'll document in a separate test report tomorrow or this weekend.


Testing Baseline for SLaVE V8.02


Baseline Changes

  •     Removed Deviously Cursed Loot
  •     Removed LazyRenamer
  •     Removed Toys v0.5
  •     Removed SLaVE v8.0.0


  •     Added Project Proteus
  •     Added Wintersun Sexlab Integration
  •     Added Toys v0.6
  •     Added Toy Story
  •     Added SLaVE v8.02


  •     Reconfigured Dear Diary (fix favorites menu overlap vs. A Matter of Time)


  •     Updated Amorous Adventures Extended
  •     Updated Sexlab Stories
  •     Updated Luminosity Lighting Overhaul


External Tools Review

  • FNIS: Ran successfully, no errors reported
  • Nemesis: Ran successfully, no errors reported
  • Bodyslide: Successfully batch built groups "Toys" and "SLaVE" for BHUNP with zeroed sliders, no errors reported.
  • MO2 Asset Conflict Check: No new asset conflicts identified compared to previous versions
  • xEdit Checks: 
    • Conflict Check revealed no new conflicts. Refer to previous pre-playthrough report for a complete list of critical conflicts that, at a minimum, require a bashed patch to avoid loss of functionality.
    • Error Check reported no errors.
    • Cleaning Check
      • No deleted records detected
      • No ITM records detected 


In-Engine First Look Tests

Successfully Imported Character Data from Project Proteus



Successfully Ran Toys Installation Test



Successfully Ran SLaVE Installation Test




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