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Test Report 20 - Playthrough #1 wrap-up



Hi folks, I hope you've been enjoying Monilee's playthrough so far. As you know from chapters 18 and 19, this profile has run into an unrecoverable failure state that is going to require a new game launch. To summarize the issue:


  • At new game start, everything seemed OK. There were small delays observable during the standing stone love animation when outdoors, but this is a known issue for Toys and wasn't a concern.
  • First noticed about 7 hours into the game, forcegreet from Cassia that should have launched into her random interaction event was instead returning a generic hello dialogue along with non-unique topics only.
  • Starting around the 9-10 hour mark, non-game-breaking but noticeable delays started to appear in SLaVE related animations. The time from Spontaneous Orgasm event start -> stripping -> actual orgasm animation -> recovery started to stretch and increasingly strained immersion. At the time, I assumed this was from the scenes occuring outdoors (see bullet #1)
  • At the 12 hour mark (end of session 18), observed a particularly long spontaneous orgasm event that required fast forwarding to finally terminate. This is when I shared the papyrus log with @VirginMarie and she expressed concerns about some expected maintenance messages being absent from the log. 
  • By 13 hours in (when I pulled the plug on session 19), performance had rapidly degraded into an unplayable state. Disabling all Toys/SLaVE events restored playability (no other broken functions were observed in game) but I was unable to complete the dungeon because the word wall did not work (as reported by other players).


So rather than containing more story development, the purpose of this blog is to roll up and summarize my observations from this first beta run. 


Functions Successfully Tested

  • Virgin Halo
  • Virgin Tattoo
  • Virginity Comments
  • Word Wall Love
  • Standing Stone Love
  • Death Alternative
  • Spontaneous Orgasm
  • Spontaneous Arm Bindings (normal and hardcore versions)
  • Toy ejection
  • Initial Nocturnal Capture event/SLaVE main quest intro
  • Nocturnal Companion
  • SLaVE interactions with the Clavicus Vile quest, tested up to the end of Haemar's Shame


Problems Encountered

  • During gameplay, I never observed the exhaustion animation trigger except after word wall love. Needs further testing to determine if this was part of the cascade system failure described above or if something else was blocking this event from playing elsewhere.
  • On two occasions, the Fondle Thyself animation activated during the transition between Sexlab animation stages, overriding Monilee's part of the animation. Changing animation post (Sexlab hotkey O) fixed the animation state.
  • Both of my interactions with Cassia during this playthrough seemed fragile
    • The first interaction, where she hands the Dragonborn a letter, could easily be broken if Cassia sandboxed across a zone line between stages. This sandboxing was fairly aggressive, with her getting some distance away from the Dragonborn before returning for the sexlab scene; at first I thought it might have been related to Wet and Cold, but on further testing she did not consistently move towards shelter, so I'm less confident of that suspicion now. If the scene failed initially, hot loading would leave the game in a broken state where Cassia would not deliver his quest dialogue to the player - a cold load was neccessary to re-attempt the save.
    • The second interaction (the random event) never worked in actual gameplay conditions. I was able to successfully trigger it under test conditions, but it became increasingly difficult to launch as the game progressed. During the actual gameplay testing, all conditions for dialogue delivery were met (verified in console) but for unknown reasons Skyrim would not deliver the dialogue. May require further review of the conditions to see if any of them are susceptible to being spoofed into a fail state by papyrus load or other factors; may also just be a symptom of the root cause of the cascade system failure scenario.



Compatibility Notes (Not including purely records-based conflicts -- see my earlier xEdit review report for those details)

  • Death Alternative: Your Money or Your Life -- Appears to be generally compatible. A couple of notes:
    • When Virgin Death Alternative triggers, it will assert itself without regard for DA. As long as the Virgin animations and events are not lagging, this is fine because the mechanics of DAYMOYL include some built-in time delays through the blackout bar, etc. I did not get an opportunity to test what happens if you black out before or during the virgin healing event. This might be an scenario that could cause unexpected results. 
      • Because of the limitations described above, users who want to run both mods should reduce the Nocturnal rescue change in the MCM.
    • During one test session, I encountered the "DA Debug" CTD bug and in another I encountered the "looping stagger" bug. These are both issues in DAYMOYL and despite some initial correlation, proved to be unrelated to SLaVE on further testing.
  • Deviously Cursed Loot -- In general, the mod was compatible with SLaVE. Two specific issues were observed:
    • When DCL events attempted to equip devious devices that would displace a toy, at least one toy was observed to try to re-equip itself several times. This resulted in a pile up of DD escape dialogues that I had to click through to resume gameplay. The loop was not permanent and did not further degrade gameplay after completed, but it was an unexpected results.
    • The DCL rape function seemed unstable during this test run. I observed very high strain on Papyrus including a substantially increased suspended stack count and heavy script lag, as well as a much higher frequency of CPU race conditions than I'm accustomed to. Rolling back to an earlier save and disabling DCL rape fixed the problem. I don't believe this is strictly a SLaVE compatibility problem, but the issues may have been exacerbated by the vulnerable situations SLaVE puts the actor in (nudity, unequipping weapons, etc.).
  • Devious Devices -- Generally compatible, except for some minor animation fighting (Fondle Thyself vs. Armbinder)
  • Dirt and Blood (and any other cleanliness mod that uses shader effects) -- Incompatible with the virgin tattoo effect as currently implemented. 
  • Go To Bed -- When using sleepwear profiles, users must be aware that GTB will unequip SLaVE items without regard to their properties (it even unequips the halo). This issue also affects Devious Devices, so it's not Toys specific. Recommend users exclude equipment slots associated with DD/Toys from their sleepwear profiles. 
  • Sisterhood of Dibella -- Sisterhood static xx00C6CF is interposed with SLaVE static xx0A1C4B. C4B is a vanilla Dibella statues (base ID 0008F96B), 6CF is a Sisterhood custom Dibella statue. The worship interact on C4B was not obstructed by 6CF. Experienced users should choose one record or the other, merge the characteristics of the two, and disable the other record (both via override records in a late loading ESPFE).
  • Sexlab Separate Orgasm -- Appears to be compatible as long as "Sexlab Always Orgasm" is checked. Still need to test with the Love Shouts to confirm full compatibility.
  • Sexlab Defeat -- No issues encountered during testing; Defeat knockdowns and other events occured several times during the course of the adventure and did not interfere with or break from contact with SLaVE events.
  • YPS Immersive Fashion -- When the Dragonborn has unpierced nipples, YPS does not interfere with equipping Toys nipple items. This is good from a compatibility point of view. Still need to test high heels detection.


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