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Milk Mod Economy

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Sexlab Framework 1.59c with PapyrusUtil 2.8+(should be included in SL)
Sexlab Framework 1.60+
XPMSE 2.14+
Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE)
RaceMenu 2.0+ OR NetImmerse Override
Custom body replacer that support breast scaling, like CBBE or UUNP
Breast pumping animation only works with hdt dll disabled and BBP body/skeleton


Sexlab Aroused Redux(LE/SE), without it you'll miss out a lot of content, since mod was designed and intended to be played with arousal
Use game controller as Vibrator!
Non-SexLab Animation Pack - Breastfeeding animations for Sexlab Framework 1.59c

The Dungeon: Milk Mod Economy Follower Home (works LE/SE, not sure about test version) - Player home/dungeon with milk pumps
JUGs (works LE/SE) - Alternate dialogues to trigger Breastfeeding animations

Elsie LaVache (LE) - cow follower, with quests and stuff

Being a Cow (LE) - transform into cow, with quests and stuff


Rate Mod if you like it, that might keep me motivated, oh and of course you can support me on Patreon
Mod Description [RP]:

This mod allows you to become a proud owner of cows, milk them in the morning, in the evening, milk them all the time and have fresh milk!
You may ask "cows"? Who cares all farms have cows! Yes Sir! you are absolutely right, all farms have cows! But you will be the owner of not ordinary cows its your followers that you will milk and if you like experiments you can become one yourself! Just think about the possibilities!
So, your are interested? Let’s continue then, when you join our ranks, you get exclusive access to milk machines spread across the Skyrim all equipment will be provided with a small fee. You will have exclusive contracts to sell your milk at finest prices, or you can leave it to yourself and enjoy its effects during dark cold evenings.



  1. Install MO or NMM installer, don't even think to ask for support if you install mod manually and its not working.
  2. Install all requirements and their dependencies or MME will not to work.
  3. Make sure your skyrim/character is not broken by some crap mod, which will prevent MME from starting.
  4. Download and install Milk-Mod-Economy-Assets AND Milk-Mod-Economy-Scripts
  5. If you want breast pumping animation during milkpump milking use XPMSE 2.14+ with BBP Rig(or old patch in installer), pumping breast animation is for BBP Rig only and will not work with HDT Rig and no, i don't know how to change that.
  6. During installation you can select patches you want and pre-built Milk Cuirass Model for you body.
  7. During installation select (or don't) integration scripts for mods you have, if you select scripts for mods you don't have MME will likely refuse to work.
  8. Run LooT(or dont) and/or make sure all patches got after MilkModNEW.esp.
  9. Run FNIS.
  10. Wait for mod to load, usually few seconds, you will see "Milk Mod Enabled. Event intervals set to: Milk production - 1 hour". Or get an repeating error window if you installed something wrong and/or mod isn't working.
  11. Bodyslide: If you have BodySlide 2 and Outfit Studio, you can install different bodyslide slider sets for Milk Cuirass in order to change it to fit your body and/or Zap(remove) collar and panties
  12. (Optionally) merge esps


IF upgrading from older versions - check change-log for requirements! OR ELSE!

Solving problems: READ FAQ, USE SEARCH, >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>POST PAPYRUS.LOG<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<, make detailed description of problem you have


  1. MCM -> Milkmod -> Debug -> Uninstall, this will reset everything to default state, stop running scripts, wipe milkmaids data in StorageUtil script, reset body state
  2. Save
  3. Delete mod with your mod manager



To become Milkmaid: 

  1. Use the milking pump with feeding enabled and lactacid in inventory
  2. Drink race based Milk potion or Lactacid
  3. Player only:
  4. Get pregnant by one of supported mods
  5. Equip Milking Cuirass (included) or other armors from Supported armors section
  6. Get drugged with Lactacid by Skooma Whore mod (with my patch)


Soft linked plugins - not required but supported:


Dawnguard (adds locations to economy)
Dragonborn (adds locations to economy)
HearthFires (adds locations to economy, adds milk conversion into Jug of Milk, which can be used to craft something else)
Devious Devices - Integration (DD checks, prevent milking while restrained with belt/bra, milk leak during vibrating nipple piercing)
SexLab-StoriesDevious(support for slsd cuirass and bra)

Schlongs of Skyrim (futa support)
SOS - Pubic Hair for Females Addon
SOS Female Schlongifier (No Schlong Addon by Erundil)

Pregnancy stuff:
HentaiPregnancy(LE/SE), (old 1.19)Patched version
PSQ PlayerSuccubusQuest v2.15a v2.16, maybe newer
soulgem-oven 2-3 (detect gem pregnancy)

Immersion food/drink:
Skooma Whore 1.0, Lactacid will be considered drug, requires my Skooma Whore patch


MCM menu:


MCM menu allows you fine-tune mod experience to your likings.
Overview tab you can get info about your progression and basic information about your milk maids.
Settings tab allows you to configure mod to you likings, general settings, breast-scaling, difficulty.
Milking configuration allows you to configure pain system, milking modes (feeding/fuck machine(if disabled character will be milked instead)), configure EC+ event, animation duration(script waiting between milk ticks) to you likings.
Milk market shows information about mod economy, market saturation (the bigger value the more you can sell there), if milk is in demand you get x3 price.
Compability tab shows info about supported plug-ins
Armor management allows you to add random armor(slot 32) to supported armors(normal/spriggan/parasite(EC+))
Dont mess with these unless you are sure you know what you are doing.
Debug tab allows you to ... debug, reset, cheat, edit mod stats, enable unsafe milk effects, set Progression level to 40 (normally its limited to 10) and have 20 milk maids.
Debug Milk Maid tab allows you to view and edit your milk maid stats, manage spells and effects or reset/wipe maids.
Spell configuration allows you to change effects of milk and debuffs, exhaustion timer is broken though, dunno how to fix it




Currently mod applies these effects (can be disabled in mcm): 
Well milked buff - has 25 levels, increases max carry weight by 2 per milkmaid level.
Unmilked debuff - has 25 stages, if you don't milk your breasts, they will become bigger and will have negative impact on character stats ((Unmilked debuff level) x 4 OneHanded, TwoHanded, Marksman, Sneak, Pickpocket, CarryWeight, Speed, MP/SP Regen and max Stamina).
Exhaustion debuff - reduces stamina regeneration, removed by sleeping 6+ hours or drinking race Milk/Lactacid.
Mental Exhaustion debuff - reduces magicka regeneration, removed by sleeping 6+ hours or drinking race Milk/Lactacid.


Milk and food this mod has to offer:


Immersion mods:
-RealisticNeedsandDiseases: All Milk, Semen, Cum have moderate decrease thirst, slight decrease hunger, adds empty bottle.
-iNeed: All Milk, Semen, Cum have moderate decrease thirst.
Cheese and Sweet Rolls - decrease hunger.
Normal and Simple milks can be bough from npcs vendors.
Lactacid and Race milk can be bought from khajiit caravans.


  1. Normal milk (4 tiers): 1(HP/MP/SP) + 1*tier regen for 10 sec.
  2. Sperm/Cum: male/female - you can get it from milking during boobgasm/orgasm or in milkpump fuck-machine mode for males or masturbating. If drunk by succubus = decrease hunger greatly(RND), if PSQ is installed = raises energy by 10%.
  3. Sperm/Cum: futanari - Increases arousal exposure rate. Turns females into futas, increases/decreases schlong.
  4. Special Cheese - crafted with 10 normal milk bottles.
  5. Special Sweet Roll - crafted with 3 wheat and 1 Sperm/Cum bottle.


    Special Milk you get after milking if milkmaid had boobgasm: 


  1. Default Race milk (4 tiers): +5HP +5MP +5SP regen + Race effects for 15*tier sec.
  2. Exotic (Custom) Race milk (4 tiers): +10HP +10MP +10SP regen + 10Elemental resists for 15*tier sec.
  3. Vampire milk: +10HP +10MP +5SP regen for 30 sec, skill buff: illusion, alternation, speech, destruction, 50% frost resist, Vampire lord transformation if you are vampire, require Dawnguard (in mcm you can enable forced transformation even if you are not vampire, this is probably not safe do at your own risk).
  4. Werewolf milk: +10HP +5MP +10SP regen for 30 sec, skill buff: 1h, 2h, block, 50% frost resist, Werewolf transformation if you are werewolf (in mcm you can enable forced transformation even if you are not werewolf, this is probably not safe do at your own risk).
  5. Succubus milk: +5HP +15MP +5SP regen for 30 sec, skill buff: illusion, alternation, speech, barter, 50% fire resist (in mcm you can enable AE increase arousal, this is probably safe).
  6. (optional replaces normal/race/exotic milks)Simple Race milk: +5HP +5MP +5SP regen + 5 HP/MP/SP (for warriors/mages/rogues, based on race bonus stat) for 60 sec.


Mod features few flavor stories that are displayed randomly during milking start/end, you can enable/disable them in mcm.



1 Story shown when player becomes milkmaid by drinking race Milk/Lactacid

1 story start/end when player becomes milkmaid, when you use MilkPump
5 stories randomly displayed at beginning/ending of using milk pump

Spriggan armor:
2 stories randomly displayed at beginning/ending

Hermaeus Moras Caress armor:
2 stories randomly displayed at beginning/ending

Living armor:
3 stories randomly displayed at beginning/ending

You can write your own stories(who am i kidding, you wont) and they might be included in the mod, the requirements are: plain text, ~500 symbols (including spaces) max.
Texts of stories can be found in script source files(MilkQUEST.psc search for ";Stories"), if you want to correct or translate something.


NPC Comments:
When Milk Maid breasts full and leaking milk, npcs might make comments. By default option is turned off, but you can turn it on in MCM.


NPC Dialogues milking:


Options below can be turned on/off with MCM -> Setting -> Dialogue milking
Mod Dialogues starts with "Hey there!"
You can make npc milkmaid, you need 1 bottle of Lactacid + 1 female npc.
You can make npc futanari if you have futa male semen bottles and SOS(full) with addons installed(random addon will be chosen for schlongifying character).
You can convert npc to/from milkslave.(kinda cheat)
Breastfeeding - requires NSAP "3J Straight Breastfeeding" and "3J Lesbian Breastfeeding" animations installed and registered in SexLab 1.59- OR have SexLab 1.6+
You can milk or be milked by npc for this to work you/npc need to be milkmaid and have milk
You can milk npcs that have milkmaid, milkslave or cow in their name


Supported Armors (Armors with names that contain, this might not work with translated games/armors):


You can manually add any armor(slot 32) to these with MCM.

-Milking Cuirass (this one comes with this mod and is equipped during milking, can be crafted at forge)
-Cow Harness 1
-Dwemer milking device 1
-Milker 1 2

Below armors will consume milk and feed Lactacid.
These armors are considered Living:
-Spriggan Armor 1 2
-Spriggan Host 1
-Living Arm 1
-Hermaeus Mora 1
-HM Priestess 1

These armors are considered Parasite, trigger tentacle rape if EC+ installed, will consume milk and feed Lactacid:
-Tentacle Armor 1
-Tentacle Parasite 1


Custom SOS support(hairs etc):


if you have sos hair addon that is not supported(marks character as futa when it shouldn't) you can add it manually to 
name of addon to add can be found with tes5edit - faction - FULL Name




Q: How can I start the quest?
A: Enable mod in mcm, or toggle via [MME] Milk Mod Toggle spell.
A: Player - use Milk Pump, drink race based Milk, equip one of Supported armors from above that will feed you, become pregnant with one of supported mods.
A: Follower - use Milk Pump, give Lactacid via dialogue.

Q: Where can I get the Milk Cuirass?
A: Craft at forge (1 Cow hide + 1 iron ignot + 24 leather stripes).
A: Use console, help cuirass, player.additem xxxxx

Q: Can’t make follower milkmaid
A: At start you have only 1 slot for Milkmaids, you gain more as you progress.
A: You need to be close to npc when you make Milkmaids.

Q: Milkmaid level wont increase above 0
A: You need to feed follower/drink lactacid once.

Q: What is the main difference between a milkmaid and a milkslave?
A: milkmaid - gets milk from milking, dynamic milk production.
A: milkslave - gets no milk from milking, fixed milk production. You probably shouldn't mess with them.

Q: Npc's have no milk/lactacid forsale
A: After installing mod you may need to wait 1-3 days for npc inventories to refresh.
A: Some other mod removes them, use Dialogues to trade/buy lactacid.

Q: I can't move the camera
A: You cant control camera while character getting in position in milkpump.
A: You can toggle free camera with SexLab preset (default Numpad 3) or console TFC.

Q: How long it takes to generate milk
A: It takes around 3 hours to generate 1 milk in the beginning but will speed up. who knows
A: You can find estimates in MCM, milk generation is affected by many factors like, arousal, milkmaid level, breast size, lactacid.
A: If you have Lactacid points milk generation will rise rapidly and can get out of hand, have fun.

Q: How long maid will be milked
A: Milk Pump will milk endlessly or until you reach pain threshold (if you play with pain system and pain huts option disabled).
A: You can configure each stage length in MCMC => Milking, durations are dependent on papyrus speed, so it can take actually a lot longer than you setup.
A: Non Milkpump milking will continue until milkmaid empty/reach pain threshold.
A: You can interrupt animations with notification key.
A: You can interrupt milking script with hold notification key.
A: Milking will stop if you change cell(game feature or bug).

Q: No MCM menu
A: Open console and type setstage ski_configmanagerinstance 1
A: Try save/load.
A: Use console Jaxonz MCM Kicker.
A: Use console to get [MME] Milk Mod Debug Spell to get basic spells to cover your basic needs.
A: Check if you have installed mod correctly.
A: Finish Helgen, reinstall mod.

Q: No milking stations / animations
A: You have city mod that overwrites milkpumps.

Q: Milkpump animations miss-aligned.
A: *shrugs*

Q: CTD when equipping Milk Cuirass
A: something wrong with your body / skeleton

Q: No breast size increase
A: something wrong with your body / skeleton / armor


Known issues:


as of version     v 11-04-2018, mod includes ZAP meshes textures and animations, if used with zaz animation pack, FNIS will get post consistency errors, those can be ignored


Milk leaking from anywhere but nipples - hdt/breast scaling is not supported for leak effect, idk how to fix that




This mod changes:
-Breast sizes "NPC L Breast" and "NPC R Breast";
-Breast curve fix "NPC L Breast01" and "NPC R Breast01";
-HDT werewolves "NPC L Breast P1", "NPC L Breast P2", "NPC L Breast P3", "NPC R Breast P1", "NPC R Breast P2", "NPC R Breast P3";
therefore it will conflict with mods that change those nodes, but fear not, you can disable everything in mcm (but why would you?). Anyway its not critical.
above should not be a problem if you use NetImmerse Override

Might conflict with other mods that:

  • -change locations where Milk Pumps are placed (if you installed one of Milk Pumps plugins).
  • -add scripts to Dwemer devices from ZaZ Animation Pack (if you installed ZaZ patch).
  • -forcibly change equipped gear (like wardrobe etc).
  • -change potions/food prices (Economy part will probably be broken).


If you repost/share this mod to other sites, you must add link to mods thread and provide descent translation of everything written on this page.
You are not allowed to post/host/share this mod on cloud storage, torrent sites and file hosting services that:
-force you to wait 15+ seconds and watch advertisements while "your file being prepared" or buy premium to get file instantly crap.
-force to buy premium and sms crap or other paywall crap.
-give you money for file downloads/uploads/views/clicks.
-install adware, crapware, trojans, viruses, miners, etc


Patch notes and, maybe, some additional info in 2nd post


  • Submitter
  • Submitted
  • Category
  • Requires
    Sexlab Framework, FNIS, XPMSE, SkyUI, SKSE
  • Special Edition Compatible


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Change Log:








v 20-12-2017
fix for AdjustBreastRowChance adding rows even if set to 0


v 19-12-2017
fix for multibreast uneqip during milking with cuirass
removed futa cuirass since its broken anyway
removed breastrow modificator from gush effect


v 01-12-2017
fixed breast enlargement/reduction dialogues


v 30-11-2017
fixed incorrect encoding of json file(empty msg boxes)


v 27-11-2017
fixed bug with wellmilked spell milking getting stuck


v 15-11-2017
fix for feeding loop interrupion(now it plays in 1 go)
added permanent milkpump bound mode for mods(player will be stuck in bound pump until released by other mod)


v 19-09-2017
ported sksesless rnd script from SSE
added toggle to disable armor stripping


v 23-08-2017
debuffs system overhaul
removed 50 spells with fixed values, added 2 spells with dynamic values,
so for every milk character has, stats will be reduced by 1, so if your cow girl wonders outside of barn unprepared, she better be prepared for consequences and bad end?
on the buff side you get (MilkMax-MilkCnount)*BreastsSize_Node bonus carry weight, probably a huge boost, that is if you'll be able to keep breasts well milked
added breasts debuff, this one reduces stats depending on breast size*weight, which should be something like (1..9)*(1..2)


v 03-08-2017
removed sexlaborgasm toggle
removed breasfeeding toggle
hidden debug content under debug toggle


v 02-08-2017
automatic cuirass milking to happen when breasts 75% full instead of 1 milk
living armors will no longer feed lactacid if actor have milk


v 30-07-2017
moved DDI vibrate event hook to DDI plug-in script


v 28-07-2017
fixed male checks in scripts for male milking


v 27-07-2017
fixed? ineed giving "error" when not installed in mod checks(shouldn't affect anything, if your skyrim broken it wont fix it)
fixed left breast milk leak art
removed gender checks for malemaids dialogues(except futa creation)
doubled cuirass weight to 2/4(normal/futa)
halved bell/horns weight to 0.5
increased 4/6/8 tits armor weight to 12.5, 25, 50
reduced tits armor cost from "alot" to 0, say "NO" to second hand titties sales!


v 24-07-2017
fix milkslaves 10 ->100
added mcm option(under debug) to toggle malemaids


v 21-07-2017
fix for DD suits unequipp


v 17-07-2017
increased maid slave count to 100, requires mod reset
added ability to milk males, they should be female when you make them milk maid
reduced pain from hand milking, milking will stop, before getting exhaustion debuff
milkmaid with well-milked buff can no longer be milked(less than 40% max milk)
added armor stripping when player has 4/8/12 milk
updated playeralias script, merged sl orgasm and slso functions
fixed incorrect milktick per hour in mcm

v 30-06-2017
succubus milk, turns player into succubus:
added event for angrim aprentice event, dont remember if AA actually support this
added event for deadly drain
added forced turn into PSQ succubus

hidden most scripts in CK
changed most scipts names
removed properties from most scripts
set a base for porting mod variables\ messages into jsons


v 27-06-2017
dialogue scripts overhaul

v 31-05-2017

fix? for npcs to prevent them from trying to milk them-self during update while player is far away thus causing errors in log


v 26-05-2017

fix for infinite milkgen increase with milklevelcap

changed maid progression option to affect milkgen reduction


v 18-05-2017

pumps collision fix


v 27-04-2017

RND overhaul, may need cleansave

SLSO support


v 20-02-2017

changed sos script to use jsons, you can manually add sos addons you dont want to be recognized as penis


v 19-01-2017

fix for broken economy by 14-01-2017, requires mod variables reset


v 14-01-2017

some edits to prevent endless script loops if mod is broken but somehow still manages to start

fix for EC/ES animations








v 31-12-2016

slight changes to node scaling

changed maid leveling: lactacid only needed to level from 0 to 1


v 25-12-2016

fix "milkgen based on maid level" not producing milk at level 0


v 17-12-2016

added ability for DD equipment containing word or tag "milk" to collect milk


v 14-12-2016

fix for milking getting stuck with multibreast and high gush value


v 03-12-2016

added mcm option to remove MME NiO scaling data

removed nie scaling support


v 28-11-2016

fix for mcm debug milkmaid menu milkgen slider bug


v 14-11-2016

fix rnd feeding

fix maidlvlgain formula


v 08-11-2016

fix for milkgen formula


v 07-11-2016

added mcm toggle for maid milkgen based on maid level(so now its base milkgen*maidlvl), its off by default since its probably huge boost at latter levels.

changed fixed x0.5 milk generation reduction to level based, so at lvl 0 its quite easy to stop producing milk, but at lvl 10+... well good-luck trying, especially if you play with my skoomawhore patch

added a way out of being milkmaid, if actor is lv 0 maid, have less than 1 milk and produces no milk, its leveling stats will be reset

added progression block, actor must have more than 0 lactacid in order to increase maidlevel, so at lvl 0 actor can probably be considered still a human, but its easy to step over on a path of becoming cowgirl

removed racial milk production from lv0 maids


v 03-11-2016

fixed missing mcm debug maids modifier for lactacid bonus rate

reduced minimal slider value for Milk generation slider 0.03 => 0.003


v 01-11-2016

added lactacid bonus rate slider, modifies amount of milk production caused by lactacid


v 18-10-2016

and another support update for future SLIF version


v 17-10-2016

fix for status script reset

descriptions for status script

added support for future SLIF version


v 11-10-2016

fix for mobile milking not return control


v 09-10-2016

fix tesedit errors

moved bodyscaling to separate script, so it can be easily changed by frameworks

added milking triggers to prevent actor milking interruption by other mods(this is probably experimental, on idea of side effects)

updated support for SOS Addon - Pubic Hair for Females 1.3b

added support for EggFactory 1.19 pregnancy


v 14-09-2016

fix armor reequip after mobile milking


v 05-09-2016

fixed bound milkpump not milking

reverted sounds of consumables

added campfire plugin

removed upkeep if you keep milk


v 02-09-2016

fixed log errors

fixed belly not resetting

removed nie toggle


v 01-09-2016

fix milking return control


v 28-08-2016

added custom sound descriptor to play milk/potions sounds on actor who's consuming potion instead of skyrim's always on player(this does not include change for skooma that is used by skooma whore mod)

added soundless lactacid feeding potion to milkpumps

added 2nd soundless feeding potion to milkpumps to satisfy rnd hunger

disabled make milkmaid messagebox promt if player has no free maid slots

npcs( not maids or slaves) that use pumps(if they finish using it/stand up and do something else) get 1-2 milk, pregnant npcs get x2 milk

added messageboxes to tell you if you have wrong load order(and probably missing milkpumps)

some other fixes?


v 15-08-2016

added belly node scaling based on lactacid/2

fix for sos

added _SLH_isSuccubus detection

changed how succubus/ww/vampire detected

replaced UNPB milkcuirass with UUNP

changed DD vibration script, reduced lactation start chance to 5%, but now it also can make player milkmaid if not already

added check to lactacid, so mme animation wont start if actor in SL scene

changed mcm option to block pc pregnancy condition to block any way of becoming milkmaid

removed msgboxes asking if player want to be milk maid, bcz noone cares if you want or not

set default fuckmachine mode to false, so maids stays in milking mode

removed lactacid reduction from milking boobgasm

changed economy messages to show only for current location, excluding khajiits caravans since its most of skyrim

added sandbox patch(incl fix for npc sandbox milking so they probably shouldn't get stuck in animation)

fix for player getting stuck in bound pumps with ddi items

updated scripts status check, should now show what plugin script is broken

fixed armor remove when resetting maid/slave

removed sgo v1 integration


v 17-06-2016

added (not)bound milkpumps only esps, requires cell reset(or console disable/enable) to change between pumps scripts

moved milkpumps selection to separate install step, maybe some ppl will actually read what they install

slight change to economy trading script, this should improve its speed by ~0.0001 second

slightly changed milkpump milking, feeding stage now feeds lactacid in 1 go and then moves to other stages


v 13-06-2016

fix for milk count if character's milk is increased during milking


v 07-06-2016

added mcm->debug->cheat-> milking:free lactacid


v 05-06-2016

fixed huge milkgen from milking

added breastrows modifier to milking

added option to use normal cuirass instead of futa

added warning if breast nodes dont exist

fixed milkmaid milkgen not being removed(reset) when milkmaid reset

added/fixed multiple breasts(body armor) not being removed when milkmaid reset

added BreastRows to mcm milk production formula(now displayed value (almost?) match what milkmaid will get(unless something happens, ex: breast inc/dec effect trigger))

copied bound milkpumps from Basic to MilkMod_MilkPumpsFancy.esp by EinarrTheRed, since they were not included

added breast reduction potion

added maid dialogues for breast inc/dec potions

added breast inc/dec potions has 5%/25% chance to add/remove breast, upon triggering effect will cause Exhaustion and with pain system will hurt(50% of health) until you sleep

added mcm slider for adjusting breast row addition chance(you need to set it manually if you update)

fix for storage milkmax not taking into account BreastRows

simplified milk generation formulas, so now even i can understand what they do xD


v 26-05-2016

fixed maidslots


v 22-05-2016

Requires: Cleansave/mod reset

added additional layer for lactacid trade dialogues

added breast enlargement potion, enlarges breasts by 0.01 for 10 hours, costs 1000 gold, bought through dialogue from alchemists, has a 25% to start/increase natural lactation (actor has to be milkmaid/slave)

added individual maid breast size modifiers(BoobIncr per milk, BoobIncr per level) to scripts calculation, you should either reset your maid or set desired values manually, otherwise milk gen and breast size will be broken(0)

changed char name detection for dialogues

you now need to have Lactacid in inventory if you want to be fed by milkpump, orcs milkpumps are generous enough to provide you free lactacid, they'll take half the milk though, but who cares its all about process

equipping parasitic armors will remove additional breast rows, probably

increased base lactacid maximum by 4

moved Lactacid to MME_Util_Potions formlist

fixed some bugs

added Inns to economy

made some edits to use dialogues instead of old trade system

Khajiits, orcs and fencers dont pay milkpump upkep and local tax


added trade dialogues:

Khajiits merchants:

-buy all milk

-trade Lactacid for milk

Orc merchants(wisewoman):

-buy normal and race milk


-buy race milk


-buy ww/vampire/succubus milk

-buy cum/semen

-sell Lactacid for 100g

-sell breast enlargement potion for 1000g


-buy all milk


-buy normal milk

-sell Lactacid for 100g


v 05-05-2016

fix for "SOS No Schlong for Females" and "SOS Pubic Hair for Females"


v 03-05-2016

fix for missing psq script integration

fix for notification key not registering on mod start


v 10-04-2016

merged with multi-breast addon

fixed make maid dialogue, which wasn't respecting available maidslots to player

minor optimisations

something else


v 27-03-2016

added futa version of milkcurass(UNPB based, no bodyslide unless some one makes one)

partial Multi-row breast(up to 4x2) support for milk production and breast capacity, no support for buffs/debuffs/leaking, manually set breast rows in mcm, you can get armor here http://www.loverslab.com/topic/43325-six-breasted-hdt-enabled-body-bodyslide-compatible/ 

added mcm toggles to force milkmaid vampire/ww/succubus status/milks

updated mcm compability page to reflect integration scripts, added Estrus Spider option

changed default notification key to "9"

increased game load scripts check from 10 to 30 seconds, should be enough time for mods to load on a new game start with a lot of mods, set it on 30 sec loop, just in case, so if you see warning few times then something is really wrong

fixed economy message flood

added option for 2015 variant of sgo3 pregnancy detection

yet another fix for sgo3


v 07-03-2016

added check if scripts are working, i've set it to 10 sec after game load which should be plenty of time for mod to load

yet another minor fix for sgo installation, shouldn't really affect anything

re-added vamp/werewolf/succubus milks from economy, for now


v 16-02-2016

fix for sgo option, if sgo not installed

fix milking if maid has no milk


v 13-02-2016

Requires: Cleansave

moved alt milk bottles to main mod, used as replacer for simple race milk

moved milkpumps

added sgo3 plugin, which should be more reliable at gem detection

removed vamp/werewolf/succubus milks from economy

characters now equip milkcuirass during milking if they have it in their inventory

increased prices of semen/cum to 1 gold, get rich!

fix for fnis behaviors

fix for installer options

fix for mcm PainSystem toggle

fix for fnis errors

fix for cuirass not equipping when using milkpump

fix for SexLab_SOS-Stapon

changed get random schlong from drinking futa semen

removed milkpump milking range

removed no milk cuirass option for mod installation

removed CANS

updated installer

most likely fixed very rare mod conflict for some ppl mod not working

changed economy timer to update everyday morning at 9:00 instead every 8h

if no SLA installed, random arousal will be chosen (0-100)

changed vampire/werewolf/EstrusChaurus/EstrusSpider detection








v 28-12-2015

fix for fnis errors

fix for cuirass not equipping

disabled CANS

slightly moved milkpumps


v 25-11-2015

added support for SoS Addon - Pubic Hair for Females

added modified set of animations for machines for when actor is belted, now FNIS must be run

added dialogue options for npcs(added by other mods i.e hydra_slavegirls) containing "Milkmaid" or "Milkslave" or "Cow" in their name to offer milking, (20% chance)

added dialogue to turn Milkslave into Milkmaid(if you have free Milkmaid slots) and reverse

added mcm option to force random npcs with "Milkmaid" or "Milkslave" or "Cow" in their name become milkslave(imported into MME)

SGO3 gem pregnancy detection

removed DDA hardlinks, now using DDI zadLibs


v 02-11-2015

fixed breastfeeding, oops =)


v 01-11-2015

fixed NiO scaling

removed psq shlong

fixed rnd

updated support for Use game controller as Vibrator 2.3+

if actor is not flagged "isslave" or do not belong to milkslaves faction, milk from "cuirass" milking will be added to its inventory


v 18-10-2015

fixed milkslaves nolonger affect progression

fixed milkmaid debug breast values shown wrong

some minor fixes


v 19-09-2015

added mcm sliders for milkmaids individual breast scaling

enabled mcm breast scaling selection (off/NiO/NiE/cans), for me cans doesnt work, so test your self


v 14-09-2015

fixes, fixes everywhere!

added mcm milking gush slider


v 13-09-2015

fixed engorgement debuff when maid level above 25

added mcm toggle to spells to Disable Skooma effect in Lactacid

added Estrus Spider pregnancy detection

updated SDK

re-enabled progression increase for milking with cheat on from 03-09-2015

probably something else i forgot


v 07-09-2015

changed scripts GetBaseObject() to GetLeveledActorBase()

fix for mcm not showing maids if player no maid


v 04-09-2015

fixed milking with SuctionCups

added range limit to feeding msg

fixed maid levelup loop from last version

added msg of milk being added to container after milking


v 03-09-2015

added force feeding mcm option

some mcm fixes, should fix mcm not loading

added give lactacid to milkmaids dialogue

added debug option to count produced milk toward MilkMaid's level progression

added option to disable 500 range limit for milking script running, which mean you can leave your cows milking and go shopping around the town, im not sure about performance hit, go on and test your on self, report if you survive =)


v 29-08-2015

fix for CuirassSellsMilk mcm option

updated some site texts


v 23-08-2015

fix for IsDead() log spamm


v 22-08-2015

added auto-remove of dead actors from maid/slave arrays

finally fixed remove maid option in Debug MM menu, now it works

fixed curve fix in Nioverride

added hook for DD nipple piercings vibration(player only, since thats the way DD function works), should cause milk leak, start or increase lactation of milkmaid

fixed incorrect khajiit leveled lists spawn, was milk instead of lactacid

skooma whore integration(for player only):

added Lactacid now has effects of SW skooma, feel yourself happy little cow

added Lactacid to list of drugs used for drugging player after sex, this requires my Skooma Whore custom drugs patch

added Lactacid to SW leveled lists, it should spawn everywhere SW drugs does


v 21-08-2015

well since its now mainstream, changed Breast scaling to NiO, the conditions are SKSE.GetPluginVersion("NiOverride") >= 3 and NiOverride.GetScriptVersion() >= 2, otherwise script will fall-back to old NetImmerse

changed how milkmaid names handled, small changes to nipple messages

fixed 1st person camera during milkpump milking

fixed papyrus log error spam with new DDi check


v 11-08-2015

found(wasnt really looking for it b4 =)) and removed missing script that caused error:"Cannot open store for class "MilkBottle", missing file"

i think, enabled breastfeeding for SL 1.6

well since there isnt much in this update, why don't we add some milk leak from positive nipple piercing vibrations eh?


v 10-08-2015

fixed milkslave array not being initialized at mod start, you need reset milkslaves from mcm if you havent already

fixed incorrectly displayed milk requirement for maid level in mcm overview

added some basic CANS integration, will be enabled when CANS released

some preparations for breastfeeding for SL 1.6

added random breasfeeding animation selection M-F/F-F if sucking actor is futa

added Devious Devices-Integration soft dependency, this should allow you to milk if wearing DD Bra/Harness with "Milk" word in name or DDi tag

enabled basebreastsize slider in debug menu

added brown panty textures by Saeros

fixed male cuirass meshes/textures by Saeros


v 25-07-2015

okaye, it looks like i've fixed ctd on save, if you've used quickfix from thread, you need to do clean save of Hearthfire and ineed mods, if you want their items added to vendors(BYOHFoodFlour BYOHFoodMilk BYOHFoodButter , SaltPile _SNWaterskin_3), if not then just clean save MME to fix issue

normal vendors(50% chance) should sell normal and simple milks, khajiits caravans(75% chance) should sell lactacid(5x25% chance) and race based milks(25% chance)

made some changes to dialogues, now its starting with "Hey, there!" topic and all options go in it

added debug spells to make target milkmaid/milkslave

various script fixes

fixed exhaustion magnitude, back to 90% :confused:


v 15-07-2015

fixed armor not re-equiping after milking


v 14-07-2015

Requires: Cleansave

moved everything from milkplayer script to MilkPlayerLoadGame

if updating from older versions than v13-07-2015 use MME MilkPlayer ScriptFix.rar to avoid possible problems


v 13-07-2015

Requires: Cleansave

some script cleaning

added support for SexLab-StoriesDevious milker keywords, so if you have those dd armors equiped, it wont stop you from milking

added mcm "milk" logo by Lizard2010

added economy toggle

added RegisterForModEvent("SlaveToggle", "OnSlaveToggle")

added basic dialogues(futa/maid making(requires SOS UNP mod and MaleFutaCum/Lactacid bottle), giving/receiving milking)

added mcm menu for milkslaves

fixed error during sex/masturbation reducing milk to -1 if maid has 0 milk

fixed 1 missing spell

moved scripts: milkplayer, mcm, economy to MilkQuest, 1 quest to rule them all!

disabled pain overmilking debuff, it could have possibly cause ctd if have too many effects, or not, need reports on this

reverted exhaustion debuff to constant effect

changed update cycle to RegisterForSingleUpdate\RegisterForSingleUpdateGameTime

replaced some script object properties with formlists, this reduces properties stored in script, which can, maybe, fix issue with ppl who can't even launch the mod, or not

returned global MME_NPCComments, whoops =)

removed other globalvariables since they are not used

actor can no longer manually milk self if possessed by living armors

mobile milking with cuirass or armor now puts milk/cum to container, can be retrieved at milkpump

after milking is done, if player is too far, milk/gold will be given to actor that was milked

implemented milkslaves but not tested, maybe have errors or not.(technically they should function similar to actors with living armor; they receive 1 lactacid every hour, auto milked when full, all milk/cum goes to their container)


milking equipment ( auto/manual milking options, optional lactacid injection; container for milk to be given to master; type, qty if player leaves enslavement, milk will be given during next milking at milkpump or can be sold)

added storageutil:(can be changed in debug maid)

- total number of milks in "container", since its all mixed, you wont get race milks(unless you are using simple milks)

- lactacid injection(this one is set by master, 1 point per hour)

- milking mode auto(2)/off(1)/manual(0)*default, if actor is slave and mode is not 0, milking by hotkey is disabled, auto milking will happen every hour if actor have at least 1 milk

- if actor is a slave(1), there should be no selection of milking mode, slave frameworks mod authors should set this and above to desired value to disable/enable milking and obviously revert after slavery end, it is also would be nice to add actor to milkslavefaction, in case of player that would prevent milking dialogue


v 17-06-2015 no overmilking debuff

disabled pain overmilking debuff, it could have possibly cause ctd if have too many effects, or not, need reports on this


v 17-06-2015

overhauled of mcm menu script and translations, new one should be a bit easier to manage for myself, if something doesnt work, it might require cleansave and/or removing milkmcm script with savetool

removed mobile milking limit

added support for psq FemaleSchlong

changed semen rnd to restore 10% of max psq energy instead of 50.

moved to condition script:

-GlobalVariable NPCComments

-GlobalVariable MME_BreasfeedingAnimationsCheck

-GlobalVariable MME_DialogueMilking

changed exhaustion debuff effect from constant to real-time 1 day

added milk leak effect if milked by hands

some minor fixes here and there

increased mcm milking/fm max slider value to 5 min

Milkmaid(or player) masturbation now gives cum bottles if no belt, armbinder or yoke is equipped


v 07-06-2015

fixed unmilked debuff effect not showing in active effect if Unmilked_DeBuffs_SpeedStamina is disabled

adjusted forced milking chance, should now happen more often

fixed MaxMobileMilking to milk (almost) all milk

re-added legacy HDT fix option to installer with warnings, everyone should stick with newer xpse bbp rig


v 06-06-2015

fixed overmilk pain debuff now respects mcm debuff option

increased resists of exotic milk to 10%

added toggle for exhaustion duration: sleep / 300 sec

added milk gushing, 1 milk + 10% of total milk per tick

added milk and unmilked debuff configuration, you wont see changes in the spells/potions description though

added formlists filled with milk, cheese and cum bottles forms

added futa support for SOS - Equipable Schlong

made armor management through mcm more or less working, if upgrading from previous version, you should manually erase lists, or do mod reset


v 24-05-2015

*check previous version req

well since there were no solution for mcm armor management, it'll work in spells for now

added support for SOS Female Schlongifier (No Schlong Addon)

increased exhaustion debuffs penalties from 75% to 90%, regen was to fast for my taste xD


v 13-05-2015 test


added simplified milks(only HP/SP/MP regen and rnd/ineed), can be toggled in mcm => milking

added animation stage detection for breastfeeding, for when breastfeeding comes after sexlab foreplay or other anim

added mental exhaustion debuff when drained by parasite armors, damages mana regen

added small milk production increase from milking, if FuckMachine mode disabled, character will continually be milked by milkpump, increasing milk production, sort of alternative to drinking Lactacid

added 3x10 arrays for custom milking armor support provided/set by user, currently only support slot 32, normal/spriggan story only

*added option for (not) becoming milkmaid through lactacid/race milks

*added EC+ slider for range and toggle for crowd control effects during parasite milking event, option to turn off parasite event, milking will happen under normal conditions

changed pain system from damaging HP to stacking over-milking debuff which reduces max HP/SP/MP by ~5 for 5 minutes

some fixes for racial milk effects, effect changes to Vampire/WW/Succubi race milk

moved becoming milkmaid dialogue from "feeding" stage for milking process, will now trigger for lactacid use

reduced exhaustion debuffs penalties from 100% to 75%


v 19-04-2015

fix cum/semen bottles weights (1.0)

fix for milk target through notification key


v 12-04-2015

recovered after ssd crash, everything should work now


v 11-04-2015

added option for player not to become milkmaid if pregnant

added reset mod, reset maids and uninstall spells

added debug spell that will add mod spells in case mcm is not working

fixed onMME_AddMilkMaid event

milkpumps no longer makes actor milkmaid on activate, requires feeding to become milkmaid

changed milking sound to player only mode by default since it seems that its always plays on player character instead of actor being milked

changed default BreastScaleLimit to false, breasts will keep inflating, but some milk will be lost

changed EC+ pregnancy detection, added EC+ scripts to SDK

added for onMME_AddMilkSlave event, while technically its there, MilkSlaves is untested, array is empty, and its probably broken all-around, not sure if/when ill fix that

theoretically added

-Lactacid to khajiit caravans(LItemSkooma75);

-normal milk to inns(LItemFoodInnCommon);

-normal milk to something(LItemFoodRawNoMeat);


v 28-03-2015

added empty location if no dlc(s) found to avoid log error

fix for dlc economies

mcm option to toggle feeding sound

added alternate milk bottle mesh and textures options to installer by Saeros


v 16-03-2015

fix for error caused by hentaipregrancy pregnancy check

added some debug messages to log


v 11-03-2015

fix for cuirass not re-equipping after milking

fix for milk econ array error, i hope


v 10-03-2015

reduced lower sliders borders for BreastIncrPerLvl and BreastIncrPerMilk to 0

fixed? when you try to milk naked with milk pumps

replaced bodyslide preset with new one by nobloch

changed how arousal gained during milking

changed how arousal reduced by orgasm/boobgasm, horny cunts get more fun

added feeding blocking if wearing dd gag and it dont permit oral, which is only ring gag i think

added expressions block with dd and zaz gags, not sure what to do with moans

some minor script fixes


v 07-03-2015

added support for Hermaeus Mora Priestess Armor

replaced arousal exposure with total arousal, oops =)

added dlc plugins check to 1st mod start, oops =)

replaced sdk Children+SoulGems 1.5 scripts with fixed hentaipregancy, oops =)

probably did some thing else but forgot what, oops =)


v 02-03-2015

fix for purple milk leak


v 01-03-2015

added support for Angrim's Apprentice succubus curse

added support for SexLabProcreation

changed orgasm detection logic during sexlab orgasm hook to one in SLA - no orgasms with animations tagged as "Anal", "Vaginal", "Masturbation", "Fisting" with chastity belt or tagged "Breast" with chastity bra

redid softlink checks, theoretically should improve performance

added plugins page to mcm

added 2 missing inns, player homes and dlcs locations to economy script

changed milk leaking effect, leaking is now enabled by default

added 60 seconds duration to milk textures


v 22-02-2015

fixed mcm exhaustion option to display correct text

fixed HentaiPregnancy detection, included fixed scripts for SL 1.35+ in SDK, note to author of HP: F*ck your reference aliases


v 21-02-2015

removed zbf_Wrists block

lowered feeding threshold to ((maidlevel +2) /2)

changed feeding sound, disabled mcm option


*added alternate milk bottle mesh and textures by Saeros

*changed pain system from HP to SP, if SP reaches 0, you get exhausted debuff

*added 4 storageutil formlists for:

-basic milking equipment (manual milking, adds milk bottles after milking)

-advanced milking equipment (container for milk, auto/manual milking, lactacid+ineed+rnd feeding)

-basic living armor (lactacid feeding and auto random milking)

-advanced living armor (lactacid feeding and auto random milking, triggers EC+)


v 20-02-2015

updated script structure, added some descriptions

changed some scripts to pass actor instead of integer

added separate file to download section with ineed,psq,sla,skyui,rnd scripts, for those who wish to compile/translate scripts, remove them after compiling, do not play with them or you are probably screwed!

added partial translation to races(excluding Exotic - custom race), locations(excluding dlc's), market names(excluding khajit, orc, dlc's) for economy/mcm, now should use game names. MarketNames and MilkNames moved from MilkE to MilkQ Function Strings_setup()

some minor script fixes

fixed v3 bodyslide path

fixed mcm debug page times milked overall

fixed mobile milking not giving milk if milked only 1 milk

fixed RND scripts working if rnd is disabled in mcm(drinking spam)

fixed getting succubus milk from followers, if player is psq succubus

added message about gaining engorged debuff

added drink sound effect while being fed lactacid through milkpump mcm - all/player only/disabled

added cheat option to lessen sleep requirement for exhaustion debuff

added "Tentacle Parasite" armor

added Economy Messages toggle

added 14 more buffs and debuffs levels, you'll probably never see them unless you have "Level based Breast scale and milk limit" disabled

added passive spells for milking stages: feeding, milking, fucking


v 14-02-2015

and so i started game with iNeed and to my surprise - no satiation! Skyrim is cruel place and we will fix that:

added iNeed v1.40 support

added special cheese wheel recipe to cooking pot (requires 10 normal milks of the same type). Counted as x8 special cheese wedges - A Light Snack in RND/iNeed

added special Sweetrolls, requires 3 wheat + special milking ingredient, i bet your spouse will be happy =)


v 13-02-2015

added option to disable milk leak textures, yes Big Brother is watching you russian perverts xD

added another bodyslide sliders by Saeros

added lactacid decay rate to mcm, instead of reducing lactacid by 1 every hour(tick) its now reduced by boobgasm. if lactacid decay rate is set to 0, lactacid will reduce by milkgen value

reduced lactacid gain from milk and lactacid bottles to 1


v 08-02-2015

fixed well milked buffs 3 and 5

added translation for mcm, some lines left as is, since i haven't figured out how to change them w/o errors and CTDs


v 07-02-2015

test version, without SL Arousal requirement, since mod was designed and intended to be played with arousal, if you don't have it, you'll miss out a lot of content but its your choice


v 06-02-2015

fix for adding 2 empty bottles instead of 1 if using RND

added preg check for SGO

renamed Semen Potion to Male semen bottle, added Female cum bottle and added Futa equivalents with some heavy consequences

updated futa/sos script for latest sos, should work with older versions too

milking now undresses actor (body slot 32)

updated checks for latest DDa/i/e

armbinder, yoke and wrist cuffs blocks milkpump/self milking but not living armors/external mods milking

blocks milking:

-zbfWornWrist 8FB9

-zad_DeviousBra 3DFA

-zad_DeviousArmbinder CA3A

-zad_DeviousYoke 2C531

increases pain

-zad_DeviousPiercingsNipple CA39


 v 02-02-2015

added mcm toggle to particle milk leak effect, leak effect now always installed

added - player now automatically becomes milkmaid if pregnant

fix? equipping armor while having milk leak stops it

merged mcm milking naked with milk with suction cups/cuirass option

merged notification key options

changed notification key functions to:

-return control to player if holding for 2 sec or with either shift

-abort milking player if holding 2 sec or with both shifts

added globalvariables, maybe will be used for dialogue milking

-MME_DialogueMilking 0/1 = off/on

-MME_BreasfeedingAnimationsCheck, checks SexLab for "3J Straight Breastfeeding" and "3J Lesbian Breastfeeding" animations, returns 1 if exist


v 24-01-2015

added name to milkmaid faction, should show up in console

added MME_AddMilkMaid mod event to allow adding milkmaid by other mods


v 21-01-2015

fixed milkpump lactacid feeding stage

added milkcuirass milk sell cheat

added options to turn off/on SP/MP drain during milking


v 20-01-2015

fixed and changed to strong milkpotion effect to Breastfeeding


v 19-01-2015

changed forced milking trigger, now it does start in combat but no animation is played, enjoy being milked while your fighting for you life

milking now drains magicka and stamina 10% per tick, enjoy

changed milkpump lactacid feeding stage, now instead flat +6 its MaidLevel+2

Notification button during milking: short press - return control to player, long press - interrupt milking, latter is technically a cheat, shame on those who use it

fix for missing bell meshes

added weak milkpotion effect to Breastfeeding


v 16-01-2015

added ability to resist VL/WW transformation

added futa check to mcm maid debug

added particle milk effect during boobgasm

added breast curve fix, should in theory fix torpedo boobs, can be turned on/off in mcm

changed the way expressions and moans played during milking/fm

added support for tentacle armor, everyone loves tentacles, right? You, little horny-cow-slut, don't even dare to use it!


v 12-01-2015

fix for maids progressing faster than they should

restored accidentally deleted weight check, though weight is still broken

increased steps for breast scaling in mcm


v 11-01-2015

fix for mobile milking toggle in mcm

add SexLab SoulGem Pregnancy check

add PSQ SoulGem Pregnancy check

added MilkMaidFaction, which can be used to check if actor is milkmaid, req maid reset

added few npc comments when maid have milk leaking with full breasts, off by default

removed "your" from player, requires player maid reset to take effect

moved "Fixed milk production" and "Milk leaking through clothes" to debug section


v 03-01-2015

corrected milk gen formula to use v01-01-2015 changes

added pregnancy checks for beeingfemale 1.14(might work on 2.0+), chaurusestus, (maybe hentai pregnancy), if milkmaid milk generation is/drops to 0, to start it again you need to feed lactacid or make milkmaid pregnant

some fixes for males


v 02-01-2015

added fe/male/futa check, futa = scholgified female, game gender =/= sexlab gender

if milkmaid is male/futa you'll get semen potion during fuckmachine orgasm and gold reduced by 2 gold

changed Milk to slightly satisfy hunger

added Semen potion its worth nothing, has only thirst/hunger rnd effects, if succubus = decrease hunger greatly, if psq = raises energy

removed dawnguard dependency

readded milkpumps to riften


v 01-01-2015

added support for xbox vibrator during milkpump use, can be enabled in mcm -> milking, it is said to work, but due to the lack of appropriate assets it wasn't tested by me

added race checks for vampire/werewolf/werebeast/succubus, used in milks

reduced natural milkgeneration w/o lactacid by 10

changed how breast increase handled, now breast increase after every milking instead of level

added 0 to maximum breast size slider, which disables limit function

slightly changed becoming Milkmaid through Lactacid or Milk

added breast scaling for HDT werewolves and vampire lord, should scale their breasts 10 seconds after drinking transformation milk

since i've failed to make aoe succubus arousal increase effect, i made it script based

slightly changed how milk trade handled, merged trade message-boxes, changed keep/sell message-boxes to notifications

cleaned esp, lets hope nothing broken =)

renamed milk helmet and necklace to cow horns and cow bell

removed armor keyword from milk cuirass, should, probably, allow to milking with DD collars

disabled camera shake, during free view camera since it wasn't working anyway







 v 21-12-2014

some script tweaks

added 10 levels of well-milked buff (+2 weight per milkmaid level)

added support for succubus race, probably the one made by Nikitaa

added cow horns and bell to crafting

removed bell and panties from milkcuirass for all bodies

added new bodyslide set with smoothed edges and w/o panties/bell

added male version milk cuirass from "Revealing Milk Armor - FavoredSoul" which is useless but w/e

changed WW/VL milk to force transform player if its already WW/V, if not then check mcm toggle

v 17-12-2014

fix for 1st time milkpump messages

added mcm toggle for mobile milking, you get either 5 milks or (level+2)*2

added toggle for enhanced vampire/werewolf/succubus milk effects - they are off by default, since im not sure its safe, you probably shouldn't use them on main save, can be turned on in mcm -> debug spells

added W/VL transformation to werewolf/vampire milks, arousal increase for succubus milk

added succubus milk effects: + magika absorption + destruction + illusion + alternation + conjuration + speech + pickpocket


v 13-12-2014

made RND script for milk and lactacid, removed rnd esp

removed HDT for MilkPump fomm option, use XPMS 2.14+ skeleton

added checks to prevent milking with hotkey or armor(spriggan etc) during combat

added checks for zaz ani pack, sexlab, papyrus versions

added milks: PSQ(as is), Werewolf(HPregen, SPregen, Night Eye), Vampire(HPregen, MPregen, Night Eye)


v 07-12-2014

Leather strips price fix


v 06-12-2014

some script changes here and there

added 2 spriggan stories by chajapa

added 4 living armor stories by chajapa

moved one time stories for milkpump to random list

probably added breast scaling in 1st person

probably improved milking script speed slightly

reduced range checker for npc to become milkmaids, to 250 range from pc

made milkpumps working for non milkmaids (feeding + (milking+fm)), obviously you will gain nothing but the joy for your eyes


v 04-12-2014

fix for stuck animation


v 02-12-2014

some minor script fixes which i dont remember

fix for level up messages

increased max value slider for breast scale to 36

changed bound milkpump script, you can come but you cant leave ... until its done with you =)

changed pumptype to milking type in milking script, bound milkpumps disable player control

added um..... range checker for npc to become milkmaids, must be close to player ~500 range


v 31-11-2014

some script fixes


v 30-11-2014

added hook for sexlab orgasm, adds milk leaking effect to milkmaids during sexlab orgasm and reduces milk by 1, can be turned on/off in mcm

added hook for non(?)-sexlab animations, "3J Straight Breastfeeding" and "3J Lesbian Breastfeeding triggers milking script, can be turned on/off in mcm


v 27-11-2014

REQUIRE: mcm=> set milk generation OR reset variables

changed some description in mcm

fixes for milkcycle

added lactacid amount to notification

since i wasn't able to make up my mind with how much milk generation should increase, i've made mcm option, go and choose your self


v 26-11-2014

fixed painhurts option

fixed double lactation decrease

fixed lactacid not increasing if not exhausted


v 25-11-2014

REQUIRE: Reset mod => (optional)Clean save => upgrade mod => Reset mod(if no clean save)

Unmilked debuff no longer reduces max hp (oops!)

Unmilked debuff reduces max Stamina (phew!)

Some script fixes, which i forgot

fix for no milk generation if breast node was 0

added recipe for milk cuirass crafting @ forge => misc

added toggle to mcm to gradually increase maids weight to 100 if its less than 100, big cow == healthy cow, is it not?(weight affects milk [natural, w/o lactacid] generation)

Progression and Maid values moved to StorageUtil, reworked all scripts, time to hunt bugs =)

added toggle for fixed milk production for all

added toggle for fixed milk production for followers

finally changed milking generation script for the following:

-you no longer start producing milk by your self, in order to produce milk you need be fed Lactacid, otherwise your milk production will start to drop

-Lactacid, required to become milkmaid and producing milk, forces milk production to 33% of breast size per hour

-"Living" armors will feed you lactacid, wearing one for a long time can yield some very milky results


v 16-11-2014

mobile milking w/o equipment counts toward progression


v 15-11-2014

some script fixes

added 4 new stories by MadMaxxx for Hermaeus Mora


 v 11-11-2014

added option to milk with ZaZ MoM Suction Cups, yes i know they don't quite fit

fixed naked mobile milking not playing animations

fixed 0 maid slots at level 0

replaced cheat milk option with modify milk production slider


v 10-11-2014

REQUIRE: mcm -> milkmod -> Reset mod

some script corrections

corrected and turned back on level up messages for milkmaids

reserved 1 maid slot for player

some changes to mcm menu

changed pain system to only 2 states on/off

moved (spriggan) exhaustion debuff from pain system to milking De(Buffs)

added option to allow milking naked in milkpump

added option for milkpump feeding disabling

added sliders to set feeding/milking/fm duration

add ability to remove maids


v 05.5-11-2014

added maid debug menu


v 05-11-2014

some minor script fixes

fix for selling window

changed message for selling normal milk

added slightly different message for selling enhanced milk

changed message after transaction


v 04-11-2014

some script corrections

added options to ZAP(remove) Cow bell and Panties in Bodyslide

srlsy this time for sure

yet again fixed multiple activations of milkpump

yet again fixed animations getting stuck in milkpump


v 03-11-2014

replaced former "animations" in mcm with fucking machine mode toggle

changed exhaustion debuff, now it can only be removed by sleeping 6+ hours, on the bright side it no longer blocks milking

added Lactacid effect to racial milks, upon use gives 2 Lactacid points, removes exhaustion debuff(might change that), makes you milkmaid if you are not

added new story of becoming milkmaid through race-milk/Lactacid potion, yes i know its hard to get

probably fixed animations getting stuck in milkpump

added 2 more animations for "mobile" milking, now 3 total, selected randomly


v 02-11-2014

some script corrections

after milking is done, pain is reduced to 100% if it was above 100%

fucking machine now works even if you have exhaustion

Exhaustion debuff now removed a bit sooner


v 01-11-2014

changed story of becoming milkmaid to more lore friendly

changed "infected with spriggan" passive into "Host for Living armor" passive

some minor script corrections and cleaning

yet again fixed? multiple activations of milkpump ( when you spam it with "E" key and get spammed with menus)

added another milkpump to esp, it is used to play bound animations, while current milkpump is used for non bound animations, milkpumps in orc hold are replaced with bound version

added patch that will make all dwarven machines from ZaZ animation pack work as milkpumps, this might conflict with other mods that run scripts on dwarven machines

add feeding stage to milk pump (you are force fed Lactacid ~30 sec, if you don't have it)

removed animation selection from mcm, animation are now depend on used pump, either normal or bound

changed bound animations, now they are actually animate breasts

changed the way animation plays with milkpump, if you have less than 75 arousal you get normal animation, if more than 75 - animation speeds up, so does arousal gain

milkpump now works as fuck machine, if you don't have milk or milking is blocked, you will be fucked and might even have orgasm which will slightly(5%) reduce pain (currently doesn't count towards sexlab orgasms, might change that later)

considering above, only armbinder totally blocks usage of milkpump(since it interrupts animations and sitting state of actor), everything else switches milkpump into fuck machine mode


 v 25-10-2014

reduced hp/mp/sp regeneration from basic milk potions -> 2,3,4,5 for 10 sec

Added Hearthfire patch to craft "Jug of Milk" at cooking pot from basic milk you get from milking

remade rnd esp into patch

if you don't have space in load order, merge esp's with Tes5edit or Wyre Bash


  v 22-10-2014

REQUIRE: mcm -> milkmod -> Reset Variables

OR mcm -> milkmod -> Milk leaking through clothes

Economy notifications can now be turned off like other notifications

wearing armor(slot 32) with "Milk" in name, no longer force equips Milk Cuirass during milk-pump milking

added keyword check for DD armbinder/bra/harness to block milking

added toggle for milk streams/particles when wearing clothes


  v 19-10-2014

REQUIRE: mcm -> milkmod -> Reset mod

added maids individual levels, 10 lvl cap, can be toggled in mcm

old milkmaid level is now mastery level that allows you to have more maids ... something like that

considering above, progression level up stories that were used if player wasn't a milkmaid, have been disabled, they need rewrite

added lactacid variable for maids, currently not used

milk prices increased slightly for normal milk and a lot for race milks

added small hp/mp/sp regeneration to all potions

milk potion durations are: 10(normal milk) and 15,30,45,60 seconds for race milks

changed skill effects of milk potions to the ones in wiki http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Races + added Power effects

no powers for:

- Imperials, Skyrim belongs to the Nords babe!

- Khajiits, no one likes your kind here, move along!

- Nords, you have beards, what else do you need?

- Bosmers, go hug your trees!

- Custom races, +5 all resists + hp/mp/sp regen


  v 15-10-2014

milking gives normal milk, normal milk quality scales with amount of milk milked per attempt of full capacity(dilute-25%, weak-50%, regular-75% tasty-100%)

boobgasm gives race milk, race milk quality scales with milklevel

in case anyone wonders, normal milk sold through milkpump, gets race of character it was milked from to satisfy market demand


  v 12-10-2014

slightly changed Mod manager options layout

you can now milk without proper equipment, but you wont get anything and it wont count towards progression

added options to mcm debug that allow to add/remove spells, should you choose not to use hotkey

added support for armors, they are considered spriggan, but don't block milkpump usage

add http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1244-hermaeus-moras-caress/

add http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1253-aradia-living-armor-jellyfish-edition-v11-7292014/

fixed milking getting stuck, unfixed multiple activations of milkpump xD


  v 10-10-2014

added boobgasm, reduces pain by 20%


  v 09-10-2014

REQUIRE: mcm -> milkmod -> Reset Variables

reduced cuirass/spriggan milking to 5 bottles per try

added leaking effect when breasts are full and after milking(DOES NOT SUPPORT HDT AND BREAST SCALING)

removed milk self/target spells, long live hotkey! (Reset Mod to remove spells if you want)

changed after milking animation, old one could make you stuck in milkpump for few seconds

added option to mcm toggle BreastNode increase to 1 if its less than one, if off - will diversify milkmaid breast sizes (just a reminder BreastNode affect milk producing)

added option to mcm allows to continue milking when going over pain threshold but this reduces health. Yes, being milked is dangerous, don't try at home kids!

added cheat to mcm/debug to increase amount of gold you are getting from selling milk through economy

fixed? multiple activations of milkpump ( when you spamm it with "E" key and get spammed with menus)


  v 04-10-2014

REQUIRE: mcm -> milkmod -> Reset Variables

added Multi-purpose Hotkey

fix for Economy formula when player have more than 100 speechcraft and get negative milking prices


  v 01-10-2014

REQUIRE: mcm -> milkmod -> Reset Variables

added support for "Spriggan Host"

debuffs are now toggled instantly from mcm

put a 5 sec delay for breast updating on game load / change location, should help with mod conflicts

changed how milk/pain values displayed, humans among us should be happy

pain now reduces when painsystem disabled

changed engorged breasts debuff effects (OneHanded,TwoHanded,Marksman,Sneak,Pickpocket,CarryWeight,Speed, MP/SP Regen ~4 per debuff lvl), i had no time to fully test debuffs, so feel free to post you bugs


  v 27-09-2014

added expressions during milking

added moans during milking


  v 24-09-2014

REQUIRE: mcm -> milkmod -> Reset mod

corrected pain formula to reflect latest changes, decreased arousal pain reduction during milking

corrected scripts arrays handling, shouldn't spam logs with array errors any-more


  v 23-09-2014

doubled pain gain from cuirass/spriggan

increased milking speed (should take ~2 sec/milk, heavy script load may increase this)

added 15 bottles limit to cuirass/spriggan per milking(with above, this should lower milking duration to ~30 seconds per try + ~10 seconds pre/after milking)

increased above max milking sound-effect volume in script (not sure if its increased above max)

removed 3 milkpump normal animations w/o breast animation (now its 2 normal with breast animation + 2 bdsm w/o breast animation)

added support for PSQ Milker for self/target milking


v 22-09-2014

REQUIRE: mcm -> milkmod -> Uninstall

since there was no major bug reports, merged Experimental version with Normal

corrected milk generation formula (you will get less milk)

added slider in mcm for breast growth celling (sizes 1-9)

replaced HDT option in FOMOD with experimental HDT support for milkpump breast animation (for those, who are using HDT, requires XPMSE 2.06 skeleton)

finally fixed that "Your" message

added support for nipple piercings(slot 55) (increases pain gain during milking x2)

added support for nipple plug piercings(slot 55) (blocks milking, lactation effects and some messages, ignores breast scale limit), no this mod does not offer nipple plugs go find elsewhere


v 21-09-2014

fix milking getting stuck in endless loop

made economy easier (mcm: reset mod variables, change difficulty )

added option in mcm to disable debuffs

added option in mcm to enable bdsm animations(2) during milking


EXPERIMENTAL ONLY: to get 20 milk maids use at you own risk

in mcm uninstall, set milklevel to 40


v 20-09-2014

refreshed esps, should reduce amount of errors in logs

enabled milking(whoops)


v 19-09-2014

fix for lvl 9-10 not adding milkmaids

fix for cheat option inflating boobs

probably fixed double spamm of milking pump

some other minor changes


v 18-09-2014

added some descriptions to mcm's options

fixed mod half-start during mod initialisation

added cheat milk production to mcm - increases you milk production by 1 so you produce at least 1 milk every tick

some other minor fixes


v 15-09-2014

fix for freeze on reset

removed debug pain message


v 14-09-2014


moved global variables to scripts, removed them from esp

made "logical" variables logical

made milk and pain variables floating

added option in mcm to reset variables

added option in mcm to disable breast scaling

added option in mcm to disable breast scaling limit



reduced markets saturation (0-100), since i've reduced milk price 2 month ago, tax part of economy was rarely kick in

difficulty in mcm now affects economy

Milklevel now gives bonus to milk price

"mobile" milking now gives milk potions(doesn't count toward economy) and reduces gold by milk*2(think about this as bottle prices)

halfed milking upkeep costs



some changes spriggan milking, should randomly milk followers too

changed animation when "sitting" on pump to appropriate

milking/full breasts increase arousal

arousal and Milklevel decreases pain gain during milking and increases pain reduction when milk ticks

milk production is affected by arousal, milkmaid level, base breast size, BoobPerLvl slider in mcm

base breasts(not weight) increase from whatever you had to 1

it now takes ~3 hours(without modifiers) to produce 1 milk bottle, which should resemble real life milk production


v 06-09-2014

added to mcm debug milkmaid reset(wipe), and uninstall - removes all effects from actors and resets maids and some mod values (well at least it should =))

added spell to milk followers (they must have milking cuirass equipped)


v 05-09-2014

replaced pump with low version, yes i know its clipping, fix yourself xD

added animations for pump


v 03-09-2014

fix for spriggan debuff

upgraded stories from thrones to strange devices

finally? fix for milking pump


v 02-09-2014

added "milking" animations when milking with spriggan/milkcuirass equiped

replaced Thrones with Dwarven Milking Machine(no anim)


v 01-09-2014

added lactation effects

added dependencies for sexlab, sexlab aroused, zaz animation pack (currently they all do nothing)

slight changes to mcm

merged milking scripts

some cleaning


v 30-08-2014

fixed BoobBase size

fixed spriggan in nornd esp


v 29-08-2014

changed default values of mod to start with new milk polling system (ticks every skyrim hour, can be adjusted in debug mcm), old system still can be enabled in mcm debug menu

poll slider in mcm->settings now works in hours for new system, old moved to mcm->debug in seconds

since we got some decent stories, they are now enabled by default, can be turned off in mcm

disabled tutorial in mcm, its useless

Notifications about breasts stats can now be disabled in mcm with appropriate option (was useless b4)

reduced delay after sleep/wait to 5 seconds

player now have no control of spriggan nursing, when you equip spriggan armor you get debuf(doesn't do anything) and nursing is randomly cast, chance of cast is reduced with lvl and increased with Maid's milk fullness

BoobBase size is now set by MilkMaid initial value(weight slider) when Actor(follower/player) becomes MilkMaid


v 26-08-2014

replaced "%username% becomes Milk Maid" with short story when %username% sits on throne

added skyrim time based system for milk polling, it should eventually replace old system ... or not, enable in debug menu by setting milkpoll value 1-24

made 15 seconds delay which should reduce script load after sleep/wait by allowing other scripts to fight, though im not sure if it really helps but its better safe than sorry/CTD, right?

added "Custom" body option to Fomod, you can save your body(bodyslide config) and add it there

yet another major script cleaning and moving ... boring stuff you don't care about


v 25-08-2014

some fixes for stories

added ability to disable pain system


v 24-08-2014

replaced stories with one edited by Sleepy_Soul

slight changes to mcm


v 23-08-2014

added power to show maid stats

added power to enable/disable mod

(need to disable/enable mod in mcm to get spells)

added debug menu to mcm

slight change for "sit" on throne action

added new story when player becomes milk maid

added check for nursing/milking spell to check if target female

added check/modified lvlup messages if player is female and/or milkmaid


v 20-08-2014

fix for followers


v 19-08-2014

new pain system enabled

fix infinite breast bug

disabled useless annoying tutorial when you become maid, if you want stories, you can enable them in mcm


v 18-08-2014

added sliders for Bodyslide


v 17-08-2014

major script cleaning

more changes to pain reduction

MilkExhaustion now removed when nipples become "normal"/ready

changed MCM menu sliders minimum values to 0.01 and doubled maximum values (now you can have even bigger titties, they can look weird but who cares, right?)

added to MCM menu: maximum breast capacity to milkmaids, its level-based thus the same for all maids

added to MCM menu: current pain of milkmaids

fix for milk throne fires up 2 times after v 14-08-2014 (ive told ya use at your own risk :classic_tongue:)


v 15-08-2014

teh fix for wrong stuff in v 14-08-2014 (ive told ya use at your own risk :classic_tongue:)

more changes to pain reduction (MilkExhaustion should be removed after nipples go from irritated to sensitive )


v 14-08-2014

added sandboxes to milk throne

removed requirement for npc to be follower/hireling to become milkmaid(support for custom followers?)

changed how pain reduced


v 10-08-2014

fix for starting milking @ lvl 0


v 09-08-2014

added UNPB cuirass model

added milking power for mobile milking when Milking cuirass, Cow Harness or Dwemer milking device equipped

fix for "milk is leaking out of the swollen nipples" message

some other script fixes


v 03-08-2014

changed staring level to 0 (shows incorrectly 0 maid slots)

added unmilked debuffs 6-10lvl

some script changes to the way messages displayed


v 30-07-2014

changed the way Spriggan Armor, Chastity Bra's, Cow Harness and Dwemer milking device detected


v 29-07-2014

moved messages from esp to scripts

fixed messages not displaying after reaching max stage

if you cant get past lvl 5, open console and type: set MilkLvlCap to 10


v 27-07-2014

can become milkmaid by equipping spriggan armor

fixed some scripts errors

changed MilkLvlCap to 10 in esp's

changed messages displayed during milk cycle when getting to max milk amount

maybe something else i forgot


v 24-07-2014

added 10 stages


v 23-07-2014

added FOMOD

added RND


v 22-07-2014

small bugfix


v 20-07-2014

base: Milk Mod Economy 2013-05-01 (it had sources)

-replaced cuirass with cbbe model

-reduced milk prices and removed their instant heals

-messed with scripts (hope nothing broke)

--cleaned scripts up a bit

--added spriggan nursing (should work with SD, Sacrificial Spriggan or just spriggan armor)

--DD bra's + ^^^ + cow harness from sl stories now block milking






Below is an Excel file with formulas, that calculates approximate milk/pain gain/reduction, it is slightly outdated, but you'll get the idea


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get ready to changed spam, there is a lot of text to be add , if i dont fall asleep

anyone wants to write discription?

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I used this mod sometime ago.  Glad to see someone carries this mod by himself.


Questions, is it possible for you to script/compile the mod?


and why does this suddenly require sexlab aroused?  I had some issue with player registry with sexlab aroused so i am kind of hesitated to try it out again.

yes it is,


because i want so, and it works so far

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Good idea ! Didn't use it myself, 'cause I didn't know it !


Keep up the good work ! And please share some pictures of your working mod !

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Oh, huh. I saw somebody post about the milk economy being an obsolete mod, and yet here this is, a new posted-just-today redux of it.

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Can you put the working versions of :


Sexlab Framework
Sexlab Aroused
ZaZ Animation Pack


for this Milk Mod Economy


in the mod description please ?


I'd like to know if I can use it on an old save in my MO load order or if I need to do a brand new load order to test it.

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Can you put the working versions of :


Sexlab Framework

Sexlab Aroused

ZaZ Animation Pack


for this Milk Mod Economy


in the mod description please ?


I'd like to know if I can use it on an old save in my MO load order or if I need to do a brand new load order to test it.

latest recommended

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Thank you for condensing everything down to one download and updating it, loved the idea but trying to figure out what was needed and what worked was such a challenge that i stopped paying attention to it. Glad to see it cleaned up to make it easier to keep track of

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Nice on making the download page.Now we can all keep track on the updates and stuff and use the other thread for discusion and sudgestions.Some preview pics/videos of the effects, animations, mcm menu configuration would be greatly appreciated.Anyway this download thread is one of the things this mod needed!Thanks!

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From a user:

When you install the mod, there are choices for CBBE, UNPB, Manga, and Custom. This helps you get the right Milking Cuirass for your body. With the choice of "Custom" you may have a little work to do putting meshes in the correct location, etc. 


I am using this with a CBBE HDT body from CBBE 3.3 and the new BodySlide 2.1a, HDT 14.28 and XPMSE 2.06 skeleton. But since I use MO I also have profiles with UNPB, UN7B, CHSBC, 7BO, UNPBO and probably a few others. Obviously you need a body that supports breast growth, but all of the ones I've listed I know work for sure.


If you use HDT, the milk machines are not yet animating the breasts, but there have been some developments on that very recently and I think it's very close. If you do NOT use HDT, you're in for a real treat! :) (Use the XPMSE 1.93LE skeleton WITHOUT HDT if you're just using BBP/TBBP animations)


I am currently using this with Fill Her Up and Soul gem Oven. In Soul Gem Oven I have unchecked the breast and belly node updating while I play with Milk Maids. When all Milk Maids are milked to empty, I can turn off milk production and enable Soul Gem Oven's control of breast and belly nodes. If I want to play with the Milk Maids again, I give birth to soul gems, milk to empty using Soul Gem's milking spells, DISABLE the breast and belly node updating in SGO and then enable milk production again in Milk Mod. 



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Thank you for posting. Now, since i installed the mod and it doesnt crash any more: what do i have to do next? Is there a place, where i can keep my cows or do i have to use the console to get a spell? I am a little bit lost :D.

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Ed86 has been a modding madman on this thing. It was quite impressive watching him step-by-step create what is now this very solid and fun mod.

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I CTD shortly after becoming a maid on the hour, of the 3rd update.

Last reported error in my log is....


Error: array index 22 is out of range (0-21)

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Trying the mod and went my PC use the milker the camera freeze can't move t get a better look how long does it take for her to get milked ?

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I like this idea! I know it's super early, but was wondering if there was a possibility to implement a way to have the Dragonborn tricked into becoming a "cow" for someone else or something to that affect?

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The pumps doesn't show up for me. Is it only me that have this problem?






do you have zaz animation pack installed? correct version?

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The pumps doesn't show up for me. Is it only me that have this problem?






do you have zaz animation pack installed? correct version?


Damn that mod update often, it wasn't that long ago I had it installed.

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Fun mod, but I feel like I am missing large parts of it. I am reading though the previous thread now hoping for a tutorial or quickstart guide or something.


Does the milking end by itself or do I have to interrupt it? I have waited a while, but always get bored and interrupt.


Statistics: Maids you had in possession,  What does that count? is there a way to get rid of a maid?


Story and Notifications, what does the notifications check box cover and what does story check box cover?

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