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  1. Yes, unfortunately, the terms do overlap in places. I'll look at this within a few days and see if I can clarify what each one is, but I just got back from a vacation and have lots to catch up on. I do have an updated version I've been working on that allows you to have more than one pet, and also to take them OUT of being a pet and just make them a regular milk maid again. It will be a few days before I can get back to this.
  2. The morphs are coded into scripts. Right now the only way for you to change them is to edit the scripts and recompile. You CAN make adjustments using Inflation Framework. You would want to adjust using morph modus and using Sexlab Inflation Framework as the mod to adjust. You would have to adjust each NPC individually. I have not created an MCM for any of my mods, and at this point I probably won't be doing that.
  3. Correct. Finding the Truth shouldn't even start if Ion is not installed. There's a check to see if Ion's mod is installed so I'm not sure why you'd get the quest if she's not there. I just got back from a vacation and will look at this within the next few days.
  4. OK. Just got back from a vacation. I'll have a look in the next couple of days. Thanks!
  5. The latest version you should be able to minimize interruptions just by talking to Elsie, but I can't honestly remember if I tied that to the pet as well. The pet interruptions *might* be tied to the NPC comments chance in MME itself so you could try turning that down to a very low percentage as well. And yeah, it sounds to me like you have a bunch of issues unrelated to this mod. Getting things set up right on a new computer is a pain in the ass.
  6. Give me the exact dialogue and I can go in and check exactly which scene is being triggered incorrectly. There are LOTS of them and I really don't feel like pouring through all of the conditions for the scene triggers and the aliases and the scenes themselves.
  7. I would think if this was an issue it would have been reported by several other people. You make no mention of whether or not you're using my mods or the SSE ports made by others. Therefore, I have no recommendations.
  8. Yes, I use Nether's Follower Framework. Without a multiple follower framework she's not going to follow.
  9. I believe it will be "startquest TMM_TheHealer" (without the quotes)
  10. The SE port was not done by me. I don't have SE and can't support it. What you're describing doesn't sound like it's coming from Milky Life though.
  11. I'll have a look, but I've never seen it just not start. Have you tried starting it from console just to kick things off?
  12. JUGs is very old. I've learned a lot since creating it. I haven't run it in years. The Milk Maid was written (perhaps a bit too quickly) for female PC. A Milky Life is written more for the male PC. Strange things may happen and dialogue/animations may not be appropriate but I don't THINK there would be actual conflicts.
  13. Milking SGO3 milks can happen, but it's not "built in" to MME. I actually got it working way back when I first wrote JUGs (no longer working on that one... it's old). You have to set up a soft dependency for SGO3 and then script it as a controller and then perform all kinds of scripting contortionist voo-doo to get it working. I had a lot of help back then. SGO3 seems no longer under active development so I abandoned it and started using Hentai Pregnancy LE. Since Ed86 wrote both Hentai Pregnancy AND MME, they work well together. And MME will deplete Hentai Pregnancy milks during mil
  14. Well if the quest doesn't start then Danica won't have the dialogue. Does that first dialogue finish? The "excuse me" and looking for a healer? Once they tell you that Danica is one of the best, the quest should start.
  15. A good mod, but I'm interested in the question about compatibility with Amorous Adventures. will there be any problems? Since both mods affect the same NPCs Danica Pure-Spring, Ingun Black-Briar and Maven

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