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Do you love milk, supply milk of course?


This mod is a experiment that try to provide soft cow transformation, requires Milk Mod Economy.
Work's in background and follow milk activities (sex and milk machines) and from time to time turn's you slowly to real HuCow.


1.5 WIP WIP WIP - I uploaded finaly this version becouse it works good for me, but please: keep in mind - it's still mod in develop stage!

Features and content:

Body changes:

  • Horns
  • Ears
  • Hooves (hands and feet)
  • Tail,
  • Udders
  • Body weight change, limb'ss deformation - as cow you will be very fat.
  • Fur (slaveTat)
  • +
  • Nose ring
  • Collar with bell
  • Some upgrades (Still in progress)


Random attributes

  • Naked ass - (special version of fur with opened ass/naked ass)
  • Cellulite  - no more skiny look you stupid, fat cow
  • Dirty cow - textures from Heretical Resources
  • Wet cow - small drops
  • Horny cow  - squirt's + arousal boost
  • Imaginary pregnancy  - extra belly size
  • Fat cow I - + 10pt to body weight (max 90%)
  • Fat cow II - + 10pt to body weight (max 100%)
  • Slim cow I - -15pt to body weight (max 65%)
  • Slim cow II - -15pt to body weight (max 50%)
  • Curvy cow - allow to inflate belly and butt
  • Cow face (nose) - wide nose presset
  • Cow face (mouth) - full lips presset
  • Cow face (eyes) - Elf/Orc eyes presset
  • Big udders
  • Breast's veins I
  • Breast's veins II
  • Slim arms
  • Cow face (overlay)
  • Untamed milk effect


Additional effect's

  • Mooo when you are unmilked
  • Mooo when you talki with NPC's
  • Mooo durning combat when somebody hurt you
  • Facial expressions


  • Stories
  • Scenes
  • Book's
  • Places
  • NPC's



How it work's

Your transformation tempo starts after first milking (you need lactate first). You get small horn's. Then next stages will be related with your milking activity. Mod work's only with Milk Mod Economy. So You need only enjoy MME and all another happend automaticly.


Main Quest's:

  • Hammerheart - Add blacksmith, who can craft some extra items for you. Some dialogues will run also another quest's. (+ a few future plans)
  • Who I Am - Line quest about background of cow transformation - you can find some informations about reason of your transformation and try to find a cure. When you finish this quest you can start next: Unowned cow. Some exploration, talking.
  • Unowned - Quest focused on slavery. You afraid that some bad guys can try to capture you and sell in other land as milk toy. I'm not going to write more, you know. [ s p o i l e r s ]

    If you want to wear ring in nose and bell etc... You need finish first Who I Am  quest and start Unowned.

    If you do NOT want wear all additional stuf just dont start unowned quest.

  • Cow's tears - [only if captured] Paul decided that the best way to release yourself from hunters terror is find in Riften group that can create fake Act of ownership.
  • After storm [only if not captured] You will help Paul to legalize his ownership.

Additional quest

  • Hunter gona Hunt (period) - bad guys will try to capture you - you can fight  with them or surrende. If you will fight in city, guards will help you. If you will be defeat you will be captured. If you win - you will buy a time to ...  Quest is silent, you never know wher hunters are, keep eyes around your head. [ s p o i l e r s ]
  • Enslaved cow - You are surrunded or you lose fight with hunters, you wake up in another location and all what you can is try to escape.  [ s p o i l e r s ]
  • Enslaved cow - Enslaved cow - You are surrunded or you lose fight with hunters, you wake up in another location and all what you can is try to escape.  [ s p o i l e r s ]




  • Paul the Blacksmith - Init location: in Riverwood - to start you need first begin transformation. He will noticed your horns. Essential
  • Hunters - very bad guys from Hammerfell.


  • Book with short story - legend related with cow transformation (Who I Am)
  • Diary (Who I Am quest)
  • Map (Who I Am quest)


  • Nose ring - 3 sizes (Unowned quest)

Collar with bell - 2 sizes ( bell's jingling :-3 ) (Unowned quest)

  • Potion - level up "Cow's levelup" (try in console help "s levelu" )
  • Potion - mutation "Cow's mutagen" EFFECT IS DELAYED - from 0 to 1 skyrim hour (few minutes)
  • Potion's - colour change "Cow's color switch ("
  • Potion - switch from fat cow to slim or from slim to fat "Cow's body weight switch"
  • Horseshoe & Armored horseshoe (Hammerheart)


  • Whiterun stabbles (a little bit altered (few new items, few hidded zaz furnitures) )
  • Stop station (wilderness)
  • Ruins (wilderness)



  • milion lines of dialogues.


I designed this mod as full playable. Almost all feature's works in background or as visual effect's. I'm not going to add restrictions for weapon usage disabling, or buff's/debuff's - becouse skyrim is not fallout2 - you need to fight to play and do many quest's. Well this mod must be transparent. Debuffs/buffs sound's cool - IHMO real cow should fight with 2h weapon's and heavy armors -  and it's a point. I can't favorize only one of build. So  I finally  decided to ignore any  restriction's/super powers  and (de)buff's.



It's seems that slaveTats doesynt work in this mod.
Did you download (current version) tats-pack from download section?


I have pointer "in road", Paul not going to add new items on me!
Scroll down and check requirements section, then check position "important" - Zaz8.0 - do you see? Great! You need Zaz8.0 or plus.


Can you prepare a version for (random animal here)?

No - i have no personal interest for it. Maybe i will use part of this mod in future, becouse i'm going to prepare special version of Devious Traning part - related with Pony Play - If I decided to do it, I will upload clean and friendly for developers version here as "resource". Maybe.


Hooves, Udders etc. seems poor
Perhaps. Use your force and do something better. Send me. I will be grateful and community will be grateful  too :smile: I'm not going to become 3d expert. I did more than i can. 


Bodyslade, give us bodyslade!!11one one one
I have better idea, Use your force and prepare bodyslade package. Send me. I will be grateful and community will be grateful  too :smile: I'm not going to learn it.

Zaz 8.0?!
Yes, 8.0 or 8.0plus. Without it you can forget about Paul's service and in future about some quest part's. Your risk.

Can you add more transformations?
I could. I'm count on community help with 3d models and textures. Check hand hooves - it's my 3d level. Now, when you understand...

Found misspeling,  btw. your grammar sucks
I know - i can't fix my english. I spend additional time to prepare long dialogue tree, write few book's etc. I know but I'm not currious about learn next few years english. I did all what was possible to supply good quality texts. Did you found mistake? I'm going to add in extra text files source text, you can correct it and send me back. I will be grateful and community will be grateful  too :smile: I had choice - do nothing or upload mod with poor english. I'm "grammar nazi" - so I understand your point of view. Help me with text, let's make this world great again!

Could you remove hand hooves
Yes, soon ;)
Your favorite option is avaliable in MCM!

What's about Soulgem Oven III?

Unfortunately I still waiting for support and help. I love this mod but from some reason I can't plug my mod, something is wrong on my or SGO3 side :frown:

Maybe small API? , I want to use your mod in my mod.
Send me PM, I can add some function's SendEvent's etc.

What's with male's?
Never tested it, maybe works - I don't restricted gender in my mod. I think that every character that is registable in MME should work's in BAC too. Cow with penis is bull, right? I don't judge ;) If you find some issues with male's let me know via PM or support topic. I will try to help You with it. I talk only about basic mechanic's. I'm not going to prepare extra models for male's. If you want - prepare it and send me. I will add it! :smile:

This mod work's with NPC?
Should, I never tested it a lot. But IHMO all basic transformation's work's! Some people report me problem's with detection. I'm planing to check it but I need details first (and time). Mod response will slowdown with many NPC's (limit is 32?), well please don't create cattle army. ;)

What the hell is hardcore mode?!
It's mean's that if my mod add item to slot, this slot will be locked. For example, you can't equip boot's when you wear hooves. It's a hardcore babe! Perfect way to conflict's and spam-report . Hardcore is recomended but turned off in default setting's.

SlaveTats on face not appear
Enable face tats in .ini file. More here.



Milk Mod Economy and all dependencies.
NetImmerse Override

Important: Zaz Animation Pack 8.0 by t.ara  I'm using new, amazing furnutures from this package, without it you will never finish quest's.
Edit:  If You from some reason not going to update Zaz - ok, i made fix that could give back compatibility - but i'm not going to test it. For short test you need to run Hammerheart quest and then on 14th or higher transformation stage ask him for horseshoe - if scene works good - ( you can take a place in stable and wait for his service ) - ok, all works fine - let me know about it.

Soft Requirements (but recommended)






Biggest plans for future:

-On all four animation (as event related with milk and/or random attributes)

-Remove SlaveTat's and use Nio/ SKSE functions, I'm almost sick when i need to wait for new fur.

-Mix some transform item (horns and ears) to save some slot's

-Comments, comments, comments!

-One time play Skyrim as player, without console hacks, debugs etc... ( Inever finish this game ! )







For @DirtyAxiom, He made wonderful textures (tats) and bodyslide for udders. Mate! You are the best!!

For @DarkRose  - Text's correction's - translate from my english to real english!

For @Arthacs - bodyslide's models (not tested a lot yet)
For @w234aew - udder's model's
For @zax  for support and tips

For @stobor for tips

For @botticelli for comment's translations and correction's

For @Hæretic for models and textures
For @LinksSword for support and tips and Screens
For @RandomInternetGuy_ for books translation's (from my english to english)

For @CopaceticEmu &
@sanaret &
@scarebear2403 &
@LinksSword &

@funkalla &
@Cammy &
@alexblah &
for cool gameplay screenshot's

I have problem to list all great person here. If you think that i should add you let me know, dont be scared. I probably just forget about it becouse i spend more time in Creation Kit than on this forum and from time to time i dont remember why i applay something in mod, im focused on my work not sources (i'm sorry). So feel free to spank me ;)

Heretical Resources

HDT Dragon Tails
Calyps Animal Ears
HDT Tails Wearable

What's New in Version 1.7g


unofficial update, check:




- removed hooves and bell sounds from scripts, now sounds are binded with items (more native solution) author: by @<3GoAway<3

- removed volume control from mcm

TODO: add arkon and goAway to credit/thx list!!!


- some fixes related with aution scene + experimental button in mcm to try unstuck scene - Dont save and lode game during scenes - it's a potential big problem

- new bodyslide udders and udders by @Arkon89

- many small fixes


-new attributes:

* "slim arms" - no more chubby arms as fat pig cow

* "untamed milk"

 *"cow face" - facial overlay


added wet crotch texture for "wet cow"


-cellulite overlay will be dynamic calculated, based on weight


-eating gain weight (waiting, no activity too), running reduce weight. so you can always lose weight as "slim cow" you can reduce it to 0.0 (check mcm to disable)


-fixed some bugs with bell and ring

-fixed stored items (horns,etc)


-added one

-fixed issue with udders

-added 1stage to transformation (20/20) - just for random attribute

-added "disable dirty cow"


- updates should now works better for npc's and PC







1.7d - it's in fact 1.7c but with correct files - 1.7c was "corrupted".




I decided to no longer using SlaveTats, so I implemented NiOverride functions. If you have one or more cows in game, update will take a while! be patient and ready for small glitches. Update will remove all SlaveTat's then add new textures with new functions - this clean up process is very slow (it's a reason to remove slave tats as framework) - new "tats" work's extremly fast (for me) - of course it's good new's ;)

ok, list:

- slavetats -> NiOverride

- Comment's corrections by @botticelli

- Comment's fix - no more comment's during dialogues

- Small fixes

- Experimental dissmiss folower during capturing by hunter (doesnt works for me ?)


i removed slavetats but i remind to download new version - yes - true, im not using more slavetats framework but im going to use current files localisation. And i leave json for slavetats' but im not going to update it in future.






1.7b small update with big content ;)
- fixed hand hooves (armor) - still no perfect but, without glitches

- added NPC comment's  - MCM slider + few sets of comment's. From: neutral , enemies and friends +  some related with random attributes


-small frostfall support (as cow you better tolerate low temperatures)

-add scrolls for cheaters (scrolls for npc, potions for pc): level up, add mutation, change colour, switch bettwen fat and 'slim'

-add hand covers armor:  ask paul

-add random attribute: big udders and  breasts veins

-added many comp. slots for better work's with DD etc

-small fixes

-hand hooves - some fixes and reduce plastic effect




-random attributes (over 10th stage, one per stage) (more in mod description)

-random fur color (potions in console to change / for PC MCM)

-paul quest (finish) branch of paul story

-fixes, fixes, fixes

-removed using MME Milk Maid Level as cow level (potions for cheaters)

-new 9th fur stage (more covered face)

DONT FORGET ABOUT NEW slaveTats package!!!


-fixed reported issues related with cow's tears quest


-smarter weight ctr. - mod should no more reduce weight if current is bigger than related with stage weight

-fighting with hunters now will works better -  lower chance to death during combat - im using % hp, not only hardcoded constant hp value to trigger capturing. HP% to set in MCM!

-many, many grammar/spell corrections in dialogues. Beer for @DarkRose

-fix marc travel pause after night meeting

-changed parade escene - parade start's always after 8:00 (day)

-added experimental (not tested) bodyslide for some items. Beer for @Arthacs



-Continuation of "captured cow" story
-Bug fixes

-Bug fixes

-Bug fixes
-Replaced  books texts -corrected by @RandomInternetGuy_

-Hunters face tats


You need to download new tats pack!





-Last try to find comaptybility with zaz 7.0 (let me know if you using and you are able to finish scene in Paul's stable - short way is ask for legs upgrades ond 14th stage of transformation)

-Turn off hands hooves option :confused:
-Sound volume for bell and horseshoe

-Change Paul's JOB LOL, THX @kiritokazuto

New features,
I'm to weak to list all. many, many things

You need to download new tats pack!


Added switch in mcm sound for tail
Added two new udder models (stage 16 and 18) TODO: Big thanks for @w234aew Unfortunaly i made textures, sorry for that ;)
TODO: special thanks for @scarebear2403 (wonderful screenshots)

Small fixes (CTD ;) )
You dont need redownload tats pack


Fixed: Tats problem after MCM visit
Fixed: Unequpping weapon and potential CTD issue (maybe)
Fixed: More "inteligent" monitor, event based transformation
Added: Moo on level up

Separate tats and mod files.

All progress will be reset - joke, will be NOT xD



Added 3 different progresive overlays (cow fur) designed by @DirtyAxiom
Added BodySlide provided by @DirtyAxiom
Added support for SLIF (butt and belly inflation)
Added Fat cow progression - body weight + limbs deformation (over 50.0 weight)
Added few hidden, small effects
Added hooves suggested by @zax

Added few options in MCM

It's fast update - few words:
Progression will be reseted
If you noticed that you wear tats that you should not have - remove it's via MCM-SlaveTats - i fix it ;)
Mod was tested but is few small errors - i know about it but i dont want to delay upload - mod is playable so i belive that you can forgive me ;)
I need to add gold frame with special thanks for @DirtyAxiom - I WILL

I WILL also rewrite mod description to explain all - as always im writing without spell checker - fast, quick, fast - no time :frown:
Im waiting for Your screenshots

whats next? hooves - texture etc - looks ugly - udders? yes i will replacie it soon !
I will separate tats and mod to save Your and my transfer ^^,


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