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  1. So I'm looking for new emotions to add to my game, or to find a way to make my own. I already know it is possible to make an "emotion" when making a pose but I'm looking for a way to add/create emotions useable in any pose while playing. Does anyone know something about it or where to search informations about it ? See ya.
  2. Intéressant. Je les ai téléchargés ici, sur ce site, je vais les tester. A+
  3. So you're using HDT-SMP mod, with CBBE 3BBB and CBBE SMP mods, I woud look into these mods to find the correct solution to your problem. Try to use BodySlide too, it may help, but BEWARE it could mess with your saved games characters. If you're not using LOOT yet for mod load order, I suggest using it for new games, BEWARE if you're not using it yet, your saved games will likely not work with new load order so you can make a backup of the load order before using LOOT. If you're not already using it, that is.
    Not bad. A lot of poses are messing with male penis size though, and at least one animation is missing a loop. Some work to do to make them enjoyable enough but it is decent work already. I will use some in my next games. Thanks for sharing it.
    Not bad. Uploader forgot to talk about the male penis size which has to be quite big to match the animated female pussy opening in most animations from this pack. Far from perfection but it works well and I will use some in my next games. Thanks for sharing it.
  4. I see no HDT mod in the pictures of the load order you posted.
  5. 1. What does the body of your female character look like in BodySlide ? 2. Can you post a picture of it? 3. Are you using LOOT to manage your load order ?
  6. Bodyslide + Outfit Studio v4.7.4, it seems. Here is a screenshot of the feet in Racemenu, you will find a comparison screenshot of this mod boots in BodySlide and in game in one of my previous posts on this thread.
  7. Thanks for your answer. I mean they look ugly, normally they would look like CBBE feet but they have black marks here and there on toes, and toenails are not painted like they are in racemenu. After further investigations it seems your latest conversion mods don't match the BodySlide version I'm using. It is not related to this mod in particular.
  8. Bottom cheeks and breasts look flatter and higher in game compared to how they look in BodySlide, the more I weigh them in racemenu the more it is obvious but for a correct BodySlide/Game comparison I did stick with body weight 100 in both, without changing nodes in game. Feet look awful in both. I didn't see a problem with the gloves yet.
  9. SMP is HDT, do you mean the differences between HDT-PE and HDT-SMP ?
  10. Thanks, the Preset drop-down list works now! Though for some reason I don't understand yet I don't have the same result in BodySlide and in game, the body armor deforms some parts of the character's body in game while it works fine in BodySlide... Same with armor boots and feet... It may have something to do with the BodySlide Build process... Or something else...
  11. Is BodySlide supposed to have an empty Preset drop-down list when I select the armor parts from this one mod?
  12. Thanks for your work and for sharing it. I like a lot of your conversions. But am I supposed to have an empty Preset drop-down list in BodySlide when selecting the armor parts from this one mod?
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