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  1. Its a pain in the ass, I know, our server has the same problem. Do you had the time to check, how the question in #29 could be answered?
  2. Hi, cant find the server, in think its because there is a new update. Have you planed to update soon?
  3. I got a question. How did you manage to get the basic ressources (stone, wood etc.) to be so easy to carry? They just weight like nothing. I like that and want to use that on my server.
  4. I have played now for some time, the humans there, they are the pest of the world. I LOVE it! Never met someone else so far.
  5. I think it only works in the same "cluster", since some servers are only used to allow that on default. But, I have really no idea, what should be changed. Dont bother too much :).
  6. Sorry to ask, but which version is the newst one to download?
  7. OK, cool. I like the human npc-stuff, they killed me sometimes :D.
  8. I tried to download some dinosaurs to the server, doesnt work. I thought it would work...
  9. OK, maybe I will be there from time to time, seems to be an interesting possibility. We had all mostly the epic version of ARK, but I bought it on steam last sale and wow, all the mods, lovely!
  10. Worked fine. When are you all normally online?
  11. I cant just join. Will the server be updated to match the current patch anytime soon? 316.31 vs. 318.14
  12. V316.31 is the version, not the newest, maybe that's why I can't connect...
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