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  1. Did you also change anything to the clone-mechanic? My clone empire won't produce more clones.
  2. Is that NAoS? Im not really familiar with discord, have so many channels I joined in the past, lost the track
  3. Will it work with Thea:2 or is there another mod?
  4. It's just a misunderstanding, sorry if I took the wrong words (german here ;)), it was just some general comment, that "I" would like to see those jobs in the same manner as the other drones. But, IIRC, the normal strata for enslaved non-drones is livestock, right? They are also worker strata, even when you play with drones?
  5. Since the actual patch just dont really let your production for slave get to the moon, I think about adding an enclave, where you could buy slaves. Is that a nice idea or do you think its aweful?
  6. I think there should be another jobs for "drones", since they are not workers but maybe "simple drones"?
  7. Its a pain in the ass, I know, our server has the same problem. Do you had the time to check, how the question in #29 could be answered?
  8. Hi, cant find the server, in think its because there is a new update. Have you planed to update soon?
  9. I got a question. How did you manage to get the basic ressources (stone, wood etc.) to be so easy to carry? They just weight like nothing. I like that and want to use that on my server.
  10. I have played now for some time, the humans there, they are the pest of the world. I LOVE it! Never met someone else so far.
  11. I think it only works in the same "cluster", since some servers are only used to allow that on default. But, I have really no idea, what should be changed. Dont bother too much :).
  12. Sorry to ask, but which version is the newst one to download?
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