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Sexlab Defeat Baka Edition LE/SE

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17 minutes ago, normal24yearoldstudent said:

the animation looks really nice! 


is there anything special I should look for, if I am updating from your SL Defeat 1.02 to 1.11, other than the standard refreshing FNIS?

Yeah please run FNIS. That should be enough.

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Are there any significant differences between this version and this one:


I have been using it in conjunction with DAYMOYL. Can old Defeat be safely swapped out for this new one?

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If you're gonna modify this mod at all, something I've always thought would be good would be that if you surrender, you could adjust the option to not be robbed and just have the PC be sexually assaulted. It would just... make sense. Not a guarantee, but basically a "I'll do what you want if you let me go" sort of thing.

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2 minutes ago, Dovakeks said:

Yeah I have a problem. When I try to download your file for Skyrim Special Edition, I get a 400 Error. The Version for the Legendary Edition works fine. I only get an error by that specific file. 

Nvm. Of course now it works and I can download it. lol

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11 hours ago, belegost said:

Are there any significant differences between this version and this one:


I have been using it in conjunction with DAYMOYL. Can old Defeat be safely swapped out for this new one?


I guess it'd be okay. No significant changes except for animations.


8 hours ago, variaNTR said:

I am using SL Defeat with your 1.02 Addon Patch. I assume that I can delete all of them and use this one, right?


Yes, you can.


7 hours ago, gooser said:

What's the NPC v NPC issue?


From my experience, NPC got stuck and animation was broken sometimes. I heard it from many others too.



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22 minutes ago, 1v0 said:

Hey thank you for this mod.


Does it work in VR(and your other mods) ? After trying skyrim VR I simply can't go back to SSE.


I haven't tried. but it should work if you got vr requirements.


50 minutes ago, applesandmayo said:

I've been using SL Defeat with the baka defeat addon. What's the difference between this and those two, and can I use this in place of both, or just SL defeat?


I didn't want to put a finger on the code but I had to in order to add creature animation support.


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Factory ... I've tried version 1.02 of your patreon and with the option "on bleedout" (it is the one I prefer) my PC is immortal not only in combat. For example, I've jumped from a mountain with a guaranteed death height, but when I fall, the defeat animation is played, the resistance minigame is displayed, and I can continue playing (this never happened in the old Defeat) ... is it fixed?


The other features work great, thanks for share!!!

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Thank you for the mod update.  I've been using Aroused Modular and manually added baka keywords so the other mods would be able to work.  Modular doesn't have the arousal spiraling out of control issue that Regular aroused, Redux, and Extended have, since there are ways for Arousal to decrease.

Does your version have the option for arousal to decrease with time instead of only increase?  Thank you.

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Hello folks,

just a question regarding Sexlab Aroused Redux LE BakaFactory Edited Version  


Atm i am using SLAX. When i download Sexlab Aroused Redux LE BakaFactory Edited Version  it shows SexLabAroused Redux V28b LE Modified by BakaFactory(2020 11 17)


When i uninstall SLAX and install the Baka file i recieve an ingame SL Aroused error message that older versions are not supported. Did i have to use another SL Aroused mode as an requirement? There were no additional information regarding that on your patreon page.

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MCM refuses to load and as such the entire thing can't be activated or used.

Not sure what is wrong, the old addon+defeat just works. I tried uninstalling all the old files and just using this one and overwriting the old files to use this one.

Tried it on a fresh save.


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