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  1. You edit the tags on most animations via the patchup file. Most of the time the AnimationPatchups.txt is used for adding or removing vaginal vs anal. But you can add missing creature tags to individual animations, for instance right below, Anubs_BRW gets Riekling added to it. Once you have made your edits (pay attention to the JSON formatting rules, commas, brackets, etc etc... Validate it in Jsonlint.com) You can refresh in game in the MCM, which will reread the file.
  2. Never played with the WH mod... Can you provide a pic of the incubi ?
  3. Sure, at this point the two are too tightly integrated; when Apropos2 is generating descriptions it is using W&T values as synonyms.
  4. Not a bad idea. Most of what you ask for is already doable. You can disable W&T for player and npcs individually, for instance.
  5. Can you post a screenshot of your regular Skyrim "Active Effects" ?
  6. Check the MCM menu, under Wear and Tear Actors. There should be a place to override the values/state,
  7. I'm probably forgetting my Papyrus rules. Where do you instantiate HentaiPregnancy_Slavetats script? I thought creating a Quest object in CK and assigning it the script file, and then plugging that into your main HentaiPregnancyQuest object via property assignment is how you reach the script at runtime? The .esm in the archive has a mod date of March 2018. I'm just confused how this is working.
  8. How do the slavetats get applied? I don't see any MCM option. Nothing gets applied? I installed the support file and the actual tat textures, and I can see the tats in Slavetats MCM and apply them manually. I looked through the scripts and I see calls to HentaiPregnancy_Slavetats.slhp_add_tattoo(ActorRef, tattoo), but don't see how the HentaiPregnancy_Slavetats property is defined any where to be filled in the CK?
  9. I think that would be a mistake. Or at least a complication. The tags don't indicate which actor is assigned which gender.
  10. Reminds me of Witcher 3 Cerys an Craite. Nice
  11. Yeah, I just checked. For some reason animation change is only implemented in the MCM. Never made the necessary changes to support it beyond that. The closest thing is the GoBack animation description.
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