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  1. Did your SSD go out suddenly? Old rim seems better to mod even though a pain at times, have me thinking about possibly backing up my installed mods.
  2. SexyTop69

    Advanced Animation Framework

    Hello, trying this mod for the first time, have an question though. I am currently maintaining I think Fallout 4 version 1.0.98 I think the July update because I don't want to get rid of clipboard the author stopped updating it and my question is if I can use the latest version of AAF without issue like this? Is this mod heavily reliant on particular fallout 4 and FO4SE updated versions? Currently using a version that works with the update I believe.
  3. SexyTop69

    Familiar faces

    FF doesn't seem to save/transfer details on player characters bodyslide edits? Anyway to get FF to do that?
  4. SexyTop69

    Raven Beak Prison Remastered

    This mod is broken as far as escape is concerned, needs alot of work you can not escape that prison unless you use console cheats and I even COC into the sewers and still you can not escape.
  5. C5KEV, thank you man, marvelous mod!
  6. SexyTop69

    From the Deeps

    I don't see mod in the mcm of simple slavery, how does this mod work with simple slavery? Do I have to start the quest myself or something?
  7. It's nice things have been resolved, really happy to hear so.
  8. I agree thank you for your response. I wasn't aware Sex Dialogue's feature would let you do that, It appears so vague and says something to the effect of becoming an blacksmith or something in game that I didn't recognize what it could do. I already know that, I didn't think that I had to go through the motions and details to explicitly state that a mod would be needed to cause an NPC to place an item on you and that it would completely understood if I didn't directly mention a mod only an NPC doing so, or that DD is an framework since I already read and understand that. Thank you for your response and for clearing things up. I did not mean to mention ZAP 8 in any ill will and greatly appreciate your work and all your furniture that you have added, they look really nice :) Veladarius also cleared this up for me as well earlier. I only mentioned Zap 8 because a modder that made ZAZ extensions I believe it's called had said to have compatibility issues with ZAP 8 as well and that it would take alot of work to make it compatible with ZAP 8.
  9. Your speaking of an armbinder, you can only manipulate locks if you put it on yourself, not if an NPC puts it on you. That's apparent, did you read the quote above my response and my response fully?
  10. Sometimes, well most of the time I just use the console to get an key. I know that there are mods that drop keys but they do a little more than that and I don't use them. I have also asked people to help me take off devices but many say no in my experience of playing. It would be cool if you still kept that mechanic but had it where the player could ask a specific NPC like a blacksmith of whom would be most likely to free you but for a price or charge the player gold to do so perhaps?
  11. I agree that the players experience matters too. Even game developers in the industry need to realize that, balanced, enjoyable and reasonable gameplay is important.
  12. Thank you, this is really unfortunate, I believe I read the right post from both mods, thanks r5e4w3q2. From what I can gather, it seems that t.ara makes many changes to ZAP that obstructs compatibility with other mods, I have seen this with ZAZ extensions the author has to totally change most if not all the keywords for their mod to make it compatible with v8 and with DD it seems development with that mod is expanding and growing more and coming in conflict with some things with ZAPv8. It's really a shame because many modders like yourself Veladarius that has spent years developing their mods only to have them break/suffer because two mod authors have decided to stop compatibility between their framework mods. Hopefully they will reconsider and come to a solution or plan better than what they are currently doing for the sake of other modders and the community.
  13. What's going wrong with ZAP and DD? Where can I find out about these changes?
  14. SexyTop69

    BakaFactory's SLAL Animation LE / SSE

    I'll try that, thank you.
  15. SexyTop69

    BakaFactory's SLAL Animation LE / SSE

    So many good animations... So little room to fit them all :(