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  1. SexyTop69

    BakaFactory's SLAL Animation

    I'll try that, thank you.
  2. SexyTop69

    BakaFactory's SLAL Animation

    So many good animations... So little room to fit them all :(
  3. SexyTop69

    Simple Slavery Plus

    Well you could use resaver and clean out SimpleSlavery's scripts how the previous mod author had instructed to people and see how that goes.
  4. SexyTop69

    Simple Slavery Plus

    Does the mod "from the deeps" work with Simple Slavery Plus? The mod author says it does, But I don't see it in the MCM.
  5. Thank you, I didn't know MNC had that, I'll go try it now.
  6. I changed them got the animation count down, but still CTD Update: I fixed it needed to run genformodders from FNIS Oh, one more thing, In the folder source for creatures 2 there is an issue with compiling it with SLA. The Canines and the Rikling boar won't compile or rather create an .Json because of the races, how did you get it to compile the way you did? I had to change the race for Canines and just took out Rikling Boar animations.
  7. Thanks man, I kinda forgotten that guide. Looks like it might not be that difficult, just really time consuming perhaps. I suppose I won't combine them just take out the animations I don't want or care about from those packs, like I don't care about the dwemer, spiders, ash hoppers, fish, rabbits and a few others take those out and have the ones I want like werewolves and those little ugly people and decrease the animation load for creatures so I don't CTD because I hit the animation limit. Had to go back to an earlier creature pack because the newer ones are too large, here's hoping it's not as hard as you say.
  8. If I wanted to edit/select the animations I want from both creature pack 1 and 2 into one pack for SLAL how would I go about doing that?
  9. Mod is cool. Do you really Need Death Alternative to get locked in the cage at night? Is that patch out yet?
  10. Thank you Lady Horus, I don't use she hulk, but I do have ladies with large breast, hopefully they won't cause clipping. These tutorials for HDT look awesome! Hopefully I'll have time to give them a try. Can the same thing be done in blender though?
  11. I use an zero UUNP bodyslider preset of sorts in bodyslide and sculpt my toons body with ingame bodyslide. Will this change you made with theses armors not work or cause alot of clipping? If so is there a way/ good tutorial that you know of that I can convert them to UUNP myself?
  12. SexyTop69

    More Nasty Critters: SLAL Edition

    Thank you for the hard work and continued updates.
  13. SexyTop69

    All-in-One HDT Animated Pussy

    Why was it taken down? You shouldn't ask that of other people, best thing is to ask the author to upload it here maybe.
  14. SexyTop69

    All-in-One HDT Animated Pussy

    It doesn't have anal physics because I believe it conflicted with the vaginal ones I think. Max CBBE has a lot of polys like a ton though while improvements has been made mods that try to be more performance friendly while achieving good/high quality are impressive.
  15. SexyTop69

    All-in-One HDT Animated Pussy

    It's just more polygons and smoothing, nice of course but this mod is still the best plus sometimes more is less and less work on your rigs end anyway.