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  1. Are you still working on an bridge for Defeat Nymra? I really like both mods so here's hoping that you still are.
  2. Pretty cool! Is there an good measurable time gap between getting raped and the Riekling Slayer coming to rescue the adventurer?
  3. Thank you, I really like Defeat! I only wish that Defeat and Naked Defeat could merge into one or the possibility of an Naked Defeat scenario coming after an defeat because I also like that mod too.
  4. I see the situation from both sides but I ultimately think that it should have been an community friendly lead operation to have mod lists in junction with nexus. I think mod authors should have the option to opt in there mods into an list together in an optional way (also in a way to solidify it contractually just in case anyone gets petty so once an mod list is created one author can't break it by refuting their mod out of it by disagreement. And the logic from this comes from "does an scripter or 3d modeler opt out their contribution in a created product because they don't like the developer? No, that would be absolute chaos, they were contracted for their work and that needs to be respected among all) . It being done this way would elevate much of the pain and drama that's been caused from how I see it.
  5. I really liked his mods, did he upload them else where?
  6. I also Posted on Nexus and Reddit so I'll post my solution I came to on there too.
  7. Oh, thank you! I really didn't think anyone was watching this topic.
  8. UPDATE: I found SchakenFM to be the conflicting mod. I had to downgrade from 1.3 to version 1.2 to solve the issue for the time being.
  9. Hello, I have been using Poser Hotkeys SSE and I have been having CTD when ending posing. I found out that the free camera option is causing it since when I uncheck it no CTD happens. I have been trying to figure out the culprit since I have used this for an while with no issues but hasn't found out why this is happening now. I'm hoping that someone more experienced or anyone who knows something will be able to help me figure out this issue. https://modwat.ch/u/Flaggpuss/plugins
  10. Is there a way to use the re texture for CBBE versions of the mod?
  11. I don't mean for this to be an intelligible question but I'm seeing people here saying they are playing this in SSE and I'm wondering how are people able to play this in SE when It's for LE?
  12. Hello Kimy, I was wondering if DD5.1 (or ZaZ if you know) could pick up other modders sex animations and filter them according to it's device? I ask because according to the mod author of Billyy's animations they won't work with his and to be honest I really didn't notice before weather they did or didn't and just wanted to be certain. I don't really see this being discussed anywhere else on the forum and really just want more clarity on it.
  13. Does DD/ZaZ pick up your device animations billy or are they still unable to be picked up by their filters? I only ask thinking maybe they were upgraded to do so.
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