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  1. That's fine, but why are they dated 2008? This is weird, I would assume they would have the installation date as virtually every other vanilla file.
  2. In anticipation of upcoming update breaking my current mod load order I decided to back up main .exe and .esm files. However when looking through Data folder I also found a bunch of Skyrim - <insert name>.bsa files dated to 2008 (please see the attached picture for reference). I assume these are modded files, however my initial Google-Fu could not find anything of value in the flood of unrelated, generic information. Nevertheless I decided to back them up as well just in case. Where are these files from?
  3. I had no idea such tool existed. This is amazing. Well, scratch what I said earlier, I'm going to make my own replacer now. With black jack and hookers.
  4. I used to think that as well, but that was in 2011, I was a console peasant at the time and didn't know better. Dear Sir/Madam, I request that you disclose than name and the location of that overhaul as soon as it is convenient, but with haste. It is of utmost importance for the progress of science. Thank you for you cooperation.
  5. Depends whether OP wants the spirit or the letter of the "consensual" part. Personally, after giving it a fair bit of time I ultimately decided on not using DCL anymore. It gets too intrusive and annoying after a while, even with very "light" settings. Plus changes to several locations clash with city overhauls I'm using and it's fairly script heavy, which is not good on the potato I'm playing on.
  6. OP said "consensual". DCL is anything but consensual. To that end I do not know of any "consensual" mods that allow for setting up such a scene. I mean there's Defeat which can trigger train scenes if set up properly and the conditions are right, but it's not consensual either. You can try Simple Sexing which can be made to set up a (either consensual or forced) gangbang with up to 4 other actors (provided you have supporting animations installed) but that's not a train. However you can line up the actors and then have sex with each in order and pretend it's a train. The other one is Follow Me for Sex SE, but I only used LE version on Enderal long time ago so I don't remember if it can be set up in a way you're looking for. I do recall it had a LOT of options though. Radiant Prostitution can have train scenes when on the "job" but requires either Home Visit or Military Camp quest active and it's not always guaranteed and your character needs to actually work (and reach a certain rank in the profession) to achieve that.
  7. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/14821 But the left one on the bottom picture is definitely DX as T-lam says.
  8. Sounds like Frostfall. If you have that installed you will have that message and in this case it is not a bug. Check Frostfall's MCM settings.
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