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  1. so emmm i think i broke something yet again... I ended up with 2 large and 1 medium gem, but one of the large one isnt recognized by the quest (no quest marker and isnt shown in mcm, and doesnt event have a number), and the other large gem seems to have been registered twice? ending with a "gem1 1" instead of just "gem 1" how it happened: i got reckt by 3 mage in battle, and the gangbang rape from defeat triggered the orgasm counter after one of the scene ended and the next one is starting. However, only the gem birth happened, and it didnt trigger the quest right
  2. since RMCW answered you about the method, ill give some of my own advice instead Sapphire and flawless sapphire can be hard to come by. for normal sapphire, you can get a one from mistveil keep, steal two on sapphire(npc), one in mara's eye den, and a few through the paragon in the forgotten valley. as for flawless ones, the easiest would be the one in Dieblla inner sanctom. there is also one on a ledge on the left side outside Auriel inner sanctom. or you can just buy them from the merchants added by this mod Black souls gem are tricky too, you can noramlly come acros
  3. umm i think i might have got something broken so ive cured the curse, the quest completed, dissapeared from the journal menu, and the debug section from MCM shows no debuff being applied, every thing seems normal then i went on to do a dungeon crawl, and in the middle of it, a gem birth occured seemingly for no reason? the arousal is low, FHU is nor where near the triggering amount ive set, and there isnt any sex scene running, my character had litterally just finished off a draugr. and the strangest part is, the gem birth only gave 1 small gem (I had the default 1
  4. its me again, back with some minor bug report gem birth can sometimes trigger while PC is still on a horse, this in my case result into PC jumps and get stuck in the falling loop animation on top of the horse while the audio of gem birth plays and the gem itself gets launch into the air, kinda hilarious if you ask me. the main problem being, after the scene ends, the game still thinks PC is mounted, so moving the character( now on the ground) will move the horse with it as well, and the camera seems to also be locked in place? I suppose this might be avoidable by addin
  5. my thoughts so far about the mod is, in the current version, it seems rather unbalance when it comes to the diffculty of re absorbing small gem vs medium & large gems, there is only a handful of garanteed sapphire in the vanilla game, and the price of gems sold by the merchant and the money you must use to convince male npc to convert it goes up really fast, easily costing thousands of gold, in comparison, you only need to click on a shrine and you are done. maybe because I also play with Economy & Speechcraft Overhaul (which lowers how fast PC can aquire gold overall), I f
  6. or the player can always resort to being a filthy thief, the NPC merchant added by this mod sell sapphire and dosent havent any complexe AI packet right now, they seemingly only stand there doing nothing all day, so its rather easy to just steal the sapphire from them. tho oddly enough the last time i tried, only the flawless sapphire showed up when i pick pocket, despite him selling the normal version when speak to. I dont know if the mod author intend flesh out these Merchant in the future, like giving some unique dialogue, AI, even lore perhaps? or simply adding other means to a
  7. Unable to find a compatibility patch, I decided to make one myslf for ABC and Immersive horse I edited all the texture path in the .nif file to use the ones from Immersive Horse (KrittaKitty's texture), I am fairly sure the normal and aroused form works, tho I only tested on Frost and BlacknWhit (Haflinger horse) I have no actual experience in messing with these file so if something dosent work or went wrong im sorry edit:ok something did went wrong, i am trying to fix it edit 2: alright it seems like it works? the female horse's udder dosent qui
  8. ok so i kinda fixed the black face bug? It could be some conflict on my end that i am unable to find out, if nobody else is experiencing this bug execpt me I basically use the "setnpcweight" command to force the game to update the face data (Im not really sure how the game works on this but apparently it works). still, no idea how the bug happen in the first place, but at least there is a manual fix
  9. umm, speaking of the merchant, is there something wrong with the facegen? I had them with the dark face bug on my setup, depite placing whorecrux(and the asset) as the last loaded mod in both left and right panel in MO2. checking in SSEedit reveals nothing, those merchant arent overwritten by any other mod as far as im aware, this bug should only happen if the mesehs or texture dosent match cause it got overwritten by another mod or something, , so im not exactly sure what am i doing wrong here...
  10. ah thanks, i can see this as an extra challenge, as the pc will still level up and face stronger enemies, but the skill wont become stronger. eager to try this out, haha
  11. yeah you are right about Experience, i use it so i dont have to fear over leveling my character(and get one shot by a random bandit chief), and also give me some reason to do more quest I was confused cause the description mention "no longer gain exp [and] level up", not sure its about skill exp or character exp. so i fear that some thing unintended may happen. wheter both would be blocked alltogether or the skill cap form one mod would affect the other. just curious how the two would play out, since i really want to try out this mod thanks! could the exp block effect be ma
  12. seems intresting correct me if im wrong, but what ive understood is that PC might get a curse, and while the curse persist, gems are gonna grow and come out, and the only way to cure the curse is to "upgrade" the gems through gameplay and re absorb it back into PC? Btw how would this mod's exp block effect work with mods that change how you gain experience, like this one :https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/17751, would it cause trouble?
  13. it doesnt change before or after the quest bug out, both shows its stopped
  14. the first time I had that quest, everything went pretty well, the sex scene worked correctly (despite de fact I had no idea who the hell did I kill, could it be Mercer Frey as I was finishing that falmer eye qeust??) but after that i noticed some oddities, right after having finished the reparation quest, i went back to the ragged flaggon, and trade with that merchant who sell potion in exchange for sex, but doing so makes Vex and everyone else go back to the cistern. It also happens to the companions, after demanding sex to Aela or setting up a party and got fucked by Farkas, the
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