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  1. Never seen that ingame. The only statues that have a bit more detail then the avarage ruin statue are the ones of Deskari, Baphomet and Nocticula. But the female in the screenshot is not Nocticula.
  2. This one is konda good but it has to be reworked since the body mesh it contains is out of date and never got updated. I tried to get it re-worked with Outfit studio to fit (in my case for example) a CBBE HDT version but never got it to work. I tried it over the thread here for CBBE conversion but nobody tried it or gave up trying for whatever reasons. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/14385 Good thing, it would just overwrite the existing prisoner clothes.
  3. Hmm, if i had to throw my hat into the ring, i wouldn´t get rid of Devious Devices, but overwork the mod so that only the chains and ropes are used, maybe collars (with the ring in the front) but not the stuff from modern days BDSM. Kinda non-immersive in my opinion and when a sex scene triggers SexLab is very limited in using an animation when the player character is stuck in 8-15 devices which can´t be removed. Ankle and wrist chains, a collar and problem solved. Head shaving part and tattoos can already be unchecked, which i always did. The Nude law part was kinda funny, but the outfit part never worked, only the strip function, exspecially for npc´s. I dropped the mod at some point because i usually got ctd´s when the quest sends me to that stupid dungeon area. So i thought why not limit the slavery party to a minimum inside the city and instead gave them their own area or headquarter, which would be a cell on their own. Kinda like the Fort Dawnguard area or the underground bathhouse area. Let them be represantive at the gates for check in reason and maybe in the city with some kind of market. Those 2 dudes in dragonsreach castle were kinda stupid and when you recieve treatment by them it ended up always with that maid who hangs out nearby stepping on you.
  4. I am a proud patreon of Calm, one of my favourite artist, and i use his work as profile pictures for Pathfnder. For example.. However, your pictures are great. Wonderful artwork. Are you on Nexus with those? Maybe create a few default for the main character? (for example a few to fit Angel/Demon/Azata/Devil Appearance. Greetings Mart
  5. I think with the enhanced grafios compered to kingmaker and a bigger overall interest in the game there might be some nice mods comming for the nsfw section. They have already semi nude character models in the game for humans, elves, half-elves, etc. (one quest lat´s you crash a party of nobles where courtisans dancing on tables who are wearing just underwear) The succubi and inccubi demon models have several outfits incl. skimpy ones. Hell, they even have a capital city where the queen of all succubi resides. Here´s a picture from Owlcat games: However, the game still has a lot of bugs. I think the last big patch was just this week. Mine is now on 1.0.1c. Owlcat has proven that they are working hard in fixing stuff and the overall launch is better then kingmaker, but before people start modding stuff (which also takes time) it would be the best to wait a bit before the first big patch hits. Just for information, these are the patchnotes for 1.0.1.c
  6. "MELONS!" Sorry, couldn´t resist!
  7. I had the same idea. Bu for that to happen you had to progress quite a bit through the dragonbrn questline. Usually an image of Miraak appears then and he also says something when that happens.
  8. The frost atronach is usually a summoned monster. So you could summon on by yourself and use SL matchmaker on him, or use a mod for exapmle like SL hentai creatures which add spells to summon a monster with you can interact. I believe the mod included Hentai Creatures so it is not neccessary to use the standalone mod. I myself use the above mentioned mod because it contains creature framework. *EDIT:* So i double - checked, yes, the mod contains hentai creatures. With this you can craft a collar and learn "soecial" spells that can summoun creatures and monsters. You can interact with them and if you wear the collor you can "train" with them. *cough* Anyway a quick solution to get a specific monster without console command or having Conjuration on a high level.
  9. Sry, i missed your first post. Yes, it´s germany to awnser your question. @Heinos With 01.01.2021 there is a new law in place here which, to say it simple, force online stores which have adult themed products to implement specific age verifications instead of the - i count to 18 - please click yes, when you are 18 or older stuff. Like Snoopy911 said, Steam didn´t do that, or neither will in the near future so the pull out the region block. And no, to get games as a gift didn´t work anymore, thats changed by now. And using a vpn or a region change will risk your account when steam finds out.
  10. Ahh, found another one... Unfortunally i live in a country that is a bit against virtual lewdness...
  11. Hello folks, just a question regarding Sexlab Aroused Redux LE BakaFactory Edited Version Atm i am using SLAX. When i download Sexlab Aroused Redux LE BakaFactory Edited Version it shows SexLabAroused Redux V28b LE Modified by BakaFactory(2020 11 17) When i uninstall SLAX and install the Baka file i recieve an ingame SL Aroused error message that older versions are not supported. Did i have to use another SL Aroused mode as an requirement? There were no additional information regarding that on your patreon page.
  12. I believe SL Stories is the mod. I have it and got the same messages. I don´t have any other "milk-related" mods.
  13. That´s something i already tried to figure out because i know of that issue so i tested it on draugr of different sources. In my example: Source one: skyrim.esm --> no schlong Immersive creatures --> no schlong Baka´s Version of Populated Skyrim --> no schlong I did even use console to spawn a bunch of draugr so i have some from different sources but yeah, no schlong. Kinda weird..
  14. Hello everyone, i have a slight problem with the Draugr Race/Monsters. For some reason their schlongs are gone and just the default body mesh is seen. It the mod menu of CF there are about 10-12 Draugr types listed and all have meshes from one mod (MNC) but nothing apears on the actual ingame creature. Everything elses works as intended (for exapmples wolves, dogs, horses, sabrecats, trolls, etc.) I reseted the mod an re-registrated it, but it´s the same. Did someone have an additional idea what i could try? Don´t want to re-install the whole mod because of dependencies with other mods and install orders.
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