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  1. Because they are too lazy to make female fitted armors, so they morph the female body to fit inside male ones.The same happened with Cassandra in Odyssey. Kass had one, the issue is that everytime she used 90% of the armors her body shifted into a "malefied" mesh Here is a comparison:
  2. The hell, you are right, the thread was deleted... why tho
  3. Nice, Maybe I'll pick it up later at a discount after the nude mods are released. The tits look nice, more shapely from the Odyssey ones.
  4. Any screenshot of the topless character? The daughters of lerion got some sad boobs tho
  5. Gotta sell them PG13 games lmao
  6. Could you share some screenshots?
  7. Try checking the Odyssey nude mod author. Probably will make some for Valhalla, who knows.
  8. There is no info about modding from the devs, neither anything concrete about nudity/sex besides word of mouth and adversiting. Even the supposed boob slider was somehow debunked by a YTber that played one of the latest demos, it is an aureola slider instead
  9. Source for the stockings in the purple haired one? Plz
  10. Oh boi, they're really trying to sell a Mass Effect: HD? Upscaling a game to 4k will be enough?
  11. Any clue about this? I've seen these models appearing in a range of games, from Skyrim to Resident Evil 2 Does anyone have the source, the original model?
  12. Sorry for the late question, but where can I find the police outfit you posted some pages ago? (The one from an RE2 mod) Thanks in advance
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