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  1. Please add this .XML to The Module Data folder(idk why this is happening now):items_head.xml
  2. Please add this .XML to The Module Data folder: items_body.rar
  3. Kargrin


    If youre seeing like pic below it is the original colors, no intention to change. You can change the texture to your taste tho.
  4. Kargrin


    It's here baby: CammikaREedition.rar Sgould have a new start: Wasteland Survivors,Pieces sold in the ninja shops/armor king and a Research. Also a ps: Machine translated: もしあなたが "jonijonikenshi"で、これを読んでいたら、あなたのキャラクターに使われているmodsを教えてもらえませんか?私にメッセージを送ってください。ありがとうございました。🙏
  5. So when undressed, the female character will wear pasties and panties? Nod bad Guess the stripped panties are not customizable?
  6. Interesting, is that the in game "naked" characrer or modded?
  7. Maybe because it would piece through a lot of clothing sets. There are big boobs and ass mods already in Nexus
  8. Kargrin


    Some are indeed too shiny/vivid, but I don't know what channel controls the color emission in the game.
  9. So no one was able to extract the model yet? These modifications are somewhat of hex workarounds?
  10. Kargrin


    One Piece outfits: Fixed version + boots + icons: One Kenshi1.1.rar
  11. Kargrin


    Updates. updates Cammika2021.rar
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