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What's The Longest Gaming Session You've Ever Had?

The DarkSlayer

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So me, my brothers together with our best buds decided to spend our first day of vacation doing what else? Playing video games of course! :lol:

I spent like 5 hours on STALKER while they played Dragon Nest SEA, then we duked it out on BlazBlue for 2 hours, an hour of Mario Party, then I got back to STALKER ( there's so much to do in this game lol) and then BRAWL for I think 2 hours. So all in all we spent half the day lounging around playing video games lol :lol:

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When I was in my early teens I was pretty much addicted to Ragnarok Online(It was my first MMO experience). I remember one weekend where I essentially spent 48 hours(Give or take, probably a few hours more) playing the game. I don't remember what I did, just that I played the game, and that I had a massive headache for a few days afterward. Haven't had any sessions longer than 12 hours since then.

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1 day 7hours and 53 mins the time it took me to beat, unlock, and achieve everything on final fanstasy 13 1,2 and half of crisis core im not gonna say how it just happend :|

all i know is when i woke up after i had a huge hangover

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2 Days and round about 9 hours. Playing Delta Force 3 and couterstrike at a LAN Party. It was maybe 1998 or 1999 Counterstrike was a mod to half life. i owned a Riva 128 a Good card for this time. I did´nt got internet then. it also was the first time i got in contact with DVD-encoding. It took hours to convert (mostly the whole night). Aaaaaand : My first bottle of Whiskey. the assholes woke me with the headphones and a full volume up of heavy metall. lol. my first black out and my first hangover. But i was good at giving headshots in CS with the heavy machine gun.


2 Years ago i tried to play CoD 2 with my Brothers and i was sooooo lousy.

Cannon fodder, more not. my oh my, wheres the time gone ?

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Battlefield 1942.


LAN party. 6 of us (I think??) We started playing around 5PM. Finally had to stop when the host's wife came into the shop (He owned a computer store) raging like a fucking harpy on crack.

This was around noon. I still don't see what the big deal was.. we offered her a seat.


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Back in my WoW days, I raided with my guild for at least ten hours at a time. It wasn't unusual for me to get up on a Saturday, hop on WoW first thing, and not stop until bedtime. This was before college, mind you, and I definitely don't have time for an MMO these days.

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I'm with the lan party guys and battlefield 1942 and counter-strike crowd on this one. Man, nothing better, renting a lan-house (or being offered it for free if you were cozy with the owner) for up to 48 hours at a time, and just having an entire weekend dedicated to playing those two amazing games. Chuck in a few hours of command and conquer generals, unreal tournament (classic!) and A LOT of beer, whisky and burgers, and entire weekends were gone like this. Some of the best times I've had.


Miss those days. 

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For my 35 Birthday, back in 2003, my 3 younger brothers came over and we played NBA Street Volume 2 on my Gamecube (I had four controllers so we all could play).  We must have started playing Friday night around 8pm or so (after eating) and kept at it until noon on Saturday.  My brothers wives were all extremely pissed off at them and me!!!


Good times.........

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Guest flingingfeces

 I put 328 total hours into Final Fantasy 8,  but the longest time I've sat down and played a game is about 15 hours on Castleviana Symphony of the Night.

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