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  1. how do i install your mod "breasts can be enormus can't they"

  2. Big on Bullet For My Valentines new album, Gravity. Lots of people hate it cause it's not nearly as heavy (it's not) but I still love it. Best songs from album IMO:
  3. Anyone know what this ENB is? I suspect it may be airbrushed but not sure. Wouldn't mind the body and texture either but I'm sure it's private. Thanks
  4. I cannot recall but I remember this game pretty fondly, Seek and Destroy: I remember that Indiana Jones game someone posted as well, great game. There was also a Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers game I believe. One of my earliest floppy disk games would be Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe:
  5. The Stand is probably one of his best. It's just so damn good. The first half of that book is breathtakingly intense. "It" and "The Stand" are probably my favorite from him but are truly massive books. A smaller fav of mine would be "The Dead Zone" which the movie didn't do justice. Really a great book and that scene near the end with the hotel fire is haunting and I can't believe they left it out of the film. I actually read the Dark Tower series as well back in the day which is great but very weird. Stupid ending but I suppose it's hard to end something THIS weird. Wizard and Glass is the best book I just loved the backstory on Roland. I could go on and on about SK but this post will get really long so I leave it at that for now but really there are a lot of great SK books, including smaller lesser known ones.
  6. Seiken Densetsu 3 is far superior to any other Secret of Mana imo. I loved it so much and the class system was so rewarding. Getting the final class felt amazing.
  7. Monster Hunter World PC It's so damn good. After playing on 3ds screen mostly, seeing it in 2K res is glorious. Online connectivity SUCKS though, seriously it is pure shit. Needs to be fixed ASAP it is enraging.
  8. I noticed there doesn't seem to be a topic on this surprisingly so here we are. Post what books you are reading and if you are enjoying them or not. Recommendations are welcome as well. I recently got back into reading again after being a mainly Stephen King reader. I decided to branch out into fantasy and my buddy lended me his Sword of Truth series books by Terry Goodkind. I'm currently about to start Soul of the Fire (Fifth book). I definitely have enjoyed the series so far but I know a LOT of people do not like Terry Goodkind and I understand why (He's a colossal douche). I personally recommend it so far though, there are a lot of problems with these books but the world building and characters are what keep it together, for me anyway. I heard a comparable series to this is Wheel of Time (which Goodkind may have ripped off directly). What are some other good fantasy books / series out there?
  9. Diablo 3 again. After many many attempts I just can't get into Path of Exile. Combat bores me to tears. It's too bad because PoE does everything else better than D3.
  10. When I am actually playing (Love Immersive armors!): nsfw:
  11. Two Angry Gamers TV - Two guys that in general get very angry at games...it's not an act either they really do get pissed and it's hysterical. Perfect example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfXxbHvZfG0&t=
  12. New images up! Thanks for looking.

    Might restart blog again eventually...not sure. Will see.

  13. Check out my new character in my bio! She's hawt!

  14. Not sure why, I think LL is hosting them so no idea.
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