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  1. One that add sex you can find on rimword mod forum, and I think that there is even is one that add pregnancy. About rape duno, but i think I saw one somewhere (most likely it is the same mod that add sex but "patched") https://www.loverslab.com/topic/81306-rimjobworld-rjw/
  2. For text (mostly) games you could look here they usually have warning about rape https://www.tfgamessite.com/index.php?module=search&adult=41 As for suggestion I can't really tell, most of gmaes that I can recall are abandoned.
  3. More than half of people banned on steam are cheaters, I have more than 800h in gtao and did get a single strike (I was using TS, discord obs - where people say that they got banned for using it) And you can use mods, openiv was more like mod manager/tool/framework. I never ussed it, I always used lose files and scriphook. It is not as bad as some people paint it. But still it sux.
  4. Probably this all started when someone ported san andreas to gta iv. Then T2 lawyer dick flag raised. I hate corp lawyers.
  5. The author gets a paycheck direct from Bethesda, before they even have to have the mod available for testing. Getting an actual paycheck is far and away better for the modder-now-CONTRACTED-EMPLOYEE than the previous paid mods attempt, and especially Valve's own issues with it's paid DoTA skins. If that was the case then they would contract them to make dlc's. So it is something more dodgy that that. Considering that now they want to ensure quality then anyone that could be working for them had skills that would yearn more cash per sell. So where do you see any benefits of it? It just
  6. Player have to use credits to get mods, credits are bought which means mod author get fixed amount of money not profit per sell. So it is even worse than last steam idea. Burn it with fire and send ashes in to sun.
  7. http://nraas.wikispaces.com/How+To+Install
  8. It will have as many adult mods as DA:I had.
  10. https://naohr.wordpress.com/ No pregnancy, but it is worth mentioning, at least atm.
  11. How much online is online in this game? Any "multiplayer" elements or it is just for CIA tracking sake? ;p
  12. It is not any release date, it is deadline set by government, they have to finish it until that date or return subsidies. They can ignore it if they like, subsidies aren't of any meaningful importance.
  13. Yes it looks like it, thats why it makes it even more fake. Considering they never did a UI that wasn't utterly disaster clusterfuck.
  14. Mehh, fake to timid for a concept. When I have seen concept for witches of crookback bog I was highly distributed lol.
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