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  1. Impressive work. Only real issue that I had was with vriginquest thief. It is persistent in breaking, first 3 worked but after finding first word for strip it wont show thief location reqesting new location doesn't fix it I just use console to autofinish at this point. I have few question. How to get chaurus chastity belt? To get rebuff for fire protection from split you have to ask for new location or any will do? (after finding secret int) Dose asphyxiation scene duration is connected to sexlab scene duration options? It seams that it dose not reduce arousal after scene is finished.
  2. Just avoid downloading files from there till situation clears out. It is confirmed that some mods had virus in recently add dll files.
  3. Complexity, more complex - better, and hybrids genres/themes. Examples: Gangsters organized crime, fallout, battlezone, master of orion.
  4. My problem with it is more of security reason. How long till someone hack them, and then all your personal info is out. And if that happens I can't get compensation or sue them. But sometimes you have to make exceptions.
  5. Yes but why they don't make it as donation to someone from the founders/admins? The money will go for the same cause but it will says the name of some guy instead of LL. Result would be the same, account frozen, money gone. 90% of people that were making adult content had personal accounts. All frozen now.
  6. I'v seen that before, and when OP will have enough and move out, she will be crying why they move out? I would also check if she isn't snooping in your things, it is also common in such situations.
  7. Bobs bigger than her head... Anyway http://www.loverslab.com/topic/21287-what-mod-is-this-vi/
  8. I really like idea of scarce resources managment on begin. Well at last I assume that they are. On one of gameplay trailers one of soldiers got down, other went and picked him up then went with him to rescue zone - but gun that wounded soldier had was left behind and they say that what is left behind stays behind, I really like it. But I hope that at some point you can compete with aliens in open engagement.
  9. God, I hope not, they should do it better. As short as previous game was, x mission in row was annoying and boring - they should add possibility to skip generic missions, without penalty but also without gain.
  10. windpl


    Remember that steam is USA based company, where nipple = satan.
  11. windpl


    Steam only hold it grounds because of promotions. Want to be on steam? You have to take part in promotions or gtfo. Good luck with achieving that in this Kimochi.
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