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  1. I don't know where you live but you should be able to do better than posted links: CPU: ryzem 3600 ~205$ GPU: 1660 super ~ 250 board: AMD ~90 Ram: 16 gb ~80 PSU: Corsair or seasonic ~70 It's what I have, I don't know if even a 2070 could do much better since Fo4 is porrly optimized and shadows are massive resource hog so when set to maximum it drops to 20-30~ in city area, there's a mod that adjusts it on the go but I couldn't get it to work you can also try adjusting ini files to have something between medium and high since the shadows pop right in
  2. Both Fo4 and SSE are pain to mod due to version breaking mods I doubt the next Elder scrolls will be better in this regard assuming the it even allows modding in non-stunted way if at all. I doubt I will even buy it.
  3. Dirt Rally the 1st one at least, the damage system is the most arcade system about it.
  4. Angrybird


    midoriya's fight was much better from a technical perspective they didn't quite manage to get the feeling of desperation and passing of the torch wich I think was what was intended. Still good tought.
  5. Angrybird


    Hero academia was the only thing I truly enjoyed this season, I started watching 7 Deadly sins but it's worse than the 1st season I dunno not really into it.
  6. Coming of age story was cat street, really enjoyed the characters growing. Also enjoyed Sanctuary for the manly tears, in the same vein Sun-ken rock is fast-food version of the same, Gokusen is also good but it's more focused on romance there's an anime but it isn't finished. My absolute favorite would be Angel Densetsu a mix of comedy/coming of age the art in the first few chapters may put you of but it gets better.
  7. Angrybird


    Season of High school girls doing stuff they'd never do? These aren't terrible and seem relaxing, good sequels, seven deadly sins was cool hopefully overlord will be alright too. Koi wa Ameagari and Violet Evergarden look good and don't seem like bad stories. The iseka one is trash.
  8. Angrybird


    You don't mind filler episodes too much, you say? Well, have you seen animes, such as: Naruto, One Piece or Detective Conan? Those are the worst when it comes to fillers. Do yourself a favor and skip all of those series' listed. What? You don't enjoy watching an entire episode dedicated to Naruto's clones going on strike instead of the most intense arc in the story? Are you crazy?
  9. Played this for a bit and enjoyed the use of a not very used region and a not very used faction, foggy reach made me feel like I was far away from civilization.
  10. Angrybird


    Are there even bad seasons anymore? it's not like there will always be a breathtaking masterpiece to see but out of 20 or so full shows there's always a handful worth watching. Follow up to Shokugeki no Souma's if you enjoyed previous season, Mahoutsukai no Yome which has been getting praise the manga was good, melodramatic Dies Irae maybe, follow up to Negima meh, Shoujo Shuumatsu seems the most interesting for now I like picking out details of the world in the mellow slice-of-life like post apocalyptic environment of the show and Kujira no Kora seems similar in that regard.
  11. Men don't bother when divorce is so readily available.
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