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  1. Good, I still don't like the forced first person camera though but the fact it's going to be an RPG rather than an FPS with light RPG mechanics is encouraging.
  2. Kpnut

    M.A.S.S Builder

    Forgot to mention, M.A.S.S Builder has a photograph mode, the developers knew people would want to take badass pictures of their mech.
  3. It's been a while hasn't it? I've been sitting on the three images in this entry for a while now but could never figure out what else to put here so I thought I'd give my impressions of the game the first two came from. Also I finally learned how Concept Matrix works (I mentioned it here https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/entry/11906-nsfw-ffxiv/) so I can do more complicated stuff in FFXIV screenshot wise (relatively) which should be interesting, I may add images of my alt as well. But anyway the game, it's an early access title (which I usually avoid until they're completed) called M.A.S.S Builder, it's basically a build your own Gundam game. The customisation for your Mobile Suit, sorry your M.A.S.S (which stands for Mobile Armoured Skeleton Suit, pointless acronym tbh) is actually insane the head has 3 different areas to customise alone (the cheeks, face and top) as well as each part having 4 different areas to colour it feels like a lot of care and attention went into this aspect of the game and it is pretty much the core of the experience you do missions to get money and research for new parts for your mech. The weapons also have a good deal of customisation, just not as much as the main body of the mech (understandable really) each having two sections the handle and the barrel (for ranged weapons) or blade (for melee weapons) but still having 4 parts to colour. Speaking of weapons there are 6 weapons you can equip: melee, shield, bullet, energy, missiles and drones. I don't know the upper limit of the melee weapons (I've gone into a mission with 4 of them) but you can only carry 2 bullet, 2 energy, 2 missile pods and 2 drones at any one time and it divides the resources for each between the equipped weapons. As for the shield you can equip it with pretty much any single handed melee weapon (unless you decide to dual wield) kinda upset I can't use it with single handed ranged weapons (like the one in the first image below) to go full Gundam but that's a minor gripe and in fact the shield is really useful as it can cut your damage when you enter the aim mode. Additionally each weapon can have one of 4 elements plasma (the default performs decently against everything) flame, frost and shock. Considering each enemy has its own weakness so tailoring your weapons to the various weaknesses (easiest with melee weapons as you can carry 3 or more of them) can give you the edge in combat. As for the combat it's a third person hack 'n' slash / shooter that emphasises movement (you die quickly if you stand still) and facing large hordes of enemies and occasionally having to fight a boss. These bosses get more complicated as you progress through the story (yes there is one, I won't go into detail on it though if you're interested in the game you'll find out about it yourself) to the point where I almost failed a mission fighting the third of these bosses because I mistimed a few dodges, although this is also partly down to me focussing on developing new weapons and armour rather than the mechs base stats (its shields, armour, fuel, fuel efficiency that sort of thing) but who cares I can make a badass looking mech. So yeah overall I'd recommend it, when I started playing the game had had its 0.5.0 patch and is gearing up for its 0.6.0 patch as of this blog entry so it's looking like it'll be out of early access soon. Anyway images of my M.A.S.S in the first spoiler below, the other one has my FFXIV character in it.
  4. The housing can get insane and house prices are usually pretty high but they add more wards to every housing area every so often and there's more than enough apartments to go around (and you can't get kicked out of your apartment if you don't use it for an extended period time unlike houses.) As for the bots they are nuisance but they tend to get banned in waves , RMT is a bannable offense (iirc) and you do get marketboard bots but I think they're more of an issue on the other servers/worlds since I haven't seen any in the Chaos worlds. As for modding, you probably should deactivate them all for maintenances but Yoshi P seems to be under the impression that it's illegal for them to install anything that can scan local files so while he doesn't like modding it's hardly a bannable offense (as long as no one sees a picture of a modded game and sends it to him) I've forgotten to deactivate my mods before maintenance before loads of times and nothing really bad seems to have happened but I have heard that mods that alter sounds (they're rare but do exist) can cause problems.
  5. Projectiles will hit you same with ranged spells if you're the target of that attack but some enemy skills will have AoE markers or only fire in a certain direction so they can be avoided if you're paying attention. I feel that most MMOs have enemy ranged attacks breaking the laws of physics just to add an extra bit of challenge to the encounter.
  6. The combat is tab target but it follows a principal called ABC (Always Be Casting) so you're very unlikely to using your auto attacks. I've put some basic info in the spoiler if you're interested.
  7. If you're in Australia the Tonberry world on the Japanese servers is the unofficial english speaking world, going onto that one should be a better in terms of latency. As for mods it's very much a case of it's fine as long as you don't get caught, I know Yoshi P has said in the past he doesn't like them or the fact that people mod the game but at the end of the day you can't exactly get banned or have your license revoked for a bit of NSFW modding, that would be like getting banned for ERP. Pretty sure the free trial is either 30 days or until you finish the first expansion and hit lvl 60
  8. Not to turn this into a PSO2 thread but I kinda know what you mean about that game, although for me it wasn't the UI it was more that the combat felt really clunky.
  9. I would suggest FFXIV, however it is subscription based and the sexy costumes require you to mod the game (which only affects things client side.) there are a few vanilla ones but they're pretty few and far between with the devs trying to keep things moastly gender neutral.
  10. Kpnut


    I've not actually got anything for this one other than an NSFW shot of my FFXIV character since I've been messing about with mods for the game. yes it is posibble to mod it but they're just texmods so only you see them when installed and they can't really do much more than alter the appearnaces of things in game (there is something called concept matrix but I'm pretty unsure on how to use it.) So yeah nothing much here other than a nude shot of my FFXIV character:
  11. funnily enough I think FFXIV has some pretty decent ones, however they are texmods. The site with them on needs you to link a discord account as well as enable NSFW content to access them though.
  12. I got the game on PS4 when it released and just couldn't get into it. It felt like a generic sandbox to me and the only interesting part was the robot dinosaurs. I might give it another try on PC if there's active mod support for the game though, it (like many other sandbox games) seems like a good platform for modding anyway.
  13. I mentioned this in my last entry (here) that I finally managed to make a good looking Breton and thought I'd use her as clickbait to get you to look at this blog, don't worry there's an image of her in the last spoiler. the first spoiler. The last spoiler
  14. Yes more football chat, but I also managed to make a good looking Breton (finally) so there's an image of her in the spoiler below. I was running into a weird issue with the vanilla races (and only the vanilla ones) messing up whenever I loaded a preset onto them but I managed to work around it by switching to a custom race and loading a preset onto that before switching back (I just had to readjust the skin and hair colour.) Also it's a shame that nisetanaka seems to have stopped modding Skyrim, I would have loved to see some more varients of bikini armour (as in the types that are missing, daedric, glass etc.) and I have 0 modding abilities and can't make them myself especially since no one else seems interested in picking it up. Anyway the football. I saw an image going around a few weeks ago comparing how much Arsene Wenger sepnt in 22 years at Arsenal and how much Pep Guardiola has spent in 3ish seasons in charge of Manchester City (Pep has spent more by the way) and it got me thinking about my 11 season game in charge of Arsenal in FM 2019 and how much I spent in that particular save and again I spent much less than Pep spent at Man city in 3 seasons (I probably hit the £200million to £250 million mark as opposed to the near half billion mark Pep is at) but it also reminded me how lucky I got in that save when it came to youth prospects which probably contributed to me keeping my transfer costs down (also as a fun aside in my bio for Arsenal in that game I was getting called out for not signing more english players when I was focussing on promoting the youth) however I don't think my overall spend would have increased all that much even without that. This also got me missing that old save but I was an idiot and never backed it up when I resigned from the position as Arsenal manager, especially given how beastly that team ended up being with world class talent in every position in the starting lineup and incredibly good players as backup (except for left winger where I had a choice between two world class left wingers) and I doubt I'll ever have a team that good again, especially sad since that 11 season save with Arsenal was only my 3rd time doing 10+ seasons with one team in an FM game (I did it with Lyon in FM14 and Atletico Madrid in FM16) and I won't be purchasing a new FM game for a good few years given how burned out (and frustrated) I've gotten with them lately. image:
  15. Only two I've got on hand atm: Code Vein FFXIV
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