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  1. "Check on Google" is the least helpful comment ever made. Either link to something or quit being a cock tease.
  2. My memories are extremely vague and sketchy on this mod, as it's been many years. It was a weapon mod, specifically a sword, I think a katana. When installed, the weapon would appear in the Imperial City, I think the Talos Plaza District. I think there may have been a small quest involved, or just text would appear stating that you hear a cry or a voice. When using the weapon, after a certain point, you would get a message stating that you could release a demon from it. I think it added a spell. It was something along the lines of "Yodo Siren", or maybe it was "demon from the sword" or something to that affect, which would summon a female creature for a short while to attack for you, then it would vanish. I think it was potentially based somewhat around the manga/anime Bleach. ... I'm at least somewhat sure I'm not crazy and this actually existed at some point...
  3. They're in the same place as the AAA market; oversaturation of the same few genres, all playing the safe bet to get their name and game out there to make a buck. The indie market is choked with broken games, broken promises and broken dreams, all the built in defense of "BUT IT'S JUST ONE GUY/SMALL TEAM! YOU CAN'T EXPECT MUCH!"
  4. Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen on the PS4. Capcom gets third person, party based action RPGs and it's fucking great. Now if only Bethesda could get on their goddamned level.
  5. Time to wait four hours until the servers become usable again!
  6. Because that's how the state plans to remain in power. You create a generation of single mothers who cannot do it all on their own (and such claims that they can is complete bunk and propaganda to accomplish this) and need a helping hand. But since the male is out of the picture because society is broken to the point where all male rights have been robbed, they can only ever turn to the state. This new generation is then indoctrinated to see the state as the provider, which they then must keep in power so as to remain taken care of.
  7. Which will be sex robots, artificial wombs and the segregation of the sexes.
  8. It'll be riddled with bugs and the Obsidian Defense Force will come out and find something to blame other than Obsidian themselves.
  9. Valve isn't in a position to laugh, considering they've leaked personal information in the past via Steam.
  10. This shouldn't be funny. I shouldn't be laughing. But it is. And I am.
  11. It's time for Aerith to ensure a poor sod returns to the planet. First the warm up... And then a bit of oral attention. And finally, the finisher. Mission complete.
  12. I was mainly talking about making something you want as a new IP, because I find it deeply offensive that anybody should feel they have the right to demand you to change what you personally want to make. But with that said, I feel morally obligated to apply that to current creative forces in control of already established IPs, as I find it hypocritical to claim that making something new gives you free reign, while with something established, you are bound by other things... because frankly, you're really not. Yes, it's deeply bad for business and one can argue some form of social or cultural contract, but unless there is some form of actual legally binding contract (such as being an employee or terms being written into licensing), no creative force is beholden to anybody, including the fans. I despise with a passion what is happening with Star Wars, Doctor Who, Star Trek and various other franchises, but at the end of the day I would never want to tie the hands of any creative force and tell them no, you have to do it my way because I say so, as that's the death of any kind of creativity. Which I feel is being done right now in Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek and a lot of comics, but that's a whole load of political bullshit right there that I would get yelled at for. So, the most I can say is that if I don't agree with what is happening, then I will not support it with my money, which I'm not doing for any of this.
  13. I mean, there's nothing inherently wrong with a developer making games that they personally want to make and ignoring what people have to say in regards to it.
  14. I'd rather flay the whole of my body and then dive into a pool of lemon juice than touch SSE.
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