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  1. Really good stuff. And I think the drawings look better than the actual models, no offence. lawl
  2. Let me guess. Generic good guy protagonist with female characters falling for him for no apparent reason and a story that revolves around nothing happening. Seriously, nothing progressive actually happens. lol Bingo. Might as well watch hentai. Speaking of which are there hentai that have the same animation and art style like Otome Dori?
  3. Watched 3 echii anime. Kinda funny how their animations are all sub par. I've seen hentai with better animation quality. There's something that they all have in common but can't put my finger on it.
  4. I don't think "clever" and "interesting" are the right words to describe this anime when there are like 4 other ones that I can think off that have the same setting just with a different premise. Fuck you Vergil! Danmachi is very
  5. Now that's a woman. No anime shit haha. Gonna try out that beta2 version, thanks dude.
  6. Probably cause they just dont like it? Different tastes? Anyways just post the ones you liked here, no need to sidetrack this thread, there's already a thread for that. Sidai no Kishi looks pretty good and yeah, No game No life too.
  7. And now your characters are racking up endorsements on nexus haha.
  8. Try reading a few pages back dude. Theres some saves created by Vergil, you can try using those.
  9. Maken ki 2. I watched it for the damn PLOT! haha
  10. Shineskai yori, man this anime is deep.
  11. Yeah dude. Basically the story on how the MC got his alter ego.
  12. Watching the new Steins gate movie.
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