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  1. Is it possible to use the gender bending content but remove all the futa content? Like have crossdressing but no hermaphrodites? EDIT: If I go into the events\decisions\common\etc and just delete everything that says futa on it, will this break the mod?
  2. So for the most part I got AAF running great, but every once in a while I will trigger a scene and no animation sequence plays. I know there was a call because the post scene stuff happens (infamy increase, lust decrease) I am currently running MCG along with RSE II, Family Planning, and Raider Pet. I was using SexAttributes and Sexual Harrasment before but uninstalled both to try out MCG. Before MCG I was seeing the problem when enslaved by raiders, but now I see it from time to time when engaging in MCG scenes. It's more than likely related to MCG, but I was just curious if this was a known issue and had a solution in AAF before I started messing with stuff.
  3. Imho its a bad time for adult games at the moment. You try and find new and exciting things yet sites like patreon are so flooded with crappy low effort Renpy games with stock 3D models, its hard to sift through and find "the good stuff." I wanted to start a thread where people can catalog good things they have found. This list can contain anything, even if its Renpy, or RPGmaker, so long as it is differant from the mass of copy paste stuff you see online. The low effort stuff I am talking about is this kind of thing: https://www.patreon.com/captainkitty https://www.patreon.com/glab https://www.patreon.com/T4bbo As you can see, each of these seems to use the same type of stock 3D models, posed in badly done still images, and compiled in Renpy. Even their Patreon pages follow the same tired formula. And there are hundreds upon hundreds of these creators trying to make a quick buck. Anyway, now that you can see the kind of stuff NOT to post here, here is a list of a few things I have found interesting, some of it new, some not. Know that I personally like NTR so a lot of the things I post will feature that controversial fetish to some degree. https://www.patreon.com/splendidostrich - Newlife: a Genderbending game thats really well crafted. It's still in development with monthly updates and has been going for several years now. It's a woman sim in the same vein as games like Anonymus man's Cursed, where you are a man who is transformed into a woman and must live your day to day live in your new body. There are ample opportunities for dirty things including cheating on your partner, getting molested, being a dominant or submissive etc etc. The outfit system is really neat and comprehensive, and time passes in weekly increments instead of daily like in Cursed. Here is the page for Cursed if any are interested as well : http://anonymousmangames.blogspot.com/p/cursed.html, note that you'll need a specific version of a dated game engine to play cursed. https://store.steampowered.com/app/887530/President_Yukino/ you'll need to download the adult patch to get all the good adult content, but this is a very well done NTR game, with tons of different scenes and paths for you to take. You play as two characters: Yukino and her Boyfriend. You play as Yukino by day, doing odd jobs to try and save money for college and getting molested and slowly corrupted as you do so. By night you play as the boyfriend and try and find and spy on Yukino doing dirty things with other people. https://www.patreon.com/trapquest - A submission game where you are trapped in a VR sim and constantly assaulted by all kinds of things to slowly transform you into a bimbo slut. Has lots of roguelike elements to it and fulfills degradation and masochistic humiliation fetishes. Been around for quite a while and have supported it on and off over the years when I have the cash. https://freecitieslib.blogspot.com/ a slave training game taking place in the near future where you run a small city dedicated to the slave trade. These cities are numerous and represent the decline of civilization as governments fall and people desperately try and survive. They flock to these free cities where many are captured and trained and sold by the rich and powerful slavers that control them. These are just a few, I will post more as I find them or remember them. I hope others do the same and we can create a nice catalog of decent projects here.
  4. I just saw I necroed... I read March 2019 instead of April 2018... damn dyslexia. If this is still being thought about I'd love to get involved.
  5. Ive been waiting for something like this for a long time! I've even made a few half baked attempts at creating it myself over the years, but I am no good with the creation kit. (You might be able to find the project in some of my ancient posts here) Whoever wants to make this you have my support! I would even be willing to write some dialog (Writing is kind of my thing) I can post some of my work if you'd like. I can write some ntr theme books too if someone wanted to implement them into a mod.
  6. So I have a sim who is a transgirl. (A genetically male person who lives as a female.) I mistakenly believed this mod supported transgirl characters but only seems to support hermaphrodite or futa content. Is there a method I can use that will turn off all pregnancy options for the futa character as well as disallow any contact with their vagina? Essentially I want the game to ignore her female status completely and all female sex organs, but only for this character. Is this possible?
  7. Can I delete specific animations without getting rid of an entire animation package? I find rimjobs to be about the vilest and most disgusting thing you can do to another human being, and want them purged from my game.
  8. I created a strip club\brothel for Kinky World. I set it up as a dance club in the venues but I am not 100% what that means in the context of kinky world. I want it to be a strip club with a secret brothel but I am not sure how to set that up. I included some pics. If anyone is interested in the building I can put it up along with the required custom content I used.
  9. This is a great mod! I am having some issues with modded outfits not morphing to my body however. Non-modded outfits work like a charm, but any custom outfit refuses to morph when I equip it. This includes "full outfits" such as the unzipped vault suit (which morph my body to the armor) and "pieced together" outfits such as the easy girl armors, which only look correct (body not clipping through) when I equip their Slot 33 piece and only because slot 33 morphs my body to fit the armor, not the other way around. I am using Mod Organizer, which may be part of the issue admittedly. I am also using armorsmith extended which messes with armor quite a bit, and AWKCR. These are the CBBE armor mods I am using. None of them are morphing correctly: Fortaleza Armor [All 6 esps] (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/10692) Pampas (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/19263) Commonwealth Minidresses (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/6939) Easygirl (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/19596) Suit Dreams (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/9043) Unzipped Vault Suit (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/14563) Jackets and Coats of the Commonwealth (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/3571) Lacy Underwear (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/15768) Combat Strippers - Raven (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/20751) Bunny Girl (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/16798) Any thoughts or suggestions to get this working??
  10. Oh man it's working! That was so much easier than I expected it to be. I do have one more question however: Bodyslide is not loading all of the armor mods I have installed. I am using bodyslide through mod organizer. Is there a way to get bodyslide to find the BSAs and mesh folders that are not showing up? I went to settings and looked at the datafiles it is loading up and while many of my mods are present there many more don't even have an option to check or uncheck in Bodyslide's datafiles section. Any idea how to remedy this??
  11. You don't set the pregnant belly slider. You only have to select the base shape you want to use, which is in your case UNPB. The base shape is what will be used by all the female NPCs in your game. If you set the pregnant belly slider this will be considered as part of the base shape. But what you want is for only selected NPCs to have a pregnant belly. For that to happen you need to tick the checkbox labeled as "Build Morphs" in the bottom left corner. By ticking the checkbox the sliders can be accessed and manipulated in-game for every actor individually (!!!). After building the body load a save with your female character, open the racemenu with the command "showracemenu" and look for the tab reading "UUNP Morphs" or something like that. There you should see all the sliders, inlcuding the pregnant belly slider, and be able to manipulate them. If you are able manipulate them then Beeing Female can access them, too. Of course to see any changes you'd need to have an item equipped which uses the built mesh - or no item equipped if it was a naked body. You'd need to build every armor/clothing mesh like mentioned above to have the pregnant belly show up on those meshes. I see! Thank you I will try that now!
  12. You know the weight slider from the vanilla game, right? You can choose a weight from 0 to 100 and the body mesh morphs accordingly. This works using only two body meshes; one for the lowest weight value and one for the highest. Every other value inbetween is interpolated, so when you set the weight slider to a value between 0 and 100 it interpolates the vertices between the two body meshes and calculates a new body mesh on the fly. BodySlide makes use of this concept and expands it with more sliders. Every slider has its own body meshes which are taken into account when calculating a new body mesh. When you tick the "Build Morphs" checkbox in the Body Slide main window when building a new body/clothing mesh you can change the sliders on the fly while in-game, too (you need Racemenu for that, though). The pregnant belly is just another slider with its mesh and Beeing Female can make use of this slider to morph the current body/clothing mesh. There's no need to exchange the mesh midplay in any way. You can test this by using one of the mods I had linked previously. 1. Build a clothing mesh using Body Slide. 2. Give you character a clothing item that you know uses the previously built mesh. 3. Get your character pregnant (there should be an option for that in Beeing Female) 4. Open the console and type in "set timescale to 2000" and simply watch as the belly gradually grows. You can use higher values if it's still too slow. So I went into Bodyslide, selected UNPB as the preset, set the PregancyBelly slider to 100 on the high weight side, ticked build morphs, and pressed batch build. All the people wearing armor who have high weight stat now have pregnant bellies, not just those flagged pregnant in the game. What am I doing wrong??
  13. Would there happen to be a UUNP version of this armor? For some reason I read UNPB. Not 100% on that. You could convert it in bodyslide.
  14. This might catch your fancy, though it may be more skimpy than what you are looking for.
  15. Anyone know the name of this armor mod? I used it years ago and no longer have the file. I can't for the life of me remember what it was called and can't find it on the Nexus.
  16. So I have the UNPB BBP Pregnant Body (beta) It comes from here. It is the only UNPB body I've been able to find that morphs correctly for pregnancy. Unfortunately, the mod author does not include the morphs so I am unable to set any armor to this body and am not sure how to recreate what he has done.
  17. Totality forgot I made this thread, got distracted from this project. Okay, so what I am trying to do I create armor that checks for pregnancy flags in Beeing Female or LoversLab, then adjusts the belly node based on this flag. So if the character wearing the armor (PC or NPC) is not flagged as preggo, the belly scaling is set to 0. If the character is flagged as preggo than the armor's belly node scales based on which trimester they are in. From what I see however, I would need to make several different versions of each piece of armor; One for each preggo stage. Then I would need to make an esp with scripts that look for BeeingFemale preggo flags. The mod replaces the worn armor with one of the three preggo versions when the preggo player or NPC puts it on. Example: A player puts on "Fur Armor" but they are in their Third Trimester of pregnancy, so the esp removes "Fur Armor" from their inventory and replaces\equips it with "Fur Armor(Third Trimester)" which is scaled for pregnancy. Once the player\NPC is no longer pregnant the "Fur Armor(Third Trimester)" is removed from the inventory and replaced with the default "Fur Armor" again. That's seems like more work than I am willing to put into this right now.
  18. So I am using the beeing female mod as well as b3lisario's UNPB BBP Pregnant Body (beta) for my character which works great when my character is naked but not so much when armored (can't see the belly when wearing clothing) I am trying to use bodyslide to convert some of the armor to this body but I am having several problems. 1. The mod auther did not include bodyslide data with with the meches so I can't import his body to bodyslide, so I have to try and recreate what he did in the app with a new preset. 2. I am able to increase the PregancyBelly slider in Bodyslide to achieve the desired effect, but if I create the armor mesh it will effect all actors wearing that armor with who are high weight whether or not they are pregnant. Is there a way to increase the belly size on the armor meshes and have it only effect those flagged as pregnant in beeing female, and not effect those with a high weight stat?
  19. I thought you were kidding and then I saw all the endorsements.... OK look, there are probably tons of games to reverse-engineer + mod, but the current mods aren't going anywhere, are they? Speaking as a drooling Neanderthal I'm glad they're accessible. Being ignored at or lectured to by elitist and anarchists gets old. There's this one game-player I adore and who I have not figured out, and 99% of the rest are trying real hard to prove they do not care. I'm reading this extremely vague news headline story about an elitist and his friend not caring with extreme prejudice. This is some nightmare I made up in my head, right? Nope, it's real. As long as they don't lock up mods, it's nice a modder can drop by to slum and remark "I just made 3000.00 on my mod", as long as he has the ettiquette to maybe have a smaller free mod. He should be poor? I'm not getting through to any of you...Modders will LEAVE here to join professions and to Marry and have kids. What if they could stay and pass along the benefit of their experience because we decide to pay them a bit? Conversationally speaking of course, Ugh-ugh. My point was that corporations will do shitty things and the average user will support it blindly. I absolutely believe that modders should be compensated for their work. What worries me is that I don't trust Bethesda's motives and plans for the future of the modding community. Creation Club appears on the up and up, but they have tried paid modding before and I don't trust them. Now that the Eye of Sauron has turned it's gaze on modding I wonder how long it will be before the corps and their legions of casual gamers destroy it. You have to understand that as a PC gamer who loves RPGs, I have seen my preferred genre raped by its move to the consoles. In fact, every genre that originated on the PC and moved to console has been systematically destroyed. By destroyed I don't mean ceasing to exist or be popular or profitable, I mean it has lost its soul. RPGs are a shadow of what they once were. Console gamers don't know this because in the golden era of Western RPGs the only games you could play on console were platformers, fighting games, racers, sports titles, or JRPGS. I am not saying everyone who plays on the console is terrible. What I am saying is there is reason for PC gamers to be alarmed by modding's move to consoles. Because historically, things that PC gamers love getting ported over has never ended well for us. When you try and change something to appeal to a wider audience, it inevitably becomes dumbed down. Casual gamers have such an amazing array of things to play, everything is accessible nowadays, but hardcore gamers, especially those who favor traditionally PC style games, have very few options left to us. Very few games, devs, or even genres fulfill our needs as gamers. And when we see one more thing taken from us to appease the masses it breaks us a little bit.
  20. Because when this is the exclusive platform for future title modding it will suck. You really think some bull crap like this will become the "future"? Only way for this to be sustainable is for people to actually buy into it and support these micro transactions. Last i checked literally no one wants to pay for mods. So I don't see this happening and it's just hysteria that's being blown out of proportion. Everytime something exclusive to the PC gets ported over to the console there is an steady decline in its quality and identity. Look at the RPG or the Shooter genres. Their peaks were around 2002, when the XBOX and PS2 first started to see these previously PC only genres appear in their libraries. Both genres have become a pale shadow of their former selves. Strategy games on the other hand, are a PC exclusive genre that have remained at roughly the same level of quality for the last 30 years. The differance is that each attempt at brining the RTS to the consoles has been an utter flop. Consoles and their player base ruin everything they touch. They are a cancer. Why should mods be any different?
  21. When does the madness end? What's it going to take? So what if people vote with their wallets, don't buy mods, and don't cave to micro transactions? There will always be some fucking bro to whom games are just a curiosity, not a passion, who is more than willing to shell out some cash. To him it doesn't matter: Sure a buck here, a buck there, what does he care? How does the utter raping of this past-time affect him? Not at all. If gaming goes up in smoke he'll just move on to the next thing. This is whats wrong with gaming today, too many drooling neanderthals who will throw their money at anything. Accessibility has fucked us. Mass Appeal has fucked us. I hope they all rot.
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