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  1. I'm a male(surprise, surprise!) Personally I enjoy doing roleplaying, so I play both of the sexes - nothing is quite as enjoyable as getting outside of your own head for a couple of hours. I've never felt "uncomfortable" or "strange", playing on a male character after playing as female. Could be the RP aspect of it all, I guess, as there's usually more to the character than the pixels on the screen. That's my take on it, anyhow.
  2. Watched a lot of anime "back in the day". Haven't been a lot of good decent ones around for awhile though, only one I'm currently following would be "Shingeki no Kyojin" - which would be the only anime I can say I've actually enjoyed watching these last few years (With Fate/zero probably being the only exception). As for a show I'd strongly recommend - granted you haven't seen them yet - "Record of Lodoss War" and its sibling show "Louie the Rune soldier" was brilliant. Both are fantasy, classic dungeon and dragon-ish. "Louie" is focused on humor and comedy, whereas "Lodoss war" is a bit m
  3. Well, suppose that really rather depends on which games you choose to look at. Personally, there's been quite a number of titles that I've enjoyed this year. Fallen Enchantress - Legendary heroes, Shadowrun returns, and Metro - Last Light, just to mention a few. There's also Wasteland 2 that'll (hopefully) be released around the end of the year, and Dark souls 2 being released at the beginning of next year. So I can't really complain. @Storm55 He already points out straight away that before he even played the game, he disliked it. He was determined that the game was bad, so the whole revie
  4. Although I've already cleared the game several time vanilla, I'd be perfectly fine going back to playing the game vanilla I think. Currently most of my mods are graphic replacers, so there's been no major gameplay changes that I couldn't live without to my game so far. Don't get me wrong, the mods certainly adds to the game(If they didn't, I wouldn't be using them in the first place), However in a "Play skyrim modless or don't play skyrim at all" scenario I'd still be satisfied with playing vanilla Skyrim. Hopefully this makes sense.
  5. Gave it a shot, and still nothing. I'm not sure what to make of it though, as the console "accepts" the command, but there's nothing happening. No error messages, no quest updates, nothing. I'll be playing around and see if I can get to the bottom of this. EDIT: Okay, evidently I'm a retard. Seems like the quest was clashing with one of the XEO NPC replacer plugins. Fixed it by placing PSE after said plugin in the loadorder, should anyone else experience the same problem.
  6. Writing as I'm curious about the hackdirt encounter. I can't seem to able to get started with the second part(What I expect to be the PSE part of the quest). I've been on characters that've already completed "A shadow over hackdirt" upon mod activation, and I've also made a new character which I completed "A shadow over hackdirt" with just for effort. In both cases I've got no quest pop-up of continuation. I find it really curious because I've been able to do Sibling rivalry, Goblin Bitch, A reluctant maid and any of the other encounters without problem. Furthermore, getting captured by sl
  7. I'm not saying that they're imitating skyrim. There's been plenty of games set in northern climates long before skyrim. I'm saying that criticizing a game for being "too generic", while then making use of that exact same setting is a pile of BS. I find a pile of BS to say that TW (even the not released yet TW3) is the same setting as Skyrim. First because you didnt played the damn game (nobody did) and second because neither TW or TW2 are even close to TES games in terms of setting apart that there are all medieval fantasy games. The fact is Skyrim is generic, a lot more generic t
  8. I'm not saying that they're imitating skyrim. There's been plenty of games set in northern climates long before skyrim. I'm saying that criticizing a game for being "too generic", while then making use of that exact same setting is a pile of BS.
  9. Personally I've never been fond of the W franchise. I *tried* to like TW2, but the game simply tried way too hard to earn my ire, so I just couldn't. TW3 will simply be another game that I won't play. I will say, however, that I find it ridiculous that they criticize skyrim for being "generic"- while then proceeding to make the same type of game, in the same kind of setting. Say what you will about Skyrim, but that kind of two-faced BS is something I cannot stand. And to have people that then proceed to defend this kind of BS with statements like "But Witcher is based of a *Novel*, Skyrim
  10. How he even managed to miss that is beyond me. I'm fairly certain that this was made clear the moment the game opened for preorders a couple of months back. Also, as other people have already pointed out - Ranger mode was part of free DLC for metro 2033, it wasn't with the original game - it was not "how the original game was meant to be played". I won't say that I'm happy about it, but with how the gaming industry is looking today I can't really say that I'm surprised, nor will I blame them for trying to make an extra buck. I've seen people pay far more than 5 bucks for lesser content than
  11. Reflection, running water and "The uninvited guest" is only part of "the classic folklore vampire", so to speak. There's been no mention(as far as I know) that this applies to the vampires in Tamriel.
  12. Sadly, I know of no mod at the moment that would do this. Quite an interesting concept, I have to admit though.
  13. Quite honestly I'm sad to hear that they won't be doing anymore DLCs for Skyrim, what with all the possibilities left unexplored - and seeing as they only made 2 "actual" DLCs(I refuse to call Hearthfire a DLC) I can't help feeling as they somehow just chose to abandon it. Seeing as fallout 3 had 5 dlc, and New Vegas had 4 major dlcs, I've got to admit I was expecting more content before they'd abandon ship.
  14. When I was in my early teens I was pretty much addicted to Ragnarok Online(It was my first MMO experience). I remember one weekend where I essentially spent 48 hours(Give or take, probably a few hours more) playing the game. I don't remember what I did, just that I played the game, and that I had a massive headache for a few days afterward. Haven't had any sessions longer than 12 hours since then.
  15. Well first game I ever played on the PC was Eye of Horus. My father got my Uncle's old PC at the time, which came along with a "game box" with 4 floppy discs. Eye of Horus was one of them, don't remember the name of the other three. I couldn't have been a lot older than 5 at the time though, so it was my father that fired up the game and me and my older brother would play. Shortly after that we got a SNES, so I would mainly play on that instead. Returned to PC gaming a year or two after Diablo(the first game) was released, when my Uncle(same one that sold the PC) introduced me to it.
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