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  1. ok thanks ill give it another shot and see if ive mumbled something along the way.
  2. yes ive included the mod in this thread aswell
  3. has anyone gotten this to work? I followed all the steps(on the discord) and I've seen nothing so far, not even consorts does this require a new start?
  4. oh wow, a swift take down and a ban just for posting a mod that modifies the game?
  5. is there some way to scale back the prowess buffness? I use a few mods that in the long term give certain individuals a lot of prowess over time and they end up being hulks after awhile, then they suddenly got obese and turned into meatballs lol.
  6. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2277247790 something like this is what i meant
  7. Should same sex consorting be fix, would there be a way to make a certain consort do actions a married partner would do to assist the rule through decisions menu?
  8. that's really unfortunate, that does not seem like something you touch for the purpose of bugfixing
  9. With the recent patch and flavor pack it seems same sex consorts no longer work for me, not only that but I've read that they have been hardcoded out of the game. Is that true? does that mean it will be quite awhile till its possible to do again if at all?
  10. Mainly requires All Genes Unlocked and the mod from here
  11. This seems to have turned everyone into hulking monsters on my playthrough, im currently sifting through my mods to see if anything is working incorrectly(or correctly but not needed anymore.) other than that i really like what you done here, adds a lot more diversity to the bodies Edit: seems like prowess was the issue due to the vampire and demon mods i had installed
  12. (is tall. body edits might be needed)
  13. as far as I know, no, there are substitutes for it around the forum but do not have the same quality as the original
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