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  1. Lets hope something like Obsidian's The Outer Worlds can spark a fire under the community like F:NV and Oblivion did. Skyrim was exciting as well but FO:4 was clearly not interesting to a lot content creators. Community seems bigger but a lot less interest in modding with no unifying game makes me sad.
  2. ME:A is my favorite. Actually liked it more than ME:1. Didn't care for ME:2 or 3 which I felt were just Gears of War clones with a lot of face to face talking. A lot of the dialog was fluff in the sequels. ME:A fixed that. A lot of the combat is meaningful and varies based on your class or specs. You can specialize in weapon types again like ME:1 and don't have to swap weapons constantly like you're playing "gun pokemon". The dialog isn't forced and the interactions have purpose without half of the game being just there for the laugh but not pushing the plot forward or accomplishing anything except give the VAs more work. A lot of the talking is reward from team line ups. In the hardest difficultly the enemies don't get insane armor and shielding like in the sequels but instead are just harder with more damage and health, like regular games. So you actually need tactics or the gameplay mechanics that help you win most of the time will kill you. Some parts were challenging enough that I had to lower the difficult just so I get to the next part of the story cause the fight was too well constructed. All of the companions are great. They don't really have that one companion that everyone pisses on like in previous games. Even the most "on the fence" companion has the most fun side quest. I heard the game had some graphics issues when it released. But I didn't play it for months till it was thoroughly patched like I do with all Bioware/Bethesda/Obsidian titles cause they are all buggy on release I don't like being forced to do a second play through because of a gamebreaking bug that are in all of the game from those developers. Only problem I have with the game is the lack of DLC. Fun shit about my favorite race got hinted at in the end and I got blue balled!
  3. 98GB That's after shaving the fat and moving the mods folder elsewhere ect. Really should just delete it. But I'll just end up reinstalling it and remodding it... cause modding is fun.
  4. You'll have to ask the author, mod is kept up to date so they frequent the nexus site.
  5. Back in 2014 I made a character in a fully modded Skyrim and just played. Used the same character for about a year till I did everything in game along with several mod quests. Basically I beat the game. Now I just play till something breaks. Then re-roll when I can't figure out what went wrong. I miss that 2014 save. No matter how many times I swapped out mods it just wouldn't break. The unbreakable save. Ironically I'd say I mod/play 20/80. Some days I'll just turn the game and play, some days I'll just mod till I'm happy and not even play, I'll just save the test for tomorrow. You can spend a lot more time playing these days. Before a new overhaul or perk tree mod would drop and you'd have to upgrade my starting over to try it out, or Minilovers would get superseded by Sexlab and stuff. Then you "need" to start a new play through. Now all the mods are already out an no new overhauls are being made. Just old mods are getting patches or a second look at. Nothing that needs a fresh save. Edit: Just checked Steam, 4703 hours played. So I'll assume I spend twice that looking up and reading mod pages and forums for help with problems then using mod and testing them, ect. So Probably spent way too much time on Skyrim. Spent 99% of my time on a old lap top that could barely run the game, so getting it work was a whole other bag of worms.
  6. cornbreadtm


    It's been like a decade... but I had Darkstalkers, Cowboy Bebop and Steamboy.
  7. That's normal. Skyrim only updates the speed mult after an equipment chance or sprinting/crouching.
  8. Same problem. They undress but put their clothes back on right after. Doesn't happen for PC though. NPC get naked when I load into cells for the first time as well. Once they go through all of that they work fine though because the schlong is on them and everything. So they undress properly and don't randomly strip.
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