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Must have and useful follower mods

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I would like to start a thread for people to share their followers that they use and are useful and always seem to be in your load order. A link would be nice and perhaps a picture to show people what they look like. Legal mods and lets not make this a request thread.

Skyrim has thousands perhaps tens of thousands of follower mods far to many for anyone person to try them all and we all have different tastes and play styles so why not share.


Here is one of my go to followers who is a tank in battle  Nadia Storm-Wolf  She a superb follower that I highly recommend





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Pride of place has to go to Lil Red. She has a way of looking at you that makes you think 'Alfred Hitchcock'. 😱














Turns out that I have a few of that author's followers.



Naria - looks at you like you have disappointed her or otherwise failed to measure up.



and Tamara - Permanently surprised. I love that look so much I removed the scars from the face. It's the kind of guy I am.


There were a couple more but I can't remember which ones they were.



4 hours ago, woodsman30 said:

far too many for anyone person to try them all









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I really like custom voiced followers.  Two of my top three are probably well known, the third is awesome but sadly under-recognized


Sofia - stong fighter, funny dialogue, seemingly infinite carry weight


Inigo - fighter/archer and incredible amount of dialogue


Auri/Song of the Green - deserves to be more well known, and has a banter patch with Inigo


I usually run a bunch of waifu mods in my game, but those are mostly just to recruit and then leave in my player homes using the MHIYH mod.  These are the three I like to actually go adventuring with.



Honorable mention - Vilja, but I prefer to reserve her for Oblivion because you really don't have many other choices there beyond generic followers.


At some point I'm looking forward to trying Lucien, but haven't got there yet.



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1 hour ago, coffeeandcynicism said:

Alina is a badass

Obviously a different Alina to the one I have but there again the one in my screenshot looks different to this one which is in my follower folder. 🤔







18 hours ago, woodsman30 said:

sleepytigereyes does some excellent work

There is something about (I'm guessing) my ENB or lighting mods which makes Sleepytigereyes' followers look strange in my game. I can't remember if it's the eyes or the skin but they generally look too weird for me.


Meanwhile I've picked up my first 10 followers from Riverwood and we are doing Freak Balls Barrow.

This one is new. She's found round the back of Gerdur's house.







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5 hours ago, Grey Cloud said:

(I'm guessing) my ENB or lighting mods

I would say yes as you can see she looks good in my picture... this is just a game play photo as most of mine are so all sleepy's mods look real good..... One big reason I do not like or use an ENB to temperamental.  

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Finished the barrow and had two options - go out the exit and straight into a bandit camp with only 10 followers or traipse all the way back to the entrance. Decided to compromise and call up some reinforcements. Had 3 followers in places I didn't want to be going to so I called them to me.



There's an option to remove the tat which I forgot to use.



Mia. One of MrStoob's - I'm a big, big fan.




Ruth. Another of MrStoob's



I need to get their gear enchanted - we got hammered by the bandits. 🥺 There was a lot of bandits though.

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1 hour ago, Grey Cloud said:

I'm gonna need a bigger Drunken Huntsman

Yea and the Riverwood's Shitting Giant or whatever it is call.

12 minutes ago, Harvald said:

My former favourites

Glad to see you throw your hat in the ring as you have a vast library 👍

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33 minutes ago, Harvald said:

only drunken Huntsman

With the followers I have in this game. In other games it's other places feeling the strain. I have over 25,000 NPCs in my game and quite a lot of them frequent the various inns and public buildings.

Earlier today I discovered an NPC in the Huntsman who was a vendor (and potential follower) for an armour mod that I installed the other day. I checked the esp and there's another one in Eastmarch somewhere. 🥴


Nexus says I haven't downloaded Selene Kate but the name rings a bell and she looks vaguely familiar.

I think I have an Ambriel but not that one.

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