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Must have and useful follower mods

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2 hours ago, woodsman30 said:

 Glad to see you throw your hat in the ring as you have a vast library 👍

maybe, don't know,  about 2.000 for Le and 1200 for SE


An other interesting follower with a lovely quest is Mirai.


Optically i like diversity. Many modders do the same face more than one time and that's a little boring.  From Nexus there are Hilde (a little weak), Nihel and Brandi from other places especially Mina Harker and Kailu.

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22 hours ago, Harvald said:

Optically i like diversity. Many modders do the same face more than one time and that's a little boring.  From Nexus there are Hilde (a little weak), Nihel and Brandi from other places especially Mina Harker and Kailu.

I'm having a few problems with some of these.








Her mesh files were some strange sizes.



Hilde and Nihel might be because I updated the high ploy head mod earlier today.

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31 minutes ago, Harvald said:

Hilde looks completely different in my Skyrim. She has a blue skin.

I went for the human version.

I don't know about the other two. I did remove a load of shit from the Kailu bsa.

I'll have a closer look tomorrow.


Thanks for the file. I'll have a look at that tomorrow too.

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17 minutes ago, Grey Cloud said:

H.M.S. Anachronistic judging by the gun ports. 😲

17th/18th century 🤔 Sure that it's a british design?

Nevertheless, it's cool.


Do the Aldmeri have it employed as a secret weapon now and gained naval superiority? :classic_ph34r:

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2 minutes ago, Harvald said:

bikini weather all day long

And that's just the men. 😎


I sorted Hilde. It must be something to do with the HP head as none of her textures were pointing at her folders when I looked in nifskope. She now looks like she does in your image.

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As a sneaky illusionist who usually likes to hit everything with frenzy, go invisible, then let my enemies kill each other before stabbing the winner in the back - you know, the honourable way to fight - I generally avoid followers. They just tend to get in the way.


I have, however, been using Minerva lately. Mainly that's because I'm enjoying Submissive Lola, which allows you to make your follower your owner, and I wanted someone stern and domineering. She seemed like she'd fit the bill, and she hasn't disappointed. As an Altmer, she towers over my little Breton, and she uses that delicious haughty elf voice (expanded by the mod to add lots of extra follower-friendly lines.)


I'm not sure if others would consider her a "must have," but she was practically born to be a mistress. I think I'm in love.

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Going to put this one in here Tawara is a two handed wrecking machine. She has a sword that weights 100 lbs you read that right... this is to slow her down. Now if you want the full Monty give her a normal weight weapon and just stand back.... I give her the long hammer " there is no way Grey Cloud is going to let this pass". She is OP due to her speed but that can be toned down by just keeping her default weapon. I recommend her for combat skills and she has quite a unique look to her.




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20 hours ago, woodsman30 said:

" there is no way Grey Cloud is going to let this pass"

I've downloaded the follower but she'll have to wait a while as I'm currently undergoing a major re-jig of my followers. I go for quantity rather than fighting quality so her fighting prowess is neither here nor there for me.


As for hammers, come and talk to me when you've seen a proper hammer.


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Very strategically placed hammer. ;)


Taking the question another way:


- Nether Follower Framework. This one is honestly just indispensable all round, not just for lewd play. Adds so much functionality to followers. Plus with the command to make a follower the pool of potential followers expands to almost every NPC in the game, and you can make all kinds of followers: the healer, the tank, even just the tag-along who doesn't fight.


- Devious Followers is another one I have on almost all the time. I'm just very into the whole financial domination aspect, and when it's tuned just right it captures really well the "sinking in quicksand" feeling of slowly losing control over the course of hours. The fact that it also fixes Skyrim's economy loop to a large extent is kind of a happy side bonus.


There's a great lack of the kind of mods of followers I'm interested in: males, of the more dominant variety and maybe slightly misogynistic and unpleasant. Male follower mods are already rare, even fewer are dominant and practically none are not generally good guys.

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She's called Hallow in the esp.

Heavy duty vamp and can summon a vampire lord.

The eyes are a bit much for my tastes.






Mae Little Fire


She's only wikkul but she's a good 'un.






Not tried these yet.

Merylin Sakova


A bit pale but that can be fixed.






This one took a lot of work to get rid of all the custom shite.



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