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Lovers Slave Trade 1.0 English Final

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Made by VICN

Original Japanese untranslated version available here: http://www.4shared.com/folder/RSdj43o8/ForGentleman.html

All credit for the creation of this plugin to the original Japanese Modders who created this plugin. We merely translated it.




The Slave Trader plugin has been stripped of many of its features (they have been moved to Bravil Underground). However it still retains the PC's ability to capture slaves and train them via having sex with them. You can "personally" do the training or have another NPC/Slave do it. After training you can sell slaves for a nice profit.




OBSE v20 or better


Shivering Isles.esp

Lovers with PK v1.4.1 - 6 rev 91 or better




Bravil Underground v0.96



Screen Shots:














Gregathit's little tip:

I use a mod called Budongs Narcolepsy Spell to "knock down and out" any NPC I wish to enslave. Once they are down you can cast the enslave spell on them for a 100% success rate. Yes it is lazy but what can I say... :P Link: http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/9983







Well, thanks to the feedback from a number of testers in the Beta thread I think this plugin is now ready for prime time. This will be called Slave Trader v1.0-Final. You will need to either start a new game or use the dismiss all slaves option and make a clean save if you are upgrading from version 91beta.


One of the new features is a customizable ini file in which you can tweak how long it takes to break slaves. This can cut down much of the grind for plugins like Bravil Underground. You can find the ini file in Oblivion\data\ini\LSTGameSettings.ini



Credit to HanPL for original translations of earlier versions of the slave trader plugins.



Update A - Details:

- Incorporated mem4ob4's conversation splits, so that slaves say "Mistress" or "Master" depending on the player's sex.

- Females training male slaves will take the 'def' (female) position, with the male slave taking the 'off' (male) position.

- When the option to copy enslaved actors (for enslaving spawns & other actors with no low level processing), the copy will retain the equipment of the original actor.

- Slaves and followers will not report you for enslaving an actor. This means anybody in the slave faction or the player faction, and anybody who is detected as a companion by the Lovers function xLoversCmnIsCompanion.

- When a slave attempts to sell a flower to an actor who is sitting or riding a horse, the script will attempt to knock the client out. This makes them available for sex. This doesn't always work for some reason, and sometimes the slave can move on to another client while the first one is getting up. If anybody can find a better & more robust way of doing this, let me know.

Credit to Gaebrial for Update A!!!


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It doesn't work for me. The "Slave Trainer Club." has no charges and I can't even change that in the TCS. Trying to fix the problem by changing the script of the enslave-spell, I didn't succeed, cause I couldn't save it due to some "MESSAGEEX"-errors in it. I suck at scripting. :-D

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Hi there,

Just tested it last evening, not sure if the Club needs a charge? Just try to hit someone with it, then the Victim should fall unconscious and you can use the enslave spell.


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It doesn't work for me. The "Slave Trainer Club." has no charges and I can't even change that in the TCS. Trying to fix the problem by changing the script of the enslave-spell' date=' I didn't succeed, cause I couldn't save it due to some "MESSAGEEX"-errors in it. I suck at scripting. :-D



they sell two clubs at the Slave traders shop..the first one listed is a normal club i think, might check and make sure you got the right one if so...



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It doesn't work for me. The "Slave Trainer Club." has no charges and I can't even change that in the TCS. Trying to fix the problem by changing the script of the enslave-spell' date=' I didn't succeed, cause I couldn't save it due to some "MESSAGEEX"-errors in it. I suck at scripting. :-D



they sell two clubs at the Slave traders shop..the first one listed is a normal club i think, might check and make sure you got the right one if so...




One more thing that just came to mind, I used the Club found in the basement. Check the box at the end of the cell row, also there should be a few potions in it.


Edit for clarification, the basement I'm talking about is the one below the Inn, your slavetraining quarters

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Oh' date=' I'm sorry, I am playing the update of SlaveTrader off SHY..its not translated to English yet and I am still trying to figure out the menus in what ever language it is.


lots has changed in it from the one posted here in the forum. The readme.txt in the d/l is in English though.


The one I am playing is VER 0.20






I don't know if it's different in 2.0, but the club in 1.3 has zero charge also cause it's scripted as a knockdown enchantment.I finally

figured out that you need to sneak behind the target (Chameleon or Invisibility helps) then whack them and cast enslave.Works great most of the time.Thanks for the link.

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Thanks for your advice! I tried sneaking up, but it didn't work at all. I think my problem might be the Cursed Armor mod I play. It seems to change the way fatigue works. Beating NPCs decreases their health and fatigue equally and the player cant die anymore, only loose fatigue.

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Ok I made quick translation of version 0.2.0


News in 0.2.0 (from read me )


+Fixed Scripts

1.Slave become Sex Slave by Training Randomly

2.you Can Train Slave by Other Mod Sex (Joburg, RaperS etc)

3.Many slaves can follow you

4.changeg Training Data

(Before)Human Animal DemiHuman Undead ---> (After)Human Creature

5.Removed "Trainer" from Training Manager---->you can manage "Tarainig Management" Only

+Fixed Topics

1.Removed Topic"GotoJail"

2.Added New Topic"Flower Girl"---->Slaves prostitute In Current Cell

3.Added New Topic"Free"---->This Topic Remove ALL AIToken From Slave.Slave can be managed by other Mod

4.Added New Topiv"Customer---->this Appear when you follow Slave.

---->if you want to Trade Slave with Other NPC,Chosse this Topic.

---->then Topic"Slave Trade" will Appear.

5.Fixed Topic"Go to Training Room" ---->This Topic Appear when You Are In Training Room.

+Bravil Training Room For Human

+Added New Training Room in Cheydinhal (DogHouse at the back of Ganredhel's House)

+Removed Slave Trader Utilities Chest from Training Room

--->Buy Utilities at Slave Trader Community under Gigondorin's Inn

+Added Service :"100 Forgeries" change your bounty and infa


Download :


or direct link


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Thanks Han,


I only use the dog training facility under the dog house, is it possible to get a list interpretation of the slave menu choices as they appear once you have them enslaved and you initiate conversation?









can not remember how many there are atm..but I think there are like 10 choices.


would help a great deal :)


Great work!




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Well this is SLAVE TRADE so I don't think we will see quest to help slaves :D

But author of the mod checks our forum to read opinions about mod. So if anyone have ideas how to improve plugin this is good place to write them :D

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It would be cool if your slave training facility were sometimes attacked by Brave Heroes. You could kill them, or capture them to train as slaves. Should be possible to do using a system similar to the one in Frostcrag Reborn, where bandits sometimes attack Frostcrag if you forget to set its defenses. :)

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I am enjoying this one a lot..I took your mod, and found many little things had missed translation..and that a few area's have been renamed..


I believe the renamed area's were in bravil, and cheydinhal, and Anvil..


[This is only so you know which area's had there Names Changed]


the dialog, where you except the slaver job, Had missed being translated.. I have fixed this also.

[just another information thing, where dialog missed translation]


a few other translations were debatable.. I modified according to my own thinking.


I also added some dialog, where, if you were female, the Slave would refer to you as Mistress..


And if you were male, of course Master.



and set up a few Dialog option's, for female, where the slave could pleasure you.


[she or He would take the Offensive Mode, and you would take the defensive.]



Just basically doing to this mod what i do to all of them..Adjusting to my personal Need's.




I fixed all this, and added some of my own dialog.. found and error in one of the script's I believe I have fixed this now.



I am bragging on you, I like it very much.. I always re do things to my own taste, and look for any un translated sections. There is no way this is a Rant..


I was just informing you how much I liked it.


Very fun mod...


Han, if you wish a copy of my rework, I will be glad to unload it somewhere, and PM you a link, where you may get it. Maybe it would help you some with your translation's..


Or like a lot of things i make, it may just mess everything up..LOL

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Looking at the latest 0.2.1a in TES4Edit I notice that 3 Worldspace entries, 2 Cells and 2 Dialog Topics have been missed in the translation process (as they were in previous versions). If it helps, here's the details:


Worldspaces (listed as FormID; EditorID; Name (what the Name should be))

0001C319; BravilWorld; ²¼À­Î¬¶û (Bravil)

0001C31A; AnvilWorld; °²Î¬¶û (Anvil)

0001C31C; CheydinhalWorld; ÏĶ¡ºÕ¶û (Cheydinhal)


Cells (listed as FormID; EditorID; Name (what the Name should be))

00037868; ICArenaBloodworks; ¾º¼¼³¡Ô¡ÑªÑµÁ·ÊÒ (Arena Bloodworks)

0002FF55; BravilSilverHomeonthewater; Ë®ÉÏ°×ÒøÖ®¼ÒÂõê (Silverhome on the Water)


Dialog Topics (listed as FormID; EditorID; Name (what the Name should be))


000000D2; HELLO; ÄãºÃ (HELLO)


I did try to correct these myself in TES4Edit but the game locked up right after I loaded a save (while loading various settings) so I reverted back to the original version (this was with Slave Trader v0.1.3). Not sure what the problem was, but I've not tried making any changes since then!

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I mostly use the saved project to quickly update the new versions, I was also tweaking the dialogues for female/male characters etc but author of the mod is releasing new version like a machine gun :D so everyine I would have to tweak and recomplile scripts x_X I will wait with tweaking this plugin to "fit " our forum when the final version comes out.


@Grizzly UK

Yep names of few locations are getting changed in every new version.

I was restoring names with TES4 but like I said new versions shows up very fast and I might miss few things since I work on few other translations :P

And chinese/japanese names of those locations seems to be minor detail :D

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