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  1. hello. i apologize for bothering you at all, but i was actually hoping you still had a mod that you had translated a long time ago, or at least know a way i could download it. It was a mod called Under sewer house mod for Oblivion.

  2. Yep I have the same problem as Odessa with new Beta NVSE save is getting bigger and bigger with every save game. Reverted back to stable version activated all plugins and NVSE size is 24kb after 3h of gameplay.
  3. As long as Save will not bloat again I have no problems with starting new game
  4. Yep that seems to be the case, the save game is constatly growing and growing with load 1 -> save 2 -> load 2 -> save 3 -> load 3 -> save 4 Started with 90,2kb activated few plugins saved/loaded few times 910kb now. I will revert to version from 01-Mar-2015 start new game and pray everything will work fine
  5. Ok I will test the plugins anyway to find which one is making Sexout.esm go bonkers when activated
  6. I had no problems with previous version, only the new one seems to be causing problem. Also tested game with Sexout.esm only played for few mins killed few enemies changed locations saved around 3 times. NVSE file jumped to 90,2kb but don't expand anymore. So now it's time for other plugins unless you already found the culprit
  7. Sure why not, gonna leave the Sexout.esm only for few min and check how large file gets, then I will start adding plugins to check which one is making NVSE jump from 988 bytes to almost 2 megs.
  8. Well I disabled all the plugins one by one and only one left was Sexout.esm Before disabling Sexout.esm NVSE file = 1,81mb After disabling Sexout.esm NVSE= 988 bytes :|
  9. I think you are right about constant arrays/strings I unchecked few smaller plugins saved game few times but so far nothing. Well except the fact that NVSE file is already 1,45mb lol.
  10. OK then gonna start disabling plugin by plugin then save and see if NVSE file will get smaller. Like I said kinda odd because yesterday I made clean install played for few hours with no problems and today bam lagging and freezing as hell >.>
  11. Well I found NVSE file but in Save Folder only. NVSE save file in save folder Save 9 Maxima Worker s Barracks 06 34 02.nvse 1,21mb Not sure if that's what I should be looking for
  12. Hmm kind odd but I don't see any cosave next to save game. Here is my save folder from NVSE folder. Saves.rar And just in case NVSE plugins, maybe I did mess up something. NVSE.rar Edit. NVSE save file in save folder Save 9 Maxima Worker s Barracks 06 34 02.nvse 1,21mb
  13. Hey prideslayer By NX CSV file you mean the one in NVSE > Plugins > Extender > Saves ? If so they are 14kb.
  14. Hey all. I have strange problem with Sexout.esm. After playing around 40h with my character game started to lag badly when trying to wait/sleep/quicksaving and entering new locations.(Around 10-12 second lag ) So I made clean save game but problem still occured. Yesterday I made clean install of FNV + mods and everything was working fine for 5-6 hours but today I loaded the save game and all the problems came back. After disabling all the plugins and checking them one by one I found that problem is caused by Sexout.esm. After unchecking Sexout.esm game is running butter smooth, instant
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