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  1. @winny257 If best mods come out for SSE then good if not a big deal since I already played a crapload of old Modded Skyrim And when I start to think about downloading all the mods again sorting them out making sure then don't have compatibility problems.... I think the vanilla SSE will do me just fine for now
  2. Playing right now. Gonna get all achievements on steam (again ) on vanilla version then I'm gonna wait till all most popular mods for old Skyrim show up in SSE.
  3. HanPL

    Resident Evil Is Dead

    Here are few confirmed informations about RE 7 I will withhold my judgement about RE7 until I see some gameplay from proper RE7 not PT. But if whole game will focus on playing hide&seek with infected (since "zombies " after RE6 are basically infected from 28 days later) then I think I will pass... A few months ago I booted up RE1 remastered and the men I was really hoping they would bring back RE to its roots but not the kind of roots they did show.... I mean I took a few screens while playing and they are basically oozing with old RE atmosphere and eeriness RE7 is screaming "PT+ All generic first person horrors + Outlast...
  4. Hey guys I have small problem with mod. Everything is working just fine but from time to time this error show's up. Anyone know how to fix it ? It's not game breaking but clicking Reset like 20 times is kinda annoying
  5. hello. i apologize for bothering you at all, but i was actually hoping you still had a mod that you had translated a long time ago, or at least know a way i could download it. It was a mod called Under sewer house mod for Oblivion.

  6. HanPL

    Games you are looking forward to?

    Fallout 4 (duh ) DOOM XCOM 2
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNrk9Gh93VI
  8. HanPL

    The Witcher 3

    Some High rez screens from trailer.
  9. HanPL

    The Witcher 3

  10. @reepyr. Try to make topic in tech section. but did you make sure you have everything on this list ? Requires: 1. Fallout New Vegas. 2. The New Vegas Script Extender, aka NVSE, v4.5+ available at http://nvse.silverlock.org/ 3. My NVSE Extender, available at http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/27-nvse-extender/ 4. Astymma's combined skeleton or AJs Bodymorph skeleton. 5. Sexout - CORE 6. Sexout - DATA If so then install DATA + CORE in FOMM (Prideslayer version ) then SexoutNG Bodies then in FOMM > Tools > Archive Invalidation off/on
  11. Ok tested with new beta. 96,4kb save/load few times NVSE stays 96,4kb
  12. HanPL

    Sexout Tryout

    Hah. I changed FNV language to English in Steam (was in Polish ) and now quest seems to be working fine lol. Well that or fact I killed Ringo before talking to Cobb.
  13. HanPL

    Sexout Tryout

    @Towny Hmm when should Cobb suggest the idea of using chloroform ? I just reloaded the save before taking the quest, killed Ringo got supplies but Cobb did not say anything about chloroform ;/