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  1. @winny257 If best mods come out for SSE then good if not a big deal since I already played a crapload of old Modded Skyrim And when I start to think about downloading all the mods again sorting them out making sure then don't have compatibility problems.... I think the vanilla SSE will do me just fine for now
  2. Playing right now. Gonna get all achievements on steam (again ) on vanilla version then I'm gonna wait till all most popular mods for old Skyrim show up in SSE.
  3. Hey guys I have small problem with mod. Everything is working just fine but from time to time this error show's up. Anyone know how to fix it ? It's not game breaking but clicking Reset like 20 times is kinda annoying
  4. hello. i apologize for bothering you at all, but i was actually hoping you still had a mod that you had translated a long time ago, or at least know a way i could download it. It was a mod called Under sewer house mod for Oblivion.

  5. Some High rez screens from trailer.
  6. @reepyr. Try to make topic in tech section. but did you make sure you have everything on this list ? Requires: 1. Fallout New Vegas. 2. The New Vegas Script Extender, aka NVSE, v4.5+ available at http://nvse.silverlock.org/ 3. My NVSE Extender, available at http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/27-nvse-extender/ 4. Astymma's combined skeleton or AJs Bodymorph skeleton. 5. Sexout - CORE 6. Sexout - DATA If so then install DATA + CORE in FOMM (Prideslayer version ) then SexoutNG Bodies then in FOMM > Tools > Archive Invalidation off/on
  7. Ok tested with new beta. 96,4kb save/load few times NVSE stays 96,4kb
  8. Hah. I changed FNV language to English in Steam (was in Polish ) and now quest seems to be working fine lol. Well that or fact I killed Ringo before talking to Cobb.
  9. @Towny Hmm when should Cobb suggest the idea of using chloroform ? I just reloaded the save before taking the quest, killed Ringo got supplies but Cobb did not say anything about chloroform ;/
  10. Hey all. I have small problem with Walk of Shame quest, after siding with Cobb to take over Goodsprings I used chloroform on Trudy and Sunny (got info they are dragged on back of Saloon ) After taking over Goodsprings I get quest to deliver Sunny to Eddie but can't find Sunny & Trudy anywhere. Checked the Saloon, behind the Saloon and in houses but nothing. Anyone have idea where to find them ? Load order.
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