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  1. I remember seeing something about Submissive lola taking over Maria eden when asking companion to buy the PC's freedom? Is that stilll a thing? EDIT: I think perhaps it is lola taking over devious followers slavery(?), but would be great if the above is also possible!
  2. @Guffel Can we have a way to dismiss the partner from our house after breakup? So far I believe there is no way to do this, and the npc stays in the home until the mod is toggled off.
  3. Where can we find UNICORN and WHIPPED CREAM plugins at for LE ?
  4. Help, I notice I am losing the furniture names after sex scenes using them. After the scene finishes, the bed/chair/Xcross does not have a name and so I can't use it anymore. Is there a fix?
  5. thanks for the reply. So it relates to any furniture which can be used with sexlab, including beds chairs and Xcross. The furniture doesn't disapear but becomes non-useable after the scene as the name tag vanishes... Disabling furniture system in Sexlab MCM doesn't seem to fix it from my test. I will post it in the Osmel's Tweaks thread just to be sure. Thanks!
  6. Help... for some reason the furniture names disapear after using them in a sexlab scene. They are no longer useable after as the name tag is gone. My suspicion is Utility Plus as it implements the furniture system, but i could be wrong?
  7. Couldn't reproduce this at will as it seems randomn, but it happened again recently during dialogue. Thought i'd flag it... EDIT: Happened to me again after the comment from male npc along the lines of "I want to tease your breasts and give you the highest pleasure (or something similar)". It seems like the option for a fuck buddy is meant to come after this line, but it is skipped somehow and launches straight into "you're the best, let's do it now". After which the PC can lead NPC to have sex someplace and there is then the option to "not do this anymore" (close fuck buddy deal).
  8. would it be possible to organize these into categories instead of numbers? I'm thinking Dancing / Booty shaking / etc
  9. Fps totally drops as I enter Dark Arena cell. Becomes so low that i can't even hit escape. Is there a fix?
  10. Couldn't reproduce this at will as it seems randomn, but it happened again recently during dialogue. Thought i'd flag it...
  11. I no longer get the option to "suggest something else" to the johns - is this normal in the 2.x.x versions?
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