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  1. I had this same problem and fixed it by loading Creature framework before Selab. I have no Aroused installed. sometimes you have to reset the creature database in CFW and re-register animations in sexlab if junk is not showing. Ruff! EDIT: I do still get a random CFW not found or loaded when loading a saved game, but then can re-load the same save right away and no issues...( shrug ) but 99% of the time no issues with CFW loaded before Sexlab.
  2. Been having trouble with CFW the last few days.. put CFW above Sexlab in load order and it seems to be fixed now Ruff!
  3. After installing this version, at the beginning of the animation the junk appears but soon as the animation starts the junk goes away throughout the whole animation. after the animation completes the junk reappears to then have the skeever walk around with junk all the time. Thanks for any input.. Ruff!
  4. Thank you Dayelyte! Appreciate you and your work! Ruff!
  5. Thank you Bad Dog! appreciate you for all your work here and with the others! Ruff!
  6. thanks again Dentarr! appreciate you! Ruff!
  7. Billy is at it again, he has more skeever animations done..some group skeever also 2 and 3 at once thanks to you Dentarr for your work! Ruff!
  8. Hey, Just wanted to thank you for all these animations, glad to see you back! Ruff!
  9. Very lovely indeed! Will have to try her out. And please I wish you and others that english is not your first language would quit apologizing for it everyone here knows there are many here on LL that are not english and we do not mind any slights or such you may have. Hell I am english and most of you that are not do much better than I even..lol But do not apologise for learning, People here understand and it is a wonderful thing! Ruff!
  10. Do you only do human or also work with the bestiary as well? 1. Doggy style on also female on top. 2. Mid Sized breasts, give or take a cup size. 3. Xms, BBP and TBBP, Collision, Like to see the butt do the wave mostly during impact! Great to see you back, I wish you luck and hope you do not work yourself too hard that you get frustrated! I know it can get that way. been there done that! Ruff!
  11. Thanks Both of you for bringing this to game, It really is appreciated and will make a lot of folks happy for a long time to cum Ruff!
  12. This is really pretty outdated..All this can be majorly improved by installing sexlab and a few of the add ons...Hentia creatures/nude creatures/More nasty critters..then add a SL mod to initiate the scenes..Matchmaker/Submit/ect Some really wonderful things going on with SexLab as far as beastiality content is concerned. Ruff!
  13. Thanks a million Shocky! your awesome! Keep up the wonderful work! Ruff!
  14. Thanks for the new animations...Very nice as always Panic! tyvm! These go in the canine\animations folder? or Canine\animations\sexlab? Brain fart... Ruff!
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