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  1. No It's "Marie Rose v1.1 by kknd7000" BUT Can not download it! The Like: https://ellynoa.tumblr.com/post/162936597341/marie-rose-v11-by-kknd7000-marierose-add-race
  2. Baadar What Body Type are you Using?
  3. *Perhaps, there should be a prominent warning on the first page and/or the download page that this mod is currently broken* Broken?? Were is it Broken? Been runing this Mod for Weeks! And it Runs Great!!! The Atronarch Was Right Were Quest sad she wold Be! The Bear Was Right Were Quest sad he wold Be! The Giant Was Right Were Quest sad he wold Be! The Dog Was Right Were Quest sad he wold Be! The Horse Was Right Were Quest sad he wold Be! The Dragon Was Right Were Quest sad he wold Be! Eca, Eca, Eca........ The Wolf Was Right Were Quest sad he wold Be! Hell LOVE This Mod Just Whating For More!
  4. Whin i Run This Mod in Mod Organizer i get about 30 script Errors, Then i run my game and it Go's CRASH in about 1 minute! And YES i Have SexLab, More Nasty critters and Fuz Ro D'Ho!
  5. Will I'v download Beastess v8.02 about 3 times now and the .7zip has Never been corrupted try opening it with 7-Zip File Manager ho and the file is 54.6 MB. Ho and the Optional Files on the "Beastess Forsworn" Can you add the Boots, Bracers and the Head dress back on Them? They Just Look naked and have NO Armor! Ho and How about adding Dogs and Wolfs with them to?
  6. "450 non-hostile creatures in cities, villages, farms, mills, etc" 1. Puts way tomany Creatures in game Like a Dog for ever 20 feet! 2. Horses inside the Towns? 3. There's like 10 Dogs in Rat Works and whin i go in there it's like BARK, BARK, BARK, BARK! 4. Go in some Ins there's like 4 of them! So can make one that just puts just like 200 in game? With NO Horses inside the Towns? Other then that it's a Good Mod!!
  7. Looks Good sofar But hope there will be a UNP-UNPB Body Ver to! Allso like to see them have a Spell like "Wolf shapeshifter" or a bult in "Mating Call" Spell wold be good to!
  8. Will No Good For Me! Do NOT EVER USE "HDT CBBE body" I use UNP-UNPB Body!!
  9. This Mod Works Great for me But whin i try to use SexLab Match maker with it the animations will NOT STOP! I'm Using: Skyrim SexLab - Sex Animation Framework v1.59c with: SkyUI v4.1 and skse_1_07_01_installer Fores New Idles in Skyrim - FNIS v5.2 SexLab Aroused Creatures SexLab Attraction SexLabAnimalSex and SexLabAnimalSexDawn SexLabAroused SexLabNudeCreatures, SexLabNudeCreaturesDB, SexLabNudeCreaturesDG Untamed v1.17 Bad Dog's Immersive Creatures - SIC Addon for Skyrim Immersive Creatures v6.5.2a True Wolves Of Skyrim v1.2 + KK -True Wolves of Skyrim [sexualized for MNC] by Saeros Hoo About 200 Mods in All! And I'm up to level 35 with NO BUGS! And Yes All my Dogys Have Dicks, bears, sabercats, Werewolfs, Werebears Ec, Ec, Ec.... Sooo Tall me You All Know How to Install Mods Right?
  10. Soooo Were is this?: Version 20150414 requires "SexLab 1.60 Alpha"
  11. Wold Love to make a toon that looks like LaLa or Haruna or even Golden Darkness!
  12. Way I'll Never Do this Mod: Warning ! Evil Quest ! Warning ! Rape and Slavery ! Warning ! Human sacrifices/rapes ! Warning : cannibalism, evil quest. Sorry just like Playing a Good Guy! Now if you just make them so you can do them Good or Bad!
  13. And just HOW do i make the presets Work?????? Did This: Once unzipped the file copy the 4 preset in the destination folder : My Documents / My Games / Skyrim / CME_save BUT there are NO Saves? Ho and whin i try to Make a New Elf They Look like Crap! The Eyes are all missed up, The brows to and the moth to!
  14. File hidden This file has currently been set to hidden by the author of the file. You cannot look at this file page or download any files relating to this file until the author makes the file visible to the public again.
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