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Isn't that kind of contemptuous (and possibly illegal) to paywall your latest, updated version of a mod, forcing people to "donate" to you in order to get it?


I'm sure this violates Bethesda's end user license agreement, by forcing people to pay and thus making money off the mod, but also possibly Lover's Lab's as well?


@CPU? @DoctaSax? Thoughts?

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19 minutes ago, Indarello said:

What is the difference between my mod and AAF?


1. AAF is not hosted on Lover's Lab.


2. AAF operates outside of the game, using scaleform and is not modifying or redistributing assets. Not at all sure this falls under the EULA in any way.


And the most important distinction...


3. @dagobaking does not ASK for people to go to patreon in order to get a "paywalled" latest version. In fact, AAF is not paywalled at all. And more to the point, AAF on Nexus is not a "DEMO", forcing people to pay up to get the full build. Every release that people CHOOSE to donate to Dagobaking for his time and efforts, as a content creator, are released to the public without fail, since the patreon releases are ALPHA pre-release builds, not intended for general release until they pass internal QA (quality assurance testing). He can speak more to this himself. But it is laughable that you would equate what you are doing here with the AAF patreon account.


But whatever. For someone trying to build a name for themselves as a content provider on this site, you are starting out in the worst possible way and giving yourself the wrong image. And trust, if I am saying this, people here are going to listen...


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The demo is uploaded here, the mod is paywalled. Anyways, moderators have spoken.


Either way, I too have spoken. And you can tust that your patreon donations from this community will be next to zero. Because some people's views carry more weight than others...

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I'm not against pay-for-mods. So, I have no beef whether this one is or not, personally.


However, I want to clarify that AAF is not paywalling. Test versions are available to Patrons while in development. But, all features are always included in the release versions after internal testing.

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3 minutes ago, Indarello said:

You mean physics works bad?

Maybe I will add fomod that will optional install physics and textures so you can use them to play mod and uninstall after finish, but why you use cbbe?

Yes boobies and Butt go crazy right now, I thought about swapping out the items but the mod is so new and I assume changing I would be doing that a lot. It would be nice to have and Option on the clothing if not to much trouble.

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38 minutes ago, MitchJones said:

Tried it like 7 times but it wont progress after youre supposed to get knocked out, nothing happens, they just stand around

I would guess something is interfering, I had no problems except the clothing was buggered for my CBBE body choice.

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6 hours ago, Indarello said:

If it stuck when you when you were beaten

Try install my animations patch and savagecabbage, probably you don't have any m_f_m aggressive animations

I will move it from recommended to requirements

I have the same problem. i use the vortex modmanager and my load order is armor keyword, vault 144, torture devices, AAF, devious devices, vault mod(your mod)

i've tried couple times but stuck in same situation also i've installed your animation patch and every animations for fallout 4 but it still dosen't work

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1 hour ago, Indarello said:

Do you have Data\AAF\AJ_XML_SC_Crowd_positionData.xml

Send me this file

i've copy it


<meta title="AJ_XML_SC_Crowd_positionData.xml" version="1.0" dataSet="position"/>
<defaults startEquipmentSet="unEquip" stopEquipmentSet="reEquip" startMorphSet="ready" stopMorphSet="unReady" offset="0,50,180"/>

<position id="3P Standing01-01 Staged" animationGroup="3P-Standing01-01_Staged" tags="SavageCabbage,3P,FromBehind,FromFront,Aggressive,Neutral"/>
<position id="3P-Floor01-01DoubleTeam Staged" animationGroup="3P-Floor01-01DoubleTeam_Staged" tags="SavageCabbage,3P,FromBehind,FromFront,Aggressive,Neutral"/>
<position id="3P-Floor02-01DoubleTeamRough Staged" animationGroup="3P-Floor02-01DoubleTeamRough_Staged" tags="SavageCabbage,3P,FromBehind,FromFront,Aggressive,Neutral"/>

<position id="3P-Floor04-03DoubleTeam Staged" animationGroup="3P-Floor04-03DoubleTeam Staged" tags="SavageCabbage,3P,FromBehind,FromFront,Aggressive,Neutral"/>

<position id="4P-Standing01-01Gangbang" tags="SavageCabbage,4P,FromBehind,FromFront,Aggressive,Neutral"/>
<position id="4P-Standing01-02Gangbang" tags="SavageCabbage,4P,FromBehind,FromFront,Aggressive,Neutral"/>
<position id="4P-Floor01-03Gangbang" tags="SavageCabbage,4P,FromBehind,FromFront,Aggressive,Neutral"/>
<position id="4P-Floor02-03Gangbang" tags="SavageCabbage,4P,FromBehind,FromFront,Aggressive,Neutral"/>
<position id="4P-Floor03-03Gangbang" tags="SavageCabbage,4P,FromBehind,FromFront,Aggressive,Neutral"/>

<position id="5P-Floor01-01Gangbang" tags="SavageCabbage,5P,FromBehind,FromFront,Aggressive,Neutral"/>
<position id="5P-Floor02-03Gangbang" tags="SavageCabbage,5P,FromBehind,FromFront,Aggressive,Neutral"/>
<position id="5P-Standing01-03Multiple-Handjob" tags="SavageCabbage,3P,FromBehind,FromFront,Neutral"/>

<position id="6P-Floor01-03Gangbang" tags="SavageCabbage,6P,FromBehind,FromFront,Aggressive,Neutral"/>

<position id="7P-Floor01-03Gangbang" tags="SavageCabbage,7P,FromBehind,FromFront,Aggressive,Neutral"/>

<position id="8P-Floor01-03Gangbang" tags="SavageCabbage,8P,FromBehind,FromFront,Aggressive,Neutral"/>

<position id="9P-Floor01-04Gangbang" tags="SavageCabbage,9P,FromBehind,FromFront,Aggressive,Neutral"/>

<position id="10P-Floor01-04Gangbang" tags="SavageCabbage,10P,FromBehind,FromFront,Aggressive,Neutral"/>

<position id="3P-Bed01-01Handjob-Doggy Staged" location="Single_Bed" animationGroup="3P-Bed01-01Handjob-Doggy Staged" tags="SavageCabbage,3P,FromBehind,FromFront,Neutral"/>

<position id="3P-BunkBed01-03Threesome" location="Bunk_Bed" tags="SavageCabbage,3P,FromBehind,FromFront,Aggressive,Neutral"/>

<position id="3P-Chair01-02Handjob-Doggy Staged" location="ArmChair" animationGroup="3P-Chair01-02Handjob-Doggy Staged" tags="SavageCabbage,3P,FromBehind,FromFront,Neutral"/>

<position id="3P-DoubleBed02-03ReverseCowgirl-Blowjob" location="Double_Bed" tags="SavageCabbage,3P,FromBehind,FromFront,Neutral"/>

<position id="3P-DoubleBed01-03DoubleTeam" location="Double_Bed" tags="SavageCabbage,3P,FromBehind,FromFront,Neutral,Aggressive"/>


<!-- wait for fix offset for stages
<position id="3P-Floor03-03Gangbang Staged" animationGroup="3P-Floor03-03Gangbang Staged" tags="SavageCabbage,3P,FromBehind,FromFront,Aggressive,Neutral"/>

<position id="3P-Floor03-03Gangbang" tags="SavageCabbage,4P,FromBehind,FromFront,Aggressive,Neutral"/>

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1 hour ago, Indarello said:

Try install savage TD folder from my patch manually, and check if it fix issue with my quest

What mod manager you using?

Im using Nexus manager. Everything is installed correctly i checked... Im at a loss, see if more people have the same problem and im gonna wait till its more stable.

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