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  1. well can someone upload a version before it was deleted or is that against the rules? I found a copy on Russian site but its in Russian might have to translate it back to English
  2. Hmm makes sense but if its an AAF feature what combination of keys allows you to stop MCGs animation and choose one yourself and no its not just opening up the AAF menu, cant figure it out so gotta spam... Also another weird thing is i can only do it before MCG related scene starts, i tried with to do it before Violate one and it didnt work, try it yourself, surrender and just AFTER pressing "yes" on that popup screen, spam home+delete+end+pagedown and the scene wont start but you will be able to choose your own with AAF menu. Also im not sure that surrender counts as "rape" scenario per say, more like pacification if youre doing like a seductress playthrough, for example in Skyrim there are Calm spells and mods that initiate scenes after the Calm spell. Also would be a cool feature to add scene choosing (if what said before is not part of the mod) like this for all scenarios if youre tryna do a more progressive playthrough or you dont want certain actions yet cause shes not corrupted enough (you can make your own rules), kinda like Karryns prison does it if u ever played that game, instead of having to gamble. P.S also apparently there is a weird shutdown shortcut related to those 4 keys cause it once happend to me, tho its rare dont know the combo
  3. so it says you can choose animation in MCG, does this account for when you surrender? Cause its been working for me, just before the scene would start i spam press delete+home+end+pagedown and then i can go to AAF manager to choose animation without a random one starting... I spam cause i cant tell which combination of these 4 keys gives that result and when i do them alone it doesnt work but when i spam 100% of the time success... Soo my question is am i missing some hotkey or is this not intended and im breaking the mod somehow cause it doesnt mention any of this in the description or what to press before the scene...
  4. kept trying dozens of times and either ended up getting an error or extremely low download speed... now i randomly try once again and its going full speed, good one MEGA... well atleast i managed to DL it
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