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  1. i think this mod doesn't compatiable with CBBE...... Should i use Fusion Girl for it?
  2. i've copy it <meta title="AJ_XML_SC_Crowd_positionData.xml" version="1.0" dataSet="position"/> <defaults startEquipmentSet="unEquip" stopEquipmentSet="reEquip" startMorphSet="ready" stopMorphSet="unReady" offset="0,50,180"/> <position id="3P Standing01-01 Staged" animationGroup="3P-Standing01-01_Staged" tags="SavageCabbage,3P,FromBehind,FromFront,Aggressive,Neutral"/> <position id="3P-Floor01-01DoubleTeam Staged" animationGroup="3P-Floor01-01DoubleTeam_Staged" tags="SavageCabbage,3P,FromBehind,FromFront,Aggressive,Neutral"/> <position id="3P-Fl
  3. I have the same problem. i use the vortex modmanager and my load order is armor keyword, vault 144, torture devices, AAF, devious devices, vault mod(your mod) i've tried couple times but stuck in same situation also i've installed your animation patch and every animations for fallout 4 but it still dosen't work
  4. how about the sex mod with fallout 4's creatures? like a deathclaw or molerat or radroach
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