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  1. You have some possibilities to define when the question will be accepted or denied. Not many. For sure not the ones you listed. But there is no way to condition a rule with a condition of a previous rule. So what you are asking is not possible.
  2. DelleBelpine is banned for a month.
  3. OK, thread cleaned. Next time it will be locked. Just report the people that are not respecting the rules.
  4. Actually paid mods are against our rules. So just give us links and report whoever is doing paid mods and it will be banned from LoversLab.
  5. And because toilet paper was overbought by covidiots™, we will learn how to use the "3 little shells".
  6. Check if you are using the Skyrim sex or the SexLab gender to identify the sex of the actor.
  7. Your PC can be involved as source, target or collaborator. It is enough to define the values to match the player (collaborator is complex to be define as player, so avoid.) There is no way I can remember to chain rules based to the number of participants of a previous rule.
  8. Looks good enough. The only thing that seems to be problematic is a rule that has a name in probably Korean symbols. [04/03/2020 - 12:25:49AM] SSX: 설정 저장 중 [04/03/2020 - 12:25:50AM] ERROR: Cannot call inUse() on a None object, aborting function call stack: [ssxDC (4C01E767)].ssxdeferredconfigloader.saveSSXConfig() - "ssxDeferredConfigLoader.psc" Line 411 [ssxDC (4C01E767)].ssxdeferredconfigloader.manageConfig() - "ssxDeferredConfigLoader.psc" Line 30 Every time this rule is evaluated there a re errors stopping the mod. Can you try to rename it with just ASCII characters? I never tested the mod using non English names for rules.
  9. [04/02/2020 - 08:06:29PM] SSX: Possible problem, the number of rules is inconsistent with the number of aliases. Go in the Debug section and change the maximum number of rules handled by the mod. Start with a small number, save, reload the game, and check. Increase the value until it will not work anymore. When it will be not working, just set it to the previous value, save, reload, and you should be OK.
  10. Se the mod level at least to intermediate in the main page. Then import the rules you have put in the folder.
  11. The json file looks not good from the screenshot. Just go in the SKSE/Scent of Sex/ folder and delete every json file (you can backup them if you like)
  12. Evangelion opening. Of course with inappropriate instruments.
  13. Far too soon. We still have to see the format of the data to check if we can at least replace the textures. A big step (but probably not before a couple of years) will be mesh replacement. About new animations, new behaviors, right now this is just impossible.
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