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  1. Everyone stuck in frozen pose

    Post your FNIS log. And tell me if you are using Mod Organizer or not.
  2. It will be easier if you post your mod list.
  3. If the script is a fragment you cannot just re-attach it. You need to create a new one and fill its properties
  4. Can I ask you what are you giving up?
  5. Avec ce config la tu ne vais pas generer le papyrus.log, donc aucune chance de comprendre d'ou viens le probleme. Mets : [Papyrus] bEnableLogging=1 bEnableProfiling=0 bEnableTrace=1 bLoadDebugInformation=1
  6. STP, ajoutes aussi le papyrus.log pris just apres qui une animation sexualle demarres et termines.
  7. Every time, for a day, a user has the highest number of "likes" the day is "WON" by the guy. In the profile, it is shown how many days the member had the maximum number of likes for a day. I think it is useless, but it is a standard stuff of the new site version.
  8. Create an activity stream like that: You can make it your default stream (like I do) so you have its button on the top-right of the screen.
  9. Follow me for Sex

    EN: Nothing on your mod list can be problematic. The message is available only with NPCs that can have dialogues and are not children. If it is a horse then you may have some mod that gives the ability to speak with horses. FR : rien dans ta liste de mods est mauvais. Mon message viens que pourles PNJs qui peuvent avoire un dialogue et ne sontpas desinfants. Si il est un cheval, alors tu as un mod qui donne la possibilite de parles aux chevaux.
  10. Follow me for Sex

    Follow me for sex, does not add keymaps (at least until version 3.2 that is not yet out) So any problem with the "E" and other keys cannot be from this mod.
  11. Another broken download

    The files download just fine.
  12. Les clubs sont comme des forums. Tous le Monde peut creer un nouvel topic (mais quel'owner peut creer lessections.)
  13. Am I being selfish?

    Probably just tired. On your day off, spend half of it with your partner. And keep the other half for yourself.