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  1. CPU

    Count to 1,000,000

    8127 times I explained that the number of posts does not match because all posts that do not contain the number are hidden.
  2. Make XP32 win the conflict (I recommend XPMSE last version.) It not clear for me what your problem is.
  3. It will change only during sex animations.
  4. Just grab the name of the animation event (you can find it in the FNIS txt file) Then using a script: Debug.sendAnimationEvent(actor, "<name of the anim event>") Or using the console (click on the actor you want before typing the command): SAR <name of the anim event>
  5. CPU

    CAS + Sims4Studio

    Sorry. It is not really clear what you are asking. Try asking in your original language, probably some people will speak it.
  6. How you install mods? What is your mod manager? The section is the good one.
  7. There are many. Try Follow me for Sex that has a little bit of everything (creatures not included.)
  8. Each time you will connect to the site you will not be able to post until you explicitly click on the login button. I personally use the double authentication. It will give me more safety when logging in (but of course you need to generate the login code on your phone each time you want to connect.)
  9. CPU

    Count to 1,000,000

    Just a question. Can 8101 be read as a small orgy of 16 people? Or it is just a lot of sex going on at the same time?
  10. Only the staff and yourself. Other members cannot see this information.
  11. CPU

    SK:SE questions

    Pretty much all advanced mods require SKSE. So it is the way to go. Be sure you get SKSE64 if you are using SSE.
  12. CPU

    Cum Shot Brothel

    The mod was never ported to SSE. Somebody should do it, as is for sure it will not work.
  13. CPU

    Slay the Spire adult mod?

    Looking at steam preview (I do not own the game) it looks like there is a very little "porn" possibility. I did not check the game moddability but what you will get? Nude avatars for fighting? Probably modders will not spend too much time to make the game lewd. But if somebody will, then it will be welcome on LoversLab.
  14. CPU

    Count to 1,000,000

    Only one shot over 8093 will hit a target when fired by a stormtrooper.
  15. CPU


    Have you run GenerateFNISForUser? Have you had any error?