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  1. Just as general line: Using a single screenshot, in case you mention the source, it is not considered a problem. Using a lot of screenshots is a copyright violation. If you alter a lot the screenshot, at the point they cannot be related anymore to the original, then they are new items no more related to the original. Of course you have to alter them in a way that nobody can identify them. You are not allowed to used some parts that are like "trademarks" (some examples: the logo of the game, the title of the game, the loading pages, the menu items, some location that can be recognized by everybody, some characters that can be identified immediately as part of the game (default player with the horn helmet, or the guards)) If you do something just for fun and free, it is less problematic. For commercial games just forget this idea.
  2. Sad moment. Glory to the guy that brought home computers in UK and many other countries.
  3. 14744 is an entry gate (a pricey one)
  4. 14734 is a Oracle vulnerability. Patch your software, guys...
  5. Probably just an old link that was stored somewhere on the Internet.
  6. As already stated by Nexus staff, to get the "hidden file" you need to know 2 things: the mod id (23776 in this case) and the file version id (154069) The mod ID is not too difficult to find, because it will be still visible for hidden mods. But the file ID is impossible to find.
  7. 14730 is a tiger cub action toy
  8. 14726 is a lion roaring action toy
  9. What game are you talking about? Right now I am moving this in general gaming.
  10. And moved to the correct section
  11. 14715 may have been a welcome surprise for some boys
  12. Yes, login is now using email addresses. If you do not remember it, do like Psalam said, PM Ashal here or on discord. And be sure you can provide some info to associate you with your previous user.
  13. It is also a way to break the rules. "You cannot post pirated contents here" (=> let's open a Discord channel to share pirated mods) A bunch of pirated Discords open when we did a big stop on sharing pirated mods for Resident Evil
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