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  1. What I ment for "races may change in different saves" is that they may be altered (in raceID) in case you install/uninstall mods that alter them.
  2. List of races are per-save and per-version. So if you went from a version to another or from a save to a very different one, the race index can be different and you pick up the wrong one. You can try to manually edit the rule (it will be a Json file) to put the right race.
  3. Then post your papyrus.log, it may have clues of why SexLab it is not working.
  4. Do you have any mod that alters the races of the NPCs?
  5. First icon is for people and followers. Second is for posting in threads you follow Third one is for somebody giving a thumbs up to something you posted Fourth is just for the staff, something requires an approval Fifth is when somebody quotes a post of yours Sixth is the same as the second Seventh is when somebody starts a new thread in a section you follow
  6. New icons to learn. But when you get used to it, makes the notifications way clearer.
  7. Et, en suite, il y a les Moderateurs. Qui vont lire n'importe quel post dans n'importe quelle langue. Et vont souvent rebasculer les posts dans le bon endroit. Moved to Sims 4 Tech support.
  8. Start by defining in SexLab that you don't want to auto-unequip all the slots. The actors will do sex fully clothed, but it will give us clues about what is wrong. If the actors do sex fully clothed without problem, start un-checking one of the slots and re-try. Do this until you find what are the problematic slots. It is possible that is just a specific item that is causing you problems. Best of luck.
  9. Better if you change the title, buddy. "help me" is more like "I need help", not "You can find help here".
  10. Hello, if you submit a mod or a file for this game, please follow these instructions: 1) Click on the Download button and then on the Submit File button. 2) Click on "Select" and pick the DOA 6 category 3) Upload your file(s), you can drag and drop them in the window or browse them 4) Give a title and a description to the file. 5) Use some tags. I recommend always adding DOA6 as tag. Maybe MOD in case it is a mod. Happy modding.
  11. No, this is quite odd. Try to backup your json config and then delete it. Check if the values are not stored.
  12. There is a toilet. You did not find it? You can also build it.
  13. You can shit in rooms, and then clean up the mess you did (all of this is actually possible with the mod.)
  14. It has some animations. Eating, drinking, taking a bath or a shower, pissing, pupping.
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