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  1. while i && (Follower || NeedARaper) && (AggressorCount < j)
  2. I don't remember. Are years I do not see this mod. I think there were 4 different rings, but I am not sure.
  3. Sadly, gitlab.loverslab does not exist anymore. The code of SexLab itself was documents with comments as much as possible, and there are still some guides on this site. And there are a ton of people that can answer to your questions in case you have some while developing SexLab mods.
  4. Sometimes SkyUI Input filed just does not work. Nobody knows why. You can rename the rules in the json file. Generate a name so you can identify them, and then edit the json when the game is not running with a notepad. When you see the generated name place the name you want.
  5. There is zero history for this account.
  6. There is already a modding community (quite active) and some of us try also adult mods. The modkit is already very advanced, better than the Witcher 3 one. But we face more or less the same limitations of Witcher 3 modding: no custom animations are possible (you can replace anims but you cannot add new anims) and scripts are not yet possible to compile (but it is a matter of time.) "Quests" are a mystery. They do not work like they worked in TW3, but we are investigating. Expect maybe the same level of adult mods you had for Witcher 3.
  7. CPU


    Sadly we cannot host such topics. They become immediately a politic battle. Topic locked.
  8. CPU


    It is a setting in Windows preferences to have the icons like this.
  9. You do not have this? Of course as moderator you do, but I may be interested in other people feedback.
  10. CPU


    Select the app and try Windows key + Left or Win+Right.
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