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  1. Just do a Ctrl-Z after pasting the link, or use the Link button.
  2. CPU

    Please help download game

    Just click on your link. On the right there is a download button. If you are in the support thread, click on the View File button and then click on download. You should wait 10 seconds and then the download should begin.
  3. CPU

    probably dumb question

    In case in a single day you get most of the endorsements ("likes to any of your posts) then you "win" a day. You can browse who won each day on the top menu Browse, sub-section Leaderboard.
  4. CPU


    I will give a look.
  5. CPU


    Can you describe me what you have in mind for "wear & tear"?
  6. CPU

    Follow me for Sex

    Probably there is a bug somewhere. I think I will try to do some fixes this week-end. Are you doing that for SSE or for Oldrim? (I will do the changes only for Oldrim.)
  7. CPU

    Follow me for Sex

    Probably is the cell you are in that is problematic. Check if you have the same problems in some well known cells, like BanneredMare, QASmoke, etc.
  8. If you have 3 actors, let's call them A, B, and C, then the possible permutations are: ABC, ACB, BAC, BCA, CAB, CBA. So six.
  9. CPU


    I am using a special decompiled version of SkyUI to use some of the advanced functions. I have no rights to add these PSC files in the main archive, but can give them to recompile MiniNeeds.
  10. CPU

    Count to 1,000,000

    7937 warnings issued for not reading them
  11. Easy enough. So the first npc asked will always be passive. In case of a third one there are 6 possible positions. Leaving the Npc standing may cause problems. Better to have it walking behind the player.
  12. CPU

    Creature Framework

    I don't agree. But it is just my point of view. And I do NOT proclame myself to be the maximum Skyrim-modding-knowledge-guy.
  13. CPU

    Who is CPU

    You wish the real one doing it? Just ask.
  14. CPU

    Creature Framework

    Contacted @Ep1cL3w7z , I will check if we can do this improvement.
  15. CPU

    From the Deeps

    Doing... Done. @Fasterflight225, @Delzaron may use your patch in the future release. Your "patch" may be removed then, but right now it is good.