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  1. I stopped modding in 2018, I do not even have Skyrim or CK installed. So no. If anyone wants to make a patch or even a new version I am OK for it. As long it will be free for everybody.
  2. For info. The old version if freeware and you can download and play it from ScummVm site: https://www.scummvm.org/games/
  3. Is this a remake of the original late 90s game?
  4. What mod are you talking about? SexLab? Post load order and papyrus.log, just in case.
  5. If you know Java, then C# is not difficult. They are very similar. Try the free course from WorldWideWeb consortium schools, just to check if are OK with the language or you need some studying. You may also want to do some courses for Unity. It is not complex, but for sure you need some experience. C# free course: https://www.w3schools.com/cs/index.php
  6. Moved to tech support. 1. blender, 3d studio, Maya, etc files can be just drag and dropped inside unity. Works with about all Blender parts: meshes, materials, animations, lights, etc. 2. you need usually to animate the different parts (mashes) together in the same animation. Be aware, doing this directly in Unity is a pain and not really a good idea. Better if you use a 33d tool like Blender or Maya for animations. 3. is very simple code. What is your level of programming?
  7. What is your operating system, and what version of VS are you using? (year and type, like 2019 Community)
  8. You kidding? 15801 is better.
  9. 15799 is just a chicken waiting for the next number
  10. 15796 is a chemical compound with a very nice shape
  11. If you speak about dialogues, then you have to code lips files. These can handle every possible facial expression, also the ones not handled directly by MFG. If not, you can try to do something by code. I did something a while ago to play special animations with full face animation support. Not sure I still have the sources somewhere.
  12. Thread locked. Next time all of you will receive a serious warning and be banned for months from the site. All Of You.
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