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  1. Couple of comments on your blog @Psalam 1) No need to clean all the masters. You will only save half a second on load time. The game way to load files will do it automatically. (You save a null time.) 2) If you create or edit mods, better to use the 7zip version of SKSE. Installer one will just add a few registry keys that are useless. Just grab the archive, unpack, and copy ALL in Skyrim directory. 3) LOOT, only if you do not use MO (MO2 does not have it, MO 32 bits has it.) 4) Do not use both LOOT and Wryebash. They will conflict. Prefer Wryebash in case you need to merge mods. 5) On ENBBost config, save 10% o the max possible ram on videomemorysizemb. For some reasons if you have less than 2Gb of Vram goes faster. On 4Gb is about the same. On 8Gb and more makes no difference. Keep in mind that the max real used ram for Oldrim (with ENBBost) is 6.5Gb..
  2. You can use Ctrl+Shift+V to paste without formatting. Of couse, you will lose the format, but you get rid of the empty lines. Just be sure the original text does not contain empty lines at the end, because these will be pasted no matter what. P.S. Genie in a lamp. And you still have 2 wishes to be fulfilled. But your soul is now mine.
  3. Uninstall the mod, clean the same from forms and scripts with "fm4s" inside, then reainstall. Looks like you did not use a clean save for V3.1 or V3.2 that were requiring clean saves.
  4. Hello. Just got a mention here. I will read the full blog tomorrow. If anybody can tell me what the actual problem is I may give a solution earlier.
  5. Il faut etre sur qui tu as activez non pas seulement les mods, mais aussi les "scripted mods". Dans le cas tu vois un message d'erreur quand tu demarres le jeu (non pas le chargement du jeu, il faut charger une partie) alors tu peux avoir une "lastexception" prends le fichier et colle-le ici.
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    In another thread many:
  7. Helping before posting. That's a new level of help only few people can reach (for info, the help was provided on Discord.)
  8. EN: Probably the tryitem does not match the version of the game. RU: Vozmozhno, versiya tryitem otlichayetsya ot versiy igry.
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    Welcome here, @pickysaurus
  10. Many of the animations I do play are not SexLab based. And have often AnimObjects and other tricks. I was using some low level tricks from SKSE (I had some problems in SSE) and I am not sure they are available in FO4. I can provide the 3DS max files for the animations, they need to be re-rigged and re-exported. I do not promise to do the mod for FO4, I am OK in helping other people to get the resources and implement a similar mod (also as part of another mod.)
  11. CPU

    SexLab Pheromones

    Hello @Tyrant99 and @skyrimfet. Looking to the errors looks like a problem of the registration of the RaceType. Some tech stuff To add the "Deer" race you may want to add MNC (also SLAL edition, but follow the install instructions.) This should register the RaceType Deer and associate the DeerRace to it.
  12. I don't think I will add arousal. Or auto-events. But, why not? It is a missing feature. I will think about it. About horses, no. Here I will need to enable all the features of a real follower mod, and it will be in conflict with the others (AFT, EFF, etc.)
  13. As spell I don't know. If it was done as dialogue, then the mod was called Follow me for Sex.
  14. All of them? They all are frameworks. And are compatible with each other. All depends on what the sexual mod will require.
  15. CPU

    SexLab Framework Development

    You can hook inside animations (in case you didn't start the animation.) With the event you have the threadid and you can use SexLab functions to get the actual ThreadController. In case you started the animation yourself you already have it as result value.