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  1. I hope but I doubt. I was burned at least twice in the past years in similar circumstances. And today circumstances are for sure worst.
  2. Not really. I pre-ordered HZD for PC and it will not be out before end of 2020. And there are no promises. For the V2 many rumors say it will be out for PS5 first, and after a year for the other platforms (that probably will be only PS4 and PC.)
  3. stltoday did not care about GPDR stuff (mostly privacy.) So they are banned in EU countries (not only Germany.)
  4. This Pablo got a warning for spam. All the uploads have been removed.
  5. Pfiffy ported the main LLab version. Nexus version was not ported as far as I know. But thechnically the difference between the two versions is just a flag at compile time. So you may be able to recompile a single script with this variable changed. I don't remember if it is possible to change this variable also from the json. Probably yes, but it should be not a public feature.
  6. Transferred from @Zebruh to @Yinkle as requested.
  7. I have no clues of "these" are. Are they part of the game? Can they be modded? If it is a request to mod something or help in modding something, I don't see why they should not be here. If they are unrelated (please explain, I never played this game) they will not be accepted because they will be considered derailing of the thread.
  8. Can somebody explain why these images are reported continuously? Are they not related to the game? Be aware the next one that reports these images as SPAM without justifying the reason will be banned.
  9. You have some possibilities to define when the question will be accepted or denied. Not many. For sure not the ones you listed. But there is no way to condition a rule with a condition of a previous rule. So what you are asking is not possible.
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