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  1. You do not have this? Of course as moderator you do, but I may be interested in other people feedback.
  2. CPU


    Select the app and try Windows key + Left or Win+Right.
  3. No. I abandoned modding a couple of years ago. Do not expect new mods from me.
  4. akActor.PlayIdle(IdleRitualSkull2) Utility.Wait(2)akActor.SetOutfit(MonkOutfit)
  5. Op is Missing In Action. Avoid to do further requests.
  6. It is not possible to rename MCM items with Tes5Edit. They are inside scripts. If you are lucky, the mod may have a translation file. If not you have to find where the name is set.
  7. Looks like you downloaded animations for SSE (Special Edition)
  8. My first idea is that the SEQ file is not valid. This creates problems in scenes and dialogues when the player is involved.
  9. You included in your mod a ton of mods from other people without having their approval. There was also WikedWhims, BasementalDrugs, and other mods. You are NOT allowed to re-post mods from other users.
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