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  1. You should have Advanced Animation Framework installed not the Old Animation loader "Fourplay" as RSE only works with AAF. <--- latest version
  2. Take a deep breath, and come back after a little break, stressing out over small things cause's hair lose trust me I look like Friar Tuck from robin hood.
  3. By "shit game" do you mean Fallout 4?
  4. From your loadorder it dose not look like you have a lot of script heavy mods running but have you tried waiting 48hr game time or tried traveling to one side of the map and back again to reload the cell. ?
  5. AAF version Beta 23b has been Released .
  6. ok you mite need to make some change's to your setting's in the MCM section.
  7. it can be found here: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/99273-aaf-patches-for-crazy-leito-mods-v21-more-cum-overlays/. second post down.
  8. you did install the patch for leito's animations?
  9. I do not know if this will help much but VonHelton has done a pure AAF install guide https://www.bitchute.com/video/rqFrsVw2oatG/ with no AAF ERRORS.
  10. for you to be able to play the Farmer's Daughter quest you need to be a male player character.
  11. If anyone is interested VonHelton has done a pure AAF install guide. https://www.bitchute.com/video/rqFrsVw2oatG/.
  12. mashup47

    Pure AAF Install Video

    Thank you! just watched your video nice work, and I thought I was bad with saving old mods. thank's again ?
  13. Me personally I would put them anywhere after settlements step 8.
  14. I think your find that option in the MCM - RSE under CSA or Shenanigans I think.
  15. not a lot I can say then, apart from (personal opinion) you mite wont to tidy up your load order a bit. and try to keep your animation's, clothes and other mods together rather then looking like a pick 'n' mix as you mite find the game runs smother. then try installing AAF RSE with all needed mods/patches at the end.