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  1. RSE dose not handle animations that is done either by FourPlay or Advanced Animation Framework, The only way I know of to stop the animations would be to remove it from the animation folder.
  2. I find if installing a basic setup of FourPlay and RSE the most common error's for no animations is one not installing the correct LLFP FSE patch for game version, missing animation files or Rogg DD Item Manager missing or installed after RSE. So before you throw your mod's out! how about posting your load order in a spoiler.
  3. I believe you have to have had your companion kidnapped and be at Level 10+ for them to appear. I could be wrong.
  4. Yes as it changes scripts in CWSS so it dose not effect RSE Basic need's settlement object's.
  5. With your setup you only need to disable Crazy's gun animation by deselecting it after installing it. Doing this way will give you access to leito's Multi stage animation's by using his gun.
  6. could be a dirty script you mite need to clean your script folder and a clean save? . as Flashy stated in his second post of Autonomy Enhanced thread, quote Flashy(JoeR)" Here it is, ripped directly out of RSE for those who perhaps dont want RSE running in their games but definitely want the enhanced autonomy. NOTE: If you DO run RSE, you should NOT run Autonomy Enhanced alongside it. And also be sure to remove the original Autonomy before installing this version!
  7. Yes do Drop Autonomy Enhanced as it is already built into RSE.
  8. You forgot the animations! Crazys gun ainmations , leito's animations and Fourplay animation's by Crazy, Drop dong's of Fallout and install FourPlay NudeSuit.
  9. I just spent the last hour looking for the post that would explain this better but no luck. But I am 99.99% sure VonHelton will know since he's one of the reasons why we have FourPlay on fallout 4. I don't mean to waste your time
  10. Ok I need to get home first. sorry for the delay
  11. If you are using a unique body for player you will need to copy the TRI file from Fallout 4\Data\Meshes\Actors\character\characterassets to the location of your unique character folded, If you have a custom Race mod installed you can walk close up to them and press the N key and FourPlay will add that race to it's allowed for sex list. hope this helps
  12. From what I have tested they work and look good so far, but have not tested it fully yet. If that helps
  13. mashup47

    AAF Violate

    Good to hear. I'll add this to my follow tab and thank you for sharing.
  14. always a pleasure and never a chore.