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  1. I have had a quick look and it seems Ok apart from you have two Theme Pack's installed, You only need the kinky Themes pack as it already contains the vanilla theme pack. uninstalled the vanilla theme pack and reapply the kinky theme pack . I will have a better look later
  2. OK but it would help a lot if you could post your installed mod's. so others may understand what's going and it may help others at a later date reading this post in search of the same problem. If you find it a bit slow getting a response here on lover's Lab you may want to check out the AAF discord channel (https://discord.gg/B95qTEn ) where you will get the best possible help with this mod and others that work with it. They will also need you to post you installed mod list as well.🙂
  3. Hi I have just taken a look at the install instructions for AAF ( ) and it state's that you should not be using the One Patch To Bang Them All as it's incompatible with the new version of AAF. But other then that You have built the Bodytalk male body in BodySlide with the Penis slider set to Zero? also you mite want to check that you have updated your XML/animation plugins.
  4. It's recommended that you use a mod manager like MO2(https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/28715 ) or Vortex(https://www.nexusmods.com/about/vortex/ ) to install mods. As for installing without one your just walking into a world of trouble. Even if you do know what your doing. So My advice would be download and install one of the two mod manager's listed above then make your way to this page: . and follow the install guide to get a working install of AAF. hope this helps
  5. Only 99% sure but if I remember correctly Error 04 is a missing plugin that is required by an animation pack?. And as this only seems to effect Female on Female animations I would double check your installed plug-ings and make sure you have Vioxsis_Strap-Ons.esp instead of VIO_Strap-On.esp! . plus also check that your not using any old animation/XML/mods that maybe calling for the old version of the Strap-ons mod. Hope this helps
  6. Call it what ever you want, it's your project of perfection. I am always about seeing what's new so why not start a Thread so others can give feedback as well plus there are way more smarter People / Mod author's then me. I look forward to seeing your mod in the future, How long would you say until release of mod ? a month or 2 ?
  7. @Acacia17 Reel your neck back in and Please do prove otherwise. Me and others here would gladly try your mod out and give you helpful friendly feedback. But bring your Toxic attitude here is not a good idea as you will not win any friends and you will lose out on the potential of new skill's/ knowledge / support.
  8. Re-download and install the Main install file ( https://www.mediafire.com/download/49b77jq35d7cme7/CBBE_Skimpy_Armor_and_Clothing_installer_2_4.7z It contains the textures files) and then re-apply your bodyslide settings. should solve your issue.
  9. You do not need a CBBE Knee patch with Fusion Girl. Fusion Girl is a custom made Skeleton with knees that work. Knee fix also should not be used with AAF as I believe it messes animations up,
  10. steady on there. with your so called genius idea you have just broken nearly every mod that uses AAF ( not so good/genius ), Why don't you just use the AAF menu and change the animation/position that's playing. or if you want you could try making a mod to do what you want @dagobaking has written a guide for beginner's on how to make mods for AAF plus there is also a template to help you get started. Just a thought 🙂
  11. Not sure about running your own brothel but you can be a hooker for a couple of pimp's with this mod
  12. For an updated version of RSE by the same author try this: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/40440?tab=files .
  13. If your talking about mods like : https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/43543 .I believe it's been mentioned in the AAF thread that the skeleton and animation's are not setup in a standard / proper way or format to be animated correctly with AAF. Plus I not sure if any one's made them any Dick mesh. For the best answer for this question I would ask here: https://discord.gg/B95qTEn.
  14. ANY of the " The one patch's to bang them all" OR "Rule then all " is no longer need please check this install Guide: for an up to date and working install guide.
  15. @not-lookenen. Thanks for posting back with the update. Glad to hear it's working for now. but do be careful with using old save as they do get dirty and may need cleaning of old script's, lucky that there is a tool for cleaning old save's of dirty script's but it's not 100% full proof : https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/22633. (Not 100% sure but MO2 mite have a script cleaning tool built in) I have never used Vortex or Mod Manager 2 before but I think you made the right choice of switching from Vortex to Mod manager 2 as it Seems to be highly recommended by a lot of Mod auth
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