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  1. mashup47

    Troubleshooting AAF

    Try reinstalling it or better yet updating the Theme Plugin. The latest update came with some fix's as well.
  2. mashup47

    Troubleshooting AAF

    Advanced Animation Framework Only handles animations it dose not handle damage dealt. What mods are you using to start the animations Sex Em Up , RSE , AAFRSE , ect
  3. What player are you using FourPlay / Advanced animation FrameWork or Flashy's Player Element Zero ?
  4. do you have dialogue sub titles switched on in you fallout setting as well?
  5. Rollock's. sorry for wasting your time on that and not being able to solve your problem. and I've got to say sorry Again but I've not had any sleep in the last two day's, so I'm off. but I have seen @Kythanaabout you could ask there? Best of luck
  6. ok shoot in the dark try installing this and then move it above you first first RSE element :https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4317-devtestbeta-ll-fourplay-community-f4se-plugin-v29-2018-12-06/ . you wont the second from last LLFP-v29-20181207.7z 85.59 kB if anything crazy happens uninstall it But if it work's leave it. Make sure you are using a clean Save ( A save with no mod installed ) . This kinda reminds me of the problem we had with All in one Version were we had to have https://www.loverslab.com/topic/93933-roggvirs-dd-items-manager/?tab=comments#comment-2149783. installed before RSE or we would have this kinda problem But Flashy Totally Re-write RSE by breaking it down into RSE Elements...strange....
  7. *CumNWealth.esp ,*AAF_Four-Play_Animations_Crazy6987.esp Need to be installed before RSE , settlement mods need to be installed before animations and Looks Menu needs to be install before any of the above .
  8. I've seen and done worst. Ok from looking at your list I can see that it just need a little bit of adjustment The reason I say this is that some of the mod's are not quite in the right place But your nearly there. May I suggest that you take look at this guide :https://www.loverslab.com/topic/110138-aaf-for-beginners-step-by-step-on-hold/ . for the install order of the mods you do have and patch's that you mite off missed for the animations you have installed. the guide is the most complete up to date guide that I know of for installing AAF , RSE and @Kythana has a troubleshooting section. I hope this helps. if not please do post back here or on @Kythana page Order is Key
  9. Could you post your load order (plugin.txt) in a spoiler. you can find your Plugin.txt file here: C:\Users\Your Computer Name\AppData\Local\Fallout4.
  10. mashup47

    Troubleshooting AAF

    did you install : . also did you remember to install the patch for Leito's animations (if your using Leitos animations 1.4. if you have version 2 no need to patch leitos animation just install after you patch Crazys animation) and crazy animation patch found here: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/99273-aaf-patches-for-crazy-leito-mods-v21-more-cum-overlays/. ?
  11. Have you tried using the NumPad keys to adjust them. on the NumPad 8= move actor up (not z angle) , 2= mover actor down (not z angle) , 4= move actor left , 6= move actor right , and 5= rotate actor
  12. OH YES! can't wait to get my hand's on her. I mean download and have a play with her. shit I mean she sounds really nice and I cant wait to meet her. dose she swear?