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  1. So have you tried what was suggested to fix? Or you just want to see: "ok, good story" ?
  2. Rtx have bugs with some graphic settings, try disable some and test
  3. For old anims like Leito you need my patch for anims, for new anims like BP70, Atomic lust, Savage Cabbage penetration shoild work without patch. You dont need to build outfits if you will use bodygen, because they are already builded with zero all preset, but anyway if you still want to build them dont forget to check "build morphs"
  4. Gimp have only bad comression formats that will lower quality of original texture, better using paint.net for saving
  5. Try lower some graphic changes, if you have nvidia rtx - there were some bug with them
  6. I dont have any idea, you can check aaf admin menu errors, but dont think it will help
  7. https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/38562
  8. Esp list is usless when problem in meshes, disable physics and mods that conflicts with ZeX skeleton
  9. If you are talking about aaf violate- you forgot to install anims or tags for them
  10. You can build custom outfits for path where default clothing are so it will replace it, also can add to inventory manually with console
  11. Learn how to use creation kit or f4edit on google for example, for bodyslide you can create create new project and use import from nif if models in archive google how to open f4 archives
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