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  1. i haven't been visiting the threads often lately but is Aegis still doing stuff with their SLH addon? 🤔
  2. Anybody know if there are any addons or other small things being worked on to compliment this mod? Milk addict and Cow Live Services and Martial Milk were ones but they haven't been updated in at least a year, also off topic but Been following this mod for a few years shame its been left in a buggy state since the last update. I hope SkyrimFet returns to this and Devious Butt at some point but their priorities are with Devious Training at the moment.
  3. I saw you converted aaf family panning scaling to SSBBW belly scaling? any possibility for converting Dairy Framework?

    1. Sleepy_Soul


      Invictus hasn't released the source script files for this mod afaik, which I would need to alter them to use SSBBW nodes. He's looking into using different body types, so I'm sure at that time we can suggest one of the options to be coldsteej's body.

  4. https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/30899?tab=files https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/35504?tab=images&BH=1 just few i found that might fit the mod.
  5. Only makeup mods that i know of that doesn't outright replace things entirely is. It offers much more tattoos and other face details and tons of hair colors and uses looksmenu of course. https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/24830 Personally i use it for my character. I don't know if that is possible or not, but for me i was able to get close to possible as i could using looksmenu with the mod Extended Facial Sculpting. But it doesn't have to be so extreme, if it is easier to just scale up the lip thickness only you'd get good enough lips too. Here are the lips i made with the mentioned mod above and alot of tinkering. I haven't really found any clothes like that, if i do find anything like that i will mention it. I assume by tattoo mod you are talking about the lewdmarks looksmenu overlays? i am almost 100 percent sure that is possible because the cum from aaf also uses overlays.
  6. oh i thought it was integrated into the mod somehow.
  7. so how does it work if i activate it on an existing save?
  8. i mean idk can makeup be added through scripts? sluttify the mc face to look more bimbo like with heavy makeup, Morphing lips size i don't know if it is even possible to do with scripting but if it is that would be cool to get the perfect fuck me lips you know, Maybe the bimbo collar causes you to speak like one too as one of the events like how it can cause your breast or butt to expand? Slut tats overlays that are added by the bimbo collar possibly? Again idk if that is possible in fallout 4 or not. More embarrassing clothing? maybe ones that are triggered by the bimbo collar that adds pretty pink outfits and words like "Fuck me" "Slut" or "Spank my Ass" or "Bimbo" demeaning things like that nature. Piercing event? again idk if possible just throwing out some suggestions, I mean we are stuck with looksmenu and i don't think there is anything like Slavetats for Fallout 4 though i think looksmenu handles overlays atleast because of AAF cum tats, Most of the things i mentioned can be achieved in skyrim, i seen someone add face morphing to their mod in one called "Being A Cow" for skyrim. Fallout 4 being on a improved engine of Skyrim's it is probably possible to do the same maybe but idk.
  9. i wonder what is planned for new bimbo content? Honestly would love to see more morphing stuff happen but i understand that it's not easy to implement into the game.
  10. i know its prob not possible but man i wish there was a way for the bimbo collar to possibly add makeup change your haircolor or style and bimbofi your face more.
  11. man.. i was going to use this with https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/61962?tab=files to simulate a nsfw dungeon crawler experience unfortunately since the chests added to this mod are custom they are not recognized by cursed loot.. 😭
  12. how does this currently compare to devious mindbreak?
  13. honestly would be interesting if the cum had physical or psychological effects, optional of course because that would be diving into territory some people don't like. I mean horse causes you to equip pony gear.
  14. I would still like that, tho i know you have no interest in turning this into a mutation with transformations into a brahmin hybrid thing, we already have a hucow mod for skyrim anyways.
  15. i think it would be better if this mod took advantage of looksmenu for the scaling functionality, and options to change which bodyslide nodes the scaling uses maybe.
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