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  1. i already see some potential use in other mods such as YPS immersive fashion, Or Sexlab Hormones
  2. considering it seems to take up the same slot as SOS i 2nd this.
  3. try this. https://github.com/fireundubh/MasterOfDisguiseSSE
  4. if this can somehow be used with sexlab survival because that mod also uses a form of ahegao when you orgasm or enjoyment reaches a certain threshold then i think we really got something here.
  5. belly, breast and butt node management for parasites slif does not work if hormones is installed i ended up discovering this fact once i started a run without hormones installed. reminder it does work on npcs but will not work for pc if hormones is detected.
  6. can confirm since is started the parasite quest i first now noticed that SLIF is actually registering Parasites but only with NPCS for some reason, it doesn't happen with me and though it might be a stretch i think it could be related to the fact with the player hormones is tied to parasites since npcs don't use that, i think hormones might be to blame for parasites not being registered with SLIF maybe. i will test this without hormones enabled and see what happens. Yes just tried parasites by itself and the scaling works but only with hormones disabled.
  7. gods i need that bimbo preset on the right...
  8. noticed something weird... npcs get added to slif scaling when infected however this does not occur for the player character. am using SE version and latest update with the "SLIF fix" on github.
  9. i figured it out, for some reason the quest "Hard Answers" was completely blocking npc dialogue not just from this mod but in general the "yes?" or "What is it?" generic dialogue npcs might say when you walk by them was completely absent until i finished the quest now everything is back to normal.. strange
  10. for some reason it just completely stopped working for me in my newer saves. using INS version 2.1 i have both sexlab survival, spank that ass and skooma whore installed but i don't think those would be the reason right?
  11. i thought of more ideas, what about a "willpower" hormone that basically ties into if you can resist the sex attempts that may happen. Would also affect if the outcasts can persuade you into their lap and end up having sex with one of them.. Could also tie heavily into SD+ features, and even Sexlab Parasites. Certain activities would effect willpower such as perhaps sex activity from "aggressive sex" bimbo hormones. succubus hormones and libido. being enslaved things of that nature. Other thing that would be nice to see is some more spontaneous actions when you are a certain level of bimbo, perhaps high arousal might cause your character to jump to the nearest npc for their cock. without being able to control themselves. or with the hormone that changes others arousal around you maybe this could cause random events of npcs coming up to you and demanding sex. Lastly more descriptive messages perhaps when you are dangerously close to a bimbo transformation, like maybe some really hot dream that have very erotic dialogue that appears in the message box.
  12. another thing i noticed the progressions of the bimbo curse are not consistent as in they don't occur at the same time nor the same day for me. is it actually linked the sex activity now or something else?
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