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  1. now mod mentions some helpful npcs in the maze but i never come across any npcs, some spiders with the "mudcrab" id which were the only enemies i found, And the exit i did cheat to get there but the end where you are "captured" by slavers who are immediately hostile does happen. and the fps drops literally makes no sense as it happens if i look a certain direction but from what i can tell it can't be the maze itself, and there shouldn't be anything causing that so i will go with the case that it's LE.
  2. hey i tried the latest version on github and when i try a new game i am unable to get the morphs to work at all, i tried clicking on various thing enabling NIoveride turning on netimerse notes and clicking set default shape and reset changes and everything, and none of it is working. nvm i didnt realize that the mod now requires you to have to sleep before any changes can be made to your character now.. i swear this wasn't the case before but now i know.
  3. really just wanted some sort of huge really big maze map mod so really that my excuse for trying this mod and your def fills that void, because there is a disappointing lack of maze or labyrinth mods for skyrim.
  4. @gargamel9seems to work on LE, though the maze it self has inconsistent random fps drop for me for some reason, but it is firing scripts like normal so seems to be fine.
  5. gonna try it on LE with Milk mod economy and Being A Cow basically for this scenario if i don't find a way to escape before the transformation is complete its game over.
  6. couldn't find lastelle anywhere near the giant crystal area so i spawned her in and continued the quest.
  7. so i never started the quest from the beginning since the latest buggy update released by skyrimfet eons ago, and i know that GuruSR made an edit but he didn't fix all the issues with the actual quest content but man is the mod quest so broken that you cannot even start it by having conversation with Paul? i can't even get anymore dialogue from him except "Who are you?" then "I am paul the fearrer" and then it just cuts out so i have to use setstage to progress the quest, i hate how broken skyrimfet left things...
  8. @DeepBlueFrog do you know if anyone has converted the queen armor for bodyslide yet? i don't care if tis unp, unnp, cbbe, hdt. you name the body type. But i really would like to if i do decide to do the quest have the actual armor fit my custom bodies.
  9. @DeepBlueFrog what is this place in blackreach? every time i go by it, it gives me an ominous message about it being feeling wrong or something like that.
  10. i like the milk slave idea too with storing into an object but like everyone has pointed out i don't think there exist a mod that even utilizes the milk slave feature, BAC would be perfect for that with the being owned eventually in that mod but the author has temporary abandoned it seems to work on other things. I could totally see this being used in a mod like SD+ slavery though, would it happen probably unlikely.
  11. @Code Serpent can vanilla effects be uninstalled on an existing save?
  12. so this can be added on top of a save with existing SLAX installed without issue?
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