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  1. i installed this mod https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/35303?tab=description now the mouth opens but should the mod be using "combat shout" expression? that doesn't seem right to me... because it makes my character look angry which is not what i want.
  2. i got an issue with opening mouth it doesn't do what its suppose too, this is what she looks like when i use open mouth.
  3. someone who seems to be gone now made a edit for LE a year back that contains skse dll that installs a ini file after launching do not know if this will work on SE or not.
  4. yeah honestly the whole 4gb thing really fucks me, my LE was already and still is at the near limits of what i can hold within it, i am surprised just how long it has hold up despite the 200 something mods i have enabled lots of them being script heavy btw. i cannot ignore the fact that SSE has alot more improvements going into it's favor whether that be the much better lighting system, improved shadows and overall ability to allow much larger scale battles without many npcs just standing around. And it being 64bit which helps it utilize alot of systems especially mine because i know LE is not
  5. came here to report that this mod is causing issues with the unarmed combat animations, as when i am unarmed it acts as if i have a arm binder when moving and a yoke when attacking. i reported this over at the Devious Device forums and mentioned i installed Toys and they said that the issue was related to Toys. From my understanding this was only suppose to effect the npcs alone, but for the player the unarmed animations are also affected.
  6. here to report that things have been going pretty good so far i've had only 2 crashes in 16 hours of gameplay and those two times were after deification of skeleton. so, so far so good!
  7. how are things? just recently got Skyrim Special Edition so you bet i will be trying your mod on it but, i am going to wait for the next version, hope your doing well and good luck on your project mate.

  8. nope not nemesis cant anyways because i use animal behaviors, but no i started with fnis and still use fnis so that being the issue is out the question and like i said it only happens when running unarmed. i don't use fnis sexy move either. I do have toys framework installed which can cause issues with DD "author wants to make them compatible" depending on slots being used but that shouldn't cause issues with vanilla animations.
  9. nvm i figured it out, i was completely confused by the prison feature i didnt know it was a thing here lol since i never used 9.0 with older skyrim, it threw me off.
  10. fuck it im just gonna install fnis sexy move and do that thing people said apparently fixed it for them.
  11. apparently its due to sexy move only problem... i am not using sexy move and i only have girly animation installed.
  12. got an issue when i am unarmed and i am in attack mode my character arms go back as if they are still in an armbinder when moving. and in combat my character is using bound yoke moves... so something is messed up here.
  13. fixed it for me by using nif optimizer and taking my hoove mesh from my le folder and importing it over se and using the optimizer to convert it over to sse. still got hooves being somewhat under the floor which i guess is because of the lack of hdt High Heels mod. unless someone here has some edits they made to make it work with racemenu high heels otherwise everything is perfectly fine so far.
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