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  1. this is what it looks like i haven't altered anything.
  2. I use fill her up and some other mods that use the belly node but i have SLIF and all the patches for those mods to work with it, and yes the sliders do affect the body when i change them in the debug except for the belly slider because i think its detecting fill her up for some reason.
  3. Anyways Aegis idk why but for me anyways my nodes scaling is completely broken as no matter what the butt and breast keep scaling down regardless of activity, for some reason also the belly even though i have it disabled is still scaling and to crazy intervals.
  4. did you already incorporate some of aegis changes?
  5. I know the chastity belt from DD Devious Devices when you try to masturbate even without SLSO your character will not orgasm and their arousal will still be at whatever it was before, But that's probably linked to a specific animation.
  6. I am assuming that this "shield" will take SLSO events into account? if not that would be a great addition to an already exhilarating idea of a mod extension!
  7. yeah its works question tho, if i want to stop the effect for whatever reason is there a way to do that? Also what outfit are you using on your character i am sorta curious if you mind sharing thanks
  8. So it's just going to work like todd howards says? really just out of the box just like that, thats crazy. Whats that outfit in the video your character is wearing?
  9. This is very nice! would it be possible for a LE version?
  10. shouldn't this be under adult mods?
  11. so i did manage to stop the sjf error when i reinstalled savagecabbage and the addon that mod requires however i have another problem that persists, sometimes when i am going into a AAF sex scene the scene never loads and is stuck on the black screen with the loading icon on the bottom. Or in one case piper asked my character to dance while she masturbate, my character started to dance but piper just stood there and after i finished she was still standing there and no dialogue would pop up so i disabled her and enabled her and moved her to me which got her unstuck and she was behaving normally again..
  12. i am getting sjf animation failed for my character when she is told to dance, though piper does masturbate im sure i got all the animation files.
  13. Well it could be repurposed into a dwemer collar of sorts... still wouldn't be lore friendly but who cares about lore friendly mods in my eyes any mod that adds new stuff that bethesda hadn't created themselves would be considered not lore friendly. Besides that people looking for sex mods i don't think are looking for lore friendly stuff just saying. After all that in itself isn't exactly lore friendly now is it?
  14. anyone know if there is a mod that allows npcs to rape player based on what they are wearing or if they are listed as naked? because it seems the fo4 ver of cursed loot doesn't feature that sort of feature.
  15. any chance you will make a skyrim edition of this sort of thing? yeah devious followers is a thing already but does it have the bimbo collar? nah.. So i personally would love to see the bimbo collar as a thing in skyrim plus skyrim already has a bimbofication mod that would go well with it.
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