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Sexbound provides custom artwork, AI, animations, items, objects, particles, SFX, scripts, and an API that can be used by others to create custom sex interactions in Starbound. New features and bug fixes are released regularly!


Please Follow this download, so that you can receive new release notifications.


SxB Development - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14FNfsbxagbRxv-QtiLq7p0hDExPNow7cnz-SzJ3s0zQ/edit?usp=sharing


Track SxB Mod Development from your favorite creators by viewing the above Google sheet!


Sexbound - Follow on Loverslab  Sexbound - Report Bug  LocuturusDev Twitter  Locuturus - Patreon  Sexbound Wiki Website


⁉️ Download and install only one file from the Downloads: Pak or Src. The Pak version has better compression and loads faster, whereas the Src version is already unpacked for players who want a quick start into customization.




August 10, 2020 | Sexbound Wiki




The Sexbound website is back - as a wiki! I think it's going to be much more helpful than the previous website, and it will be less of a duplication of the same content on Loverslab. In the case that it's a wiki, the website is a bit easier to maintain and update. I'm running ads on the website, but the ads only really pay out if people are clicking and buying the products and services. Of course, we're all living in hard times right now, so I'm not expecting users to buy products and services from those advertisers. But please only click the ads when you are genuinely interested in what they offer, or click by accident sometimes is okay! The ads barely pay me anything in terms a per impression as always. So, I guess the website is largely backed and paid for by the Patrons! It's not very expensive to run it, but I'll wait and see the cost for bandwidth per month to know for sure.


It's mainly just myself adding content to the wiki at the moment, but I'd sure appreciate the help if someone would like to help me add content to it. Just DM me on Loverslab, and I will help you create an account on the Sexbound wiki. I've locked down the wiki for account creation in the early days of this website because if I open the flood gates then I'll probably have the website attacked by a bot or a random troll. Then I'll have to fix the issue, and I be burnt out again - not feeling like doing anything. So, I'm providing the community with another valuable service, but at the same time I have to be careful that I use my time wisely. I have a feeling many people are in the same position in this world now.



What just changed?


Sometimes it can be confusing what changed when I am often updating the content on this page. So, you can always check here to see what I did!

❣️ Posted announcement about new Sexbound wiki website.





ChesterPiece - Artist

Created all couples artwork and particle effects.


Krystalic - Writer

Created default dialog used by the Sex Talk plugin.


Mahorych00 - Translator (Russian)

Translated default species SexTalk dialog.


Red3dred - Contributor

Contributes bug fixes and new features.


Servantesnc - Coordinator for SFX

Helped to coordinate the creation of new moan & orgasm SFX.


Salem - SFX Moans (Male)

Created default male moan SFX.


Shiyon - SFX Moans (Female)

Created default female moan SFX.





💕 A special thanks goes out to the following Patreon supporters! 


 Ananoke  BlastWint  CensoredGrunt  CodeRedAlert  Darling_Dingus  Fylix Aerou  HandHolding_CherryPopper  Jamie  Kasuno  Keryan  Kh0Rne  Kinadion  Kuroritas  Memeahen  MyonMyon  NibblesTheNightstalker  Owen Lee  Rei Tea ⋆ Remeus Artenawa  ShadowXprice  Skip Landren  Doggo Vox  ZappyCoffee  Zephyr팩스 ⋆ 奎尼昌 


The below spoiler contains previous announcements.



August 4, 2020 | Back to developing my way.


I'll preface by informing readers that I have devoted countless hours towards developing this mod: I've lost a lot of sleep over the years, I've lost countless weekends, and I've lost time I could have spent having fun with loved ones instead. I've been paid far too little so far in exchange for the time I put into working on these mods, and I even had to beg for funding once just so I could repair my computer and continue creating this free downloadable content. I really hope to not see anyone try to argue that I should be happy because I should enjoy doing this. Likewise, I don't want to see someone say, "oh, if you're not happy then why are you doing it?". The world is not black-and-white or perfect like that! I'm still working on this project because I want to work on it. Needless to say, I am grateful to all the patrons and donators who have helped to fund my efforts thus far. If I had to guess, it must be under 1% of the community who gives me something back in exchange for the work which includes the add-on / support creators who give their time in exchange too.


Lately, I'm seeing a few users are unsatisfied with changes or even new feature additions. Occasionally, I'm dealing with a few users who are arguing against me to implement their suggested changes too. It's getting old fast! And I'm reaching my limits with users who think they're going to command and control how I or any other mod content / creator working largely for free must spend our time.


So, I'd like for those of you who want to argue with me to go read the Loverslab guideline for modding. Specifically, go read guideline #1: https://www.loverslab.com/guidelines/


The biggest and most important thing of this community is that the modders come first. They are the ones who make this community worth coming to, they are the ones enabling you to even play these mods. Meaning if you don't like the way a mod is going, don't be a jerk about it, they can take the mod in whatever direction they want. Don't like it? Then make your own release and put the work in yourself. Find a bug or issue that needs to be fixed? Don't be a jerk about it and raise your concerns and feedback in a constructive manner.

How am I going to enforce the above?: Ignore, kick, and ban these users who are becoming problematic out of my community areas. It's either that or I quit because I don't really have to stick around and endure the abuse or the effects of it bogging me down - mangling any creativity I have left.


July 27, 2020 | Release v4.0.0 - Beta


It's a beta ... Again! Sexbound v4.0.0 is released as beta because it might not be stable right now. I've tested it with existing support mods, and I have observed that it works well with them. However, server admins should throughly test Sexbound v4.0.0-Beta before replacing the previous version of Sexbound.


If this new major version of Sexbound 'breaks' a support mod, then leave a message about it in the support forum for Sexbound.


Please see the change log at the bottom of this page to read about newly added features.


June 24, 2020 | Thank you to those reporting bugs to the support forums.


If I know about a major bug, then I will fix it immediately. But the only way I'm going to know about new bugs is when the bugs are reported in the support forum. I'm working to get good unit tests in place to better catch these bugs in the future, but it takes time.


March 29, 2020 | Release v3.10


I've removed the capability of villagers and subiometenants to spawn quests from the Sexbound quest pools because they are very buggy. The Sexbound NPCs can still generate Sexbound quests which are npctypes 'sexbound' and 'sexboundslut'. The SxB UI has changed to display the name of the current sex position. Lastly, compatibility for the NPCs inside the Museum and the Protectorate has been added. 


March 21, 2020 | Release v3.8


Hey All, I've released v3.8 since yesterday. Please don't be alarmed by the new age verification popup, but do answer it correctly. Sexbound does not monitor or transmit your data in any way, and your data stays on your computer. The age verification has been in the source code for a long time, and it's being activated because previous technical limitations preventing it from being activated have been overcome. The verification check is an additional tool to help server operators run their Sexbound servers too. It ensures that all players who join a Sexbound powered server are fully aware that they've installed Sexbound into their mods directory.

Sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause. 


March 10, 2020 | Bug fixes


Hey All, I've been out of the loop in terms of development for a while. I'm just getting back into the groove of adding new features and bug fixes, and I accidentally introduced many new bugs in the 3.5.x releases. Fortunately, I think the majority of major bugs have been fixed in v3.5.2 now.


I'm sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused!


June 21, 2019 | New QA Form is Live.


A new form has been created to collect bug/defect reports from users. The data entered into the form will be manually reviewed and entered into a separate bug tracking software.


Please find the new form at : https://forms.gle/9if1q8Z6yyPpz18J9


May 7, 2019 | Launched Official Website


A new website for this modding API has been launched. I'm still in the process of getting some things situated, and I hope to add more features to begin building a community.


Users can visit the new website at : www.sexboundapi.com



April 3, 2019 | Final Major Update


The newly released v2.9 is the final major update to the Sexbound API, and it is no longer considered to be in beta. There's a long list of new features to highlight, but you can read about them in the change log below. The most important features to highlight are:


1) Newly added UI button commands to toggle on/off all worn clothing with the UI overlay.
2) Newly added 'Sexbound Loungeable Addon' can be purchased from the Infinity Express and used to upgrade compatible loungeable furniture objects for lounging or having sex.
3) Custom hats and custom dyes on compatible clothing items are shown while having sex.
4) NPCs and other entities can be transformed while in protected instances such as the Outpost.
5) NPCs are no longer required to die in order to transform into a loungeable sex object.


After this update, I will be taking a long break from creating content for Starbound, and I'm going to focus the majority of my time on other endeavors. In the meantime, I'll continue to provide support and patch any major bugs that arise. Please note, that there have been new goals set on my Patreon page, and I'm not neglecting those goals. If any of the goals are met, then you can expect that I will follow through with spending the specified amount of time working to improve this project and other related mods.


Thank you to my supporters, and it's largely you and my previous angel investors that made this all possible.


February 14, 2019 | Happy Valentines Day! ❤️


I've picked up my repaired laptop, and I've resumed working on this project. Once again, thank you so much! - to everyone who helped me to get over that hump in the road.


A new minor version was released to fix an issue that has been plaguing Mac OS users for a very long time. After updating to version 2.8.3, Mac OS players should be able to transform NPCs into Sex Nodes when they are standing in front of background tiles. The problem has been that the world.tileIsOccupied function is used to check when a tile is occupied before placing a Sex Node, and the function behaves differently on Mac OS where it by default checks if background tiles are occupied. The fix was to explicitly set the function to check foreground tiles only.


February 9, 2019 | Laptop is being repaired.


We're good! Wow! First of all, I would like to express the utmost gratitude to each and every donator who has sent me a donation. You are all literally my angels, and you all rock! I've taken my Macbook in for repair, and it'll be about 10 business days until the battery is replaced. The donations have helped me to completely cover the cost to have it repaired. Once again, thank you all very much because I would never have been able to cover that cost anytime soon. In the meantime, I will be able to use my SO's computer on a part-time basis to do some quick work to improve the documentation, and I'll setup a temporary dev environment to continue polishing my latest additions to the framework.


February 8, 2019 | Computer died.


I went to login to my Macbook, but I was unable to boot it up without it shutting down before getting into an operating system. Eventually, I was able to boot it up and troubleshoot the issue, and I was able to backup my latest work. In the process, I learned that my Macbook's battery is almost completely dead, and it will need to be replaced.


Today, I went to an authorized repair shop to check how much it will cost to have the battery replaced, and I have been quoted about 225 USD. I've been working full time to develop and maintain the Sexbound mod for Starbound, and it has left little time for me to earn an income doing anything else.


So, I would greatly appreciate any extra donations that I can get to help me cover this expense. Thank you, all!


Currently at : $236.17 / $225 = 100%


January 13, 2019 | New Features.


In beta version 2.8.0, characters can wear supported chest items, and the Hawaiian costume is fully enabled in this release. Players can spawn in the Hawaiian items with the following commands:

/spawnitem hawaiianchest
/spawnitem hawaiianhead
/spawnitem hawaiianlegs

Furthermore, this released version begins actually checking compatibility between the API and supported mods. The Required Version number set in an entity's sexboundConfig will be compared with the installed version of Sexbound API. If a mismatch between versions is found, then the Player will be notified to update either Sexbound API or a specific mod.


There are many modders interested in creating custom wearable clothing, and I'll work closely to help them get started to make their clothing SxB compatible. So, keep on the lookout for new wearable clothing mods!



Previous Versions


Download previous versions of Sexbound from our official archive: Mega.nz





This modding framework was created for Starbound v1.3.2 & up.


Installing the PAK version

1. Backup + delete any previously installed version of the API.
2. Extract the contents of the .zip file.
3. Move the *.pak file directly into your Starbound mods directory.
4. Finished.


Installing the SRC version

1. Backup + delete any previously installed version of the API.

2. Extract the contents of the .zip file.

3. Move the single extracted folder into your mods directory.

4. Finished.


⁉️ Unable to find your mod folder's location? Check the spoiler.



The below installation locations are for users who purchased Starbound from Steam.



C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Starbound\mods


Mac OS: 

/Users/REPLACE_WITH_USERNAME/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/Starbound/mods





Russian by Mahorych00





Modding Guides

1) How to create a custom species support mod for Sexbound API v2.6.x and up.

Click Here ]


2) Miscellaneous Guides

[ Click Here


3) Mod Image Cover (PNG - 512px x 512px)

[ Click Here ]





🛑 The following mods are not compatible with the latest version of this mod. If you're a creator and you want to get your mod off this list, direct message me and I will help you make changes so your mod can be compatible.


Human Eyes Reskin - Loads conflicting script and asset files from a much older version of Sexbound. Do not install this.

* Kitty the Space Cat - Compatible only with Sexbound v1 but not yet Legacy.

* Merrkin Species Support Mod - Patches Butterfly sex position file incorrectly. Breaks the Aphrodite's Bow quest line.

* Pregnant Males - Not compatible with the latest version.

* SFX Improvements - Loads conflicting script and asset files from a much older version of Sexbound. Do not install this.

* VENUS - Animated Body Mod - Does not use latest *.animation files.



Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ


Please read the below frequently asked questions before asking your question in our support forum.



1. How can I protect myself and / or my family members from experiencing the content of this mod?

Don't install it. All end-users of this software must be at least 18 years old to view, download, and / or install this software. 


2. Will Sexbound be released to Steam Workshop?

No. It can only be downloaded from this website, and I have no intention to upload latest versions to any other website.

3. Does this mod support my character's race?

All major playable vanilla races and many custom races are supported. You must download a separate support mod for your custom race. If you cannot find a support mod for your character's race, then make a request for the Community to create a support mod.


4. How do I have sex with an NPC?

There are two main methods to have sex with an NPC, and both methods will require you to download additional mod.


Method #1 - Shoot an NPC with Aphrodite's Bow (i) which is a SxB compatible bow that is a commonly used by many players. Its primary attack transforms an NPC into a sex node object, whereas the secondary attack causes an NPC to max its arousal instantly. You must download and install the Aphrodite's Bow mod, then you'll need to complete the quest line to obtain the bow.


Method #2 - Use a SxB Loungeable Addon object to extend the functionality of a loungeable bed to enable having sex. You must use another compatible mod to influence an NPC to enter a sex-enabled bed, such as Aphrodite's Bow, Naturally Horny, or Statue of Dibella.


5. What is the SxB Loungeable Add-on object used for?

This is used to upgrade specific furniture objects to be sex-enabled. It's mostly used to enable beds and other loungeables for Sexbound while still enables players and NPCs to use the bed like normal for sleeping. When you use a loungeable add-on on a supported furniture object, then "pose balls" will appear over the bed. This method is very much inspired by pose balls from Second Life. So, you as the player should interact with the pose balls to enter the bed to have sex. Otherwise, you interact directly with the bed to sleep in it only. NPCs interact directly with the invisible nearby sex nodes automatically.


6. Where can I obtain a SxB Loungeable Add-on object?

One of the SxB Loungeable Addon items can be purchased from Infinity Express (Outpost). Or, they can be found as reward in almost any chest or storage container that rewards treasure.


7. What is the difference between the different tiers of Loungeable Add-on objects?

The different tiered add-ons differ in how many entities they allow to use a sex-enabled object at the same time. Currently, T3 or up to 4 entities is not supported.


Tier 1 (T1)

=> Allows up to 2 entities.


Tier 2 (T2)

=> Allows up to 3 entities.


8. How do I place the SxB Loungeable Add-on onto a loungeable furniture object?

You can place the SxB Loungeable Add-on by horizontally centering it over a loungeable object, then place it when the highlight around the placement image turns blue. If it doesn't turn blue at all, then the furniture object has not been made to be compatible. If you have experience placing add-ons on a fully upgraded anvil, then you can expect the process to be very similar.


9. How long will an NPC stay transformed as a sex node object?

By default, an entity will stay transformed as a sex node object for up to five minutes, but it depends on which mod is used to transform the entity. If the NPC has been shot by Aphrodite's Bow then it should be up to five minutes.


10. How can I return an NPC to normal when it is transformed into a sex node object?

You can use you matter manipulator to smash the entity, or you can attack the transformed NPCs feet, then it'll transform back into its normal state. Furthermore, tenants will transform back into their normal state upon being called home. Note: This method will not work in protected areas.

11. Why can't I have sex with a certain NPC?

You can have sex with vast majority of vanilla NPCs, but some of the NPCs, such as story NPCs, are not compatible by default. It's only a matter of time until they are made to be compatible as it takes a considerable amount of time to create the required custom sprites. It is no longer a problem to have sex with crew members or entities located within protected instances.


Furthermore, certain third-party mods might cause some NPC types to not function such as villagers. For example, Space Police and Killable NPCs are two mods that cause the Villager type NPCs to no longer function with Sexbound API.  It's possible to continue using some third-party mods that cause trouble for Sexbound API, but you must install additional patch mods to provide a fix for specific NPC types. These patch mods have been configured to be the last mods loaded which lessens the likelihood that their additions will be overwritten by other mods:


A) Villager


12. Can I have sex with another player?

Yes, you can have sex with another player. Currently, the only method to have sex with another player is to lounge together in a sex-enabled furniture object.


13. How long must I wait for my character to try to give birth after choosing to give birth later?

In the case that the pregnancy timing mechanism is world time, then the player character will try to give birth again after 1 day has elapsed. Otherwise, in the case that the pregnancy timing mechanism is OS (real-life) time then the player character will try to give birth again after 1 hour in real-life has elapsed.


14. How do I change the actors to use their default head artwork during the animation?

In the sexbound.config file - under actor > defaultArtwork > head - change the value to be :




15. Where is the sexbound.config file located?

The sexbound.config file is located in the root folder of this mod, but you must download and use the UNPAK version.


16. How do I edit the sexbound.config file?

Open the file using notepad or another ASCII text editor, then make your changes and save normally.


17. Why isn't an actor displaying pregnancy?

By default, the pregnancy fetish is disabled. You must manually enable the pregnancy fetish setting Pregnant plugin's config option "enablePregnancyFetish" to be 'true'.


Note: The pregnancy config file is located here: /sxb_plugin.pregnant.config


18. Why isn't my character displaying a pregnant belly when I'm not having a sex interaction?

Pregnancy doesn't show up outside of having sex because it's a modding limitation that we cannot easily overcome in Starbound.


19. How do I change the pregnancy and birthing to be based on world (in-game) time rather than real-life (OS) time?

You must edit the sxb_plugin.pregant.config file, and you have to change the 'useOSTimeForPregnancies' to be equal false.


20. How can I visit the Sexbound Sandbox dungeon?

You can use the command /sexboundsandbox to teleport there.


21. What happened to the Sexbound website?

It has been down since Loverslab has provided a category for Starbound mods. I'm not doing extra work to duplicate every mod from this website to mine. No worries about the domain name, as I will prevent domain squatters from taking it. The website might one day return as a dev log.






* 🔞 You must be at least 18 years old to view, download, or install this mod.

What's New in Version 4.1.1-Beta


4.1.1-Beta - Major bug fix and changes


- Change position 5 for actor 2 to be on zIndex 42 for certain frames. (Credit: Red3dred. Go check out his Patreon too!)
- Change sexboundjarfairy to have a better item image.
- Fix major bug preventing the object smash function from being called. (Fixes the issue in Sexbound Defeat where nodes aren't smashed)


4.1.0-Beta - Feature Addition


- Add support for strapchest and straplegs decorative costumes.


4.0.3-Beta - Major bug fix


- Fix typo in sexbound treasure pool config file leading to crash when opening chests.


4.0.2-Beta - Major bug fix


- Fix issue leading to sexbound to crash when a pregnant player or NPC is wearing sexbound compatible clothing.


4.0.1-Beta - Minor bug fix


- Fix issue preventing entities from storing sub gender correctly.


4.0.0-Beta - Stable with existing support mods, but might have unknown issues.


- Added new animation config which centers all animation parts.
- Added new common, uncommon, rare, and legendary sexbound treasure pools.
- Added position: facesitting
- Added sexbound furniture item recipes, and they can be found as treasure: Shower
- Added sexbound empty jar & sexbound jar fairy + gnome crafting items.
- Added sexbound fairy in a jar placeable and useable furniture object.
- Added sexbound gnome in a jar placeable and useable furniture object.
- Added ability to sometimes find a horny li'l gnome when smashing gnome villages.
- Added ability to sometimes find a horny li'l fairy when harvesting spring flowers.
- Changed sexbound crewmembers to no longer drop treasure upon death.
- Changed sexbound crewmembers to have the following ranks: New <role>, Friendly <role>, Loving <Role>, & Cherished <role>
- Changed sexbound crewmembers to have some different default dialogs.
- Changed sexbound crewmembers to have buffed health and power so they're a little better than normal crewmembers.
- Changed certain sexbound beds to have higher rarity.
- Changed sexbound treasure pools to drop more items.
- Changed actors to automatically add status names based on their entity type and npc type or monster type.
- Changed Sexbound Customizer to display player's current amount of sexbux currency.
- Changed female NPCs to have 10% chance to change gender to be futanari at the first time they spawn.



3.19.1 - Add filter to retroactively fix bug where sexboundcrewmember custom species continuously switch weapons.


3.19.0 - Add new features, changes, and bug fixes.

- Added /sexbound server commands. Use /sexbound help to see a command list.
- Added sexbound_airtightdome sex furniture object.
- Added new sexbux currency.
- Added position0 to twoactors animation file.
- Changed sexboundeastergoldencarrot to add sexboundeasteregg items only when the player actually activates it.
- Fixed bug causing custom species spawned as sexboundcrewmember type to continuously switch weapons.
- Reorganized inner contents of JSON config files. (Tidied them up).


3.18.1 - Major bug fix

- Fixed bug where already pregnant entities didn't upgrade to use to new real-life pregnancy timing.

3.18.0 - Major change to pregnancies

- Added 'useOSTimeForPregnancies' boolean option to sxb_plugin.pregnant.config file.
- Added 'sexbound_givebirth' status effect which will force an entity to give birth.
- Changed entities to give birth based on OS (real-life) time by default.
- Changed entities to load pregnant plugin config into override scripts.
- Removed 'whichGendersAreSterile' option from the sxb_plugin.pregnant.config file because it was never used.


3.17.4 - Major bug fix

- Changed the sexbound tileset to have all the different loungeable addon objects.
- Fix bug where calling home a tenant with colony deed did not work.
- Remove old blank test files.


3.17.3 - Fix bug where futanari actors existed without the futanari plugin being enabled.


3.17.2 - Change moan plugin to have load order for moan config as follows: defined species/gender config from config file, sxb* config in species files, default config from config file


3.17.1 - Fix major bug causing monster script to crash.


3.17.0 - Added ability to set an entity's sxbSubGender identity with status effects: sexbound_changegenderdefault & sexbound_changegenderfutanari
- Added ability to set an NPCs sxbSubGender with status property sxbSubGender.
- Added status effects: sexbound_changegenderfutanari & sexbound_changegenderdefault.


3.16.0 - Added the ability to set applicable names, NPC, & monster types for the futanari plugin.
- Added the social distancing plugin which can be enabled to force players and NPCs to wear face masks during sex.
- Added the ability to exclude actors by name, type, species, gender, status, unique Id, and entity Id to futanari plugin.
- Changed the futanari plugin to be disabled by default.
- Changed the futanari plugin to make bandits, cultists, gangmembers, and florans futanari by default.
- Changed the futanari plugin to load for all entity types by default.
- Changed the futanari plugin to apply to female actors only unless changed in the config.


3.15.2 - Added unit tests for the moan plugin
- Fixed bugs preventing the moan plugin from working correctly.


3.15.1 - Changed the old plugin config files back to have original config so they can be patched successfully still.


3.15.0 - Added unit tests for plugins: futanari & pregnant
- Changed plugin - futanari - to have more configuration options.
- Changed plugin - pregnant - to have more configuration options.
- Changed location of plugin configuration files to be in the root folder.
- Enabled the following furniture objects for having sex: alientable, apexcooltable, apextable, bioshroomtable, birdtable, bonetable, celltable, classictable, crystaltable, eyetable, fleshtable, giantflowertable, hivetable, prismtable, rainbowtable, rainbowwoodtable, rusttable, sandstonetable, scorchedcitytable, shroomtable, steamspringtable, stonetable, swamptable, toxictable, woodtable
- Fixed glitch wheelbarrow and haypile bug that caused an entity to be render on the wrong layer when lounging.


3.14.4 - Added *_on_table sex position variants.
- Added Reverse Cowgirl sex position to included Sexbound furniture objects.
- Added sexbound_apextent to the debug command: /sexboundbedpackfull
- Added new icons for Sexbound furniture items.
- Changed to use on_table sex position variants: dustytable, medievaldesk, medievaltable
- Changed Novakids to no longer spawn an explosion as part of scripted climaxes.
- Changed description and vanilla race descriptions for the apexapesign.
- Changed actors to stand up on top of table like furniture objects.
- Fixed sex positions to be *_in_bed variants for: sexbound_birdbed, sexbound_tribalbed2, sexbound_rainbowwoodbed.
- Fixed medievaldesk loungeable addon material space bug.
- Fixed metadata link reference to go to Loverslab page.
- Removed tier-3 loungeable addon from the Infinity Express and treasure pools.


3.14.3 - Changed SxB Customizer to have different artwork.


3.13.2 - Fix bug preventing GFY mod from working.


3.13.1 - Fix bug preventing show/hide worn Sexbound apparel items.


3.13.0 - Added Apex Tent to be used for having sex.
- Added Statistics tracking for Players, NPCs, and Monsters.
- Added separate apparel script to be used by actors.
- Fixed the Throwable Easter Egg so it no longer SexNodes the player during windup.


3.12.1 - Fix bug when an image asset is missing.


3.12.0 - Added the Easter Bunny, Easter Bunny clothes, Easter Carrot (Anal Plug), Easter Golden Carrot, and Easter Bunny SexTalk dialog.
- Changed SexTalk plugin to only load English dialog files, but other languages can still provide patch support.
- Changed SexTalk sex position dialog to be easier for add-on mods to patch, hopefully.
- Changed SexTalk dialog for the Reverse Cowgirl sex position to be separate from Cowgirl.


3.11.0 - Added new tabs to the Sexbound Customizer window. WIP.
- Added quick fix for Russian language support users.


3.10.0 - Added compatibility for NPCs in the Museum and the Protectorate.
- Changed the Sexbound UI to show the current sex position name.
- Changed semen and ejaculant liquids to diffuse into water-based liquids.
- Removed the Sexbound quest pool from villager and subbiometenant NPC types.


3.9.2 - Fixed bug in moans plugin that allowed monsters to moan like humanoids by default.
- Fixed bug in moans plugin that allowed humanoid actors to fallback on unfitting default moan and orgasm sfx.
- Refactored the moans plugin.


3.9.1 - Changed the sexbound_egg to retain object parameters in items.


3.90 - Added new sexbound.config option requirePlayerAgeVerification for server admins.
- Changed requirePlayerAgeVerification to be false by default.


3.8.1 - Change Sexbound confirmation windows to use their own uniquely named image assets.


3.8.0 - Added requirement to affirm IRL age is > 18 when beginning Sexbound with a new player character.
- Added new threeactors.lua and manyactors.lua scripts.
- Added support for up to three actors to the sexbound_* furniture objects.
- Added debug macro /sexboundbedpackfull - Spawns all the sexbound_* furniture items.
- Added debug macro /sexboundaddon1 - Spawns sexboundloungeableaddon1 items x99.
- Added debug macro /sexboundaddon2 - Spawns sexboundloungeableaddon2 items x99.
- Added debug macro /sexboundaddon3 - Spawns sexboundloungeableaddon3 items x99.
- Added T1, T2 & T3 sexboundloungeableaddon items.
- Fixed various bugs.


v3.7.0 - Added giveBirthTo config option to the sexboundConfig options.
- Added Sexbound generated quest pool.
- Added Sexbound Customizer UI - bare minimum window.
- Added Sexbound Reward Bag.
- Added Sexbound Test Subject furniture object for almost every vanilla species.
- Added debug macro /sexboundcustomizer - Spawns a Sexbound Customizer item.
- Added debug macro /sexboundtestpackfull - Spawns a Sexbound Test Pack of furniture objects.
- Added debug macro /sexboundtestpackmale - Spawns a Sexbound Test Pack of furniture objects - males only.
- Added debug macro /sexboundtestpackfemale - Spawns a Sexbound Test Pack of furniture objects - females only.
- Added sexbound_egg farmable object.
- Changed Scripted Climax Scenario #1 to cause Novakids to spawn an explosion everytime they climax.
- Changed 'slut' npctype to be 'sexboundslut' npctype.
- Changed 'sexbound' npctype to be 'crewmembersexbound' npctype.
- Changed players to give birth to 'crewmembersexbound' npc types by default.
- Changed Sexbound Test objects to be able to dynamically load unlimited actors.
- Removed Sexbound Test 2 furniture object.
- Updated the Sexbound - FAQ codex.


v3.6.1 - Fixed bug when adding and removing apparel status names. Fixes issues with KawaiiStuff+


v3.6.0 - Added PromiseKeeper into the Sexbound library.
- Added message handler to refresh an NPC's status text as soon as it becomes pregnant.
- Changed NPC to remove pregnancy status text when it is no longer pregnant.
- Changed Sexbound.Actor.Storage.Sync function to accept an optional callback function.
- Changed Monster, NPC, and Player override setup function to enable actorData to be overrrided.
- Changed SexUI to only dismiss when the player's sexbound_sex status property is set to false.


v3.5.2 - Fixed another major bug that prevented storage from syncing correctly between Sexbound actors and entities.


v3.5.1 - Fixed bug that prevented some object-based entities from storing their climax value.
- Fixed major bug causing issues with object-based actors such as Aphrodite.


v3.5.0 - Added new data migration code to preserve pregnancy data from previous versions.
- Added new Sexbound npctype.
- Added new load requirement to match 'name' of an entity before loading a plugin.
- Added new load requirement to match 'uniqueId' of an entity before loading a plugin.
- Changed players to give birth to 'Sexbound' NPC type by default.
- Changed sexbound.config to enable SexTalk plugin for monsters by default.
- Changed sexbound.config plugin load requirement to include at least an empty array.
- Changed sextalk.config to skip load default dialog for monsters by default.
- Changed plugin manager to catch errors instead of crashing Sexbound upon failing to load a plugin config file.
- Fixed bug where pregnancy status is not removed when pregnancy magically disappears.
- Refactored override scripts for each entity type.
- Removed legacy messaging util from the util.lua script.
- Fixed various other bugs.


v3.4.1 - Fixed bug causing dungeons to lose tile protection.


v3.4.0 - Added ability for players, npcs, and monsters to remember their previous climax amount.
- Added new debug macro /sexboundaddon - spawns 99 sexboundloungeableaddon items.
- Added new debug macro /sexboundcodex - spawns a sexbound-codex item.
- Changed actors to periodically sync storage within in-world entity counterpart.
- Changed climax plugin to enable futanari actors to to use male climax particle effects.
- Changed climax plugin to enable monsters to auto climax.
- Changed entity override scripts in the sexbound.config file to use replaceable tags.
- Changed sexbound to be able to spawn sex nodes inside dungeons.
- Changed sexbound_sandbox dungeon to have NPCs.
- Changed sexbound beds to be on the Object+1 render layer.
- Changed main sex node object to no longer have health by default.


v3.3.0 - Added new debug macro /sexboundsandbox - teleport to test sandbox dungeon.
- Added new API (v2) function to get storage: Sexbound.API.getStorage()
- Added new API (v2) function to get Unique Id: Sexbound.API.getUniqueId()
- Added functions to enable/disable tile protection into Sexbound Util module.
- Added error checking function to API functions
- Fixed bug causing transformed actors to be placed underground.
- Refactored all Sexbound API (v2) function endpoints.
- Refactored code: Moan plugin.


v3.2.0 - Changed moan and orgasm sound pitches to default to a range of [1.0, 1.0].
- Add testing dungeon.
- Changed the monsters to have identity override script.
- Changed the player to automatically set universe flag 'sexbound_installed'.
- Changed the way NPC identities are built back to the previous method.
- Refactor code.


v3.1.0 - Added new mod compatibility checking features. (i.e. requiredVersion: '>=2.0.0')


v3.0.0 - Added new Futanari plugin.
- Added new feature to have up to three different 96x96 pixel overlay animations per each position.
- Added new feature to filter plugin load requirements by a species name.
- Added new feature to set config override file paths in the Sexbound.config file.
- Added new feature to enable unique moans per gender/species.
- Added unique moans for the following: Apex (M/F), Avian(M/F), Glitch (F), Human (F), Hylotl(F), Novakid (F). SFX by Shiyon and Salem.
- Added new default sex position: reverse cowgirl.
- Changed AI to better sex-enable some monsters.
- Changed moan plugin to allow moan and orgasm sound config to be overridden for each species/gender.
- Enabled monsters to be compatible with Sexbound Defeat.
- Reorganized Scripted Climax config files.
- Reorganized plugin code and config files. (Major Change)
- Updated Sexbound FAQ codex.
- Bug Fixes.
- Refactor code. Major changes.


v2.13.0 - Added ability to set new pregnancy prevention statuses to prevent unwanted pregnancies.
- Added ability for monsters to have assigned genders. Courtesy of Red3dred.


v2.12.0 - Added unit test capability.
- Added new supporter names to credits.
- Added test cases.
- Changed documentation to be generated by gulp with gulp-exec.
- Fix bug where wearing a custom hat causes the player to disappear during an interation.
- Update codex to replace short-url with direct link to Sexbound API website.
- Update metadata to have link to main Sexbound API website.
- Various bug fixes.


v2.11.3 - Fixed bug preventing species support mods from patching *_in_bed.config files correctly. Credit: Guy


v2.11.2 - Added new supporter names.
- Fix bug related to crashing the API script when climaxConfig has not been set in actor's position config.


v2.11.1 - Major bug fixes.


v2.11.0 - Added feature to display pregnancy status over an NPCs head when it comes into view.
- Changed icon for Sexbound_Sex stat.
- Changed SexNodes to no longer be smashable.
- Changed new born NPCs to keep their mother's damage team definition.
- Changed various core code to improve Sexbound Defeat functionality.
- Reduced the probabiity of obtaining a Sexbound item from a basic treasure chest to 2%.


2.10.0 - Added ability to enable/disable climax particles from the within the climax config.
- Added new supporter names to credits.
- Added new function to the Positions scope of the API: switchToRandomPosition
- Changed genital masks to cover a greater area.
- Changed sexbound_stun stat to add a new 'sexbound_stun' status property when it is applied to an entity.
- Changed behavior when an entity becomes pregnant to apply 'sexbound_pregnant' status effect.
- Disabled pregnancy fetish by default.
- Fixed major bug that sometimes occurs when an entity transforms.


2.9.3 - Change monster's name to be set based on its capurable name. 
- Fix issues related to capturable monsters.
- Fix major bug in the monster override script.


2.9.2 - Fixed the ability to see custom dyes applied to chest wear items.


2.9.1 - Added ability to the API for retrieving the current facing direction.
- Added ability to the API for retrieving the entity's name.
- Added ability to the API to uninitialize all nodes.
- Added ability to the API to replace actors with new list of actors.
- Added ability to the API to replace nodes with new list of nodes.
- Added ability to the API to get the current animation rate of the attached to entity.
- Added ability to the API to set the current animation rate of the attached to entity.
- Enabled SxB Loungeable Addon to work on hay piles.
- Enabled SxB Loungeable Addon to work on dusty beds.
- Enabled SxB Loungeable Addon to work on dusty tables.
- Enabled SxB Loungeable Addon to work on medieval desk.
- Enabled SxB Loungeable Addon to work on medieval tables.
- Enabled SxB Loungeable Addon to work on sleeping bags.
- Fixed minor positions issue regarding how an entity transforms into a sex node.
- Shortened 'Sexbound Loungeable Addon' shortdescription to 'SxB Loungeable Addon'.
- Update internal code documentation.


2.9.0 - Feature Additions, Changes, and Bug Fixes
- Added Sexbound API - FAQ codex item.
- Added ability to add one or more SxB statuses to an actor while wearing SxB enabled clothing items.
- Added ability to prevent actors from switching roles.
- Added ability to setup an object type entity as an actor.
- Added ability to setup a monster type entity as an actor.
- Added new condition to automatically switch actor roles when actor 2 has the 'equipped_strapon' status.
- Added new method to mirror the actor animation group.
- Added option to enable/disable moan sound effects and orgasm sound effects.
- Added scripted climax feature to the Climax plugin.
- Added new orgasmSounds config options to the moan.config file.
- Added new feature to enable SexTalk to process emoticons in the dialog.
- Changed layer order of headwear to be above its actor's body.
- Changed mask artwork for actor 2 by making them entirely filled in.
- Changed twoactors.animation to be outputted by an automated file merging process.
- Changed funcitionality of Emote plugin to be event oriented.
- Changed config option name from "sounds" to "moanSounds" in moan.config.
- Changed Players to give birth to an NPC of type crewmember by default.
- Changed plugin manager to check load requirements as a single value or an array of value.
- Changed NPCs to no longer die when transforming in a Sex Node object.
- Changed NPCs to give birth to NPCs that are the same type by default.
- Changed tenants to reduce arousal stat to zero when called.
- Changed tenants who are transformed into an object to return home when called.
- Changed Floran Celebrator's damageTeamType from Ghostly to Friendly.
- Changed Floran Specator's damageTeamType from Ghostly to Friendly.
- Changed Floran Chieftain's damageTeamType from Ghostly to Friendly.
- Changed sex nodes to be displayed while in debug mode.
- Changed status icon to appear when the player has the 'sexbound_sex' status.
- Changed Sex UI to support more than two actors.
- Changed Sex UI to give better player feedback with success and failure sounds.
- Changed Sex UI to have toggleable apparel buttons.
- Changed Sex UI buttons to display disabled when not in use.
- Enabled custom hats and dyes to be displayed on actor's worn items.
- Fixed SexTalk bugs regarding how dialog is dynamically chosen.
- Fixed bug that prevented players and NPCs from changing clothes while lounging in a furniture object.
- Fixed bug where image frames were not defined for worn clothing during idle, idle-laying, climax and reset states.
- Fixed bug to disable moans and emotes while actor 2 is in the fellatio pose.
- Replaced wanderSimple behavior with new behavior that Sexbound overrides.
- Replaced Floran Chieftain's behavior with new sexboundfloranchieftain behavior.
- Replaced simple behavior of outpostpenguinscientist with sexboundsimple behavior.
- Replaced outpostvisitor behavior with sexboundoutpostvisitor behavior.
- Tweaked the animation offsets of all positions.
- Updated internal code documentation.
- Various other bug fixes.


2.8.3 (BETA): Fix for Mac OS Users


- Fixed issue preventing NPCs from transforming into a Sex Node while standing in front of background tiles.


2.8.2 (BETA): Sexbound.Config Change


- Changed the way sexbound.config file loads plugin scripts. Plugin scripts are loaded as an array rather than a single script now.


2.8.1 (BETA): Bug Fixes


- Fixed hair to be layered correctly during the sex animations.

- Fixed emotes to be shown while an actor is wearing head wear.


2.8.0 (BETA): New Features


- Added support for wearing chest items.

- Added support for characters to wear the Hawaiian costume from the vanilla game.

- Changed the API to check compatible versions between itself and supported mods.

- Fixed bug where NPCs - lounging in a SexNode- only turn invisible when the world loads.


2.7.6 (BETA): Major Bug Fix


- Fix error when attempting to sync storage between an actor and NPC.


2.7.5 (BETA): Minor Change


- Remove fullbright from actor parts during animation.


2.7.4 (BETA): Optimization and Polish


- Adjusted position icons to be better center for the Sexbound UI.

- Refactor code.


2.7.3 (BETA): Major Bug Fix


- Fixed bug causing NPCs to disappear when .npctype file has not been patched to support Sexbound.


2.7.2 (BETA): Major Bug Fix


- Fixed bug preventing default NPCs interactions.


2.7.1 (BETA): Major Bug Fix


- Fixed bug preventing the Player Character from displaying during the animations.


2.7.0 (BETA): New Features


- Added ability to toggle on/off the worn head item with the Sexbound UI Overlay.

- Added Sexbound specific behavior tree modules to the AI of most NPCs.

- Added new arousal resource system.

- Added new 'semen' liquid.

- Added new 'slut' npc type.

- Changed NPCs Sexbound-related behavior to be primarily controlled by the new behavior trees.

- Changed NPCs to 'lay' in the nearest sex-enabled loungeable object when the arousal resource is at least half way full.

- Changed NPCs to store their climax progress.

- Changed climax meters to gradually decrease when actors are not having sex.

- Enabled worn head items to be displayed during sex animations for both players and NPCS.

- Patched default 'sleep' behavior module to disable NPCs from choosing to 'lay' in loungeable objects with the 'sex' item tag.

- Fixed bugs.

- Refactored code.

- Remove official support for all languages besides English.


2.6.3 (BETA): Bug Fix


- Fixed issue where mask is not being applied during the Fellatio position.

- Refactored code.


2.6.2 (BETA): Major Bug Fix


- Fixed bug causing animation freeze or crash.


2.6.1 (BETA): Bug Fix and Changes


- Added new bed objects that can be spawned.

- Changed beds to no longer be patched by Sexbound.

- Fixed bug where characters float above beds.


2.6.0 (BETA): New Features


- Replaced humanoid sprite art with new art.


2.5.0 (BETA): API Additions


- Added more functions to the API.

- Refactored code.

- Updated documentation.

- Added Russian Translation for Pregnant notifications.


2.4.1 (BETA): Bug Fix


- Fixed bug pertaining to the node's system.


2.4 (BETA): New Features and Bug Fixes


- Added support for multiple languages.
- Added support for Russian language.
- Added idle_laying position.
- Added patch to enable support for all sub biome tenants.
- Added patch to enable support for space traders.
- Added patch to enable support for vault key trader.
- Added patch to enable support for merchants.
- Added patch to enable sex with the object: apexbed
- Added patch to enable sex with the object: birdbed
- Added patch to enable sex with the object: sacrificialaltar
- Added patch to enable sex with the object: tribalbed2
- Added patch to enable sex with the object: rainbowwoodbed
- Added patch to enable sex with the object: floranbed
- Added patch to enable sex with the object: florancouch
- Added patch to enable sex with the object: woodenbed
- Added patch to enable sex with the object: woodenbed2
- Added patch to enable sex with the object: medievalbed
- Added patch to enable sex with the object: medievalcellbed
- Added patch to enable sex with the object: wheelbarrow
- Added patch to enable sex with the object: prisonmattress
- Added patch to enable sex with the object: frontierbed
- Added patch to enable sex with the object: tier1bed
- Added patch to enable sex with the object: tier2bed
- Added patch to enable sex with the object: tier3bed
- Added patch to enable sex with the object: tier4bed
- Added new "thud" sound effect for use with beds.
- Reorganized animator config for two actors.
- Reorganized dialog and radio messages.
- Refactored code and bug fixes.


2.3 (BETA): Custom Race Fix

- Moved the sexbound.config file back to the original location in the file system.


2.2 (BETA): Major Bug Fixes

- Fixed bug causing NPCs to never clear previous pregnancies.
- Enabled different species to crossbreed. Offspring is the same species as mother.
- Restored compatiblitiy with previous custom race support mods.


2.1 (BETA): Added abortion status effect that cancels all current pregnancies.

- Added radio messages to announce pregnancy and births.

- Adjusted female moan pitch to not go so high by default.

- Changed actors to automatically switch roles when a female is the first actor and a male is the second.

- Enabled pregnant players to give birth.

- Reduced the volume of the thrusting sound effect.
- Refactored core pregnancy functionality.


2 (BETA): New UI design built atop custom system.

- New sex talk system uses chat bubbles.

- Each actors tracks its own pleasure level.

- Actors may climax independently.

- Improved and fully animated emotes.

- Climaxing uses the particle system.

- Last but not least, players may have sex with other players.



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