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  1. You have to have a program to extract the pak files, and it comes installed with most versions of starbound. I recommend download the UNPAK version and using that instead so that you can have a quick start to edit the config files within the mod.
  2. The OmniBrowser mod was uploaded to Steam Workshop incorrectly. This is fixed now.
  3. Please reference the FAQ section of Aphrodite's Bow mod. I've just updated it to answer your question as others will be wondering too.
  4. No problem. I've taken a second look at it. It's set up and working correctly for me as well.
  5. Where are you obtaining Quickbar from? I need to check with the same version everyone else is mostly using?
  6. @plekleple Please use notepad to edit the config files. They may not save correctly when using MS word. To double the speed, you would change value to be [1.0, 4.0] or higher values. Triple speed [2.0, 8.0]. Quadruple speed [4.0, 16.0]. Etc.. You are missing the left bracket in the config file above [
  7. Nipples can be configure in the novakid.species.patch file in sexbound. I just never figured out what color they should be in conjunction with the different skin textures.
  8. LOL! Yep. The time of mass birthing has begun. That's why the timing mechanism switched, but they should give birth after x amount of real life days?
  9. Because every piece of clothing needs to have custom sprites created for every body part.
  10. Yeah, It's down while the first goal on Patreon is no longer being met. So, the issue here is takes hours upon hours of my time to not only run and monitor the website, but it takes time for me to write the content too. I've got the server turned off while waiting to see what people are going to do. Sorry, but I have to pay taxes on Patreon earnings too. So by the time I'm done paying the taxes and the cost to run the server and maintain it, I'm left with barely anything. I guess adult ad network suck in revenue that they pay too. I could turn on the interstitial ads or the pop-und
  11. No, it should just work when you shoot most NPCs. The NPC just transforms and you can interact with the transformed version.
  12. No, the folder put in the mods folder is correct already. The bow has to be the Imbued Aphrodite's Bow in order for it to work as expected. You have to complete the quest line to obtain it.
  13. I think link in my signature goes to the download page of the main API.
  14. There was inadequate funding behind the project. I'm sorry but I'm not paying out of my pocket to both maintain (hours of data entry) and run the website anymore. I expected more patrons to come help, but actually the amount of people helping to fund my efforts was dropping after I provided more content. 🤷
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