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  1. I'm not maintaining the website anymore. It links directly to the main page of Sexbound on LL.
  2. Yes, that item can always be found under the Outpost in that secret area within the chest. It's somewhat difficult to figure out what weight to adjust the drop rate of Sexbound Items. Am competing against other mods which also modify the Common Treasure pool drop rates.
  3. @IShA12 Yes, Sexbound is a modding framework, but Aphrodite's Bow starts a quest line. Use the bow to transform NPCs then interact with them after they transform.
  4. Yes, it incapable of being opened again when hitting escape key. I'd have to put a lot of thought into a good solution. Hitting another key to bring it back open won't be possible. The UI needs to be spawned by the object generating the animation too. The animated objects provided the UI with the position configuration used for the animations.
  5. Shouldn't be possible unless you're using Sexbound Legacy and you shot it with Legacy version of Aphrodite's Bow? That was an issue back then that was only ever solved by the later versions SxB.
  6. Yeah, it could be possible where the NPC provides an initial SxB status of "is_cultist" or something like that. I'm hesitant to add another level to the current dialog files as they'll be nested too deeply and make it hard for others to edit. The dialog files feature new comments lately to better explain things.
  7. Typing spawnitem command with a non-sexbound item crashes the game too? That shouldn't be SxB messing with that command.
  8. Yeah, I forgot to add it. It has to be added into the GFY mod.
  9. @Amaranth_Scarlet Should be fixed now.
  10. None at the moment. An animation config hasn't be created to support four actors just yet.
  11. Alright, sorry about that mod. I'm not exactly sure why it's dealing damage.
  12. Try the latest minor release of Sexbound. It should stop throwing errors due to missing sprites after you install it. Then we'll see if that fixes the lag issue too.
  13. Not seeing that issue. What version Sexbound are you using, and can you provide a starbound.log file as an attachment? The game might be throwing errors for some reason and lagging everything.
  14. View File Sexy Stickers This adds a set of collectible sexy lady stickers to your game. About Starbound is capable of rendering much higher quality graphics when using a script to adjust the scale of an animation's transformation group. So, I created this little experiment to bring some unpixelated goodies into Starbound. Currently, there are 8 different stickers to collect with each having different level of rarity. Stickers can be placed on backgrounds, and you can interact with them to adjust their scale. These stickers are a part of the Common treasure pool, so you can find them in containers and receive them as rewards. Note: Admins can use /debug to show the bounding box when having trouble using the matter manipulator to break a sticker after placing it. Cheats Credits Attribution may not be required but the artwork used has been sourced from https://www.hiclipart.com/ Submitter Locuturus Submitted 03/31/2020 Category Starbound
  15. Give v3.11 a try. The change that I made back then is I tried to offer better support for customizing monster dialog without having them fallback to use humanoid dialog.
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