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  1. Yeah, It's down while the first goal on Patreon is no longer being met. So, the issue here is takes hours upon hours of my time to not only run and monitor the website, but it takes time for me to write the content too. I've got the server turned off while waiting to see what people are going to do. Sorry, but I have to pay taxes on Patreon earnings too. So by the time I'm done paying the taxes and the cost to run the server and maintain it, I'm left with barely anything. I guess adult ad network suck in revenue that they pay too. I could turn on the interstitial ads or the pop-unders which probably pay better but, I'd rather wait a little while to see if I can at least get the goal met.
  2. No, it should just work when you shoot most NPCs. The NPC just transforms and you can interact with the transformed version.
  3. No, the folder put in the mods folder is correct already. The bow has to be the Imbued Aphrodite's Bow in order for it to work as expected. You have to complete the quest line to obtain it.
  4. I think link in my signature goes to the download page of the main API.
  5. There was inadequate funding behind the project. I'm sorry but I'm not paying out of my pocket to both maintain (hours of data entry) and run the website anymore. I expected more patrons to come help, but actually the amount of people helping to fund my efforts was dropping after I provided more content. 🤷
  6. Alright, I have to normalize them with other sounds effects probably. That's gonna be about two hours of work probably.
  7. Чел, я не знаю английского, но я хочу сказать тебе огромнейшее спасибо за то, что ты делаешь! Твои работы со Старбаундом - это что-то невероятное! Ты заставил меня вновь вернуться в эту проклятую игру, вновь проникнуться её атмосферой. Да, через похоть и коррупцию, но эй, кто не грешен? Я с неподдельным интересом читаю твой Твиттер-аккаунт, следя за обновлениями модов. Ты продолжаешь дорабатывать их и ведёшь этот блог, не смотря на столь малый фидбек (4 лайка, люди, серьёзно?). Я искренне рад, что смог найти тебя в интернете, искренне рад, что могу играть в твои моды. Ты невероятный энтузиаст. Спасибо за то, что ты делаешь!

    P/S - "Sexbound-Defeat" (v.2.3.0) имеет отвратительнейший баг - если ты умираешь от монстра или падения, то становишься бессмертным (этому подвержены и NPC). Также на сюжетных миссиях враги в ста процентах случаев убивают тебя, но если умрут сами, то с радостью встанут в Т-позу с соответствующим "Дзинь!" (Не знаю, баг это или фича, но такое себе). Пожалуйста, почини это! Лично я уже не представляю себе Sexbound без Sexbound-Defeat, а подобные баги ОЧЕНЬ сильно влияют на игру.

    Ещё раз спасибо! Надеюсь, переводчик не сильно исказит мои слова 🌠
    (P/S/S - Пишу тебе во второй раз, потому-что Твиттер я, к сожалению, не осилил :D)

  8. It's the flowers which give blue petals for now. It took me about 400 - 500 harvests to get one.
  9. The Alluring Toys Co mod provides that pregnancy tracking device. It's a pregnancy test.
  10. It's updated for how to obtain those items. If you search keyword fairy and gnome then it should detail more. I think they're probably super rare drops. I've never tried farming them but they're just as rare as the gnome hat you can get from destroying gnome villager homes.
  11. Check the Sexbound Wiki :D. Yes, Sexbound is out of control with the things you can do and it's not well explained in the forums anymore. The things you can make are blueprints obtained randomly as part of Sexbound Treasure. https://wiki.sexboundapi.com/wiki/Sexbound_Treasure
  12. Yes, because the Pregnant Plugin by default defines an entity which has the sxbSubGender set to be futanari as an entity who produce sperm and ovulate.
  13. Yeah, I'm going to start modding those internet trolls into the game eventually. I don't know what's the matter with those few people when this mod resides where it's supposed to on an adult website already..
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