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  1. The PoV artwork is a work in progress, but at least I'm previewing it... It'll be done when it's done. Don't make me feel rushed please.
  2. Good idea! I can add it to the to do list!
  3. It has been like this for that certain skin color - having trouble finding bug that makes this happen.
  4. Sorry, this bug should be fixed with the current version 4.5.2 uploaded to LoversLab.
  5. Hey all, I've release v5.4.1 - it should fix the issue of the missing penis.
  6. Please try using v5.3.2 - I believe it may fix your issue
  7. Sure, I think all the issues that everyone has been expressing should be fixed by v5.3.2 - I'm sorry about this ❤️
  8. Helo i see new sexbound patch but i don't know how to use POV.Please help me

    1. Locuturus


      The PoV module is not finished - It only works with human to human interaction right now.

    2. Darkblood0322
    3. Darkblood0322


      and how use keybinding or anything

  9. Yes, there is a override setting to fallback and use the heads from your mod - but I think there's an issue with Lustbound that overrides the setting that Sexbound provides to do so. "forceUseOriginalHeadArtwork" should be set to true in the sexbound.config file, and if it's not working then another mod is fighting with Sexbound (overwritten a key script).
  10. You should probably need to upgrade Lustbound.
  11. Do you have a log file that you could share? I hope it's not conflicting with a support mod
  12. Do you have a screenshot because I have no idea why this mod written in Lua would set off any kind of security?
  13. @CGi I've opened an issue for the bug you reported above. Thanks for the report! +1
  14. @CGi The errors you have posted above in regard to the player overrides are worrisome. Do you know if the log shows any other errors which occurred before those ones? It must be that the init hook is also having some code that fails. BTW, for anyone interested. I've made the repository for Sexbound public on GitHub. https://github.com/loxodon/starbound-sexbound
  15. Thank you! I'm glad it's all tested and reported to be working. Do you know which mod you are trying to use that has that auto-dildo feature?
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